Analysis On Singapore Airlines Past Present And Future Marketing Essay

Singapore Airlines is a good established flag bearer of Singapore which represents as an Hallmark of Singapore ‘s long history of promotion and achievement. With its well established & A ; unquestionable repute for quality and safety, systematically surpassing its rivals, it has built and now holds a house and strong being in the Asia markets.

1.1 Key larning aims

The aims of this study are chiefly to cognize more about how Singapore Airlines overcomes the challenges faced over the old ages, and besides learn about the assorted factors lending to the growing and success of the company. Other aims include a more thorough apprehension of the company ‘s history, subordinates helping them, rivals impacting them, accomplishments of the company, and schemes engaged to remain competitory in the impact of economic nonacceptance.

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Overview of Singapore Airlines

-History of the company

Singapore Airlines was incorporated in January 1947 as a wholly-owned subordinate of the Singapore authorities through Temasek Holdings Pte Ltd to supply air services for air transit, in-flight services, aero-engine services and land services.

The history began in May 1947 when it started off with a twin-engine Airspeed Consul under Malayan Airways Limited supplying air services between Singapore and Malaysia. Over the decennaries, Malayan Airways Limited grew steadily and more planes were acquired. Malayan Airways Limited was besides subsequently renamed Malayan Airways in 1963 and Malaysia-Singapore Airlines in 1968. In 1972, Malaysia-Singapore Airlines was reconstructed into 2 entities ; Malaysian Airline System and Singapore Airlines.

From the initial Malayan Airways Limited to the current Singapore Airlines, Singapore Airlines has undergone many radical alterations to its direction and services, leting it to manage the rapid alterations and develop an enviable repute in the air power industry. Along the old ages, new advanced services were besides developed to accommodate the demands of the clients through upgrading of expertness and modernising of the direction.

-Company ‘s slogan and aims

Singapore Airline ‘s slogan is to be an first-class citizen of the universe that holds a duty in all that they do in edifice and prolonging its excellence services and strong committednesss to the environment.

The aims of puting up this company are to supply the finest air hose services that could provide to the different demands of each single client and to make a distinctively different air hose that ‘s international but besides retain its Asiatic personality.

Singapore Airlines, Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //

-Company ‘s organizational construction

A company ‘s organizational construction enables different sections to come together to work and cover in a coordinated and co-operative manner towards the end of the company.

-Company ‘s civilization

Singapore Airline ‘s civilization is based mostly on aiming the planetary market, advancing the quality services provided by the staffs and promoting close bonds between the employees to work towards the worldwide, giving the highest quality of client service to the client demands.

With respects to the provided quality services, Singapore Airlines seek for new ways to distinguish itself from the rivals. The scheme adopted by the Singapore Airlines to distinguish itself is the sweetenings on the provided services, conveying improvement to the company ‘s service. Singapore Airlines provide clients with a sense of heat, friendliness and single pride.

For illustration, riders are treated to excellent nutrient and excellent services whereby they are served with tonss of smilings, warm towels, and attending to inside informations.

-Strong Staff Support

Singapore Airlines work force comprises a diverse mix of people, conveying a scope of accomplishments, properties and personalities to the workplace. This is advantageous to the company as a right combination of accomplishments shows the ability of the staff in the company, showing the strong staff support shared among the company. Most significantly, there can be go throughing on of cognition and accomplishments between the staffs.

The World Airline Awardsa„? , Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: // — -Information/Spring-2011-Tentative-Course-Offerings.aspx

-Services provided

Singapore Airlines handles air transit and aero services which include in-flight services, land services and aero-engine overhauling services, supplying high degrees of invention and first-class degrees of service to run into the client ‘s demands.

Bing classified as a tendency transmitter in footings of services, first-class in-flight services comprise of air to land telecommunication, including personal screen size telecasting featured on the seats, caring air hostess functioning nutrient and drinks, supplying clients with information on anything asked and a host of other aid were introduced.

Land services comprise of the handling of riders, luggage which includes ticket sale, place reserve, look intoing in and luggage handled by the Singapore Airlines land section.

Aero services comprise of the different jet fleets Singapore Airlines uses for the air transit service.

1.3 Schemes adopted to remain competitory

There are assorted schemes engaged by Singapore Airlines to invariably guarantee its growing and keep its fight in this planetary market.

Company ‘s adaptability

One scheme adopted by Singapore Airlines involves the flexibleness and preparedness to change the company ‘s steps and services in response to the client demands. For illustration, as the company develop over the old ages, the quality of services provided to the clients enhances, triping the clients to be more demanding. Therefore, Singapore Airlines are assigned to accommodate to the client ‘s demands by leting the employees of the company to do determinations that changes the fortunes in the state of affairs, run intoing to the petition of the clients.

Increasing work productiveness

The 2nd scheme is to larn to cut down on the unneeded loss, and educate the staff to be more disciplined and scrupulous in their work, forestalling dearly-won blooper in times of the economic downswing. Training and educational plans are conducted for the staff to upgrade, upheaval and better on their public presentations which greatly helps in the efficiency and productiveness of the staff, continuing the first-class client service civilization.

Technology promotions

The 3rd scheme is working on the renewing of aircrafts and services. Singapore Airlines capitalize in technology installations to pass, mend aircrafts and land services to be self-sufficing and continuously upgrade of machines and computing machines, remaining strong and competitory in the industry. Trainings and workshops were besides suggested to the staffs to fit themselves with the accomplishments to run the engineering, understating the unneeded loss and maximise staff efficiency.

Airspeed-Consul twin engine aircraft, the first aircraft was used to supply air transit service. But after the Reconstruction in 1972, Singapore Airlines was formed, and there ‘s a demand of development in air power. Hence, new wide-bodied jets were acquired, presenting the DC-4 Skymaster, Vickers Viscount, Lockheed Super Constellation, Bristol Brittania, Comet IV, and the Fokker F27 aircrafts to response to the limited services provided by the first aircraft. These freshly introduced aircrafts non merely response to the limited services provided, it besides further reduces the operating cost and are more environmentally friendly.

Researching new market chances

Due to the development of the air hose industry, Singapore Airlines progressed by researching new market chances like presenting more advanced aircrafts, better engineering and services, supplying a comprehensive list of services, such as land services and air services which includes, ticket sale, place reserve, look intoing in, luggage handling and in-flight services.

Singapore Airlines besides lookout for new chances and survey of the latest tendencies in abroad market developments, maintaining its engineerings up-to-date, following the latest tendencies, make fulling the riders with the most modernize engineerings and services.

Retrieved from Proceedings of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, Vol. 5, pp. 545 – 556, 2005 hypertext transfer protocol: //

2. Factors lending to Singapore Airlines ‘ success

This sector would cover on the factors that contribute to the Singapore Airlines ‘ success explicating on how Singapore Airlines has achieved its success over the old ages based on the sweetenings of its provided services, the uninterrupted engineering updates and the amendments made throughout to remain competitory among the other key participants in the air industry.

2.1 Maintaining updated services

In this competitory society, engineering is ever germinating. Singapore Airlines is invariably developing to keep its endurance in the industry by maintaining up with the alterations.

Promotion in engineering used:

Changes had been made over the old ages in footings of the jet engines used to supply better services to its clients. For case, in the early twelvemonth, the Airspeed-Consul twin engine can merely suit 5 riders and there were no flight-stewardess to supply services, but with the development in the engineering, Singapore Airlines launched more advanced aircrafts ( Boeing 747s, Airbuses 310 ‘s ) and amusement systems that improve the in-flight services and therefore, better cater to the environment and the clients ‘ demands. With that, it consequences in improved services and greater clients ‘ satisfaction.

An effectual organisational construction:

The figure of employees additions every twelvemonth in Singapore Airlines, so as to efficaciously manage the full scope of Singapore Airlines ‘ concern. There is a demand to alter its organisational construction and work force for the company to be more organized as old ages passes. For illustration, there are different sections for each section to be in charge of ; this shows the capableness of these different sections specialized in different accomplishments, concentrating in different countries, conveying out the best services it can supply.

Accomplishments over the old ages

( Net incomes, growing in employee strengths, success ‘s sum-up )

Time-line of Singapore Airline ‘s accomplishment:

Over the old ages, Singapore Airline ‘s has clinched a batch of awards, geting at its popularity now. Some of the awards through the old ages include: Best cabin crew, best full service air hose, Best air hose for safety, Best Managed Company and more aˆ¦

The summary of the accomplishments from twelvemonth 2002-2010

2007-2010- Best Airline, International

May 2010- Best Airline in the universe

Oct 2009- SIA being the provider with the overall highest client satisfaction

July 2009- Best Cabin Service, aircraft/products, in-flight repasts and land service

August 2008- Airline of the twelvemonth

July 2008- “ First to Fly the A380 ” , Singapore Airlines

May 2007-Best Asiatic air hose

January 2007- Top Asia/Pacific Airline

April 2006- Platinum Award ( Singapore )

December 2005- Outstanding Overall accomplishment

Oct 2004- Best International Route Airline

May 2003- World ‘s Best Service Awards

April 2002- Most Preferred Airline

Retrieved from Singapore Airlines hypertext transfer protocol: //

Singapore Airline ‘s Net income statistics of net incomes grown over the old ages

Singapore Airlines has earned net incomes when it foremost started in 1972 to now, 2010 even though there were some old ages where the net incomes dropped. During the glooming economic system in the twelvemonth of 1990 and 2008, Singapore Airlines is still doing net income overall. Singapore Airlines has achieved success these old ages as its net incomes and gross revenues have risen many creases since it foremost started, doing important betterments over the old ages and ever keeping to maintain in gait with the current tendencies in engineering promotions. Most significantly, its slogan of work to ever be on the pess in supplying the best to function its clients has proven to work, as seen from its increasing market value.

Growth in employee strength

As the concern expands and engineerings progressed over the old ages, there is a demand in the growing in the capacity of the employees. This consequences in an addition of employees ‘ strengths and productiveness, managing the advanced engineerings and the concern enlargement.

Success sum-up:

Therefore, as seen from the net incomes grown through the old ages, it tells us of the advancement Singapore Airlines has made over the old ages. Enhancement of engineering and provided services has manage Singapore Airlines to stand out from the other ferocious rivals, achieving its success in keeping the quality of services every bit good as invariably traveling with the market trends. These important betterments are besides the ground behind the increasing net incomes Singapore Airlines has made over the old ages. Not merely that, the grim difficult work and attempts put in throughout these old ages in the air industry by Singapore Airlines is besides being recognized and recognition. Major awards are obtained by Singapore Airlines, determining its extremely acclaimed place. Singapore Airlines clinched the best air hose in the universe and holding the best cabin service, aircraft/products, in-flight repasts and land service. Most significantly, these awards helped Singapore Airlines to win honor over its rivals, advancing Singapore Airlines ‘ name and repute, pulling more clients.

3. Framework Study on Singapore Airlines – S.W.O.T Analysis

3.1 Strengths

a ) Strong trade name repute

Having one of the universe ‘s youngest fleet in the air, a web crossing five continents, the Singapore Girl as the symbol of quality of client service and attention and renowned for its top services, has build Singapore Airlines a repute over the old ages, being one of the top 10 air hoses of the universe. For illustration, Singapore Airlines was the first air hose to present hot repasts, free alky and non-alcoholic drinks, and hot towels with a alone and patented aroma, personal amusement systems, and video-on-demand in all cabins, functioning the best cabin atmosphere and services to the clients. Bing the first air hose to supply high quality services makes Singapore Airlines unique and different from the other air hoses, hence, is internationally recognized by people as one of the universe ‘s prima bearers. Beside this, stewardesses dressed in elegantly crafted Malay sarong kebaya during the early beginnings of MAL were besides the foundation of a alone characteristic for the strong trade name repute of Singapore Airlines as this has created a immense impact on the client ‘s attending of the ‘Singapore Girl ‘ image where heat, friendliness and professionalism of the services and care Singapore Airlines provide are represented.

B ) Effective squad both on land and in the air

Singapore Airline ‘s strength chiefly lies with its effectual squad on land and air. Having an effectual squad on land and air is the ground to its strong direction Singapore Airlines clasp to increase the work productiveness, provide its top direction services to the clients, go forthing a good feeling for the clients and to vie with the other air hoses, puting the company in a stronger degree in this competitory society. For illustration, on land, refined and comfy sofas such as the SilverKris Lounges and Partner Lounges are provided to First and Business Class clients, leting them to rest, work and relax. Same exceptionally high criterion of service as in the air are provided to the clients, run intoing to the demands of the clients.

B ) Subordinate companies

Subordinates of Singapore Airlines such as SilkAir, Tradewinds Tour and Travel, SIA Engineering Company and SIA Cargo let Singapore Airlines to spread out its concern ‘s networking and concentrate upon different countries such as land services, lading services, security services and catering. Through this, it enables Singapore Airlines to expertise within its ain specialized countries of operations and provides a scope of typical conditions/methods for the air hose and the client ‘s air hoses. For illustration, Silkair focused on the air hose services where it serve the smaller metropoliss and towns of South East Asia, Tradewinds offers a broad scope of Tourss, particular trades and travel bundles to many finishs around the universe, SIA Engineering Company provide technology services to international air bearers and aerospace equipment makers and SIA Cargo operates to destinations around the universe with its big fleet and most technologically advanced commercial bottoms, supplying flexibleness to run into all types of demands to acquire lading to anywhere in the universe.

degree Celsius ) Adaptability of the company

As being mentioned in the 2nd half of the study, it has been clearly emphasized that Singapore Airline ‘s adaptability is strong and they are of all time ready for any challenges where sweetenings of engineerings and services provided are carried out to constant look-out for new market tendencies, chances and to present a cozy and relaxed environment for clients to wing in. This proficiency has proved Singapore Airlines to boom even in times of glooming state of affairss or rise in oil monetary values where net incomes are still made over the old ages till today.

With the above strengths Singapore Airlines ain, Singapore Airlines has the ability to remain steadfast and competitory in this air hose industry with its alone placement, blending of engineering and love affair, surpassing the remainder of the participants in the industry.

3.2 Failings

In malice of the strengths that Singapore Airlines has, it besides has its just portion of failings.

a ) Travel cost

Travel cost, the most imperative job Singapore Airlines face as supplying the consumers sensible and low-cost costs of flight with a quality service is the biggest threat. Therefore, this might be one of the grounds of client ‘s shift to the other low cost air hoses whereby consumers may happen the high quality services unneeded and the monetary values of the low cost air hoses are much more low-cost compared to the Singapore Airlines.


Bing the most common failings among all working companies in the universe, is rivals. Singapore Airlines decidedly has its ain rivals in this air hose industry. Therefore, Singapore Airlines lock out its rivals by ever upgrading its fleet, holding a great hard currency flow and first-class flight operations. Most significantly, Singapore Airlines recognizes the varying demands and demands of the consumers meeting to all the client ‘s demands gaining their pick of air hose as Singapore Airlines. These sweetenings allow Singapore Airlines to endlessly travel towards patterned advance and surpass its rivals.

3.3 Opportunities

a ) Alliances

One of the purposes that Singapore Airlines is looking for is to invariably seek outreach with the other air hoses company, spread outing its web of flights. One illustration would be the partnerships with Delta Airlines and the Swissair. This partnership has secured Singapore Airlines a new strategic gateway in South East Asia, leting Singapore Airlines riders going between Singapore and South East Asia states have more flights from which to take.

B ) Acquisition of advanced technology/planes

As mentioned earlier, Singapore Airlines is ever on the move to upgrade its aircrafts and engineerings to better fulfill its clients. It ensures that it has sufficient cash-flow to let for the acquisition of the latest machineries and engineering, so as non to lose out to its fellow rivals. One illustration would be in 1997, Singapore Airlines launched advanced in-flight amusements like Television and air to anchor telephone services offering riders with screening and hearing options.


Fear of retaining and pulling clients

Due to the many rivals in this industry, it is indispensable that Singapore Airlines can run into the demands of clients, no affair how difficult it may be. In certain instances where Singapore Airlines is unable to carry through the demands of the clients, it is easy for clients to exchange to other escalating air hoses. Besides, air hoses such as the Western and Eastern air hoses are bettering their engineering along the old ages. Therefore, these betterments may be the ground of non being able to retain/attract clients.

4. Decision

4.1 Justification

Based on the accomplishments achieved and the improving public presentation performed over the old ages, the analysis in this study shows that Singapore Airlines is a successful company. Undoubtedly, Singapore Airlines still faces several failings and disadvantages, such as the expensive travel cost and the extremely competitory nature of the air hose industry, endangering Singapore Airlines vulnerable to doing alterations. However, the strengths that Singapore Airlines possess as a company have successfully enabled it to come on and boom in the industry throughout the old ages, developing an enviable repute in its industry doing it recognised and trustable to the populace. This is shown from the SWOT analysis, which displays how Singapore Airline ‘s strengths have enabled it to stand house in the industry. A good illustration is the strong trade name repute of the ‘Singapore Girl ‘ where quality client attention and services are served, making a immense impact on the client ‘s attending of the ‘Singapore Girl ‘ image where heat, friendliness and professionalism of the services and care Singapore Airlines provides. Other includes holding an effectual squad on land, working with subordinate companies, supplying a scope of typical services for the air hose, its great flexibleness and adaptability that Singapore Airlines has displayed in readying for less optimistic state of affairss.

4.2 Personal contemplation

I will hold to state that this profiling of Singapore Airlines Company has truly made me farther understand the workings of the company systems, the orderly organisation, its net incomes earned over the old ages and the accomplishments it has attained despite the fact that there might be external menaces faced and economic recession. Making invariably alterations, maintaining the engineerings up-to-date and following the most appropriate and strategic methods that work best for the company has managed Singapore Airlines to last, vie and turn stronger in this air hose industry. In add-on, the interviews performed has enable me to develop a better apprehension of the company ‘s construction, operations and the attempt put in that helped pave its accomplishments. Most significantly, I ‘ve learnt that the key to maintain/build an enviable reputable in its industry is non easy ; attempts and parts by everyone in the company must be put in.

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