Benefits of Uniforms

Over the past few decades, there have been countless debates on whether school uniforms should be made compulsory. Some say that uniforms limit students’ freedom of self-expression and individuality. But the positives significantly outweigh the negatives. A uniform give students a sense of belonging to a part of their community, provides equality between every individual and prepares them for the workplace environment. Wearing a uniform helps build school spirit and increases school pride and confidence as it gives you a feeling of belonging.

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Uniforms have practical benefits when students are outside of school boundaries. It encourages safety on field trips as it is much more convenient for teachers to ensure that no one is lost and to monitor behaviour. Outsiders are easily identifiable and it is easier to account for one’s own students. The most important issue raised is that school uniforms promote equality. This will reduce bullying as those who do not have trendy clothes are often teased.

Everyone will be dressed alike which means people can judge others based on their personality instead of the types of clothes they wear. Many parents believe that a school uniform policy will ensure that the students will come to school in appropriate clothing and avoid distractions such as keeping up with the latest fashion trends or being in possession of the most popular brands. Some students spend more time focusing on their clothes than on homework. If uniforms are introduced, they will not be distracted from learning.

Another advantage of uniforms is that they spare children and their parents of the time consuming, troublesome routine of picking out a set of clothes everyday. During the rushed morning hours before school, picking out the right set of clothes can take up a lot of time. With the help of uniforms, you no longer have to worry about wearing the same shirt twice in a row. Uniforms prepare students for their working life where most companies require you to dress smartly and appropriately for work, usually with a standard dress code that you have to follow.

Students who start wearing uniforms at a young age will be the ones who can quickly and easily adapt to a workplace’s dress code. They will already be accustomed to these procedures, providing them with a head start. Many say that uniforms limit a student’s creativity and do not let them develop their own styles. We should not give people stereotypes according to their outer appearance. We should base people on their character. Uniforms ensure that every being is treated the same way and are given equal opportunities.

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