Behind The Truth Of The Ideal Woman Media Essay

Media shapes the manner females think and act in society. “ One survey studies that at age 13, 53 % of American misss are “ unhappy with their organic structures. ” This grows to 78 % by the clip misss reach 17. “ ( National Institute, 2010 ) Physiologically, these immature adult females wish their organic structures were different. This drastically increases between ages thirteen to seventeen when a miss is foremost judged by their visual aspect. The media is invariably coercing females of all ages to conform to this “ perfect adult female ” image. The media depicts females to hold a certain organic structure type, attitude, and it determines a adult female ‘s future life ends. The media forces adult females to believe, act and look a certain manner.

Womans are given specific functions that are determined by the media. A adult female ‘s first function is to be a caretaker ; this thought is thrust upon us by the media. If a female is moving like a “ tom-boy ” it is frowned upon by society because of the manner media exposes the “ perfect adult female. ” This has been escalated of all time since the terminal of World War II. “ The popular media ( telecasting, films, magazines, etc. ) have, since World War II, progressively held up a dilutant and dilutant organic structure image as the ideal for adult females. “ ( Teen Health and the Media, 2010 ) The thin organic structure image for adult females has been reintroduced into society and makes a adult female ‘s image all she is and how she will stand for her household. At this clip physical and societal visual aspects defined who you are and how your household was traveling to be represented. During WWII adult females got to hold occupations to assist their state, but once it ended every adult female wanted to be her ain supplier, which was frowned upon because it was masculine, but, after WWII the “ perfect adult female ” image was born seting force per unit area on the manner society positions adult females and their actions. Society believes that a adult female must ever be orderly, at place, rested, etc. Just the idea of being grungy/dirty or any sort of difficult labour was frowned upon and viewed as tom-boy like behaviour. In a state of affairs where a adult female is successful in the on the job universe we view it as if she cheated to acquire her manner on top. Why, because media influences the manner we view adult female, even to this twenty-four hours. This causes us to handle work forces and adult female otherwise because we subconsciously believe what the media is stating us. Subconsciously, we believe that what of all time he media says must be true or have some truth to it. We do non care where they got their information we merely believe it. It sculpts the manner all females think and/or act.

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Media portrays adult female as caretakers. For centuries adult female have ever trained their girls to be like them so they can take attention of their ain households. As Kuperberg and Stone explain ;

“ During the past two decennaries, the media word picture of adult females in general, while in some ways reflecting the world of alterations in their labour force engagement, continues to concentrate on traditional functions and is progressively pervaded by an individualistic rhetoric of pick. The media word picture of maternity remains extremely traditional. It is against this background that we explore images about adult females whose actions signify a return to the traditional household signifier of male breadwinner-stay-at-home female parent. ” ( Kuperberg, Stone, 2008 )

Society positions adult females to hold their household as top precedence and if anything else gets in the manner is must be put aside until their “ initial ” responsibility is completed. We have these “ cultural universals ” that the media forces society to be more sensitive toward adult female and to give work forces “ tough love ” . If a miss fell and scraped her articulatio genus, one would help her and talk to her as if she has no thought what to make ; where as, if a male child scraped his articulatio genus one would give him “ tough love ” and state him to suck it up. This “ trains ” a miss to be dependant on a supplier and makes her larn that if person needs aid she will necessitate to take attention of them. We feel this manner because the media wants all females to tilt towards the traditional pick, to take attention of others and to maintain the female ‘s function at place. Any other sort of word picture of a female ‘s function is frowned upon.

Mothers want to be good female parents in every bit many ways possible ; one subconscious criterion is to raise their kids right. This pushes the “ stay-at-home ” or “ traditional ” position of a female parent. Mothers so give more face clip to their girls to transfuse the same feeling media shows society. By giving girls more societal activity it will excite the encephalon more often. If a female parent has a babe miss she gives that miss more face-to-face clip, if they have a babe male child, subconsciously they get less face-to-face clip. This little societal action a female parent gives their kid affects the manner the think and act. This affects a miss ‘s encephalon drastically assisting them throughout their life with social/group activities, in school and exterior of school, with custodies on jobs. Boys on the other manus, learn to work on their ain and be independent and are better at more seldom activities like math. ( Money, 1972 )

Womans, they say, learn early in life that female accomplishment brings few wagess. In some instances, adult females can non be originative because they are discriminated against. In other cases, a adult female ‘s creativeness may good be blunted by fright of nonconformity, failure or even success itself. Unlike work forces, Kagan says, adult females are trained to hold strong anxiousness about being incorrect. ( Money, 1972 )

John Money is citing Dr. Kagan, in which, Kagan is explicating how females are discouraged to be on their ain and to depend on a supplier to assist them with their jobs, therefore demoing the deficiency of creativeness and demoing how females are trained to follow waies or do as they are told, therefore transfusing the traditional function as a caretaker and to depend on a supplier. Many female parents say that they do non “ favour ” either sex of their kids but subconsciously they do because they are more societal and compassionate with their girls, they sympathize with them and steer them to be good female parents because as media has shown, a adult female ‘s initial function is to be a caretaker.

Surveies besides find that the messages conveyed in print media aimed at adolescent misss are traditional, stressing adult females ‘s subordination to work forces, the centrality of heterosexual relationships, and the support of gender-segregated occupational stereotypes. ( Kuperberg, Stone, 2008 )

The media is showing how adult female need to be at place assisting and to make as their supplier says. The media is brainwashing our society, particularly our young person, to believe that this “ stay-at-home ” traditional function is the lone function for females and that it should be followed as tradition provinces. The media is converting our young person to go on this rhythm and to transport on in the coveted “ perfect adult female ” manner. The media instills this thought that adult females are merely to be caretakers and to “ develop ” their girls to make the same and to follow tradition.

The media has suppressed adult females ‘s voices all around the universe. For decennaries a adult female ‘s voice was ignored and ne’er of import. The media portrayed the perfect adult female as the perfect homemaker, nil more. The media ‘s ideal perfect adult female is the 50’s-60 ‘s domestic homemaker, even though the manners have drastically changed over the old ages the media still stresses how of import the stay-at-home ma is and how of import a adult female ‘s image and/or repute should be. A adult female ‘s function was to take attention of the house and household, their sentiments ne’er mattered and if they spoke against their partner so they were ridiculed and punished for talking out of term. A perfect homemaker would ever be orderly, organized, nice, thin, and was ever cleaning, baking, or honing her image to suit the description. A homemaker was ne’er sloppy, or overworked. They merely spoke when spoken to or if it was appropriate, they ne’er used vulgar or inappropriate linguistic communication.

This why being a “ tom-boy ” was frowned upon. Bing a tom-boy meant that a miss did n’t care about how they looked, acted, and would make reckless and make bolding things. These tom-boy actions break this perfect image and who of all time acted this manner would be ridiculed by equals because they did non suit the media ‘s criterions. Girls were ne’er allowed to play coeducational athleticss for a long clip or athleticss that were originally designed for merely work forces, such as hoops, baseball, and flag football. Today it is more widely accepted to be a tom-boy but it is still frowned upon if a girl Acts of the Apostless like a male child. Girls are viewed to ne’er roughhouse or to hold effusions because merely unsmooth male childs do that, and their alibi is “ male childs will be male childs. ”

Females so found a manner around the physical actions to acquire what they wanted or to show how they felt. The media has forces females to be manipulative to assail others to acquire what they wanted to continue their “ perfect adult female ” image. This is where females strong-arming was ever overlooked because it was ne’er physical, it was strictly emotional and use. “ They [ male childs ] do n’t care if they got in problem, but misss do n’t desire anyone to cognize they got into problem, ‘ Maura said. ‘Girls worry about how they are traveling to look. ‘ ” ( Simmons, 2003 ) These misss know that their image is defined by their actions so they fear that if they do acquire in problem so their repute will be ruined. The media puts force per unit area on these misss to be perfect and without defects and if they were caught making something bad so it would be the terminal of their perfect image. At this age their perfect image is everything ; to lose this would be mortifying. These misss, who are merely in in-between school, are trapped in a barbarous rhythm that the media portrays to our society, particularly our young person. The media has shaped different expressions and attitudes for certain age groups. For illustration, these misss that Simmons has interviewed are merely in in-between school. The media wants every immature miss to be sugar spice and everything Nices. They must move and dress a certain manner. For vesture they merely have “ girly ” picks and to be wholly covered and modest. Any other sort of vesture, such as “ comfy ” apparels, is considered “ tom-boy ” like and frumpy. At this early age other pupils pick on who of all time this miss may be despite her personality because in in-between school image is everything. They are pressured to move this manner and anything, such as unsmooth housing/bullying, is frowned upon. These misss feel although they can non show themselves freely and be themselves because the media wanted them to be perfect angels and to carry through the individual perfect image. They will so fall back to pull stringsing others to impart how they feel. This so carries on into their hereafters in high school and their working callings.

Media labels adult females in the on the job universe to be oblique, untrusty and manipulative. The media makes us experience that holding adult females in the on the job universe is a negative impact and that a adult female ‘s chief occupation is at place. “ Support for the traditional male-breadwinner/female-homemaker division of labour declined ; nevertheless, “ at no clip ” was a adult female ‘s calling portrayed as more of import to her than matrimony and household. ” ( Kuperberg, Stone, 2008 ) A adult female ‘s working occupation is ne’er top precedence. For a adult female to successfully acquire a publicity before their male rival, her equals would state that she “ cheated to acquire in front ” significance that she most likely slept with or manipulated a superior to acquire higher up in the on the job universe. This is non ever true ; media merely portrays us to believe that. A adult female works harder than any adult male does at a occupation because it is a male opinion society, adult females are viewed as less valuable or incapable or making a good occupation. This drives adult females to work harder and to go toughs in the work force to “ maintain up ” with the times and to “ remain on top. ”

“ Because adult females, rushing to crash the glass ceiling, are still nominal females around the office, their behaviour might be scrutinized far more than a male ‘s. If a female has faced troubles in acquiring to her place of leading, she may still confront uncertainties about her remaining power in a male-dominated universe. So, in a slightly barbarous rhythm, such a female may return to that emotional use she picked up at age 4: intimidation. ” ( Edmonds, 2010 )

Womans are invariably making whatever they can to be successful and to go on to be on top, therefore fall backing to strong-arming or manipulative actions at times. Media pictures adult female to be lead oning or the bad cat in the on the job universe, this is seen in films and/or T.V. shows which society invariably tickers and learns from. A recent film that depicts the female foreman to be an atrocious individual is “ The Proposal ” starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Sandra Bullock plays the pushful cut pharynx boss that everyone tips clear from and Ryan Reynolds plays her hardworking secretary. This film is precisely how society positions adult females in the on the job universe. They are viewed as the tough competition. If successful, they are feared by their rivals or employees. In the film, Bullock ‘s character acts the manner she does so that she can remain successful even though the things people say about her are hurtful. She acts like does n’t allow it unnerve her but it genuinely does. This is what drives her to be so serious, hardworking, and competitory.

Many adult females in the on the job universe feel as though they should set up this forepart to be successful. They feel as though they need to pull strings at times and to work twice every bit difficult as work forces merely to remain in the game, allow entirely seeking to be successful. The media makes society position the working adult female as a manipulative adversary in the on the job universe ; in world, the adult female is seting up this forepart to conceal her insecurity and to be successful in a on the job adult male ‘s universe.

One may state that the media does non do adult females to believe and move a certain manner but free will and/or pick is a chief subscriber to the manner adult females think and act. Media sculpts adult females in a certain image where picks are limited to one class. For illustration ; the ideal image for an 18 twelvemonth old adult female is to hold the followers ; broke size: 32 inches, waist: 23 inches, hips: 32 inches. This is the depicted “ hr glass figure ” media provinces for the perfect adult female. These adult females have to pay more money for less vesture. “ Younger shoppers, ages 18 to 34, are willing to pass more — $ 60 a brace, on norm — but merely one in 10 adult females say they ‘ve shelled out more than $ 100 for a brace of denims. “ ( Kennedy, 2010 ) Women do n’t care how much they spend, every bit long as they fit the image that ‘s all that affairs. These adult females are prepared to pass this sort of money to suit the image the media wants them to make full. The image the media is passing out to our immature adult females, 18 to 34, is lean, “ sexy ” vesture and a “ who-cares ” attitude. The media wants all adult females of this age group to be sex symbols and to make as they are told, therefore fixing them for the “ new domestic homemaker ” . To acquire any type of vesture that is comfy, non uncovering, and cheap does non be. To accomplish the respectable desired expression they have to pass more money to look suitably. With the current economic system they need to salvage every bit much as possible, therefore holding them to fall back to the image the media wants these adult females to follow. The media wants our young person to go the trophy wives that it has constructed our image to be. These are the lone picks they have to take from, they are still being labeled and sculpted into what of all time image the media wants.

The media affects each age group otherwise. For illustration a immature miss in in-between school is expected to be nice, sweet, smart, tidy, and above all the perfect kid. Any other miss who deviates from this way is seen to be destructive by equals and grownups. The grownups assume that it is “ merely a stage ” that a miss is unsmooth lodging and hope that she will travel back to the “ perfect angel ” image. For a high school miss there is more force per unit area by equals and grownups. The immature adult female is in passage from the perfect angel that the media desires to the promiscuous grownup. In high school, every miss wants to be the “ it ” miss. The “ it ” miss merely means to be perfect in everyway the manner the media wants them to be. They want to hold that perfect organic structure and the perfect friends and of class the perfect relationship yet, every miss is different physically and emotionally seting even more force per unit area on these misss to do them into the “ perfect adult female. ” “ 90 per centum of those who have eating upsets are adult females between the ages of 12 and 25. “ ( Teen Health and the Media, 2010 ) These misss resort to aching themselves to suit the media ‘s criterions. Can you conceive of a 12 twelvemonth old curtailing herself from eating because she is being made merriment of because she “ frocks like a male child ” because she ca n’t suit into the apparels that are “ in ” or she ‘s merely a small over weight? These immature adult females resort to eating upsets to suit the media ‘s criterions. They feel as though it is the lone manner to “ suit in ” and to be “ happy. ” The media is engrafting these ideas and acts into these immature adult females to suit that on perfect image and to make what of all time it takes to acquire at that place.

Bottom line is that the “ free will ” that some may state influences the manner adult females think or act agencies nil because the picks they are given is determined by the media itself. These adult females have no pick but to follow in the cooky cutter image that the media wants them to hold. Our society ‘s young person is being forced into one generic manner to “ fix ” us for the following measure, the traditional function of adult females. It ‘s sad to believe that no 1 seems to detect that the media is brainwashing our young person to conform into these perfect images and to oppress any free will that the turning female may desire to show.

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