Analysis Of The Tobacco Industry In Pakistan Economics Essay

2009 saw a little lessening in legal volume gross revenues of coffin nails in Pakistan. This was due to additions in revenue enhancement by the authorities every bit good as increased force per unit area from anti-smoking bureaus and groups. Decrease in ingestion was besides due to increase in monetary values and illicit trade that claimed a great part of demand for legal coffin nails. As unit monetary values rose, due to the revenue enhancement alterations, lowest-income consumers switched to smuggled trade names with lower monetary values.

Regardless of a figure of companies operational in Tobacco in Pakistan, the Pakistan Tobacco Co Ltd continued to take in 2009. It was followed closely by Lakson Tobacco Co Ltd. Notwithstanding strong competition between them, these two companies cooperated with tactics to guard their volume portions from illegitimately traded supplies of their trade names that were smuggled into Pakistan at cheaper monetary values. The authorities has presently non taken any action to convey to an terminal this illicit trade, nor is it expected that they would make much during the prognosis period.[ 1 ]

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Tobacco is the basic natural stuff for coffin nail industry. At the clip of independency rather a few types of baccy holding commercial importance were produced in the state except Virginia Tobacco, a type of baccy used in the devising of coffin nails. In the twelvemonth 1948 plantation of Virginia baccy started in the state and bit by bit reached its extremum of production by bring forthing 80 million lb harvest of Virginia baccy and Pakistan became the 5th largest manufacturer of all types of baccy in the universe with the entire production of 249 million lbs in 1972. Presently the state produces sufficient measure of baccy to run into the domestic demand with excess for export. Out of the sum, 60 per cent is consumed by coffin nail fabrication industry and export manufactured signifier and the remainder 40 per cent for commercial intents. Khyber Pakhtun Khua is the chief turning country for Virginia baccy.


Its beginning in the Indo-Pak Sub-continent could be traced back to 16th century when Akbar the Great, was keeping the parts Mogul Empire. Ever since, it has been consumed in different signifiers, originally as a preservant, so as a medical specialty and now in the signifier of fume through hubble-bubble, coffin nails, cigars and snuff. Despite all the restraints and restraints baccy still remains a critical hard currency harvest globally.

Before divider, no baccy was grown in this portion ( now representing Pakistan ) . It was after significant attempts that production of flue-cured Virginia baccy was first tried in low Indus BASIC ; so its production moved due norths to the Punjab fields and eventually the motion was towards the North-West Frontier Province at height comparable with the old baccy belt of USA in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

In 1947, all Tobacco was imported to run into the demand of the state. However, cultivation of flue-cured Virginia was started on probationary footing over approximately 20 estates in 1948. During the 1950 ‘s, Pakistan used to import baccy for run intoing the demand of its coffin nails industry.[ 2 ]The cultivation of Flue-Cured Virginia baccy was introduced in Pakistan in 1948 by a prima multinational. Get downing with a mere 20 hectares the harvest size was bit by bit expanded to over 34,600 hectares bring forthing over 78.3 million Kgs. in 2000.

Prior to 1968, the baccy cultivated was of inferior quality and the industry was dependent on imported natural stuffs on which a immense sum of foreign exchange was spent every twelvemonth. In 1968, the authorities decided to advance the cultivation, industry and export of baccy and baccy merchandises on a controlled footing, through the constitution of the Pakistan Tobacco Board. Pakistan Tobacco Board ( PTB ) is responsible for regulations and ordinances sing baccy industry. The nucleus maps of this organic structure are to protect the rights of stakeholders, purchasers, agriculturists, traders etc. , to keep a balance between demand and supply for baccy ( harvests ) by the companies. It takes into history different facets including harvest sizes, exports, domestic use, monetary values, cultural operations, works protection steps etc. A particular proficient Committee comprising of all stakeholder and members of the organic structure set the minimal and floor monetary values for the purchase of the baccy harvests for the domestic houses.

Had the production of baccy harvest non been developed by the Pakistan Tobacco Board on scientific lines, the state would hold been importing natural stuffs deserving Rs10 billion per annum.

With a position, to cut downing dependance on the import of good quality baccy foliage, the Pakistan Tobacco Board, in coaction with the baccy companies, construct up research and development activities and explored the dirt and climatic conditions in the sub-mountainous countries of Mansehra, Buner, Swat and Dir territories to run into the quality demands of coffin nails for domestic usage. The local oriental types of baccy are cultivated in the fields of NWFP and, to some extent, in the states of Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan. Punjab is, nevertheless, celebrated for the production of dark air cured and hookah type baccy. At present, all the baccy consumed by the baccy companies for coffin nails is produced in the state except for a nominal measure which is imported for usage in superior trade name of coffin nails.

And, autonomy in baccy for usage in low trade name coffin nails was attained during 1969 through 1971, but the state used to import big measures of good quality baccy for usage in superior trade names of coffin nails.[ 3 ]


A The country under baccy cultivation is over 51000 hectares with a production of over 103300 metric tons. It is besides of great significance as it is a beginning of gross, employment and foreign exchange net incomes to the state.

Employment coevals

Tobacco is an of import beginning of employment and income non merely in Pakistan but besides in over 120countries where it is grown. Tobacco industry – growth, fabrication, distribution and retailing employs over one million individuals straight or otherwise. This translates in the full clip equivalent of 312,500 occupations back uping about 1.2 million individuals. The industry contributed 4.4 per cent or over Rs 27.5 billion to the entire GDP of Pakistan. Out of the 51000 hectares, 30800 hectares were planted in NWFP. Its value of export was 570.2 million rupees which is 0.44 % portion in all harvests exports of Pakistan. ( Federal Bureau of Statistics, 2008 ) . Cigarettes & A ; baccy gave 30.6 billion rupees indirect revenue enhancements which are 5.4 % portions in gross ( Federal Board of Revenue, 2008 ) .It is the individual biggest subscriber of excise responsibility, six-times than that from cotton narration. Over 5 per cent of all revenue enhancements collected in the state comes from the baccy industry.

It is the most widely grown among the non-food harvests, yet it occupies a mere 0.3 per centum of the universe ‘s cultivable land compared with 0.7 per centum for java and 2 per centum for cotton. Tobacco creates more employment per hectare of cultivated land than any other harvest in the universe and the returns generated are significantly higher as compared to other harvests.

Gross Generation

It is an of import beginning of foreign exchange net incomes for the state ( Rs.286 million during 2001-02 ) . Pakistan ‘s baccy industry has been a traditionally reliable beginning of authorities income, lending some 27.5 billion rupees per twelvemonth – the equivalent of 4.4 % of Pakistan ‘s GDP. During 2007-2008, above Rs.36.3803 billion were contributed to the Federal Exchequer as Central Excise Duty and Gross saless Tax. This industry provides largest part footings of revenue enhancements ( i.e. 5 % of the all revenue enhancements received ) and excise responsibility. The 2005-06 Excise and Gross saless Tax gross from coffin nails totalled Rs. 29 billion. Tobacco industry is lending 40 per centum of all excise gross collected in the state doing the individual largest subscriber to the excise responsibility.

Bing a extremely labor-intensive harvest, about 80 thousand individuals are involved in its cultivation, 50 1000s are engaged in 26 mills of the Tobacco Industry and another one million discovery indirect employment. It is besides an of import beginning of foreign exchange net incomes for the state ( US $ 5.676 million during 2007-2008 ) .

Cigarettes 40 %

Cement 24 %

Beverages 6 %

Natural Gas 10 %

P.O.L. Products 11 %

Other 9 %

Anti-tobacco candidates charge the authorities of being swayed by the baccy industry. Harmonizing to independent estimations, the Pakistani authorities collected over $ 300 million in baccy revenue enhancement in 1990, somewhat more than a ten percent of the authorities ‘s entire gross net incomes that twelvemonth. Anti-tobacco militants say that whatever benefits the authorities is harvesting in the short term from tobacco-related industries will be significantly offset by the long term wellness attention jobs of mean Pakistanis devastated by smoking dependences.[ 4 ]

Tobacco is a harvest that possesses legion facets. It involves scientific intervention and requires particular attending by manufacturers during the growing, hardening and selling phases. On an economic forepart, this harvest plays a valuable function and its impact on major bring forthing states ‘ exports is pronounced.




In the twelvemonth 1948 plantation of Virginia baccy started in the state and easy reached its extremum of production by bring forthing 80 million lb harvest of Virginia baccy and Pakistan became the 5th largest manufacturer of all types of baccy in the universe with the entire production of 249 million lbs in 1972.

For proper ordinance of baccy selling, the Pakistan Tobacco Board ascertains the demands of assorted baccy companies for different types of baccy from the resulting harvest, and publicises the same at the clip when baby’s rooms are being laid out. The implicit in thought is to make an consciousness of the makers ‘ demands among the agriculturists so as to take at a crop-size bearing a relationship with the demand.

Following are the major types of baccy grown in Pakistan:

Flue-cured: Popularly known as Virginia, is chiefly grown in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab, with basic use in coffin nails. It requires loamy dirt for cultivation and period of cultivation is from March to September.

Dark-air cured: Normally known as Dark Virginia, is grown in Gujrat, Mandi Bahauddin, Okara and Vehari territories of Punjab Province, with basic use in coffin nails. It requires light loamy dirt and the growing period is from February to October.

Light-air cured: Normally known as Burley, is grown in Swat ( Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ) , with basic usage in coffin nails. It requires flaxen to sandy loam dirt, and the growing period is from March to October.

Semi-oriental: Popularly known as White Patta, is grown in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, with basic use in coffin nails, Biri mastication and Hookka. It requires loamy dirt. The turning period is from December to May.

Light-sun cured: Popularly known as Hookah, is grown in Punjab and Sindh, with basic usage in Hookahs. It requires loamy dirt. The turning period is from February to May.

Dark-sun cured: By and large known as Naswar, is grown in Hazro ( Attock ) , Jampur ( Rajanpur ) , Dera Ghazi Khan, Mailsi ( Vehari ) territories in the Punjab Province, Bubak/Rasoolabad countries, territory Dadu in Sindh state and Pishin/Qila Saifullah territories in Balochistan Province with use in Snuff. It requires loamy dirt. Turning period is February to May in Punjab, December to April in Sindh and April to October in Balochistan.

The ultimate sale of baccy is regulated through the provincial jurisprudence in NWFP under which the baccy companies are bound to put to death understandings with baccy agriculturists in prescribed format for their entire demand of Virginia baccy. The companies are besides bound to buy at least 35 % of their indicated demands of white patta baccy from the agriculturists. The procedure of executing of understandings is completed by Dec. 31. The plantation of baccy starts in the 2nd hebdomad of February in the fields and during the month of March in the ousub-mountainous subA·monA·taneA A


Located under or at the base of a mountain or mountain scope. A countries of Mansehra, Dir, Swat SwatA ( swat ) , territory of the Malakand division, North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan. Saidu Sharif is the capital. The mostly unaccessible part is reached by air and through mountain base on ballss from the South and E. A and Buner. The agriculturists start providing the baccy of in agreement quality to the baccy companies in the month of July which remains up to the terminal of October. Input signals like fertilisers, pesticides and fire-wood are necessary after the plantation of harvest.

The baccy agriculturists have been invariably forcing on the fact that since baccy is a extremely labor-intensive and cost-oriented harvest, hence, the Bankss should give agricultural production loans to baccy agriculturists against the understandings executed with them by the baccy companies. Tobacco is a particular harvest that requires intensive labors, input every bit good as fuel-wood for the hardening of foliages. The Bankss normally start pay outing of the agribusiness loans for Rabbi Season from September 15 which goes up to March 15. Tobacco is included in the Rabbi harvests, its cultivation starts from about mid Feb. after the lending is about completed by the Bankss. Therefore, even if the baccy agriculturists have been given the loans, they spend the money in most instances for other intents. The baccy companies execute understandings @ 2100 kilogram per Bam for flue-cured Virginia baccy which requires an country of one hectare. Since the cost of production of baccy is really high in comparing with other hard currency harvests, it is proposed that 50 % of the adoption bound should be booked for a agriculturist who produces understanding of one barn executed by him with a baccy company. Hence the money reserved for lending to tobacco agriculturists should non be disbursed before the first hebdomad of February.

The agricultural loans given to the agriculturists of baccy harvest in this mode could be recovered within a period of six months. The recovery of loans will be assured since all the minutess between baccy companies and agriculturists are carried out through Bankss on verifiers issued by the companies.

Therefore, a particular strategy on the line of ‘Deferred Payment Leaf Voucher Scheme ‘ which is already in trend and has been appreciated by the Bankss. The strategy will do enormous part towards the economic encouragement of the agriculturists. The understanding between the baccy companies and baccy agriculturists will be treated as a bonafide papers for the grant of loans. The loans could be recovered from the agriculturists through verifiers redeemable at the designated Bankss in the mode specified hereunder Adv. 1. hereunder – in a subsequent portion of this papers or statement or affair etc. ; “ the landlord demises unto the renter the premises hereinafter called the demised premises ” ; “ the footings specified hereunder ”

afterlife, hereinafter

2. : –

a ) First Voucher: 50 % of hard currency value of verifier to WARRANTY, VOUCHER TO, pattern. A guarantee is a contract existent, annexed to lands and tenements, whereby a adult male is bound to support such lands and tenements from another individual ; and in instance of eviction by rubric paramount, to give him lands of equal value.

A A A A 2. A be paid to the agriculturists and 50 % adjusted against the loan.

B ) Second Voucher: 25 % of hard currency value of verifier or balance of the loan to be paid to the agriculturists & A ; 75 % to be adjusted against the loans.

degree Celsius ) Third Voucher: 25 % of hard currency value of verifier or balance of the loan to be paid to the agriculturists & A ; 75 % to be adjusted against the loans.

vitamin D ) Fourth Voucher: The outstanding balance of loans, if any, shall be recovered in full to settle the entire loan sum.

Cost of Production of Cured Leaf Per Hectare ( Rs. )

Type of baccy






Flue-cured Virginia






Dark Air-cured





White Patta










Tobacco has the highest output than any other harvest and is the lone harvest grown in Pakistan whose output is good above the universe norm and matches the per hectare output in the US and other developed states – an mean output of 1,900 kgs per hectare.






























2150[ 6 ]

The country under baccy cultivation increased by 30 per cent during 1990-91 to 1998-99 – from 44,000 hectares to 57,000 hectares.

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