An True Story that Talks About Something True in the Society Essay

An True Story that Talks About Something True in the Society

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            There is a an old popular saying that tells us that life is more stranger than fiction. There is also another one that says that art is nothing more but an imitation of life. Keeping those popular sayings in mind, it seems that we are just as satisfied by real things, events, and people. True stories seem to have the capability to capture the attention of the general public. It would be important to consider that there are multiple meanings to the word “incredible.” The word could be translated as something astonishing, remarkable, fantastic, etc. But the word could also be translated as hard to believe, absurd, far-fetched. True stories are often portrayed as feel-good and inspiring narratives. It would be helpful to ask if these common true stories would talk about the true condition of humanity. This paper would be about a true story that would be hard to believe in.

            The particular incident happened on Louisville, Kentucky, during the year 2004. Everything had transpired inside a claustrophobic McDonald’s back office. The victim, who is a just a teenage girl, was subjected to a strip search because someone had tipped that there was an incident of theft in that particular branch. The person who tipped the information, is actually just a prank caller who is posing as a police officer. The victim was forced to take off her clothes by the assistant manager—and as if it was not dehumanizing enough, she was coerced to perform sexual acts by the assistant manager’s fiancé. In a television interview, the interviewer had asked the victim why did she obeyed the instructions of the offender even though these acts are explicitly indecent. The poor young girl simply replied that her parents had taught her that “when adults tells you to do something, that’s what you do…” The assistant manager had defended herself through a statement that mirrors that of the victims. She says that she just did a strip search because she was ordered to do so. (

            This story is something that would not be listed in popular true stories. But these kind of true stories are just as true as the inspirational ones, some are even about ghosts. This is not just a mere recount of news—this could not even qualify as news because it had happened years ago. But this kind of sad true stories are seemingly easily forgotten by the people. These are true stories about war, murder, and such as the McDonald’s Strip Search incident, to name a few. It is common for true stories to keep us inspired and looking forward for a bright tomorrow. But true stories could also teach us of how to be vigilant and protective about the well-being of our society. After all, it is a common theme in true stories, experience is certainly the best teacher. But if the experience is of a negative nature, we should learn who to avoid them to be repeated in the future. We could avoid these nightmares from our history if we would re-tell true stories, the saddening ones, and emphasize on portraying these true stories in a manner that people would not like repeat it.

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