In this Professional Profiling I will be making an analysis about an Indian Telecom company called Bharti Airtel. I would be traveling through their history, the selling schemes adopted by them, their part to Indian Telecom sector and my personal position and recommendation about the company and eventually I will be making a SWOT analysis to see where are the countries to be improved and to be developed farther to be even more stronger.

2. Aims

aˆ?A To research and analyse how Bharti Airtel has retained its top place in a extremely competitory market like India.

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aˆ? To happen out the schemes they have adopted and how they have reinvented themselves through their selling attempts

aˆ? How they have faced obstructions on their way successfully.

aˆ?To acquire a good position about how we can do an industry success.

3. Introduction

Telecom elephantine Bharti Airtel is the head company of Bharti Enterprises. Bharti Tele-Ventures was formed on July 7, 1995 as a company, for advancing telecommunications services. Bharti Airtel Limited is an Indian company offering telecommunication services in 19 states. It is the largest cellular service supplier in India, with more than 141 million subscriptions as of August 2010 [ update ] . Bharti Airtel is fifth largest telecom operator in the universe with a subscriber base of over 180 million. It besides offers fixed line services and broadband services. Bharti Airtel has achieved in their services and client satisfaction. Cisco Gold Certification is one of it and they are the first Indian telecom service supplier to accomplish it. Besides the company provides land-line telephone services and broadband Internet entree about 96 metropoliss in India. The headquarter of this elephantine telecom company is located in the capital of India, New Delhi and is the largest Telecommunication operator services company in India with more than 15 million Mobile endorsers and 22 per centum market portion reported by the Cellular Operator Association of India ( COAI ) . In a individual one-fourth it had a higher net add-on of 1.8 million Mobile clients which shows the rate at which the company is growing.Sunil Mittal ( Chairman and Managing Director of the Bharti group ) , who is one of the successful and celebrated Indian business communities and the laminitis of Bharti group. He along with his two siblings turned this company into India ‘s largest Mobile phone operator in merely ten old ages. There are three single strategic concern units in Bharti Airtel concern construction – Mobile Services, 2 ) Airtel Telemedia Services & A ; 3 ) Enterprise Services. These three units which is under the Airtel trade name provide the clients with the latest engineerings like GSM engineering, broadband across all the parts of the state and besides it provide terminal to stop telecom solutions to the corporate clients and national & A ; international long distance services to bearers.

3.1 Milestones

1995: Launch of cellular service ‘AIRTEL ‘ in Delhi by Bharti cellular.

1996: -STET, a company contribute by Telecom Italia, Italy attain a 20 % equity involvement in Bharti Tele – Ventures.

1997: – British Telecom acquired a 21.05 % equity involvement in Bharti Cellular.

– Joint venture with British Telecom for supplying VSAT services

1998: – Joint venture with British Telecom for supplying Internet services.

1999: – Brentwood Investment Holdings Limited achieve a 19.05 % equity involvement in Bharti

Tele- Ventures.

– New York Life Insurance Fund, or NYLIF, attain a 3 % equity involvement in Bharti Cellular.

2000: – SingTel ( through its investing company Pastel Limited ) acquired

STET ‘s 15.3 % equity involvement in Bharti Tele-Ventures

2001: – Bharti Tele-Ventures acquired a 44 % equity involvement in Bharti

Cellular from British Telecom, thereby Bharti Cellular became its

100 % subordinate.

2002: -Sunil Mittal, Chairman & A ; Managing Director of the company bagged the Businessman of the twelvemonth award

2003: -Airtel Subscribers exceed 3 million grade.

-Airtel holds top place in footings of trader incursion

-Bharti Tele-Ventures enters into an understanding with Tele system ( Mauritius ) Pvt. Ltd

2004: -Airtel adds in 50,000 clients in its Mobile in service 60 yearss

-Business Week features Bharti Tele-Ventures amongst the top engineering companies in the universe.

2005: -Bharti Tele-Ventures launches telecom web in Andaman & A ; Nicobar

-Bharti Airtel, ICICI Bank & A ; VISA have joined custodies to establish mChq – a service where recognition card can be used on Airtel nomadic phone.

– Airtel introduces BlackBerry Connect in India

2006: -Bharti Tele Ventures addition ‘Wireless Service Provider of the Year ‘ & As ; ‘Competitive Service Provider of the Year ‘ awards

-Sunil Mittal got CEO of the Year award

-Cellebrum, an administration which trades in development of Value Added services for Telecom operators join custodies with Airtel

-Airtel articulations manus with Microsoft

-Bharti Airtel among the top 10 best executing companies in the universe harmonizing to Business Week IT 100 list

2007: -Bharti Airtel has won the CNBC-TV18 India Business Leader Award for the Outstanding Company of the twelvemonth, 2007

-Bharti Airtel has been won QCI-DL Shah National Award on Economics of Quality.

-Airtel complete understanding with HTC for touch screen Mobile.

3.2 Selling schemes

As we know Airtel is the figure 1 nomadic telecom company in India, we are eager to cognize how they have made it to exceed. So some of the Marketing schemes adopted by them are:

3.2.1 Business Process Management

They have adopted this method to hold good communicating with their client so that they are able to understand their wants and demands. They process, invention and uninterrupted betterment through people ‘s engagement. Their first precedence is to the clients.

They besides adopt Problem probe by Fact based- Root cause analysis. So whenever a job occurs their first attack is to see the root cause of the job and the undermentioned stairss are to eliminate it.

3.2.2 Customer Defined Business Process

Airtel have implemented many concern procedures based on Customer Specification.

Delivery clip — – Time taken to present the merchandises and services.

Turn around clip — – Time between the arrangement of an order and its bringing.

Lead clip — – Time between the induction of any procedure of production and the completion of that procedure.

Time to market — – Time it takes from a merchandise being conceived until its being available for sale.

Result oriented attack

Each procedure of the Airtel has designed by first be aftering the coveted consequence. Their targeted consequences are found through designation of the following client and stop client outlooks, Quantifiable intent of the procedure and the cardinal consequence countries. And besides through the Past experience of “ What went incorrect can travel incorrect ”

3.2.4 Successful Selling Plans

In the twelvemonth 2002 Airtel signed on music composer A. R. Rahman to compose a melody for the Airtel. This Rahman ‘s signature melody for Airtel is one of the most downloaded ringtone in India. This was one of the most successful program created by the Airtel and because of this popularity of Airtel has gone to the top.

They introduced less monetary value prepaid cards and inexpensive SMS which truly influenced people and chiefly pupils to follow Airtel.

4 SWOT Analysis

4.1 Strength

The strength behind Airtel is the Bharti Group, a telecom giant – the biggest private integrated telecom pudding stone based in India. Bharti Airtel has more than 77 million clients. It is the largest cellular supplier in India, and besides provides broadband and telephone services – every bit good as many other telecommunications services to both domestic and corporate clients.

Bharti Airtel holds a good strategic confederation with their stakeholders includes Sony-Ericsson, Nokia – and Sing Tel. This made the company to turn strongly by acquiring entree to knowledge and engineering from other parts of the universe, particularly from telecommunication field.

Within a short period of clip the company has covered the full Indian state with its web. This has strengthened its big and lifting client base.

From the study, 27.4 % identified Airtel with “ cool ” , 26 % with “ originative ” , and 22 % with “ technically advanced ” . Merely 8.6 % of respondents identified Airtel with “ inexpensive ” . These are solid trade name equity Numberss, which Bharti can go on to capitalise on as it competes in an progressively crowded infinite.

One of the strength that is seeable now is that the planetary telecommunication operators have targeted Airtel to establish their merchandises in the Indian market. This shows the importance of Airtel in the Global degree. That is Apple has chosen Airtel to establish iPhone, Partnership with Airtel and Blackberry wireless solutions.

They have outsourced for cognition during early yearss but now they have the best employees in their industry which had made the Airtel to be the No.1. Thus they become the best employers in the state by leaping to 2nd best employer from 14th in 2004.This is the clear presentation and recognition of people and human resource aligned patterns which they had developed within a short period of clip.

4.2 Failing

The Airtel concern was started by Sunil Mittal around 15 old ages ago, at that clip he had really small cognition on how this telecom system is operated. So the start up concern has to be outsourced to industry experts in this field. So the company has to depend on experts for their development.

Until late Airtel did non had its ain towers, which had become the strength to some of its rivals such as Vodafone. In order to supply broad coverage nationally towers plays really of import function.

4.3 Opportunities.

The company grab a customized exercising of the Google hunt engine which will increase broadband services to clients. The colabration with Google will certainly heighten Airtel trade name and besides it can supply advertisement opportunities in India for Google. The combination between Google and Airtel will put new criterions and recraete nomadic cyberspace.

Global telecommunications and new engineering trade names view Airtel as one of the critical function drama in the Indian market. The new iPhone of Apple will be launched in India with the aid of Airtel distributer. Airtel is merely distributorship which is establishing iPhone.

The company is puting in its operation in 120,000 to 160,000 little small towns every twelvemonth. They have seen that people are able to afford merely a few 10s of rupees per call. So the concern benefits are scalable utilizing their matchbox scheme. Scheme: “ it is about doing available Airtel recharge cards wherever matchboxes could be found. This manner they are seeking to make every portion of the state.

Bharti Airtel is puting on another joint venture with Vodafone Essar and Idea Cellular to make a new independent tower company called Indus Towers. This new concern will command more than 60 % of India ‘s web towers. Airtel is besides presenting IPTV which is another new service that could beef up the company ‘s long-run scheme.

4.4 Menaces

Main menace the Airtel is confronting now is from the rivals in the Indian Market. Relationship between Airtel and Vodafone seem to be holding a job. Vodafone which owned a 5.6 % interest in the Airtel concern sold it back to Airtel, and invested in its rival Hutchison Essar. So now it has become Vodafone Essar. This determination by Vodafone has become menace to Airtel in the countries of Knowledge and engineering which was antecedently available to Airtel and now moved into the custodies of its rivals.

Failure of trade with South Africa ‘s MTN in May 2008 has opened the door for negotiations between Reliance Communication ‘s Anil Ambani and MTN, leting his viing Indian industrialist to put in the new rising African telecommunications market.

Bharti Airtel could probably be the mark T for the coup d’etat vision of other planetary telecommunications participants that wish to travel into the Indian market.

5. Success factors.

1 ) Good planning, managing and invention by using new ideas.

2 ) Most of the selling scheme adopted by them is aiming client satisfaction.

3 ) Quality merchandises and services. Airtel has grown chiefly because of its quality and service provided to its clients.

4 ) Delivery of planetary degree services like broadband to the domestic clients.

5 ) Talented employees and preparations provide by human resources


As a decision, I would wish to state that Airtel has got resources and possible to be the top place in the universe degree. Bharti Airtel, the state ‘s largest cell phone service supplier, ranks 10th in the list of top 100 InfoTech houses published by Business Week magazine. Bharti Airtel ‘s ranking is in front of many international companies like Motorola, Google, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard. So the superior list has shown Airtel ‘s importance in the planetary degree. I think, as the old ages pass through Airtel is acquiring stronger and stronger. The planetary market is conveying in new chances and menaces. So Airtel Businesss must switch their operational precedences to stay competitory and win in the new universe and this is what they have done efficaciously for the past old ages. To stand out from rivals it demands subject and focal point. During the past twosome of decennaries Bharti Airtel have created a revolution in the field of telecom services. The company provides developing for their staffs so that they get opportunity to upgrade their cognition on new engineering so that they wo n’t be out casted from the new execution. They are fixing themselves to stand out in planetary market by changeless observation and betterment in engineerings. If there is no much unpredictable alteration Airtel will stay as one of the best turning industry in the telecom field.

After making Professional Profiling on Bharti Airtel I understood the troubles Airtel have gone through. By seeing their current state of affairs I think they will ne’er halt spread outing their concern and they will add in more and more experient staffs to run into the new demands and engineerings. Before I stop I would wish to give some recommendation to Airtel:

Keep more and more gifted employees and besides supply the employees at every degree.

Try to concentrate on failing so that you can change over this failing as one of the strength of the company.

Understand the alterations of the universe and be updated every clip.

Never lose the strength you have.Always supply the strengths so that you still remain as the leader.

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