Apple Successfully Created A Lucrative Product Family Marketing Essay

With its iPhone, Apple successfully created a moneymaking merchandise household that enabled its entry into the crowded Mobile phone market. In the short span of three old ages, Apple ‘s iPhone has passed RIM ( BlackBerry ) as planetary smartphone cargos reached 77 million units in the 3rd one-fourth of 2010. Harmonizing to the study, Apple ‘s iPhone sold 14.1 million French telephones, while RIM moved to 12.1 million, despite RIM ( Blackberry ) being in the market 5 old ages in front of Apple ‘s iPhone. ( M. Martin. 2010 ) This shows a 91 % growing of French telephones sold over the same one-fourth last twelvemonth. The iOS use in US is 18 million devices in a population of 309 million for 3.45 % incursion. Compared to US, in Singapore, there are 480,950 devices in a population of 4 million for a incursion of 8.08 % . Such a high incursion rate shows there is a high demand and iPhone entreaties strongly to Singaporeans. ( N. Mawston. 2010. )

In Singapore, before the official launch of iPhone, Singaporeans were offering to pay premium monetary values for unbarred, warranty-free sets in the Grey market. ( Alfred, S. 2007. ) After its official launch in Singapore, SingTel reports a robust demand for Apple iPhone 3G with over 170,000 activations in September one-fourth. ( MacDailyNews, 2008 )

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IPhone is decidedly an instant hit with Singaporeans, with Singapore being one of iPhone 3G ‘s most enthusiast Asiatic states ( Budi, P. 2008 ) It is non merely the portion of market that iPhone owns but being first in the head of consumers that make it such a hit in Singapore and worldwide.

Consumers purchase determination refers to a series of determinations made by the consumers which are subjected to their deeply held values and attitudes and their perceptual experience of the purchase before set uping a willingness to purchase. ( Manoj, P. , P. Flora and A. Gupta. 2010 )

The determination devising procedure could be influenced by factors such as societal, personal and psychological. ( Rowley, 1997 ) Social factors refer to cite groups, household, function and position while personal factors include lifestyle, economic state of affairs, business, age, personality and ego construct. Consumers are frequently influenced by their function and position as each individual possesses different functions and position in the society depending on person ‘s business. Age and life-cycle have a great impact on the consumer purchasing behavior as consumers change the purchase of goods and services with the transition of clip. Meanwhile, psychological factors such as perceptual experience, motive, beliefs and attitudes could impact the manner consumers perceive about the importance of the purchase and the manner they identify with the trade name. ( A, Shah. 2010 )

Therefore, the chief effect of this survey is to increase iPhone ‘s competitory advantage by placing what cardinal attributes consumers look for and what is it that makes iPhone more sought after in the nomadic market compared to other smartphones. To contract down the range of survey, Singapore has been selected as a representative of Asia. Harmonizing to a recent study by nomadic advertisement networkA Greystripe, Singapore is figure six on its list of iPhone-using states, in front of much bigger markets like Japan and Hong Kong. Furthermore, Singapore is considered to be one of the most engineering advanced states in Asia. ( Jimmy, Y. 2009 ) To understand which factors influences consumers ‘ purchase determination, five hypotheses are examined.

Consumer & A ; Social Factors on iPhone

The first bomber variable would be households, friends and co-workers as they strongly contribute to a individual ‘s pick of nomadic phone. This includes interaction with assorted rank, mention, and organisations. A individual frequently buys an point because it fulfills the desire to be acknowledged for it by household, equals and other people he is related to or affiliated with. Another societal factor that impacts purchasing the iPhone is peer force per unit area ; the consumer buys the French telephone because everyone else is acquiring it and speaking about it. Buyer behaviour is strongly influenced by the member of a household. Therefore sellers are seeking to happen the functions and influence of the hubby, married woman and kids. If the purchasing determination of a peculiar merchandise is influenced by married woman so the sellers will seek to aim the adult females in their advertizement. Here we should observe that purchasing functions alteration with alteration in consumer life styles. As more persons base their determinations on “ what most people already did ” ( what is most popular ) , this becomes a societal phenomenon.

The consumers besides tend to comprehend that they can acquire more dependable merchandises and ushers when following the bulk because important information is readily available in assorted locales. From forums discoursing the assorted iPhone concerns to first-hand experiences of households, friends and co-workers, societal and consumer forces contribute strongly to the purchase of an iPhone. Social factors differ from cultural factors in that they involve smaller groups that affect an person ‘s values and mentality when it comes to consumer behaviour.

The 2nd bomber variable we ‘ll be looking into would be the mention group. Mention groups have potential in organizing a individual attitude or behaviour. The impact of mention groups varies across merchandises and trade names. For illustration if the merchandise is seeable such as frock, places, auto etc so the influence of mention groups will be high. Mention groups besides include sentiment leader ( a individual who influences other because of his particular accomplishment, cognition or other features ) . The mention group has a great impact on the consumer behaviour because mention group are the 1 who serves as a point of comparing for an person in the formation of either general or specific values, attitudes, or behaviour. You bring your mention group with you for the undermentioned grounds: To acquire information or advice, to fulfill the outlooks of others and to be like a certain type of admired individual a consumer identifies with and wants to fall in.

If you have of all time dreamed of being a professional participant of hoops or another athletics, you have a mention group. Selling professionals are cognizant of this. That ‘s why, for illustration, Nike hires famous persons such as Michael Jordan to flip the company ‘s merchandises.

Consumers respect these people and frequently inquire their sentiments before they buy goods and services. An information engineering specializer with a great trade of cognition about computing machine trade names is an illustration. These people ‘s purchases frequently lie at the head of taking tendencies. Social perceptual experience in bend plays a large portion.

PersonalA factors

PersonalA factors can impact theA consumer behaviour, therefore act uponing trade name callback and making trade name consciousness. In the instance illustration of the “ iPhone ” , we will be able to plunge and determine the list bomber variable lending to the Personal factor as independent variable. It is of import to look into Independent factors as it does well act upon on the pick of a consumer when buying iphones over the remainder of other smartphone.

Age is a lending sub-variable of the Personal factor. There are different demands and wants based on the age group of the consumer. Apple had successfully marketed “ iphone ” to the consumer making out to everyone of the age group. Apple had done it by apps personalizing ; to accommodate 1s demands and wants. Ultimately, doing iphone an resistless “ privation ” for the consumer out at that place. Based on Synovate study, the outstanding age group that top nomadic ownership in Asia is none other than the young person ( age: 12 -16 ) . Singapore ‘s young person top the chart to have nomadic phone. Personal ownership of Mobiles has increased from 80 % to 85 % in Singapore. ( Figure taken from Synovate study 2010 ) . The Young ( 20 -35 ) are the targeted age group with high disposable income on ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) as they tend to utilize their smartphones in replacing to their Personal computer for mobility. The Young are goal-oriented ; they want to acquire the unrecorded and latest intelligence on the spell. In analogue, a research had besides been done on which smartphone proprietors have highest recognition card balances. The Apple ‘s iphone tops the chart establishing on study consequence done by Pageonce Inc, in 2010.

In position of current tendencies of the Apple iphone, it necessarily had become a lifestyle with a manner statement. Lifestyle so is a notably sub-variable for the Personal factor. With the different customizable functionality through 1000s of apps in the apple appstore, it suits the of all time busy consumer of today with convenience and mobility. From societal apps like whatsapp, facebook and chirrup, it connects people with instant unrecorded intelligence and go oning. With the 1000 of games of different genres to kill one ‘s ennui or while in e.g. waiting scenarios, iphone non merely fulfils the basic demands of a smartphone but conveying people to a whole new degree and experience. Based on the research consequence from Zokem, the figures suggest clearly that Apple iPhone is the top acting platform in footings of user loyalt. “ Apple iphone is an progressively likely choice for a redemption ” , quoted by Zokem CEO Hannu Verkasalo. From here, one can see that the Apple trade name callback and trade name consciousness is undeniable top-notch. Even in Singapore as one of iPhone 3G ‘s most enthusiast Asiatic states, Singtel ( telephone company operator in Singapore ) has sold more than 20,000 units of the Apple iPhone 3G during three hebdomad – it is counted as about 1000 units sold per twenty-four hours. ( http: // )

In respects to last factor ; Economic Situation, which is one of the lending bomber variables to Personal factors. Economic Situation variable is reliable on a individual ‘s economic state of affairs which will impact their merchandise pick. The Iphone might non be considered as low-cost for everyone particularly accompanied with or without by the required information program. With the United States traveling into recession, passing power by the US consumer had been dead. Nevertheless it does non halt the consumer from buying iphone exterior of US. In existent fact, 75 per cent of iPhone gross revenues are now abroad and gross revenues soared in peculiar in the Asia Pacific part. In China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Apple recorded iPhone gross revenues of $ 1.3 billion ( ?84 million ) , up 200 per cent. ( http: // ) . This is the consequence of ASIA ‘S economic system booming. Asia will be about 50 per cent larger in five old ages, doing up more than a 3rd of universe end product. In fact in 20 old ages ‘ clip, Asiatic economic end product will transcend that of the Group of Seven major industrial economic systems – the United States, Japan, Britain, France, Germany, Canada and Italy ( harmonizing to International Monetary Fund, IMF ) . In position of this, it makes Apples iphone market portions increase extensively taking to successful trade name callback outside of the USA. Even in states like Singapore, where the bulk of Singaporeans autumn in the in-between category grade with significant income. Apple iphone is hence considered cheap and consumer had been responsively welcoming to the launch of Apple iphone in Singapore.

From the above analysis, we can see the 3 chief sub-variable contributing to Personal factors therefore ensuing to successful and impressive high trade name callback to Apple ‘s iphone. With the high trade name callback for Apple, it farther leads to the creative activity of trade name consciousness. The creative activity of trade name consciousness is the chief foundation of any merchandise ‘s life rhythm in mark markets. In fact, trade name consciousness has influence on purchasing behavior of a purchaser. Based on the above research done on Apple iphone, the consumer so had a complete apprehension of the trade name ; leting them to admit and accept the trade name ( Apple ) .

Psychological Factors

Psychological factors are the intrinsic nature within the consumers, base on past experiences and corporate cognition, which influences their determination to move and buy a merchandise. The psychological factors are farther categorized into the person ‘s motives, perceptual experiences, and beliefs and attitudes.

Motivation as we know it is the driving force which causes us to accomplish ends. In buying an Iphone, it falls on the higher degrees of the Maslow ‘s hierarchy of demands such as “ Love and belonging ” , “ Esteem ” or “ Self-Actualization ” severally as the underside degrees – “ Physiological demands ” and “ Safety demands ” have to be fulfilled in order to pay a premium for a Smartphones such as an Iphone ( A. Maslow, 1943 ) . Further surveies such as article “ The Envy Premium in Product Evaluation ” conducted have shown that motive for consumers to be willing to pay a premium monetary value for merchandises occurs when it elicits their enviousness ( N. van de Ven, M. Zeelenberg, & A ; R. Pieters, 2010 ) . Research from Tilburg University, Department of Social Psychology and TIBER ( Tilburg Institute for Behavioral Economics Research ) has concluded that the more people compare themselves to person who is superior, the higher the enviousness premium they are willing to pay for. However, the research has besides shed visible radiation on people willing to pay more for merchandises merely when they are motivated by a positive, benign signifier of enviousness. While on the other manus, if person has a malicious enviousness on another individual who is thought to be unworthy so this will arouse a desire to “ draw down ” the other individual. For illustration, in the same research conducted, people who felt maliciously covetous of person with an iPhone were more likely to pay more for a BlackBerry. Hence, if enviousness is a echt cause for motive to trade name callback, Apple and other consumer merchandises retail merchants should see advertizements that display a positive mentality of enviousness instead than a negative and competitory 1.

Beliefs and attitudes play a great trade of influence over consumer purchasing behavior ( K. Callwood, 2010 ) . Consumers frequently block information that conflicts with their beliefs and attitudes, and they tend to selectively retain information or even falsify the information that was given to them to do it consistent with their old beliefs of the merchandise. However the inquiry here is what constitutes to the corporate beliefs and contributes to make the attitudes for Iphone and its trade name Apple? In article “ The trade name attitude formation procedure of emotional and informational ads ” , research has shown that ads utilizing an emotional ad format will rise positive feelings and reduces negative feelings and enhanced ideas about credibleness of the ad, which in bend affected ad attitudes and trade name attitudes. While on the other manus, for ads that uses an informational ad format will heighten appraising ideas about the credibleness of the ad therefore heightening positive feelings and cut downing negative feelings ( C. Yoo and D. MacInnis 2005 ) . From this we understand that through the influence of advertisement can straight impact consumer trade name attitudes and beliefs. We besides note that several surveies have shown that word-of-mouth ( WOM ) communications besides has a strong influence on the consumer ‘s beliefs and attitudes towards the merchandises and its trade name. In article, “ Effectss of Word-of-Mouth and Product – Attribute Information on Persuasion: An Accessibility – Diagnosticity Perspective ” has conducted experiments on the effects of word-of-mouth ( WOM ) communications to see whether it causes specific attribute information on merchandise ratings. It was found that although a face-to-face WOM communicating was more persuasive than a printed ad and a strong WOM consequence was found, but this consequence was reduced or eliminated when a anterior feeling of the mark trade name was available from memory or when highly negative or opposing attribute information was presented to the mark audience ( P. M. HERR, F. R. KARDES and J. KIM, 1991 ) . Hence, it is extremely possible that beliefs and attitudes plays a cardinal function as a bomber variable in act uponing the psychological facets of an person to trade name callback and do the determination to buy an Iphone.

Consumers make all kinds of associations from their anterior cognition and experiences to organize a alone significance and understanding to themselves known as Perception. If a company places itself as a low cost retail shop, the consumer perceptual experience will be that everything that comes from that shop is inexpensive and subconsciously, poorer quality ( K. Callwood, 2010 ) . To the cost witting consumers, pricing scheme to trade name perceptual experience is really of import and it affects the manner consumers will value the merchandise and will pay the monetary value that was set for it ( K. Pierre, 2010 ) . With a premium monetary value set for Iphone, it can be assumed that Iphone will be of a better merchandise quality as shown in the article “ Pricing Depends on changing Factors and non Value: Pricing Schemes Have Promotional and Profit Maximization Goals ” which states that Premium Pricing is when a merchandise is priced at a high monetary value to give an feeling of high value and that this monetary value has no relation to production and selling costs. The purpose here is to make a prestige value that status-conscious clients seek ( G. Thachappilly, 2009 ) . Positive exposure of a consumer merchandise or trade name will besides act upon consumer ‘s perceptual experience as shown in article “ Brand Perception is Everything ” . We learnt that by mensurating the purchase tantamount value of a trade name ‘s exposure, which is determined by the frequence and exposure of intelligence references and societal duologue, can find the impact on Perception value as measured by delegating positive value to positive references and negative value to negative references ( M. D’Antonio, 2011 ) . We noted from the article that Apple, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Ford have topped the Impact list as they have generated the largest exposure online and reached the most consumers therefore making and bring forthing the most positive impact on the consumer perceptual experience of their trade names, puting them the top of head in footings of trade name callback and consciousness.

Summarizing up all of the bomber variables aforementioned, we can really clearly see these factors impacting consumer behaviors so plays a large portion in making trade name callback every bit good as trade name consciousness. With a strong trade name callback comes with greater trade name consciousness and this works particularly good to our advantage since iPhone is a touchable merchandise. Taking all these into consideration, merchandise credence degree would so increase. This will in bend encouragement the consumer ‘s penchant and impact their purchasing determination when buying an iPhone.

Conceptual Schema

Table 1. Mugwump and dependent variables

In position of the independent variables selected, the hypotheses of involvement are as follows:

Social Factors

H1: Social factors influence trade name callback

Personal Factors

H2: Personal factors influence trade name callback

Psychological Factors

H3: Psychological factors influence trade name callback

Brand Recall

H4: Brand remember influence trade name consciousness

Brand Awareness

H5: Brand consciousness influence consumers ‘ penchant for iPhone

Table 2. Classification of sub-variables

Research Method

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