Analysis Of The Dr Faustus Tragedy English Literature Essay

The set text is the concluding monologue in Christopher Marlowe ‘s calamity Dr Faustus, based on the A text. The undermentioned textual analysis will be looking at tone, construction, and sentence length and type. There will besides be the close analysis of forms that occur throughout the text and Marlowe ‘s usage of sound consequence and how they affect the textual construction. The concluding monologue marks the tragic consummation of the drama. The kernel of this monologue is clip, throughout the text, the clock is clicking off.

The concluding monologue is written in clean poetry in iambic pentameter. This leads to a powerful and involved address, retroflexing the passing of clip. Faustus is discovered on the concluding stretch of his journey to Hell, he is presented as desperate and remorseful. The beat and usage of clean poetry within Faustus ‘ last monologue provides an apprehension into the impact of Marlowe ‘s purpose for the text. The first sentence within the text contains merely monosyllabic words, apart from the concluding word ‘perpetually ‘ . Marlowe ‘s usage of this polysyllabic word alerts the audience to what Faustus fears most, the impression of life in a blasted being everlastingly. The usage of monosyllabic creates an echo consequence, which is heightened by the usage of internal rime by utilizing words such as ‘Now ‘ and ‘How ‘ . Marlowe provides specific attending to Faustus ‘ impression with the usage of enjambement, which can be seen in the undermentioned lines “ Where is it now? ” ‘T is gone: and see where God / Stretcheth out his arm, and bends his irate foreheads! ” ( 73-74 ) this usage of enjambement can besides be found earlier on in Faustus ‘ monologue “ Fair nature ‘s oculus, rise, rise once more, and do / Perpetual twenty-four hours ; or allow this hr be but / A twelvemonth, a month, a hebdomad, a natural twenty-four hours ” . The manner each line spills onto the following creates a feeling of acceleration at a minute when Faustus is seeking to decelerate clip down, to avoid the inevitable ageless damnation. These techniques are coupled with the difference in the figure of lines between the first half hr which contains 30 one and the 2nd half hr that merely contains 20 six lines. Marlowe ‘s usage of repeat within the text emphasizes Faustus ‘ province of head and inside informations that who he genuinely fears, as the word God mentioned six times in a instead little transition of text. Faustus is to the full cognizant that God is the lone 1 who can restrict his clip in snake pit and the monologue reveals the strength of his supplication. Marlowe appears to utilize repeat to associate the fright and terror experienced by Faustus to the audience.

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Marlowe ‘s coupling of long and short sentences within the text, creates a stronger impact, and provides focal point on Faustus ‘s ideas. The shutting lines of the monologue provide the shortest sentence ‘s about as Faustus is panting to take his last breath before presenting his concluding supplication. The concluding sentences are so short that line 110 contains two sentences, Ugly hell gape non! / Come non, Lucifer! The usage of punctuation reveals the tenseness and terror that Faustus is sing, cognizing that his concluding hr is due to go through. The usage of statements such as “ All animals are happy, for when they die, / Their psyches are shortly dissolved in elements ” ( 98-99 ) ushers and informs the audience of Faustus ‘ point of position. Marlowe makes great usage of didactic rhetorical statements, reminding the audience how powerless they are against God.

Marlowe ‘s usage of imagination and sound effects provides great deepness to Faustus ‘ statements. They besides lead the audience to inquiry whether the penalty fits the offense. Faustus fails to admit God or Jesus Christ as his Jesus until he has exhausted all other options, his supplication to the stars inquiring them to salvage his psyche, is an illustration of Faustus turning to the supernatural for aid, instead than praying to God. This act of despair features the usage of personification, recognizing the stars as a life presence “ You stars that reigned my birth, / Whose influence hath allotted decease and snake pit, / Now draws up Faustus like a dazed mist / Into the visceras of yon laboring cloud, / That when you vomit away into the air / My limbs may publish from your smoky oral cavities ” Marlowe ‘s blend of sentence construction, imagination and sound effects, adds deepness to what is a dark and unforgiving scene.

As Faustus arrives on the concluding stretch of his journey to Hell, he curses the Satan, himself and his parents. The first half hr Faustus is so busy pleading for salvation that he ignores the cause and stuffs that have assisted with his ruin and merely after the clock strikes half past the hr, does he see destructing his books, a concluding recognition that his greed and hungriness for cognition has led to his ruin. Faustus fails to admit God or Jesus Christ as his Jesus until he has exhausted all other options, his supplication to the stars inquiring them to salvage his psyche, is an illustration of Faustus turning to the supernatural for aid, instead than praying to God. The tone throughout the text is despairing and contrite. Faustus ‘ journey to Hell is eventually coming to an terminal, with merely one hr left to plead for salvation. The gap lines “ Stand still, you of all time traveling domains of Eden, that clip may discontinue, and midnight ne’er come. “ ( 58-59 ) Compares and discourse the human dissatisfaction with the motion of clip. This paired with the dry Latin quotation mark from Ovid ‘s Amores, “ O lente, lente currite noctis equi! “ ( 64 ) which translates as ‘Go easy, easy, you Equus caballuss of the dark ‘ adult males imprisonment by clip is the cruellest fact of adult males status. The text has a didactic tone, with a concluding reminder to the audience of how powerless they are against God, following the traditions of the morality drama.

Marlowe ‘s Dr Faustus contains a didactic tone similar to morality dramas. The usage of literary techniques non merely underscore the character of Faustus, but besides adds strength to implicit in messages within the drama.

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