Benefits of Having a College Education Essay

Personal and Professional Benefits of a College Education
There are many personal and professional benefits that a college education provides. On a personal level, a college degree produces a higher level of self-esteem for those who have one. Studies show that those who obtain a college education achieve a higher socioeconomic status, which is measured by total family income, level of education and professional career status. A surprising benefit that I read about was that a higher socioeconomic status relates directly with improved health and a longer life expectancy. This is because those with degrees usually have access to better health coverage and also make wiser decisions regarding their health including the choice to smoke less than those without degrees and also exercise more. Those who have degrees also display lower levels of blood pressure which is an indication of lower levels of stress. (Fuller)

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Obtaining a college education gives one added confidence which usually results in better job and advancement opportunities. Those with college degrees have higher job retention rates during recessions and also have an easier time finding jobs. Higher job stability for those with a degree usually leads to lower levels of stress. A very satisfying fact of having a college degree is that it should provide me with a higher level of job satisfaction than those with a high school diploma.

On the financial side of things, college grads do make more money than those without degrees. In a study conducted in 2008, college grads were making an average of $21,900 more than those with high school diplomas. (Hardy) The benefits provided with a degree are not only financial. A direct benefit of having the ability to make better decisions in your personal life is that the lives of your family members also improve. And last but not least, a college degree will allow for me to have higher expectations for my future children to earn college degrees as well. The financial opportunities that this degree should open up for me should also allow me to fund my children’s education. References

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