Analysis Of The Book Things Fall Apart English Literature Essay

Many different positions have been voiced about the relationship between Nigeria ‘s white colonial authorities and the autochthonal Igbo people during the 1890’s.A Much has been written, but with much prejudice about the Europeans positions of these native Africans and a false point of position of the Igbo’sA lifestyle pre-European contact.A But Albert Achebe, writer of the book Things Fall Apart, was the first to give us aA point of position that had non been seen before. Achebe ‘s educational background, where he was able to larn about both the European and African positions on colonial enlargement, race, faith and civilization gives us an indifferent and educatedA point of position of the relationship between the two, which had been missing in the yesteryear from other authors. Achebe ‘s background and indifferent sentiments and fresh new point of position are what finally make this book a dependable beginning for the history between the European ‘s and the Igbo people.

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Two old ages into Okonkwo ‘s sentence, missionaries arrive in Mbanta and state the people that the Gods they have been idolizing are false and there is merely one true God. This is confounding to many of the people but there are some people, such as Nwoye, that begin to see that possibly these missionaries are really right because in Nwoye ‘s life, nil has seemed to travel right. Another convert, Enoch causes problem when he unmasks an “ egwugu. ” Because of his actions, Enoch ‘s compound and the Church that was antecedently acquired had been burned to the land. The leaders of Umuofia meet with the District Commissioner to discourse what had happened but upon geting are thrown into gaol where they are abused. When the captives are released the clanswomans hold a meeting where Okonkwo kills the leader but so realizes that the kin is non willing to travel to war with the missionaries. Okonkwo eventually reached his last straw and hung himself and when the District Commissioner finds him, he thinks Okonkwo ‘s narrative would be good for his book that he is composing about Africa.

The manner that everything played out with the missionaries truly goes against what the Ibo people believe in. In the beginning of the narrative, Achebe describes the Ibo society as really spiritual people that believe and live by imposts that have been passed down by coevals. They are non the type of people to be conflicting, they are peaceable and ever look for an alternate to violence.A We besides learn that in Umuofia, a adult males worth is non determined by his wealth, but by his ain actions.A Achebe besides describes many different subcultures that exist, each with there ain folk tales and narratives unique to those people. Everything that the Ibo do is done a certain manner, either by tradition, belief or imposts and any other signifier is frowned upon. This would be a good illustration ofA inactive history because there is small alteration over clip with the Ibo people, which is how they intended it. But Okonkwo, being the Rebel that he is truly did n’t suit the stereotyped Ibo member. The people of Umuofia ne’er believed in fall backing to violence but “ He [ Okonkwo ] had a little stutter and whenever he got angry and could non acquire his words out rapidly plenty, he would utilize his fists ” ( 4 ) . He was a violent individual overall, he beat two of his married womans and was ne’er one to demo fondness like the other people of the community. He was ever acquiring himself in some kind of problem which is what would finally be his death when the missionaries show up to the small town.

Upon the reaching of the missionaries, Mr. Kaiga is speedy to state the people thatA their beliefs were incorrect. He told them they worshipped false Gods, Gods of wood and rock ” ( 145 ) .A Many members of the Muofia communityA were split on what to believe about this new thought that there is merely one God and what they have believed in their whole life could be incorrect. Nwoye, Okonkwo ‘s boy, becomes a truster of Mr. Kiaga ‘s proposal and the events that have occurred in Nwoye ‘s life merely strengthen his belief. Mr. Smith requests some land that they could remain and they are granted land in the obsessed wood, the land believed to be cursed by the people populating in the community where people will decease. But after 28 yearss of being unharmed, the Ibo people are confused because their old beliefs were incorrect. Much more confusion and 2nd guesswork continues with the reaching of the missionaries and the thought that there is merely one God, which leads to more force and violent deaths. The reaching of the Europeans weakens the affinity that was so sacred to the Ibo people and the debut of Christianity at this clip was a rejection of this “ affinity ” that they so strongly believed in. This debut to a whole different life style truly confused a batch of people in the community and left some feeling that they had been misguided their whole life, like with Okonkwo, which is finally why he ended up killing himself.

Overall, Achebe doesA a great occupation stating the narrative between the Ibo and the European influence of Christianity in a manner that had non been done earlier. The manner he gives us an indifferent point of position of the Europeans on these native people truly enhances the narrative because it gives the reader a more accurate narrative to come away with. He besides does n’t pigeonhole the Europeans the manner that had been done in the past. But above all, the manner that the narrative is told, with such truth and exceeding plot line, is what truly makes Thingss Fall Apart a great beginning.




Achebe, Albert C. Things Fall Apart. Prince Frederick: Anchor, 1994. Print.

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