Application for admission in a co-operative education program Essay

RE: application for admission in a co-operative education program

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                I would like to submit my application to seek enrollment in a co-operative education program in your instituition.I’m currently taking a Bachelors degree in Business Administration. The course has exposed me to so many aspects of the business world such as finance and economics. However, I would like to broaden my scope of learning by enrolling in a co-operative education program. Acquiring great knowledge and skills in the business field is one of my career goals.Furthermore, sharing the knowledge and skills that I acquire through learning with the others will enable me achieve my career goals.

In business studies, I’m specifically interested in the marketing, finance, operations research, and co-operative fields.

          I strive to understand what I learn in class, so that what is learned can be successfully applied in the working environment. By sharpening my skills and creating room for new ideas and concepts, I will achieve my learning objectives while at the same time improving on my already acquired knowledge. If enrolled for a co-operative education course, I will be able to successfully combine what I have learned in class with the practical work experience. In addition, it will equip me with knowledge necessary for one to practice the school to work transition .The course will also assist me to make meaning from the experiences I will have in my career life. If offered an opportunity to take a course in co-operative education, I will complete the course successfully by fulfilling all the requirements of the program.

I will appreciate if you consider my application.

Yours Faithfully,


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