Analyzing Willy Lomans Struggle With Reality English Literature Essay

One can put his ends and seek to achieve them. One may hold dreams and seek to populate them out ; but either manner it is of import to understand the difference between the two. In “ Death of a Salesman ” by Arthur Miller, Willy Loman does n’t look understand the difference between world and a dream. Willy ‘s picks throughout his life lead to his ego devastation in the terminal.

Throughout the drama, Willy travels back and Forth between his dreams and world. He is invariably haunted by the shade of his dead brother Ben who became rich in the jungle. Other incidents haunt him every bit good, like the clip Biff caught Willy rip offing in Boston at the hotel. The ground it troubles him so much is because he knows it ‘s the chief ground that Biff does non love him every bit much as he used to.

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“ Calamity so is the effect of a adult male ‘s entire irresistible impulse to measure himself rightly ” ( Miller, Tragedyaˆ¦ ) . This is Willy ‘s chief job. His jobs and his sham individuality are get the better ofing his true ego and his ability to measure himself. This defect is fundamentally that he ca n’t accept who he genuinely is and alternatively battles with it. He ‘d instead reason about everything and utilize up all his energy on this and continue his self-respect, than accept the fact that he is going outdated in the concern universe. He argues with Howard that he can sell in New York and non merely in New England, he argues with Charley about their card game and the occupation he offered him, and he argues with Biff against his accusal of Willy merely being a dime a twelve. “ I am non a dime a twelve! I am Willy Loman and you are Biff Loman ” ( Miller, Deathaˆ¦ 132 ) !

On top of measure uping for Miller ‘s definition of a tragic hero, Willy besides sort of meets the traits of a conventional tragic hero. After he finds out that Biff genuinely loves him, he does the lone thing that he thinks will do up for all the problem he caused Punch: he kills himself. He does this so Biff can have the life insurance money. From here we see that his psyche want is something beyond his dreams of success, and etc, it is the love of his boy. Because his chief focal point and end is something other than himself, he shows his true aristocracy. So now that we see that Willy can be compared to a traditional hero, we can besides reason he has a tragic defect.

In the narrative there is invariably a hope that Willy will alter, if he changed he would suppress everything that is disturbing him and eventually go the true adult male he is meant to be. Throughout the whole drama he is ever stating that one has to good wish, in fact it ‘s fundamentally his advice for life. “ Someday I ‘ll hold my ain concern, and I ‘ll ne’er hold to go forth place any moreaˆ¦ bigger that Uncle Charley! Because Charley is non liked. He ‘s liked, but he ‘s non good liked ” ( Miller, Deathaˆ¦ 30 ) ! But as we saw, Willy learned the difficult manner that this was n’t ever true because he was doing less and less money as clip went on. “ Howard, and now I ca n’t even pay my insurance! You ca n’t eat the orange and throw away the Peel! A adult male is non a piece of fruit ” ( Miller, Deathaˆ¦ 82 ) ! But even through all this, he still refuses to give in and alter his sentiments on modern twenty-four hours concern.

The American Dream and Willy ‘s version of it, is a adult male that started with nil and works his manner up to going successful and rich. The individual that Willy looked most toward for comfort in his sentiment was Ben. Business used to be a game of use and who you knew and if people trusted you with their money or non. But evidently as clip goes on, the growing of the industry required more than that, it required cognition and accomplishment in concern. And Willy being in the industry for so long was so used to this, that when the clip came when these use accomplishments were no longer a big factor, he had no thought what to make with himself. So, since times were altering and Willy could no longer lend to the industry, he ne’er genuinely achieved the American Dream.

The thing that makes this tragic though, is the same thing that we mentioned before and the same thing that led him to his overall failure. It his obstinacy and his non accepting of development and alteration, he wo n’t accept who he is and that his ways traveling about things no longer works. To him, he is a salesman, his kids are salesmen, and they will ever be salesmen. This inability to alter leads him to his ain ruin. His died a tragic hero by both Miller ‘s makings and the traditional makings.

It is ever better for one to acknowledge who they truly are instead than feign one is something else he is non. It is all right for one to hold hopes and dreams of a individual that they might be in old ages to come, or even believe that they have what it takes to be it and likely will be. But, one must populate in the present and non misidentify the hereafter for the present ; he must demur himself for who is at the minute and strive for his dreams from at that place. As we saw with Willy Loman, if one does misidentify himself for something he is non, it will merely take to his ain death. He will populate a life non deserving life, a bogus life, and invariably be stating himself it ‘s all right. In the terminal, Socrates summarized this sort of state of affairs absolutely: “ The unexamined life is non deserving life ” .

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