Assessment Of Iceland Foods Ltd Management Essay

In our initial meeting we appointed a leader and put up a regular hebdomadal meeting to guarantee that we progressed. Within a few yearss we identified Iceland Foods as our chosen organisation. Given the challenge of working physically in the same topographic point we set up a Linked in Group to post informations and to stay in contact. This enabled us to post remarks, provide feedback and raise suggestions. We were besides able to post studies to temperature look into the squad on how they were experiencing as the undertaking progressed.

Bing witting of the diverseness of the squad we undertook a rapid personality trial based on Jung/Myers Briggs to ease treatment on personal manners and to move as an debut to tem members.

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We agreed to divide our squad into three groups of two each turn toing a specific country – Leadership, Organization and Culture.

Our attack to the undertaking involved a focussed information gather utilizing media, Newspapers, Internet etc. We were fortunate that Iceland late won the Sunday Times Best company to work for and has a really seeable CEO, Malcolm Walker so media and on-line information was readily available.

We reached out to the People Director within Iceland besides but received no response. Fortunately we were able to derive sufficient informations points to paint a valid position of their civilization and leading from internal communications and to equilibrate this with media and Industrial tribunal day of the month to counter balance the Iceland promoted position.

Each squad undertook to work in braces focused on making bill of exchanges of the papers by stopping point of drama each Friday. This was collated and circulated to all squad members so that we had a touchable papers to reexamine in our hebdomadal session.

We approached the manner of this papers in a mode that provided a ‘semi-journalistic manner ‘ with the cardinal standards:

Keep it Simple

Base it on facts

Supply a balanced position

Assess academic positions

Provide citing for all academic and public sphere information

We besides sought to utilize tools where possible to assist us accomplish these ends.

Referencing tool:

Flesch Kincaid Measure: Class 12. We need to be taking for better than this ( simpler is better )

Iceland Why we selected and an overview of history and cardinal facts

For this study we have decided to analyze the frozen nutrient retail merchant Iceland. We aim to derive a elaborate apprehension of how the company operates, the relationship with their staff and the function of their leading with specific focal point on the influence of company laminitis Malcolm Walker. There were several factors, which caused us to utilize Iceland for this survey. First the fact that Iceland won the Sunday Times award for best large company to work for and systematically achieves high degrees of employee satisfaction makes it an interesting instance survey. Besides the function of Malcolm Walker who has become something of a cult figure to Iceland employees besides interested us. Equally good as this the fact that Iceland is a slightly local company, based in Flintshire, North Wales with a subdivision in Bangor farther influenced us to take this company.

Iceland is a company with an interesting history beginning in 1970 when Malcolm Walker, at the clip a trainee director at a Woolworth ‘s shop decided to open a shop with a friend specialising in selling loose frozen nutrient with every bit small as ?60 as a start-up fund. By 1975 the company had 15 Stores in North Wales and by 1978 they had started developing their ain trade names. At the terminal of the 1980s Iceland had become a truly national concatenation with 465 shops in 1986. Towards the mid 1990s Iceland began to experience the force per unit area from the competition and altering environment, for illustration supermarkets being allowed to run on Sundays created trouble for the company. In 1996 Malcolm Walker and his squad staged a successful revival, presenting the first free place bringing service. However by 2001 the company had entered what they call ‘The Dark Ages ‘ when it was revealed the company had suffered ?120 million losingss and later Malcolm Walker and many senior directors were forced to go forth the company. During this period from 2001-2005 Iceland endured a steady diminution in net incomes due to what they claim were failed tactics by the new direction. Malcolm Walker returned to the company in 2005 and pursued a scheme of simplifying ; an of import portion of this scheme was presenting unit of ammunition amount monetary values to do it easier for clients to be after a budget. In the undermentioned old ages Iceland have gone to what they describe as ‘success to success ‘ describing net incomes of about ?100 million in 2007 and winning awards for their merchandises and leading.

Iceland put a great trade of attempt into fulfilling its employees, the fact that it won the Sunday Times award for best large company to work and the fact that they receive impressive statistics of employee satisfaction for shows that they have been mostly successful in this respect. The company ‘s web site includes extended testimonies from employees about the benefits of working for Iceland, the phrase ‘feels like household ‘ is often used to depict their attitudes towards their employees. The Sunday Times praised Malcolm Walker ‘s manner of promoting employees to force boundaries by sing any suggestions, making a work force who felt more involved with the company. However Iceland has non avoided contention with respect to the manner it treats its employees. Despite claiming to ‘have something for everyone ‘ in footings of employment, the company came under fire in 2011 for declining a occupation to a adult female for holding a tattoo on her manus. More earnestly a adult female who suffered from enfeebling panic onslaughts took Iceland to tribunal for disregarding her in an unjust manner. While these may look to be isolated incidents our study will look into them to the full to see what they reveal about Iceland ‘s organisational behaviour.

UK locationsA : A National

UK sitesA : A 749

SectorA : A Retail

DefinitionA : A Frozen Food Retailer

FoundedA : A 1970

Staff TurnoverA : A 22 %

StaffA : A 23239

Average AgeA : A 33

Male: FemaleA : A 43 % / 57 %

Gaining ?35,000+A : A 2 %


5 -Leadership

It is frequently cited ( Where? ) that leading is a function theoretical account for organisational behaviour and civilization, that this cascades from the top down and that the ultimate tone for the organisation is hence set by it ‘s main executive and the board.

The function of executive leading is to specify a strategic way and to maneuver the organisation towards that end. The bringing of this vision is cascaded through organisational construction and administration. The civilization of an organisation is less touchable to specify but is sill set by leaders and cascaded through illustration, experience, war narratives, fables and symbols. ( Source ) .

There is a consideration of scheme being the desired hereafter province delivered through departmental and single ends and marks ( Things we do ) balanced by the civilization, manner of working, environment ( How we do things ) .

“ If you ‘re disgruntled, resentful or pissed off, we do n’t desire you. Travel and work for Tesco. ”

The Cult of Malc. Malcolm Walker as the Chief Executive of Iceland presents a authoritative comparing with Steve Jobs ( The Cult of Mac ) . A leader whose personal history and success is tied with that of the organisation he pioneered. The similarity with Jobs in footings of his personal dynamic and thrust, his manner of leading and influence over the civilization of the organisation together with his ouster and subsequent return ( referred to as ‘The lost old ages ‘ in Iceland anthology ) . The two portion personality traits that are hauntingly familiar: Dynamic, taking from the forepart, driven, demanding and unforgiving.

Nick Servini

BBC Wales concern letter writer

It ‘s hard to believe of many major companies which have such a close connexion to one person. He started Iceland thanks to a ?30 investing in a shop in Oswestry in Shropshire and took advantage of the rise in the popularity of frozen nutrient in the 1970s and 1980s to construct the concern. Thingss took a dramatic bend in 2001 when he was sacked by the company and investigated by the Serious Fraud Office for selling portions before a net incomes warning. But after being cleared, he was brought back to deliverance Iceland after it hit jobs and the portion monetary value fell to 25p. He took it back to rudimentss by cutting merchandise lines and casting 400 staff at the company HQ in Flintshire. It worked, and Iceland is now a successful performing artist on the British high street and Wales ‘ biggest retail merchant.

BBC 9th March 2012

“ We do n’t hold to hold ‘fun ‘ written down on a piece of fictile card ; everyone knows it. We have our ain alone civilization, we ever have had. Our board meetings have ne’er been formal personal businesss. They do n’t get down on clip, we ‘ll state gags or bury to direct out the docket. Business gets done in corridor meetings or in the saloon. ”

Malcolm Walker [ Director publications 2012 ]

Walker describes the civilization as ‘Fun ‘ , nevertheless it is arguably a civilization of High public presentation rewarded by merriment.

Taking a lead from GE ‘s Jack Welch, Walker stipulates a bottom 10 % of performing artists issue policy. High public presentation is rewarded visibly non merely as a wages but as a staff incentive. Taking 800 shop directors to Florida as a wages for transcending gross revenues figures is a clear illustration meeting both aims.

Another element worth observing is the philanthropic activities that besides indicate personal ego publicity. ( Walker climbs Everest for Charity ) . Is this to advance the organisation or feed the self-importance?

So, what is the downside to this? Again, similarities with Jobs emerge – co-workers hint at an aggressive manner, unforgiving and demanding. Where high public presentation and failure are so visibly and strictly managed the civilization of Fun can easy morph into one of incrimination.

Blake and Mouton attitudinal Grid ( 1982 ) is of peculiar involvement here. Is the ‘fun ‘ civilization at that place to drive public presentation or to make a ‘great topographic point to work ‘ ? Are they reciprocally sole and if non has Iceland achieved the right balance?

Team Leader/Teams

While it is clear that Iceland presents a batch of communicating around Malcolm Walker as the driving force of the civilization and Leadership, A truer index of leading is likely to be more immediate. Most people associate leading with their immediate director and their behaviours and manner.

There are many schools of idea around leading manners, sing Daniel Goldman ‘s ( HBR 2000 ) we see a scope of leading manners and capablenesss that finally align with the constructs of the Hersey Blanchard Situational Leadership theoretical account ( mention )

Consideration must be given to the manner of direction relation to the state of affairs but besides the environment. For illustration, runing at the Pacesetting degree may turn out more good for a squad within a retail shop but would turn out inappropriate at Head office in a purchasing section. Similarly following a commanding and so training attack for new joiners/problem employees may turn out priceless but will probably ensue in negative impact for experient persons.

Iceland has a stated purpose of caring and keeping a fun civilization. The organisation scores extremely when employees are asked about strategic way, senior direction and are every bit positive about the consecutive speaking attack taken by immediate directors. This may good reflect an illustration of cultural cascade or may be a response to the environment probably to be in the fast paced retail sector. A extremely procedure driven/time constrained and insistent set of work undertakings that requires drive and immediate motivational accomplishments.

What speaks strongly to the balance of people vs public presentation direction is the degree of emphasis employees indicate ; some 87 % of employees indicate that they are stressed working for the organisation. Surely this ca n’t be the instance in such a ‘fun ‘ company?

We need to happen a twosome of instance surveies to bespeak leading manners in the subdivision and at regional degree.

To what extent are public presentation steps driving leaders to act as undertaking Masterss with a smiling?

Clearly the inducements in gait for driving directors ( Cars, Floridian conferences etc. ) motivate the directors but is that at the disbursal of the ‘real ‘ workers at the boulder claies and warehouses?

Another index could be the endowment challenge for Iceland. Why does such a successful organisation battle to enroll at both the managerial and retail degree? Is this strictly an industry challenge or something more specific to Iceland? Nicolas ‘ referenced bureau instance survey may play in hereaˆ¦

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