Blackberry Trying To Gain Lost Ground Marketing Essay

Over the last few old ages the market leader and the innovator of smart concern phones RIM is witnessing the autumn in market portion. With the rise of Android based nomadic phones and apple ‘s advanced engineering, RIM ‘s worsening market portion can be said to hold resulted because of many grounds. Is it because of the blemished selling scheme, incompetency of presenting the right merchandise to its consumers or the lifting competition from the apple and other humanoid mobile phone companies like Samsung?

The undermentioned study will analyze the assorted facets of RIM and the altering competitory nomadic industry foregrounding a comparing between RIM ‘s current and old Market portion in the nomadic phone market, concentrating on the grounds for such diminution, evaluate RIM ‘s Strength, Weaknesses, chances and menaces, proposing how RIM can derive the lost land with context to assorted selling theories.

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RIM ‘s base with regard to Value based selling construct and selling mix schemes

Value based selling is a concern term which describes “ companies whose nucleus values are wholly aligned with the concern scheme ”

Marketing today is all about specifying the mark market and deriving new clients while retaining the old 1s through pass oning superior client value. When RIM introduced blackberry in 1999, its value based attack for selling has been offering a smart phone which is efficient and best for the concern usage as good. Over the past decennary, RIM has witnessed immense success and a changeless rise in market portion with such a value based selling proposition. However, with the altering selling kineticss addition in competition and add-on of new nomadic companies come ining the market the competitory landscape in the nomadic industry is changed. After witnessing, the first net loss in eight old ages ( Q1 loss for the financial one-fourth 2013 ) and the chance of the farther losingss in front blackberry now has to make up one’s mind on new value based selling attack.

As RIM ‘s programs to recapture market through the launch of Blackberry 10, it needs to accommodate a selling scheme that would clearly convey the value to the consumer in footings of 2 factors – the benefit and the Price. In order to derive the competitory advantage and aid place the ways of deriving more clients the traditional reactive selling scheme has to be replaced by proactive selling scheme, wherein alternatively of reacting as per to the client reaction after the usage of merchandise, the company should make a merchandise available for client beforehand, so that they may purchase for acquiring the perceived value out of it.

In order to derive competitory advantage, Michael Porter suggests “ that activities within an organisation add value to the services and merchandises that the organisation produces and all these activities should be run at an optimal degree, If they are run expeditiously the value obtained should transcend the cost of running them. Hence, clients should return to the organisation and transact freely and volitionally ”

Market Interrelations

Product Interrelationships



Outbound Logisticss


Marketing & A ; Gross saless

Inbound logistics Activities

Primary Activities

Inbound logistics: Acquiring and Assembling, managing and commanding the assorted parts and stuffs required to do a French telephone, these logistics can be made avaialbe by bring forthing internally or may be obtained from providers for usage during the production of the terminal merchandise.

Operationss: operations refer to the procedure of working upon the assorted inputs and thoughts from the research squad and edifice up upon those thoughts to make a blackberry for fulfilling consumer demands. Value is added as the merchandise moves through the production line at this phase.

Outbound logistics: A outbound logistics refers to the gross revenues spouses and assorted tie ups through which RIM reaches to its clients. Once the merchandises have been manufactured they are ready to be distributed to distribution centres, jobbers, retail merchants or clients.

Selling and Gross saless: Selling and gross revenues is possibly the most important phase which pre determines the after launch response of clients. A good selling scheme can ensuer the successful launch and growing of merchandise line in the market. A it must do certain that the merchandise is targeted towards the right client group. The selling mix is used to make an effectual scheme ; any competitory advantage is visibly oriented to the mark group through promotional mix.

Servicess: The blackberry client service is the following and concluding phase in the value concatenation procedure ; it determines the client satisfaction and besides provides a opportunity to the company to work upon the merchandise based upon the client feedback

To derive the competitory advantage RIM needs to place the right mix of above mentioned factors and concentrate upon selling and gross revenues to vie against the turning market portion of apple ‘s Iphone and android nomadic phones.

Apart from the primary activities, porter besides defined the secondary activities that support the primary activities in assisting the organisation to accomplish the competitory advantage.

Procurement: This is one section that procures all the resources other than employee ‘s at best possible monetary values. The challenge for procurance is to obtain the best possible quality available for their budget.

Technology development: A Use of engineering to get a competitory border is extremely of import in a engineering driven environment. It includes research and develpoement activities which help in farther cost decrease

Human resource direction: A The activities refering to recruitment, developing and development are all categorized under this caput.

Firm substructure: Fundss, legal construction and direction construction work etc.

While establishing BB1010 we non merely necessitate to maintain in head the porters value concatenation construct but besides need to make trade name equity and client equity for covering with competition as this may be our lone effort to recapture the market.

In order to cover with the same we need to see the holistic selling construct acknowledging that all the factors in entire are responsible and a right mix of constituents like internal selling, Social duty, relationship and integrated selling drama acun of import function.

In order to continue with successful launch and debut of blackberry 1010 in the market we need to look in to the undermentioned factors, which are besides defined as a cardinal factors of incorporate selling:

Integrated Marketing Mix with regard to launch of Blackberry 1010

Marketing MIX

Target Market

Topographic point

Topographic point as a portion of incorporate selling mix would include the distribution schemes, hence we need to look into untapped distribution channels and make new ways of making the insides of markets in order to make more demand and therefore more gross revenues.


Our merchandise BB10 one time launched will be viing with the likes of Samsung SIII and Apple ‘s Iphone, hence we need to place the assorted likes of clients in order to derive border over these merchandises.

Hence we need to concentrate upon quality, design, characteristics, services and returns while developing BB10


We need to happen new ways and methods of advancing our merchandise ; it can be done by different tie ups with assorted service suppliers, we can maintain utmost advertisement as our focal point in order to make the trade name equity in the heads of the purchasers.

Monetary value

With competition lifting to its best, we need to hold a competitory pricing, had it been a decennary back, we could hold sold blackberry phones at any monetary value, nevertheless every other phone being a smart phone we do non hold the border of uniqueness and hence pricing would do large difference



Menace of Entrants

Menace of Substitutes


Degree of Rivalry

Buyer Power

Competition: – As a consequence of more low-cost nomadic phones and better costs, nomadic phone industry has become progressively larger within the last three old ages. The market is really competitory because they offer the same merchandises and services, but has the different physical properties to the phones and different costs. For Instance, the long running competition between RIM ‘s Blackberry and Apple I phone, both Smartphone offer the same or similar security characteristics but with a few differences.

Menace of replacements: – A menace of replacement exists when a merchandise ‘s demand is affected by the monetary value alteration of a utility merchandise. As more replacements are available, the demand becomes more elastic since clients have more options. For Instance, overseas telegram and orbiter operators, As overseas telegram has improved it s quality and dependability in voice transmittal, companies are get downing to look into the phone service market.

Buyer power: – The power of purchasers is the impact that clients have on a bring forthing industry. Buyers possess a backward integrating menace that can endanger to purchase bring forthing house or challenger. Buyers are weak if fragmented like no purchaser has any peculiar influence on merchandise or monetary value.

Supplier Power: – If providers are powerful, they can exercise an influence on bring forthing industry, such as in order to capture the industry ‘s net income, selling the natural stuff at a high monetary value.

Menace of new Entrants and Entry Barriers: – Barriers cut down the rate of entry of new houses, therefore keeping the degree of already bing industries in the market. Barriers to entry arise from the undermentioned beginnings: –

Government regulations

Patents and proprietary cognition

Economies of graduated table

Changes in Marketing Approach

Since the clip RIM launched blackberry, it was positioned as a Business Phone, nevertheless with alteration in the market and following turning competition RIM changed the placement from concern sector to consumer factor at that place by concentrating on services like blackberry courier normally known as BBM, with the changed placement RIM besides focused on change overing the young person and adolescents into prospective purchasers and the launch of blackberry runs “ we are the blackberry male child ” clearly shows the RIM ‘s effort toward shifting itself in the market. Although RIM succeeded a small in change overing and deriving more purchasers nevertheless RIM could non prolong this growing because of deficiency applications and characteristics with comparing to those offered by apple and other android phones.

With the launch of blackberry 1010, RIM once more as an chance to re place itself an possibly this clip Blackberry should concentrate on value equity or value based selling for vouching its success.

Value equity or value based selling can be defined as a selling attack where blackberry can make its market an attract purchasers on the footing of value perceived. With RIM already governing the market in footings of merchandise distinction ( although humanoid and apple phones are pulling new clients nevertheless a big section of blackberry clients are still loyal to the trade name due to the services like BBM and compatibility and easiness of working on office electronic mails etc ) it needs to reconstruct its image and re set up its focal point on new placement and stigmatization with Blackberry 1010

A new attack based on showcasing value equity in footings of pricing, use and distinction would function RIM the best.

The current market scenario, RIM ‘s SWOT and Success possibilities

At the terminal of 2011, there were 6 billion nomadic endorsers. ( As per study from The International Telecommunication Union ( 2011 ) ) which rose from 5.4 billion in 2010 and 4.7 billion in 2009. As per the studies from IDC and Gartner in February 2012, there were 11.1 per centum more nomadic devices sold in 2011 as compared to 2010, a comparing on the footing of makers can be seen below-

Top 10 nomadic phone makers, by 2011 planetary gross revenues

harmonizing to Gartner


Cargos 2011

( 1000000s )

Market portion 2011

Cargos 2010A

( 1000000s )







17.7 %




5.0 %


LG Electronicss


4.9 %




3.2 %




2.9 %




2.4 %




2.3 %




2.3 %


Sony Ericsson


1.8 %




33.7 %




100 %


Beginning: A Gartner ( Feb 2012 )

With the above stated facts, one can clearly see that RIM was non one of the top Mobile phone Sellerss in 2011 and with the autumn in market portion from 3.1 to 2.9 % in 2011 1 can clearly witness the start of falling market portion which was late confirmed by RIM when it declared a operational net loss in the first financial one-fourth.

Another study on top five worldwide Smartphone sellers, Q4 2011, by IDC, shows the rise and diminution on French telephones sold globally.

The graph from IDC ( February 2012 ) shows the altering market portion for Smartphone makers through 2011 where it can be noted that Nokia is worsening from No1 Smartphone seller and as the media tends to overegg the importance of smart phones and Apple in peculiar, one should see that, 68/69 per centum of French telephones sold globally in 2011 were non smartphones, they were feature phones and 94/95 per centum of all phones sold were non Apple.

With such facts and Numberss it can be said that yes Research in gesture will be able to get the better of the Death Spiral provided it focuses upon its nucleus strengths, although apple and android nomadic engineering will stay a immense menace to RIM ‘s bing and future market portion but with the launch of Blackberry 1010 RIM should concentrate on value based equity and offer characteristics that non merely fit but beat those of apple and android smartphones.

Before placing a selling mix scheme and measuring the possibilities of RIM wining the current competitory market let us look into the possible SWOT analysis for RIM


Brand Equity

Comprehensive offerings


Increasing Competition

Engagement in legal issues

Free cross-platform blink of an eye messaging application e.g. whatsapp


Positive mentality for Smartphones

Rising Consumer base in telecom industry

Expanding portfolio of offerings


Reducing client base

Product Supply

Lack of incorporate applications


Brand Equity: RIM enjoys strong acknowledgment for its BlackBerry trade name. Strongbrand presence being one of the major strengths of RIM, makes it easy for the company to sell new merchandises to the consumer specially associating to mobile and e-mail.

Comprehensive offerings: another strength that RIM holds with blackberry is the complete offering of services with blackberry which includes smart phones and related solutions with complete endeavor services.

The company ‘s offering are backed by strong research and development capablenesss, odd quality of offerings like electronic mail service, push to speak, blackberry courier and camera quality.


Reducing client base:

Although RIM has one of the best set of offerings but it has seen the cut downing client base in the recent old ages. Furthermore, RIM ‘s concern theoretical account makes it trusting on assorted bearers to establish the BlackBerry service, as its services should be supported by them. Dependence of few clients would impact the competitory place of the company every bit good as lessenings its bargaining power.

Merchandise Supply:

Another one of the internal factors that can be referred to as internal failing for RIM is the short supply or inaccessibility of new merchandises in the market. The company experienced stronger than anticipated response for the BlackBerry Storm which was launch with Verizon and Vodafone. However, the company was non able to run into demand for the merchandise in North America.


Positive mentality for Smart phones

With the recent alterations in the nomadic market, the demand for the smart phones has risen enormously in the market. With RIM being one of the taking providers of smart phones such an chance can make admirations for deriving market portion.

Expanding portfolio of offerings

RIM has been adding assorted services to its portfolio. portfolio. For case, in May 2008, RIM entered into a co-innovation partnership with SAP to work on endeavor mobility enabling nomadic entree to SAP endeavor applications through BlackBerry platform. The company besides added a host of capablenesss to the BlackBerry platform in recent times including Microsoft Windows Live ; and IBM Lotus coaction package and information on demand solutions powered with Web 2.0.

The company ‘s spread outing portfolio of offerings on the BlackBerry solutions, additions demand for its solutions from both endeavor and consumer clients as they find higher public-service corporation in its solutions.


Increasing competition

The competition in the nomadic industry has been increasing manifolds late, with the debut of Android platform and advanced apple engineering, nomadic market has given clients new options and picks to put into.

Increasing competition can impact the company ‘s capableness and gross growing in the clip to come.

Engagement in legal issues

RIM has been involved in the legal issues late, Although the company has settled assorted legal issues in recent times, it still faces legal issues related to violations of patents. The company ‘s changeless engagement in legal issues affects its trade name value and makes it incur assorted disbursals for legal proceedings and colonies. Further, inauspicious consequences of these issues could significantly impact the company ‘s operations.

After weighing RIM ‘s Strength and chances against the failings and menaces, it can easy be identified that RIM can make good and possibly still win in the current market environment ; nevertheless the company needs to shift itself utilizing a mix of selling schemes in order to capture the doomed market portion. RIM should see utilizing pull selling in order to make consciousness among the terminal clients and in this manner persuade the retail merchants and large operators to get down transporting the Blackberry – making a “ pull ” for the merchandise.

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