Business Plan for Abel Corporation Essay

How would you go about defining the identity of the Able Corporation and creating its mission statement? Where would you look for the information? What do you already know about Able that can help?

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·         A mission statement is considered by Talbot (2003) as “an explicit statement of the values of an organization, [which] generates the principles in accordance with which the organization acts [and] the standards against which it is willing to be judged” (p. 9).

·         The identity of the Able Corporation would have to be defined through the use of its strengths and opportunities, which also makes it more competitive than the rest. Moreover, the particular interest and needs of the consumers would have to be assessed in order for these to match the characteristics of the good being sold by the company.

·         The mission statement would have to be based on the stakeholders of the company and the goals that they intend to achieve in relation to the strengths and weaknesses offered to them by the industry they thrive in.

·         The information which is needed in order to develop the company’s mission statement and the identification of its identity would have to be based on the previous mission statement of the company, the changes that are taking place or will take place, and the values of the employees in relation to their work in the company.

·         The strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities that have been communicated through the scenario provided of the company serves as a good stepping stone when one wishes to delve into the area of writing the mission statement. Moreover, the current situation of the company should be clearly outlined to them in order for the mission to actually contain the present needs and the failures that have been considered in the past.

What are some of the key elements that might be contained in Able’s value propositions?

·         In private businesses, the value proposition of the company serves “as their single most important organizing principle” (Gomes & Knwoles, 2006).

·         To a certain extent, it is the value or benefit that the company has in terms of the ones which they could derive from the use of resources in the time being.

·         The key elements that would have to be included involves its system of longevity in the industry especially in terms of finding ways to address issues from different sides of the coin.

·         Moreover, a key value of the company is their ability to delve into a field of the industry where there are specific needs from clients and these are being constantly addressed through time.

·         The challenges that are to be faced by the company in putting different elements and considering these as value propositions include the diversity of stakeholder needs, the longevity of this particular situation, and the ability of the value proposition to clearly and sufficiently embrace all the requirements and interests of the important stakeholders involved.

·         More so, a value proposition is likely to be seen as a difficult factor to include in terms of the current situation of the company because of its reputation as a company that produces middle- or low-rated power tools. There is only a potential growth that is seen from the activities and changes in the industry but this does not provide a clear answer as to why the consumers are seeing the products to be good in light of the new advance.

What principle would you use in order to prioritize the implementation steps needed to accomplish the strategic objectives?

·         In implementing the steps required in order to achieve the intended strategic objectives, there are certain principles that have to be taken into consideration in order to ensure the successful, orderly, and systematic implementation.

·         Risk management would have to be important in implementation as there are certain steps in this particular concept which relates to the implementation process and will be beneficial especially to the critical parts steps in the implementation itself.

·         Priority will be given to the steps which are deemed critical in terms of the strategic objectives. This is prioritized over the rest because of the seeming independence of other objectives on a certain objective or step, which makes it critical to do.

·         The objectives which are related should be analyzed. Their relationships should be considered in such a way that those which are prerequisites or have to be done in synchrony should be considered in order to avoid failures and delays in terms of the deadlines allotted for particular objectives, which is applicable to both short- and long-term goals.

·         Moreover, those which require more effort should be considered as a long-term goal especially if its impact is also for the long-term perspective of the company. These would have to be strategically distributed over a particular period of time. On the other hand, those which should be immediately done, whether these are short-term or long-term would have to be lumped in the soonest date possible.

What post-implementation and feedback mechanisms would you have in place to evaluate the effectiveness of the process? What measures would you use?

·         There are several post-implementation and feedback mechanisms which are deemed appropriate and valid in terms evaluating the effectiveness of the process used for the strategic objectives. In relation to this, there are particular measures that are used which are enclosed in the feedback and post-implementation evaluation methods.

·         The post-implementation evaluation information and feedback could be gathered from different sources, which include those who are involved in implementation, the records of the company which are seen to be related to this, the clients if they are concerned with a particular objective such as impact or changes, and the departments which are concerned with the results of the implementation.

·         Measures could include a Likert scale for the consumers and measuring certain variables related to the perceptions of the people, objective data from the records of the company, and a quantitative or qualitative study especially for the big and critical projects which have an impact on the long-term standing of the company and/or addresses the particular problems today.

·         Post-implementation evaluation are particularly important as it gives the stakeholders the chance to improve and enhance the development process which is currently in place, refines or indicates whether there could be changes made, and shows whether the objectives are taken into account (Sein, Munkvold, Wojtkowski, Orvik, Zupan?i?, and Wrycza, 2001).


Gomes, R. & Knowles, P. (2006). Nonprofit marketing: Marketing management for charitable and nongovernmental organizations.

Sein, M., Munkvold, B., Wojtkowski, W.G., Orvik, T., Zupan?i?, J., and Wrycza, S. (2001). Contemporary trends in systems development. New York, NY: Plenum Publishers.

Talbot, M. (2003). Make your mission statement work: Identify your organization’s values and live them everyday (2nd Ed.). Somerset: How to Books.

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