Best place i have ever been to Essay

Qingdao – The best place i have ever been to
Qingdao, a picturesque coastal city that lies on the southern tip of China’s Shandong Peninsula, located in JiaoZhou Bay facing the Yellow Sea. It is the place where I am willing to spend my whole life with all the people i love. It is my hometown and it is the most gorgeous city I have ever stayed. Sun shines, golden beach, green plants and morden buidlings formulated this amazing city. The city was captured and built by Germany back to 1897, and was taken over by Janpanses goverment for a short term during World War II. After the War ends, it was returned to Chinese hands.

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Due to the complicated historical background, the city developed its own unique features and can not be found any where else on this planet. One of the first things you will notice in this city, is the German influence. Mutiple German buildings was kept till today, Catholic Church, Bomb Bunker, and most importantly, Guest House. The Guest House is an European gothic style architecture built in 1908 by German governer. It became a retreat for visiting VIP’s. The graceful lines, bold colors and unique decorations made this building an architectural gem.

Tsingtao Beer, another name card of the city, also originally comes from a German brewery. In fact, whenever Chinese people talks about Qingdao, this is always first thing comes to our mind. It has been regonized as the best Chinese brewery and is also my personal drink forever! Beer has become a part of the culture for the city. In summer, you will see people walking on the street wearing shorts and a plastic bag fulfilled beer. Those beer are breweryed on the same day and have been not been bottled yet. The shop owner will throw away all the leftover in the tank if it was not all sold out in order to keep the beer as fresh as possible. With a lighter tense, it is very refreshing and a perfect match for summer BBQ. Furthermore, as a city situated by the sea, sunny day on the beach and some water sports combine into a perfect vacation for everyone. The city is basically crowed every summer due to heavy travelling trafic from all over China and the world.

I love swimming and hanging out on the beach in a sunny day with couple of friends simply makes my day. More importantly, as a foodie, Qingdao just offers every single cuisine i would love to try in the world. As a sea port, people from all over world travel through the city and as a result, variable cuisines are introduced to the city. In the city, I can simply find all different cuisines from all over China and real German, French, Italian, Indian even Mexican cuisine are all over the city. It is a paradise for me and the variety of restaurants, eateries and food courts is just mind bubbling. Qingdao, also known as the Switzerland of Asia, is the city where you can see German history at the far east and experience Chinese mordern culture at the same time. I love this city, not only because its beauty but also all the peole I love and all memories belong to here!

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