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Topic: In this paper I will research the topic of single-parenting. There are an array of topics that fall into single-parent households that could be researched, such as behavioral problems in the children, female-headed households, mental illness and suicidal thoughts in the children, neglect, and race in single-parent families. I decided to focus my research on the adversities single-parent families face compared to dual family households, as well as single-mother and single-father comparisons and the effects of each. I chose this subject because it is relevant, and sometimes a factor in many of the other concerns mentioned involving single-parenting.

Although this will be my main focus many of the subtopics will play a role in the research. During week one, I received really good feedback from my peers as well as Professor Williams. From the feedback I was able to narrow my focus on the aspects I chose. I have been a single mother and I am familiar with the struggles and the resilience it takes to move forward on a day to day basis. I am very interested in actual research that has been conducted and the obstacles of single-parenting versus dual-parenting families. Thesis statement: In this paper I will discuss the daunting challenges faced by single-parents.

These struggles consist of the effects of absent father families, lack of monetary support from the non-custodial parent and government assistance, and the disadvantages faced by the children and the custodial-parent. Barajas, M. (2011). Academic Achievement of Children in Single Parent Homes: A Critical Review. The Hilltop Review, 5(4), 12-21. Retrieved from Barajas reports that single parent families have tripled in the past 50 years, mostly in African-American and Latino families. He reported that the majority of these children are raised by single mothers and when the father is absent it increases the chances of the children being less successful in school, prone to drug use, and this has a greater effect on boys than girls. The author asserts that not much research has been focused on the resilience of single parent families, but more focus has been put on

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