Baby And Child Care Products In India Marketing Essay

The babe and kid attention merchandises market in India is valued at INR 6746.4 million at the terminal of 2011.

The market has grown by 14 % in current value footings in 2010-11 driven chiefly by increased incursion in tier-2 and tier-3 metropoliss. The market is still dominated by mass merchandise trade name with premium merchandises doing their presence felt marginally. The tendency is traveling towards premium merchandises by the coming of international trade names being introduced in retail and big format ironss and shops. This is validated by addition in unit monetary values of babe and kid attention merchandises by 9 % in 2011. The market is presently dominated by Johnson & A ; Johnson ( India ) , with a market portion of 74.9 % followed distantly by Dabur India Ltd at 11.3 % . The Baby and child attention merchandises market is forecasted to increase CAGR ( changeless value ) of 5 % during 2011-16.

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The grade 2 and tier 3 metropoliss such as Jaipur and Kanpur are impeling the growing narrative by being the new pockets of demand. There is besides a turning form of credence amongst rural India consumers fueled by increased consciousness. Awareness and promotional runs through media, chiefly led by companies such as Johnson & A ; Johnson ( India ) played a important function in doing inroads into the purchase basket of rural consumers. Additionally, urban consumers have started exchanging to organic and herbal merchandises, due to turning concerns about their babes ‘ wellness.

Baby and child-care merchandises market grew by 14 % in current value footings in 2011, compared to a CAGR of 10 % over 2006-10. The higher growing rate can be attributed to new pockets of demand every bit good as rural incursion. However, higher birth rate in 2011 compared to the remainder of the period pushed gross revenues even higher.

Baby rubs turned out to be the fastest turning class followed by babe and child-specific toilet articless in 2011. This form can be attributed to the turning hygiene concerns amongst urban female parents. The growing in toilet articless is chiefly due to higher incursion in second-tier and third-tier metropoliss and strong push from rural countries.

The launch of premium merchandises by Indian and imported trade names resulted in the addition in mean unit monetary values of babe and child-specific merchandises. The new assortment of herbal and organic merchandises in babe attention pushed unit monetary values even higher.

The popular trade names such as Johnson ‘s Baby and Dabur continue to rule babe and child-care merchandises in 2011.Although still niche, premium merchandises from international trade names picked up at a rapid gait in 2011. Premium organic babe and child-care toilet articless witnessed widespread credence in urban countries, fueled by turning buying power amongst urban adult females.

With altering consumer penchant, natural and organic babe attention have started to pick up quickly in 2011. For illustration, companies such as Krauter Healthcare, concentrating on herbal babe merchandises, grew quickly uninhibited by its higher monetary values.


Johnson & A ; Johnson ( India ) , the innovator in babe merchandises in India, maintained its laterality in the babe and child-specific merchandises, with a 75 % value portion in 2011. The company to a great extent benefits from the trust that it has built over the old ages and is synonymous with babe attention.

Smaller trade names in Indian position, which includes Kimberly-Clark Lever ‘s Huggies trade name and Pigeon witnessed the biggest addition in value portion in 2011. This can be attributed to the rapid addition in demand for baby rubs by Huggies, driven by turning babe wellness and hygiene consciousness and exposure to international trade names amongst urban consumers.

International makers such as Johnson & A ; Johnson, with a long relation with the Indian market continue to rule the babe and child-specific merchandises in 2011. Domestic makers, including The Himalaya Drug Co and Krauter Healthcare, sharply launched new merchandises in toilet articless, and increased their market capitalisation quickly.

Emami has launched a babe attention merchandise scope including babe oil, babe shampoo and babe pulverization in June 2012. The full scope of merchandises is based on ayurvedic ingredients, which outperformed overall babe attention.

Interestingly the babe attention market still relies on trust and word of oral cavity selling and no important advertisement runs were carried out for publicity with the exclusion of Johnson & A ; Johnson who organized consciousness runs to educate consumers in rural countries.

There was no important alteration in packaging of babe and child-specific merchandises. Most kids ‘s soaps continued to be beautifully packaged in bright colourss while other babe attention merchandises continued to be sober-colored which gave them a soft visual aspect.

Mass merchandises continued to rule the market. Indian consumers are really familiar with mass trade names such as Johnson ‘s Baby and Himalaya, and have successfully created a relationship of trust with Indian households in footings of their quality. However, premium babe attention merchandises, including merchandises such as Pigeon, SebaMed, Garfield Baby India from Zen Hygiene, have started to pick up bit by bit in urban countries such as Bangalore and Mumbai.


The tendency of babe and child-specific merchandises traveling towards premium and herbal merchandises, the market is likely to witness a scope of new launches from international participants specifically aiming the urban consumers. The taking participants in herbal babe attention merchandises, including Krauter Healthcare, are expected to increase strongly, in line with the growing in herbal babe attention. Many international participants are likely to do a raid into the Indian market to catch a piece of the pie in the growing period. The demographic and socioeconomic factors including a healthy birth rate and an increasing figure of consumers willing to pass more on babe and child-specific merchandises, competently supports this possible growing narrative

Baby and child-specific merchandises is expected to increase by a changeless value CAGR of 11.4 % in the prognosis period, compared with a current value CAGR of 10 % during 2006-11. Growth during the prognosis period is likely to be driven by faster growing in babe tegument attention and babe toilet articless.

Menace to growing in babe and child-specific merchandises during the prognosis period might be created by the handiness of cheaper options in babe toilet articless, such as home-made oils, coupled with the traditional consumer mentality, which discourages the usage of chemical-based merchandises for babes.

Baby skin attention is expected to surpass overall babe and child-care merchandises in footings of changeless value growing in the prognosis period, supported by turning displacement towards premium and organic babe skin attention merchandises amongst urban consumers. Urban consumers are traveling off from chemical-based merchandises, particularly for the tegument, which is considered to be really sensitive and delicate.

Average unit monetary values are likely to go on the turning tendency during the prognosis period, fueled by the launch of organic and premium trade names in babe attention.

Since Emami enjoys trade name equity in India, and in Calcutta in peculiar, new launches by the company are expected to execute good. The new scope of merchandises is ayurvedic, and is available at lower monetary values, farther driving gross revenues. Herbal babe attention is picking up quickly, and other bing herbal babe attention makers, such as The Himalaya Drug Co and Krauter Healthcare are expected to establish new merchandises.

Leading companies such as Johnson & A ; Johnson and Hindustan Unilever are likely to do attempts to perforate rural India, which has immense growing potency. Such companies will get down enterprises to educate rural consumers on kid hygiene and attention in order to perforate rural India. In add-on, companies such as Emami are likely to establish merchandises specific for kids above the age of five, to leverage the bing spread in babe and child-specific merchandises

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