Applied discussion – Modern History and Counseling Psychology Essay

            Attachment is the ability to form, retain, the nature and value of poignant relationship. Below are factors that form the basis of individual, societal and antagonistic or good deeds in children. The child’s personality. If a child is insensitive or stubborn he or she may face challenges in developing a safe affection. There may also be a compromise in the child’s capability to take part in the mother child communication caused by sickness and defects during birth.
The caregiver’s actions affect a child’s personality. Meddlesome and obnoxious caregivers have a tendency of having infants who shy away from poignant relationship, withdraw and are not at ease with intimacy. The infant’s mother may be insensible and uncaring to the infant owing to personal troubles, family problems, and drug taking which hinder her capability to nurture her child.
The Environment is another contributing factor to the child’s personality. Children may find it hard to take part in still kind caregiver’s affiliation due to messy surroundings and persistent threats. Children in household violence, immigrant, war torn zone are susceptible to develop problems in attachment.
The fit between the personal and potential of the mother and the child is vital. At times the caregivers may find it easy to take care of a composed child but are besieged by an irritating child. The caregivers are supposed to be watchful in responding to the non verbal cues so as to inculcate strong attachment with the children.
According to Ainsworth and Bowlby theory of attachment, caregiver’s response to her infant’s bids for concentration, assistance, and safety is a way that could change the internal model of a child who is rejected or is a bully (Jacobvitz & Ruth, 1999).

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Jacobvitz, D. & Ruth, K. (1999). Disorganization in attachment: unresolved loss, relational        violent behavior, and lapses in behavioral and intentional approach: The Guilford Press.

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