Analysis of The Body Shops products

Every adult female wants to be beautiful both spiritually and physically. Beautiful organic structure has ever attracted much attending and pleases your ain oculus, so adult females are seeking to purchase the best quality merchandises, which will assist them to accomplish their end. There are a assortment of organic structure skin attention merchandises, but merely the usage of organic structure butter provides speedy and qualitative consequences. Body butter falls into the cosmetics merchandise class, based on a mixture of pick and natural oils, which gives skin a freshness and makes it like velvet. Since the organic structure butter used chiefly by immature adult females, because they still do non hold to worry about aging and the ripening of tegument accordingly this merchandise attracts immature adult females, who get to age group from 18 to 25.

There are many companies, which manufacture the organic structure butter, but from the whole of this great figure can be identified merely 4 taking trade names. This is The Body Shop, Bath & A ; Body Works, Aveda and Estee Lauder. In this list of companies, The Body store listed first – and this is non a happenstance. The Body Shop is the chief trade name for the production of high quality organic structure butter, which became celebrated owing to brilliant cosmetics on footing of natural ingredients.

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Brand The Body Shop places itself as a retail participant and to a great extent focal points on the tegument attention section of merchandise classs. It is in the market more than 30 old ages and all this clip it did non let down their costumiers, and successfully continues to suppress new highs. The cogent evidence of this are gross revenues Numberss, which are shown below.

From The Body Shop ‘s one-year study ( L’Oreal, 2010 ) we can cipher the market portion of The Body Shop.

( Body Shop ‘s Sales/Total industry Gross saless ) *100

We approximated the entire planetary industry to be USD 134 billion in 2009, and their one-year gross revenues during the period were USD 602 million. Therefore utilizing our estimate expression:

US $ 602 million/US $ 134 billion * 100 = 0.45 %

Gross saless from The Body Shop represent about 0.45 % of entire planetary gross revenues and this is truly good consequence. This information supports The Body Shop scheme for come ining into the markets to accomplish growing and success.

Purposes and Aims:

aˆ? To analyse the questionnaire.

aˆ? To happen out, why adult females prefer to utilize this merchandise, and precisely this peculiar trade name. ( Market cleavage, Customer behaviour )

aˆ? To find the strengths and failings of the chosen trade name. ( SWOT analysis, pest theoretical account )

aˆ? To analyse the rivals of the selected trade name and to understand what is singling out this trade name from other trade names. ( Marketing mix, perceptual experience map )

Research methods:

I had three beginnings from which I gather information. The first was web sites. The planetary cyberspace web has a batch of information about organic structure butter and about Body Shop trade name. The second was a talk notes and tutorials. At tutorials we were specifically discoursing each subject, which should be included in the study, so they had been really utile stuff for me. Finally, the 3rd beginning was the book “ Foundation of Marketing ” by David Jobber and John Fahy. I can state that all these beginnings have helped me to better my cognition and construct my apprehension. I besides read a few interviews and adult females ‘s forums, where were discussed issues such as: which body butter adult females use, what trade name, what consequences they have got and others.

Another beginning, to which I have addressed, was a questionnaire. Furthermore, I am certain that the questionnaire is one of the best research methods, because it allows to work with people in existent clip and to gauge their reaction and behaviour. To state the truth, the questionnaire was really utile thing, because its analysis will assist me to analyse a client behaviour, which is really of import portion of my study.

I have created the questionnaire, which contains 10 inquiries and directed on mark group from 18 to 25, because I need to research precisely this mark group. In my questionnaire were involved four immature adult females, because my merchandise largely use adult females. The questionnaire is based on a specific merchandise ( body butter ) . However, there are besides a twosome of inquiries that are directed to a specific trade name ( The Body Shop ) , which is taking trade name in the production of my merchandise.


Marketing Mix

The Body Shop Bath & A ; Body Works Kiehl’s Beauty Control

Product Body Butter Body Butter Body Butter Body Butter

Price ?12.50 ?9.50 ?22.50 ?11.50

Promotion 1 ) Gross saless publicity

2 ) Public Relations

3 ) Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

4 ) Ad

5 ) Sponsorship

1 ) Gross saless 2 ) Promotion

3 ) Direct Mail

4 ) Ad 1 ) Personal Selling

2 ) Trade Fairs and 3 ) Exhibitions

1 ) Gross saless Promotion

2 ) Personal Selling

3 ) Public Relations

4 ) Ad

Place 1 ) Internet

2 ) Stores 1 ) Internet

2 ) Stores 1 ) Internet

2 ) Stores 1 ) Internet

2 ) Shops

As is written on the Direct Internet Marketing & A ; Corporate Consulting ( 2010 ) selling mix is a term frequently used in selling that stresses the commixture of a assortment of factors in selling schemes, in ways that both targeted consumers groups are reached, every bit good as organisational aims are reached.

I created this tabular array for analysing the chief rivals of The Body Shop company. It can be clearly seen that all these companies produce the same merchandise – the organic structure butter. However the monetary value on this merchandise can be really different. The lowest monetary value for the organic structure butter is at Bath & A ; Body Works, but the highest monetary value is at Kiehl ‘s. The monetary value was ever depends on quality, so we can do a determination, that the Kiehl ‘s gives a good quality merchandises for high monetary value. But, everyone knows that the company The Body Shop offers to its clients merchandises of first-class quality, because, the quality of the Body Shop merchandises was discussed, a batch of times, in imperativeness and in the cyberspace.

The following measure in the tabular array is publicity. Promotion is really of import for every company. We can see that these four companies use different ways of publicity. For case, The Body Shop uses for the advertizement a sponsorship, gross revenues, public dealingss, Television and others. Consequently, I can state that The Body Shop has strong publicity system. Other companies use sometimes the same ways of publicity. But, for illustration the Kiehl ‘s does n’t utilize the Television advertizement. This run focuses on personal gross revenues and is renowned for its attack to clients. For Bath & A ; Body Works it is typical the direct mail advertizement, which is non typically for The Body Shop.

The last column is about topographic point, where the clients can buy this concrete merchandise. There are two topographic points, where we can purchase merchandises. It is shops, stores, supermarkets, newsdealers and other existent topographic points, and the Internet. The organic structure butter of these four companies is readily available both online in the Internet and in shops. So, all companies use the same ways of the buying the merchandise.

Percept Map

In assisting to develop a market positioning scheme for merchandise or service, perceptual maps or positioning maps as they are sometimes referred to, are frequently used to place a placement scheme.

Perception map helps to understand correlativity of the merchandise quality and the merchandise monetary value for each chosen company.


1 ) For what intents do you utilize organic structure butter?

2 ) What are your pick standards, when you buy this merchandise?

3 ) How much do you normally pay for the organic structure butter?

4 ) Because of what characteristics and benefits do you take this merchandise?

5 ) What is the trade name, which produces this merchandise, would you prefer to purchase?

6 ) Are you satisfied with merchandise quality?

7 ) What was your experience after buying this merchandise?

8 ) Is the trade name of import for you?

9 ) What features and benefits of this merchandise attracted you?

10 ) Will you urge the organic structure butter to other adult females?

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