Best Triggered Email Or Auto Responder Series Marketing Essay

LOccitane en ProvenceA is an international retail merchant of organic structure, face, and place merchandises based inA Manosque, A France. The company was founded in 1976 by Olivier Baussan with the intent to make a company that celebrates and preserves the traditions of his nativeA Provence. L’Occitane means “ the adult female fromA Occitania ” .

The company ‘s declared trade name values are: “ Authenticity and Naturalness, ” “ Effectiveness and Pleasure, ” and “ Respect and Responsibility. ” In 2010, the company became listed on theA Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

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L’Occitane has shops in 70 states, in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia ; with 170 stores in the United States. Company announced that its merchandises were sold in over 80 states through over 1,500 retail locations ; it had 753 L’Occitane Stores. In the twelvemonth ended 31 March 2009, it generated gross revenues of a‚¬537.3A million ; .A It planned over 650 shop gaps with the capital raised.

CSR As A Marketing Tool


Best Triggered Email or Auto-Responder Series

L’Occitane ‘s Social Sign-In Offer

B2C ( Business To Consumer )

Why It Won:

Do automated messages and societal media play good together? L’Occitane devised a run that answers this inquiry with a echoing “ yes. ” This run has invention and engineering working together to drive impressive consequences. A few constituents of this run that caught our attending:

Use of Facebook ads to advance the run

Scheme of driving online traffic to in-store traffic

Use of API call so the client automatically received message after a societal sign-in

Use of a alone barcode to cut down feats

From Their Nomination Form:

They used targeted Facebook ads ( to fans of section shops, fans of rivals and users in provinces where we have shops ) and on-site messaging to publicise the run. They besides added buttons at online check-out procedure and on their place page and served them through Monetate to look merely to clients that had non antecedently signed in socially.

Leveraging Responsys Interact and the expertness of the Responsys proficient services squad, they coded the right API calls so that the client automatically received their inducement once they registered via societal sign-in. The manus pick offer was free if redeemed in shops, and had a purchase threshold if redeemed online to cover transportation costs.

What Was Particular About This Campaign?

By hashing the electronic mail reference of each participant, and utilizing that encoding to bring forth a alone barcode in each electronic mail, company is able to cut down feats even though the offer is redeemable both in shop and online.

The tabular arraies of informations, which are maintained in Janrain, will let them to deploy the run internationally across other societal platforms as good. This has proved to be a successful first measure in what should go a more robust attempt to better understand their clients through societal profiles.


In order to guarantee safetyA and efficiency through scopes which are 100 % natural, L’Occitane invests in research and dermatologically tests all of its merchandises. For illustration, theAppellation of Controlled Origin labelA ( A.O.C ) shows that the whole procedure, from the attention taken while picking up ingredients to the benefits of the merchandises and the regard to local communities ‘ traditions, are being handled without impacting environment.

Some of their merchandises are besides Ecocert certified. Ecocert is a Gallic company based in 50 states which establishes the highest quality criterions in footings of cosmetics made from natural substances. In order to be Ecocert-approved, the merchandises have to esteem the undermentioned parametric quantities: a lower limit of 95 % of natural ingredients or of ingredients of natural beginning and a lower limit of 10 % of the ingredients certified as organic. Man-made aromas or dyes, silicones and mineral oils are non allowed.

L’Occitane uses paper, composition board and wood coming from sustainably managed woods which received the label ofA Forest Stewardship CouncilA ( FSC ) . The rules of FSC are based on the fulfilment of international pacts and esteem the rights of autochthonal people, forest workers and local communities.

This concern besides led the trade name to develop a undertaking called Clean Factory, which consists in dividing and roll uping all the stuffs which could be recycled such as glass, paper, wood, plastic or aluminium.

In 1989, the company started a plan of sustainable development in the production of Shea butter in Burkina Faso. In 2006, it created the first durable organic plantation of big graduated table in Corsica, in order to protect the Corsican “ Maquis ” , the dense and fruticose flora so representative of the island.

That same twelvemonth, the company created theA L’OCCITANE Foundation, back uping three causes: literacy and support for adult females in developing states, the combat against sightlessness and aid for visually-impaired people – since 1997, L’Occitane ‘s packaging besides includes Braille Labeling – and the saving of threatened traditional civilizations.


Company has been screening waste in their workshops since 2002, while besides endeavoring to minimise landfill waste.

They have an electric auto for journeys between the two sites at Manosque: the mill and the European logistics platform.

Office furniture is 98 % reclaimable.

A Most recent actions:

2008 was the twelvemonth in which the company began the run to salvage energy.

Raising consciousness among employees.

Energy-efficient equipment.

2008 was besides the twelvemonth in which the company focused on better waste direction.

Raising consciousness among employees.

More waste screening in workshops.

A hunt for more ecological packaging stuffs: alternatively of froth, which they had the wont of utilizing, there are greenish solutions such as crinkly paper. They are already utilizing this for their Internet orders.

A What are the positions?

The electricity produced by put ining photovoltaic solar panels on the following mill extension should cover 70 % of the edifice ‘s electricity ingestion.

Water is besides a cherished resource, and they must look into ways of utilizing it meagerly in the mill, such as when cleaning machinery.

Several surveies are afoot to happen ways to salvage energy on the site ( energy balance, insularity, outside illuming, etc. ) .


A responsible companyA has “ rights and responsibilities ” with respect to its employees:

The right to inquire them to perpetrate to the company ‘s Sustainable Development attack: this is the instance when they ask people, whenever possible, to utilize double-sided printing.

The responsibility to lend to the professional development of as many people as possible: this is why staff meetings are held every three months, and the first employee-satisfaction study was developed for Manosque/Paris and Geneva in 2006.


Most recent actions

In 2008, they asked people working at the caput office to travel green.

They now use recycled paper in their office, and 50 % of their office letter paper is labeled “ green ” .

Waste is sorted throughout the company, in offices and interruption suites.

Disposable plastic cups are a thing of the past: long unrecorded mugs, spectacless and anything else reclaimable that you can imbibe from.

A L’OCCITANE: a responsible employer

In 2008, nine people with hapless employment chances were recruited with a 1-year contract in the production workshops, to be trained as packaging operators. All of these people received their AFPA sheepskin in December 2008.

Finally, L’OCCITANE has ever been committed to using handicapped workers.

A To do it easier for those who are registered handicapped to work within the company, their workstations have been ( or are being ) adapted to run into their demands, and direction allows five excess half yearss of leave for specializer audiences for those concerned.

What are the positions?

A The company ‘s handicapped employee policy is extended today through, for illustration, an addition in farm outing work to ESATs ( occupational twenty-four hours centres ) , which give work to people with terrible disablements.

And eventually, because sustainable development involves future coevalss, L’OCCITANE has joined forces with the town hall of Manosque and open a twenty-four hours attention centre in September 2009, where 10 topographic points were reserved for L’OCCITANE babes.


From the really beginning, the stuffs used in the shops have reflected company ‘s genuineness. Wood, wrought Fe and little ruddy hexangular floor tiles are traditionally their basic stuffs.

A Most recent actions

In 2008, they began using their sustainable development rules to their shops.

The new construct is a perfect illustration of this.

The units are made from FSC wood ( a warrant that that the wood comes from sustainably managed woods ) .

The pigments used are silicone-free, the wood varnish is water-based, and the electrical equipment is designed to be energy-efficient.

The company ‘s store-sign visible radiations in France have been programmed so that they are switched off between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.

A What ‘s in shop for the hereafter?

Waste screening in shops.

A decrease in energy ingestion, notably by administering specific energy-saving guidelines.

Already, two guidelines have been released sing the usage of air-conditioning.

Use of ecological cleansing merchandises.


As we see the company L’Occitane is a really Socially and Environmentally responsible organisation, which underlines the company ‘s good and friendly repute in society, which on the other manus helps the company to utilize it besides as a selling tool and selling run to increase awereness and attract people.

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