Analyzing The Chinese Market Factors Marketing Essay

The research draws attending to the fact that since the twenty-first century, most companies move their fabrication to a cost-efficient state. Touch-U Company has decided to travel the mill of massage armchairs into China. In add-on, China non merely is a cost-efficient state, but besides has a immense market with buying power. Therefore, the wellness equipment is likely to come in the Chinese market by analysing the Chinese market factors, measuring the entry scheme and concern operation program. First, the company analyzes five attractive factors which involve physical factor, economic factor, labour factor, cultural factor and political factor. Second, on the footing of these factors, the company chooses the joint venture for their entry scheme. Third, the company selects the international scheme for their houses chief scheme, adopts worldwide merchandise divisions for their organisational construction, decides to construct the mill in Shanghai Xin Zhuang Industrial Zone and sets the white-collar people and older people for their mark cleavage.


Touch-U Company would wish to travel their massage armchair fabricating mill to China, but the caput office is still in Australia. As we know, in the developed states, the cost of labour is much higher than the cost of labour in the development states. In add-on, China non merely has a suited state of affairs for constructing wellness equipment, but besides it has a immense market for marketing. Therefore, the chief concerns of this assignment are four facets. First, it will depict the background of the company and analyzes some Chinese market factors. Second, it is traveling to find an entry scheme when the company accesses China for the first clip. Simultaneously, it will present a concern operation program which includes house scheme, organisation construction and direction, fabrication program and selling program. Last, it attempts to pull up a possible action program for the short term and long term.

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3.1 About our company

Touch-U Company is a cross-function massage armchair fabricating mill, and a central office are in Australia. However, in recent old ages, the costs of production have been high in Australia, and the geographics of Australia determines export transit costs are expensive. In order to cut down the cost and gain more net income, our company wants to travel the mill from Australia to a more cost-efficient state. The cost- effectual state is China. We will happen a spouse of mill in China, some of the cardinal engineering and constituents will be from Australia, but the other constituents will be produced in China.

3.2 Chinese market factor analysis

Chinese market has some attractive factors for our company:

The population of China was estimated in 2009 at 1,319,175,330 ( 1.3 billion ) , this figure about occupies 20 % of the universe population ( Index Mundi, 2009 ) . In other words, China is a large potency market for our company. Furthermore, Chinese people ‘s life criterions are increasing ; they are non merely passing money on nutrient, but besides on wellness. That is the biggest attractive factor for our company.

Buying power in China. A World Bank study has placed China in front of Japan as the universe ‘s second-largest economic system as measured by buying power, the Financial Times ( 2008 ) reported. As the Chinese economic system is increasing quickly, Chinese people ‘s wages are increasing every bit good. In the large metropoliss, such as Shanghai and Beijing, the white-collar people ‘s one-year income is US $ 28,500 ( China- India Purchasing Power, 2009 ) . In the Chinese market, our massage armchairs ‘ mark clients are the white-collar people and older people. From this point of position, white-collar people have plenty buying power to purchase our merchandise.

Cheap labour and natural stuff. Comparing developed states and China, China ‘s natural stuffs and labour costs are cheaper than developed states. For illustration, in Australia the mean hebdomadal pay was A $ 960 in 2004 ( Working in Australia, 2010 ) . However, in China the mean hebdomadal pay was RMB 437.5 ( about to A $ 72.91 ) in 2006 ( Wages in China, 2008 ) . So, our company choice China as the mark market to fabricate wellness equipment, the cost will be lower than developed states.

Cultural factor. In China, most of the Chinese people have to work from 9am until 6pm ( including one hr tiffin interruption ) , and some of them still have to make overtime work at place or in the office. Full-time employees work an norm of 44 hours per hebdomad ( Buchanan, 2009 ) . That means, on mean, people maximize on the job hours are eight hours per twenty-four hours. If the people work more than that, that is non good for people ‘s wellness. This over worked group of people is at higher hazard of holding lumbar musculus strain, or some other disease on the spinal column. From this state of affairs, if the people can purchase our company ‘s cross-functional massage armchair that is rather utile. That massage armchair will assist people to cut down physical force per unit area and cut down the rate of lumbar musculus strain or other diseases.

The Chinese Government protects, in conformity with the jurisprudence, the investing of foreign joint ventures, the net incomes due to them and their other lawful rights and involvements in a joint venture, pursuant to the understanding, contract and articles of association approved by the Chinese Government ( National People ‘s Congress, 2001 ) . That means the Chinese authorities protects foreign company rights when they are making concern in China. That is the warrant for the foreign companies.

4.0 Entry scheme

Harmonizing to the background what has indicated the current China market abroad, joint ventures is the suited manner of market entry manners for our endeavor. Because of the Chinese market is a new and unknown topographic point for Australian caput office. Touch-U Company is likely to take a spouse in China to assist our endeavor efficaciously entry China market. Cooperated with the located company, our endeavor can has more advantages to finish in China. There are several advantages. First, our endeavor can has benefit from local spouse ‘s cognition. Some staffs of our company are from Australia. If they can collaborate with local staffs, it can assist them set to Chinese life rapidly. Second, to happen a spouse can portion our cost and hazard with it, this scheme can cut down our hazard index. Third, joint ventures can cut down political hazard. Because of the local authorities prefers to protect the local endeavor. To hold a local spouse is the position what the local authorities would wish to see. Fourth, joint ventures can assist suppress bing market entree limitations and preserve market chances ( Hill, 2009, p.265 ) .

Although there are a batch of advantages of joint ventures, it still exists some hazard. First, our endeavor portions our ownership with our spouse. Because our industry needs to construct in China, it is necessary to portions our ownership with our spouse, portions our net income with it. But in this state of affairs, it may take to conflict. Either our endeavor or our spouse besides wants to be the accountant ; it will happen some struggles between our company and our spouse. Second, giving control of engineering to spouse is besides a hazard. Our industry produces the wellness equipment. It is a high technological merchandise. Giving control of engineering to spouse agencies lose our advantage. Our company is likely merged by our spouse in the hereafter.

After compared with hazard, our company has more advantages to entry China market. At the beginning, our scheme is short term scheme, which will utilize little graduated table to entry China market for proving. Harmonizing to future bing market analysis, company may alter schemes to FDI.

5.0 Business operation program

On footing of the state factor analysis and comparative advantage information, it is possible to develop a concern operation program for the house to come in and vie efficaciously in China. The concern operation program considers four key facets which include house scheme, organisation construction and direction, fabricating direction and selling program.

5.1 Firm scheme

First of all, Touch-U Company is prosecuting an international scheme in order to cut down the cost and the caput office of company tight control over engineering ( Hill, 2009, p440 ) . Similar to as Coca-Cola, the formula of Cola is controlled at the American caput office ; nevertheless, the bottling productions are divided into the major states to provide the localisation demand. From the Touch-U Company point of position, it is set uping mill in China to take advantage of the local natural resources such as metal, leather and use a inexpensive labour force to assemble several constituents together. Finally, piecing massage armchair integrates advanced engineering from Australia. Therefore, it is likely to spread out the Chinese market bring forthing massage armchairs with high quality at a lower monetary value. In add-on, Touch-U Company is non merely cut downing the operational cost, but besides commanding the advanced engineering at the Australian caput office.

From the long term point of position, with the competition is going intensive, the company may reform their scheme from international scheme to planetary standardisation scheme, because the company needs non merely the cost decrease, but besides increase profitableness. In other words, the end of the planetary standardisation scheme is a low-priced scheme with a planetary graduated table ( Hill, 2009, p. 436 ) . As a consequence, if the industry can successful run in China ; Touch-U Company is likely to use the cost advantage to back up aggressive pricing in worldwide markets.

5.2 Organization construction and direction

There is consistent grounds that the Touch-U Company to pursing an international scheme might hold the right type of organisational construction to back up that scheme. With Touch-U Company spread outing to China, they are likely to follow world-wide merchandise divisions in the horizontal construction ( Hill, 2009, p. 457 ) . Furthermore, “ the world-wide merchandise divisional construction is designed to assist get the better of the coordination jobs that arise with the international division and world-wide country constructions ” ( Hill, 2009, p. 457 ) . There are two advantages for wellness equipment companies. First, the consolidation of value creative activity activities at cardinal locations necessary for recognizing location and experience curve economic systems are improved by supplying an organisational belief ( Hill, 2009, p. 459 ) . Another advantage helps the transportation of primary abilities within a section ‘s world-wide operations and at the same clip world-wide debut of new multifunctional massage armchairs at a lower monetary value.

Harmonizing to Figure 13.6, ( see Appendix ) , the caput office has tight control on several merchandise divisions such as development scheme, fiscal control. However, the operation of Area 1 and Area 2 is controlled by Division B. In footings of operation activities are managed by the director of Division B. As an illustration, the pick of industry spouse, determines industry topographic point. Therefore, under this construction, the overall strategic development and fiscal planning are controlled by the central office of the company. The relevant activities about spread outing market to China are managed by a subordinate company.

Similarly, Touch-U Company is developed their company organisational construction see below. The central offices have three different types of merchandise divisions which include first aid merchandise group, massage armchair merchandise group and rehabilitation equipment group. In this concern operation program, it focuses on the world-wide massage armchair merchandise group. There are two countries in this group. The Chinese country is a new spread outing market. The company plans to set up oversea fabricating alternatively of Australian fabrication. However, China has a immense population which means there is a big possible market for Touch-U Company. So the company determines their merchandise is non merely to provide the Chinese market, but besides the international country.

Furthermore, under the Chinese country, there are four functional sections which comprise buying, fabrication, selling, finance section. Due to spread outing to the new Chinese market, it is necessary to see different facets in China. The buying section concerns the providers of natural stuffs in order to cut down the cost and analyze the quality of stuffs. The fabrication section is in regard of the operational production in fabrication procedures. The selling section is associated with mark clients and market sections in the selling program. The fiscal section records and manages the planning budget and accounting informations in order to describe to the caput office. The caput office can understand the operational advancement on clip by their fiscal study.

As a consequence, Touch-U Company is utilizing an international scheme with the world-wide merchandise divisional construction and they are be aftering to cut down the operational cost, expand their market to China and keep their international market.

Fabrication program

5.3.1 Quality and costs

It might look as if the Touch-U Company is taking the right location to construct a mill, it is easy for the company to bring forth the high quality merchandise with lower cost. There are some factors which affect taking a topographic point to construct a mill. First, every company focuses on the profitableness program as a consequence our company chooses China by cut downing cost. If the company would wish to better profitable public presentation and increase quality control, the company needs to heighten effectual productiveness, lower rework and bit costs and lower guarantee costs ( Hill, 2009, p.565 ) . China ‘s labour is cheaper than other developed states. However, the client ever is looking for high quality merchandises with a low monetary value. Our merchandise has advanced engineering, for this ground the company requires the employees who have the experience of fabrication, and a good attitude. A merchandise has better quality which can acquire trueness from clients. In add-on, lower guarantee costs are possible to cut down lower service costs and increase net incomes.

Second, increasing productiveness is likely to salvage the cost of employment ( Hill, 2009, p.565 ) . At the same clip, our endeavor employs high ability staff instead than the normal work force. It reduces rework and bit, makes our goods have higher quality and better market fight by this method. Our company can present the nucleus parts and engineering from Australia to China, so Chinese mills for assembly production, therefore take downing the fabrication cost will increase net incomes.

5.3.2 The location of mill

The state factors, technological factors and merchandise factors besides influence our determination of turn uping the mill. The company has decide to travel their mill to China, due to China ‘s economic system go oning grow, stable political relations, the authorities welcoming FDI, the local labour is really inexpensive and Chinese instruction is besides turning. These grounds may allow our company use some high quality labour, China and Australia have an exchange rate is 1:6. Our company chooses China as the best option. There are two merchandise characteristics which affect location determinations. The two characteristics of merchandise involve value to burden ratio and merchandise serves cosmopolitan demands. The value to burden ratio influences transit costs ( Hill, 2009, p.565 ) . Therefore the mill location needs to be near shopping composites.

5.3.3 Centralized location

Our company will take advantage of the centralised location to bring forth the wellness equipment. Hill ( 2009 ) finds some facts that mean concentrating them in a centralised location and functioning the universe market from China. There are some deciding conditions for a centralised location.

First, differences between states in factor costs, political economic system, and civilization have a significant impact on the costs of fabricating in assorted states, trade barriers are low. Second, outwardnesss originating from the concentration of similar endeavors favor certain locations ; of import exchange rates are expected to stay comparatively stable. The 3rd status is the production engineering has high fixed costs and high minimal efficient graduated table relation to planetary demand, or flexible fabrication engineering exists. China has satisfied the above conditions, hence our company has decided to set up mill in China.

5.3.4 Business spouse

It is deserving observing that a company should seek a good concern spouse which in of import for the scheme of joint venture. From the Australian caput office point of position, the Chinese market is a new and unknown topographic point. Before our company accesses the Chinese market, the director could make some research about Chinese wellness equipment endeavors and happen a spouse who has bing equipment, fabricating experience, trained employees and fixed providers. As a consequence, a perfect concern spouse is the benefit for company accessing the Chinese market.

On the footing of the information of a concern spouse, centralized location, the location of mill, quality and costs analysis, our company could make up one’s mind to construct the mill in Shanghai Xin Zhuang Industrial Zone. Xinzhuang Industrial Zone is located in Shanghai suburb, far from the urban countries. Furthermore, there is really convenient substructure such as high ways to other metropoliss. In add-on, Xin Zhuang, Shanghai is in Hu Ning Hang Industrial Zone. There are farther advantages for Xin Zhuang Industrial Zone footing in Hu Ning Hang. For illustration, favourable natural conditions, heavy population, convenient sea and air conveyance, that is easy to import and export trade. Therefore, the mill should set up in Xin Zhuang Industrial Zone in order to sell our merchandise to different metropoliss.

5.4 Market program

5.4.1. Cleavage

There are two types of clients that define the demographic of massage armchair users, white-collar people and old people, which for the intents of this selling program.

5.4.2 Target market

Touch-U company mark clients are the white-collar people and old people. In China market, the white-collar people who have plenty buying power to purchase massage armchairs. As old people, they need the massage armchair that is concerned with the wellness daily. Furthermore, a infirmary and nursing place are besides the mark market which can sell the massage armchairs. Furthermore, our company offers full automaticity massage armchair and besides allow the clients be low-cost.

5.4.3 Target market section scheme

Our company scheme focuses on developing an initial set of massage armchair that can be combined with automatic burdening graduated table and blood force per unit area coupling to make new massage armchair. When our company releases the new merchandise, we will utilize aggregate media and electronic mail selling to advance.

5.4.4 Customers demands and demands

Our company who want to make white-collar people ( and old people, though it is a smaller proportion of our defined consumer base ) recognize that this group has much buying power. Harmonizing to China- India Purchasing Power ( 2009 ) , Chinese economic systems turning rapidly, Chinese people ‘s wages are besides lifting. In the large metropoliss, for case, Shanghai and Beijing, the white-collar people ‘s one-year income is US $ 28,500. They typically have excess money to pass on selling and are good disposed to purchase wellness equipment, every bit long as they show consequences. Much of white-collar have to work from 9a.m. to 6p.m.and a minority of people still have to work overtime at place or in an office. Furthermore, as the full-time staff by and large work 44 hours per hebdomad ( Buchanan, 2009 ) . White-collar people are fatigued plants that have higher chances to acquire lumbar musculus strain, or some other disease on spinal column. Based on this state of affairs, clients need our company merchandise, cross-functional massage armchair. This merchandise can assist consumers to cut down the lumbar musculus strain or the other disease on spinal column.

5.4.5 Competitive Forces

On footing of the cross-functional massage armchair user section, there are many massage armchair companies. The rivals sell massage armchair at lower monetary value but without multifunctional engineering. In order to cut down costs, our house will happen the spouse with a mill in China, every bit good as Australia will reserve the cardinal engineering and constituents. Furthermore, the other constituents will bring forth in China. In China, the natural stuff and labour are cheaper than developed states. That can cut down the hazards to sell the cross-functional massage armchair.

5.4.6 Marketing mix Merchandise

Our company is manufactures cross-function massage armchair. Therefore, our house will supply industrial merchandises and client merchandises. On the one manus, company sells the massage armchair to infirmary and nursing place. From the other manus, endeavor sells the massage armchair to white-collar people and old people. Our company will offer a brief weariness of relax to people in their day-to-day life. Besides, they can easy to command and hold some excess connexions with current top measurement instrument, such as automatic burdening graduated table and blood force per unit area coupling. Monetary value

Our company use two-tiered monetary value policies to come in market. Our company is merely get down to run concern in China. In the short-run, our company maintains an suitably margin net incomes from clients. It is because China has cheap labors and natural stuff. Our house will sell the massage armchair in Chinese market at a lower monetary value than the Australian market. It is likely to increase competition in Chinese market. When trade name consciousness improves bit by bit, the house will set the monetary value. In the long term, clients who have strong buying power may see that lower monetary value merchandise with hapless quality. Distribution channels

To cite Mahoney, et al. , “ .Addressing the jobs of physically transporting its goods and services from where that are created to the different markets in which they are to be sold ” ( 2001, P. 667 ) . The cross-function massage armchair fabricating mill will sell it to the jobbers and retail merchants. That merchandise is easy to manage. Furthermore, our spouse has mature distribution system. So our house will utilize long term distribution channel.

Our house will utilize local input such as local advertisement bureau and gross revenues force to pass on with clients. Furthermore, company will exhibit cross-functional massage armchair in trade show that increases the merchandise consciousness. Part of the house selling program take part these events to web with these possible clients. Promotion

Touch -U Company uses mess media to publicize, such as hoarding, magazines, and sent direct electronic mail to aim clients. Manager uses these publicities to derive market portion. As our company focal point on rise the clients ‘ consciousness in the market place, and besides uses word of oral cavity additions our massage armchair gross revenues significantly. Additionally, Touch-U Company donates some massage armchairs to nursing place in order to farther increase our company ‘s trade name consciousness and repute.

6.0 Action program

Short-run program

Short-run program we make it as half twelvemonth program, which including:

Looking for a good joint venture spouse in China, who can provide fabricating topographic point, machines and labours, if the spouse who has the experience on green goods wellness equipment that is better.

Think about the budget. We have to pass on with the spouse about stockholder and stock list and how to portion the net income.

Constructing competitory advantage. Our equipment ‘s competitory advantage is cross-function massage armchair which can utilize at place.

Ad and promoting. Using mess media to publicize on the hoarding and magazines, and sent direct electronic mail to aim clients.

Long-run program

This is three old ages marketing program:

Market portion ( per centum of the whole market )

Goals and aims

First twelvemonth

Second twelvemonth

Third twelvemonth

Increase trade name consciousness

10 %

30 %

60 %

Increase gross revenues gross

10 %

30 %

50 %

Entry theoretical account

Joint venture theoretical account into Chinese market

Still utilizing joint venture theoretical account and seek to pass on with comparative section to utilizing FDI

Using FDI in Chinese market


Making concern in Shanghai and Beijing

Making concern in most of the large metropoliss in China

Making abroad market, such as Vietnam, Singapore

In the first twelvemonth, we will seek to set up our trade name image in the Shanghai people ‘s head and so increase the trade name consciousness to other large metropoliss in China. The end in first is to present our massage armchair into the Chinese market to increase trade name consciousness and construct positive trade name image. In this phase, we will pass a batch of money on the advertisement and as a patron to indue our equipment to infirmary or nursing place. So we would wish to choose joint venture theoretical account to fall in into the Chinese market.

In the 2nd twelvemonth, we will seek to using our market to other large metropoliss in China, such like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dalian and other five large metropoliss, to increase net income and gross revenues concatenation. During the first twelvemonth running concern in China, we will cognize what the Chinese massage armchair ‘s market is and besides set up clients ‘ profile. We can utilize that resource to making concern by ourselves ( FDI ) that will increase the gross revenues gross and cut down the struggles with spouses.

In the 3rd twelvemonth, we will increase our trade name consciousness to 60 % in China. And we will utilize FDI theoretical account to make concern in China. We will set up our ain fabrication mill in China and has ain distributers in large metropoliss. We besides will seek to export our equipment to abroad market such as Vietnam and Singapore.

Decisions and Recommendations

In decision, Touch-U Company is likely to travel their mill to China which is cost-effectiveness state by the above China ‘s factor analysis. Meanwhile, company chooses the joint venture for entry scheme and measure a concern operation program to do our company more efficaciously entry the Chinese market. In footings of the entry scheme, company demand to see their long term scheme instead than merely utilize joint venture. Because of joint venture have some hazards which are injury for the long term cooperation. Turing to the concern operation program, there are some recommendations for house scheme, organisation construction, fabrication are and marketing facet.

First of wholly, the company selects the international scheme for their house chief scheme. The company demand to be cognizant of the protection of their engineering, because China has non well-developed legal systems for intangible assets. The caput office should tight command their engineering. Second, the company may follow world-wide merchandise divisions for their organisational construction. However, this type of construction still has some disadvantages to impact the public presentation such as deficiency of local reactivity ( Hill, 2009, p. 459 ) . The company non merely understands the advantages of construction, but besides considers the jobs of construction. Subsequently, the company is possible to make up one’s mind constructing the mill in Shanghai Xin Zhuang Industrial Zone. It is of import to measure the communicating, transit substructures and the educational degree of the population for the company has efficaciously fabrication. Finally, the company could make some research for selling program. Based on the information analysis, the director could do an effectively determination about cleavage, mark market section scheme, clients demands and distribution channels.

8.0 Appendix

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