Business Plan For The Furniture Hub Marketing Essay

The company is one of the leaders of the industry and it is considered to be the innovators for furniture in a box ( i.e. the furniture can be put together by the client themselves after reading the instructions ) . The company is the universe ‘s largest maker of furniture as good.

Prospects and Tendencies

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The tendencies of the furniture industry are that the client now a twenty-four hours ‘s prefer furniture which is low-cost, comfy with modern and useful designs. Therefore the company needs to present furniture that is easy to afford by the clients, who will supply them the comfort they need. Another tendency in the furniture industry is that the furniture makers are now utilizing certified wood to do their merchandises, so that they are able to assist with planetary heating and the makers are doing certain that they do non let go of a great trade of gas emanations into the air. This is traveling to assist them to the air clean.

The State of Economy

Since the recession of 2007, the province of the economic system is non so good. The purchasing behaviour of the clients has decreased, now they merely buy merchandises they need, i.e. they do non hold the money to purchase merchandises which they do non see a necessity. For illustration, the recognition crunch made it difficult for people to purchase furniture on recognition ; the result of this is that there was a major bead in buying of new furniture. But now since the economic system is acquiring back on its pess, now the furniture industry is get downing to turn once more, why, because people are looking for furniture to purchase.

Market Tendencies and Opportunities

It is of import for the sellers of The Furniture Hub to place any important alterations that take topographic point within the environment. The sellers need to track tendencies and seek chances for the company and a great trade of chances can be found with the aid of tendencies and crazes. There is a great trade of chance for the company to present level battalion furniture, because this furniture is easy low-cost by the clients. Another tendency that is traveling around the industry is that, there has been seen an addition in the fabrication of upholstered furniture. This furniture has leather or any other cloth covering. This sort of furniture has springs, neting or embroidering etc.


There are great trades of furniture fabrication companies that operate within the furniture industry. The chief competition for ‘The Furniture Hub ‘ is IKEA. IKEA has been runing in the furniture industry for a long clip now. IKEA has someplace about 278 mercantile establishments in 36 states, most of the mercantile establishments are based in Europe, United States, Australia, Canada and Asia. The company has someplace about 12,000 merchandises available on their web site, which is really nigh to their merchandises range. The slogan of the company is that they are seeking to make a better life for people all over the universe through their merchandises and the concern thought of the company besides supports the vision of the company and that is it provides furniture at sensible and low-cost monetary values so that many people can afford their merchandises.

The Merchandise

The Furniture Hub sells all sorts of furniture from upholstered to instance goods to level battalions etc. The company has someplace about 9,000 furniture merchandises, runing from beds, to wardrobes, to hall furniture, to garden furniture, to dining room furniture to pulling room furniture, to kitchen accoutrements, to office furniture etc.

Benefits Provided by the Company

The benefits that are provided by the company are that the furniture is easy to afford. The merchandises are known for their design. The company provides transit service for presenting the furniture at a really minimal rate.

The company provides a strong client service to its clients, i.e. the company even sends their gross revenues forces to put up the furniture at the client ‘s house. Therefore client service is considered to be one of the most of import operations of the company. As they know that the clients are the 1s who provide information sing their merchandises and service operations and the clients are the 1s who besides provide information sing any betterment for their merchandises. ( Kevin & A ; Kotler 2008 )

Protection from Rivals

The company does hold protection from its rivals. The protection of the company is its trade name name and merchandise. The strategic state of affairs is that in today ‘s clip there is a great trade of planetary competition for the companies who operate in furniture selling international market.

Therefore it is really of import for the company to keep viability in their operations, keeping viability is considered to be really indispensable for a company along with invention, which is besides consistent and this besides works as a protection against its rivals in the furniture industry. ( Kevin & A ; Kotler 2008 )

Competitive Edge over the Competition

The merchandises are sold by ‘The Furniture Hub ‘ are of a sensible and low-cost monetary value so that people all over the Earth are able to bask the comfort of life. The merchandises are known for their modern and Unitarian designs

The Furniture Hub has first-class web service and the clients besides know the fact that they will have speedy and good client service and even after gross revenues services every bit good.

Information engineering is being implemented in all the operations of the company, this manner the company is able to cut costs, increase its productiveness and along with its gross revenues. With the aid of information engineering The Furniture Hub is able to derive a competitory advantage over its rivals within the furniture industry. With the execution of engineering, the company will be able to introduce and present new merchandises within the market every bit good. ( Kevin & A ; Kotler 2008 )

The Furniture Hub has an identifiable construct with a really clear scheme of cost leading for its company

Traders who sell the merchandises are extremely knowing and good trained in selling the merchandises to the possible clients.

The company has a immense scope of place trappingss within their mercantile establishment all over the Earth.

The company has introduced e-commerce and is now selling its merchandises online as good.

The Market Research

It is of import for a company to carry on a market research ; a market research is traveling to assist the sellers of the company understand the wants and the demands to their clients.

Analysis of Customers ‘ Questionnaires

One of the major and of import parts of the research is happening and analysing but it must be remembered in the instance of qualitative research the information analysis is based on observer feeling every bit good.

A research was conducted sing the demands and the wants of the clients. The clients were provided a questionnaire to make full out, to assist the sellers understand that what sort of furniture the client require. The most common method of obtaining information about behaviours, attitudes and other features is to inquire from people straight ; hence questionnaires were used to derive that information. The sample size of the research was 4000 ( it must be remembered that this research is being done on a big graduated table ) , and the respondents who answered the inquiries were households, adolescents, singles, in-between category, and upper in-between category. The method that was used for the research was probability versus non-probability and the sampling methods that were implemented were cluster sampling and quota sampling.

For illustration, it was found that beds and mattresses are the nucleus furniture merchandises. Since it is besides the nucleus merchandise of The Furniture Hub and it is besides the nucleus merchandise in the furniture industry, clients are traveling to purchase this merchandise because it is a necessity and non a luxury.

The research worker is traveling to analyse the information that is obtained from the client questionnaires. With the aid of a mechanical technique the research worker will be able to screen through big informations. And the consequence that is traveling to be obtained from here can so be used in a statistical analysis. For illustration, allow ‘s take a inquiry from a questionnaire like ;

Q – What sort of merchandises to you purchase from The Furniture Hub? a-? Desks a-? Storage Furniture a-? Bathroom Furniture a-? Beds & A ; Mattresses a-? Clothes Storage a-? Tables a-? Chairs & A ; Sofas a-? Kitchen Cabinets & A ; Appliances

Storage Furniture


Beds & A ; Mattresss

Bathroom Furniture

Chairs & A ; Sofas

Kitchen Cabinets & A ; Appliances

Apparels Storage

































Middle Class










Upper Middle Class




















Alternate Hypothesis: more than 75 % of the respondents to the inquiry say that they buy furniture merchandises from The Furniture Hub

Null Hypothesis: less than or equal to 75 % of the respondents to the to the inquiry say that they buy furniture merchandises from The Furniture Hub

Therefore ; HI? : Iˆ a‰¤ 0.75 & A ; HI± : Iˆ & gt ; 0.75

Datas: –

N = 4000, X = 1250

P = x/n = 1250/4000 = 0.3125

I = 0.75, I± = 0.1

ZI± = 1.28

As Z & gt ; ZI± is critical part therefore,

Z & gt ; 1.28 is the part for rejecting the void hypothesis and for accepting the alternate hypothesis.

Z = p – I

{ I ( 1- I ) / n } A?

Z= 0.3125 – 0.75

{ 0.75 ( 1 – 0.75 ) / 4000 } A?

Z = – 63.90

Critical part: Z & gt ; ZI±

As Z ( -63.90 ) is less than ZI± ( 1.28 ) , and therefore does non fall within the critical part, we accept the void hypothesis ( HI? : Iˆ a‰¤ 0.75 ) and reject the alternate hypothesis ( HI± : Iˆ & gt ; 0.75 ) .

Hypothesis Consequence: less than or equal to 75 % of the respondents to the inquiry say that they buy furniture merchandises from The Furniture Hub

Actual Consequence: the respondents say that they largely buy their furniture merchandises from The Furniture Hub mercantile establishments and web site, because they are dependable, low-cost and lasting.

Analysis of Market Share

Market portion is the company gross revenues which are divided by the entire gross revenues of all the companies for specified merchandise market, like furniture. The market portion is calculated on the existent gross revenues of the company or even the gross revenues which are forecasted by the direction of the company. The market normally foretells about the future gross revenues of the company and it besides compares the merchandise of the company with other same viing merchandises within the industry, in other words it tells about the market place of the merchandise. The market portion of The Furniture Hub is as follows: –

IKEA= 25 % B & A ; Q = 15 % The Hub Furniture = 18 % Others = 42 %

Figure: Market Share

The Potential Market Growth

The possible market growing of the furniture industry is turning. At the minute it is better to turn up the fabricating mercantile establishments in those states that have low laboring costs and production costs, like China and India. For illustration, the furniture that is made in Chinese installations is traveling to be the companies even less than 50 % when comparison with the European installations. Therefore there is a great trade of potency in the market growing of the furniture industry. ( Kevin & A ; Kotler 2008 )

System for Monitoring Growth in Penetration

With the execution of ANSOFF Matrix the company would be able to supervise the growing of the furniture industry and when they see an chance they will come in it to capture it. The ANSOFF Matrix will assist the company to understand that whether or non it needs to derive more market portion with its current market with their current merchandises. Following it will assist the company by sing whether or non it needs to develop new markets for their bing market and so the company needs to see whether that it can develop new merchandises of possible involvements and in conclusion it considers that is there a demand for variegation in the merchandises or non.

Anticipate Changes in Demand

With the aid of engineering a company is now able to expect alterations in demand of the clients. It is of import for a company to expect the alteration in demand, why, because they have see how much of their merchandise is traveling to sell in the following term, in doing of the merchandise whether there would be any alteration in the monetary value of the natural stuff etc. therefore it may do the merchandise to be more expensive, doing less people to purchase. And the company has to see that what their rivals are coming up with and whether it is traveling to consequence the gustatory sensation of the clients, maintaining an oculus on the demand of the merchandise besides indicates where the merchandise is standing in its life rhythm, whether it should continued as its original ego or should alterations be made into it so as to maintain the client interested. If the demand of the merchandise is traveling down and of the company keeps on oculus ion it, it would hold inkling on what their future net incomes would be. ( Kevin & A ; Kotler 2008 )

Selling Scheme

The Furniture Hub is a really strong trade name and has a big scope of furniture merchandises that has appealed to a great trade of consumers worldwide ( i.e. utilize its trade name name to sell the merchandises that appeal to immense multitudes of people throughout the universe ) .


Pricing determinations are largely capable to an incredibly complex array of environmental and competitory forces. A company like The Furniture Hub normally does non put a individual monetary value but instead a pricing construction of its merchandises so that it covers different points in the line of merchandises. For illustration, The Furniture Hub ensures that the merchandises that the sell are low-cost by all sorts of people populating across the universe. For illustration, a dining tabular array and 4 chairs cost someplace $ 299.00 or a bed frame costs $ 299.00 etc. whatever the company charges for if furniture merchandises to its consumers all over the Earth will be able to pay the monetary value for such a merchandise.

Targeted Customer Groups

The mark market is a procedure where rating of all the market sections are done by the company and so chooses one or more sections which the company believes is more profitable than the remainder, and enters it. The Furniture Hub mark sections are kids, adolescents, households, singles, grownups and old age people that are largely people belonging from 14-63 old ages of age. So that in the terminal The Furniture Hub is able to make the greatest client value for its clients, to make net income to maintain their stockholders happy and to prolong the value and net income of the company for a long period of clip. ( Kevin & A ; Kotler 2008 )

Benefits Traveling To Be Used To Increase Gross saless

With the aid of gross revenues promotion the company would be able to increase its gross revenues. Gross saless publicity will assist the company to increase its gross revenues for a short period of clip but this is traveling to assist them increase its market portion. For illustration, if the company provides its client with price reduction and sale, the consumers would be forced to do speedy determinations sing the buying of furniture. The clients are traveling to purchase more merchandises this manner and in the terminal it is traveling to assist the company by increasing its gross revenues volume. For illustration, the company provides its client with seasonal price reductions around Christmas and Easter.

Gross saless Tacticss

The gross revenues tactics that are being used by the company to increase the gross revenues are that The Furniture Hub ever targets a specific market niche when selling, why, because when a company targets a specific mark market while selling, the company is traveling to acquire the best consequences, instead than marketing to the full population. Another maneuver is that the company provides all sorts of furniture so that it caters to all sorts of persons. The Furniture Hub is ever introducing new merchandises so that the clients do non acquire bored from the merchandises and leaves them for its rivals.

The company uses hard currency discounts as a gross revenues maneuver every bit good, i.e. the clients are offered hard currency discounts, and these discounts will promote the clients to purchase the furniture within a specified period of clip. These discounts will assist the company by increasing gross revenues, glade of stock lists without cutting the list monetary value. ( Kevin & A ; Kotler 2008 )

Guarantees Policies

The Furniture Hub will be able to advance its gross revenues by adding a free guarantee offer or even a service contract on a merchandise. What the company does is that really offers its clients these at a decreased monetary value alternatively of bear downing or adding a guarantee or a service contract.

Ad Budgets

Ad is used by the company, to advance its merchandises to aim market. The major function of advertisement is to increase the demand of the merchandise. The company uses magazines, newspapers, telecasting, wireless and the cyberspace to advance their merchandises. When the budget is being set the company needs to be really specific about some factors. These factors are as follows: –

Phase in the life merchandise

Market portion of the company and the consumer base

Competition and jumble

Frequency of the advertizement

Replaceability of the merchandise

The company can utilize the adaptive-control method to put up their advertisement budget. For illustration, the company has set an advertisement outgo rate based on the current information in respects to the gross revenues. it spends this peculiar rate on all markets other than in markets, Lashkar-e-Taiba ‘s state, 2n which were drawn indiscriminately. In the Ns based markets the company spends at a low rate. This process will give information on the mean gross revenues created with the aid of low, medium and high rates in footings to advertisement, which can assist to update the gross revenues response map, i.e. this map can be used to depict the best advertisement outgo rate for the company for its following period. ( Kevin & A ; Kotler 2008 )

The other promotional techniques that are used by the company to advance its merchandise in the mark market are as follows: –

Direct Selling: for illustration, the company is about to present gross revenues, the gross revenues forces of the company manus out flyers to the clients.

Gross saless Promotion: the company has teamed up with a picture game called the Sims for its gross revenues publicity.

Public Relations And Publicity: the company takes an active portion in protecting its community and it has set many plans which will assist to better the society.

Personal Selling: for illustration, the company sets up its stables in carnivals and exhibitions so that the clients become cognizant of the merchandises that are being sold. ( Kevin & A ; Kotler 2008 )

Merchandise Improvements

The company strongly believes in bettering its merchandise before offering to the clients, so that the clients are able to accomplish the maximal degree of satisfaction from it. The company has an ability to accommodate its merchandise so that it is able to run into all the demands of a client. For illustration, in Malaysia people prefer velvet chairs, therefore the company has more velvet chairs in the Malayan mercantile establishment, where as the people in UK prefer laid back sofas therefore the company has more couchs in the UK mercantile establishments.


Information Flow

The flow of communicating within the organisation is smooth. It is of import for the organisation to be able to get, shop, maintain and retain information that will assist them to cut down internal every bit good as external uncertainness, when there is a smooth flow of information all uncertainness can be avoided. The basic map of the organisation construction is to make the appropriate constellation of work units so that it will be able to ease the aggregation, processing and distribution of the information throughout the organisation. An organisation is flooded with information, to place demands and to work out jobs ; the directors and the employees of the company demand to be cognizant all the clip to cognize that what is traveling on in the organisation. With the aid of organisation theory it becomes easy to use communicating in a timely mode. ( David 2006 )

Equipment Essential for Efficiency

Equipment that is considered to be indispensable for the efficiency of the organisation is alining the mission with the organisation construction. The tools that are indispensable for efficiency would be the communicating procedure, the relationship between the direction and the employees and guaranting the employees are motivated. Efficiency is considered to be one of the results of public presentation measuring model. Therefore it is of import for the company to public presentation measuring ; this is traveling to assist the direction the efficiency degree within the company.

Quality Control

Quality control plays a really of import function within the organisation, is besides a portion of TQM. It is of import to hold entire quality direction ( TQM ) in the organisation, why, because it ensures that the clients and the clients are satisfied with what they buy and that the merchandise is in conformity with their outlooks. It is of import that the employees are trained so that they are able to place any quality jobs they might detect, this is the lone manner through which quality can be assured within the company. ( David 2006 )


Short Curricula Vitae

Curricula Vitae aka CV or sketch is really of import for a individual who plans to use for a occupation. A CV helps the recruiters to obtain background information on the new recruits. The CV is traveling to state about a individual ‘s educational history, work history, and the ends and aims of a individual.

Figure: CVName

Address: __________ E-Mail Address: _________ Cell Phone: _______

Aim: To work in a well-known organisation on the responsible place where I can to the full use my efficiency accomplishing organisational ends

Educational Qualification: –

Master in business

MSC in Marketing

Work Experience: –

Teaching Assistant

Visiting Student Research worker

Marketing Military officer

Skills & A ; Accomplishments: –


Conducted Seminars

Leadership Skill

Group Leader

Social Skill

Net Browsing & A ; Searching

Proficiency in MS-Office

Organizational Chart

The Furniture Hub ‘s construction is a model in which the company really defines that how the undertakings are divided and carried out, how the resources of the company are deployed and how the sections of the organisation are coordinated. The Furniture Hub ‘s construction is a set of formal undertakings that are assigned to persons and to sections, the organisation construction besides has formal describing relationships within the company and it besides includes line of authorization, determination devising duty, hierarchal degrees and the span of control of the people in charge.

Figure: Organizational ChartBoard of Directors

Chief executive officer

Vice President Accounting

Director HR

Director Marketing

Vice President Manufacturing


Team Directors



Team Manager


Team Manager

Team Manager

( Yaeger & A ; Sorensen 2009 )

Who does what?

Let ‘s pick up the function of the CEO of the company. The Chief executive officer is the individual who takes attention of the full company, he/she ensures that transport out all the strategic programs and policies that have been introduced in the company by the board of managers. After this responsibility is done the CEO must engage other directors for the organisation, so that they can assist out the Chief executive officer in transporting out all the organisation ‘s duties. It must be remembered that there are some responsibilities which a Chief executive officer and distribute for illustration, making the civilization and the environment of the company or making and developing the senior direction squad. One of the major duties of a CEO is to implementing corporate societal duty. ( Yaeger & A ; Sorensen 2009 )

Where as it is the responsibility of the director to take its employees. And it is of import for the director to actuate the employees, so that they are able to execute good on their occupation.

Training Needs

It is of import to develop the employees so that in the hereafter they are able to manage any state of affairss that might originate. Through preparation and development of current employees at The Furniture Hub, the organisation is able to cut down the company ‘s dependence on engaging new recruits. If employees are trained and developed decently the occupation gaps are filled internally. Promotions and transportations besides show employees that they have a calling and non merely a occupation. The employer benefits from increased continuity in operations and from employees who feel a greater committedness to The Furniture Hub. ( Yaeger & A ; Sorensen 2009 )


Every organisation needs basic system for apportioning fiscal resources, and developing human resources, analysing fiscal public presentation and measuring operational productiveness. It is of import for the directors at The Furniture Hub to cognize how to utilize these control systems and better them. The control system of the organisation is as follows: –

Figure: Core Control System Components

Strategic Plan

Operating Budget

Manufacturing Operationss

Management Information System

Operations Management System

Fiscal Forecast

Management by Aims Performance Appraisal System

Target Standards

Information of Performance

( Daft 2008 )

The direction of The Furniture Hub can utilize fiscal analysis to happen profitable schemes that go beyond the gross revenues. The company besides keeps in head that the clients are ever altering their gustatory sensations and penchants and the company anticipates these altering gustatory sensations and penchants of their clients and provides them with new advanced merchandises. With the aid of invention the company to gets new clients and the gross revenues besides increase which in return increases the net income,

Budgeted Histories

The budgeted histories are the fiscal program of each organisational duty centre for the budgeted period. For illustration, the operating budget outlines the fiscal resources allocated to each duty centre in dollar footings, which is calculated every twelvemonth. For illustration, in the balance sheet budget plans the sum of assets and liabilities for the terminal of the clip period under the considerations. The balance sheet budget really shows the where the future fiscal jobs may be for the company. The relationship between the operating and fiscal bugets is shown in the undermentioned figure. One thing must be remembered is that all the budgets are interconnected with each other, i.e. gross budget is connected with the cost budget which leads to the net income budget. The net income budget so influences the sum of hard currency which is available. The information which is collected from these budgets enable computation of the balance sheet budget. ( Daft 2008 )

Figure: The Relationship between the Budgets

Gross Budget Selling

Expense Budget Administration Selling Manufacturing Research

Net income Budget Revenues




Capital Expenditure Budget Capital Purchases

Balance Sheet Budget Balance Sheet

Operating Budgets

Fiscal Budget

( Daft 2008 )

Cash Flow Forecast

Cash flow is besides known as the hard currency budget, this fundamentally helps the company to that whether it has sufficient hard currency to run into its duties or non. For illustration, if the hard currency budget shows that the house has more hard currency than necessary, the company can set up to put the extra hard currency in exchequer measures to gain involvement income. If the hard currency budget shows a paysheet outgo of $ 20,000 coming at the terminal of the hebdomad but merely $ 10,000 in the bank, the accountant must borrow hard currency to run into the paysheet. ( Daft 2008 )

How Is Any Shortfall to Be Financed

Any finance deficit of the company is traveling to be financed with the aid of joint venture. With the aid of joint venture the company will hold a fluctuation of direct investing in which The Furniture Hub would portion costs and hazards with another house to construct a fabrication installation, or to develop new merchandises or even to put up a gross revenues and distribution web. ( Daft 2008 )

Break Even Position

Break even is traveling to assist the director understand the degree of gross revenues at which the sum gross becomes equal to the entire cost and therefore the company breaks even. The breakeven place is really of import for a company like The Furniture Hub, why, because it will assist the company to understand its gross revenues volume. It is besides traveling to assist the company by stating it how to increase the gross revenues volume so that the company is able to do greater net incomes. ( Daft 2008 )

Action Plan

The action program of the company is to present information engineering in all the operations of the company. This is traveling to assist the company to reengineer itself and its constructions, functions and procedures so that they can go nimble, client focused and value driven organisations. There are seven dimensions of related to the new technological networked organisation. And these dimensions show that information engineering appears to supply the companies the thrust to alter their organisational construction. They are as follows: –

Organizational Structure


Peoples and Culture




Governance ( Daft 2008 )

The company besides plans to implement Porter ‘s five forces analysis ; this is besides traveling to assist the company go more nimble and it traveling to assist the maintain the client satisfied with the company and its merchandise. Porter ‘s five forces are as follows: –

Dickering Power of Customers

Dickering Power Of Suppliers

Menace of Substitute Product

Rivalry among Rivals

Potential New Entrants

Success Factors

Model for Re-Designing Product Lines: for illustration, The Furniture Hub decided to redesign its merchandise line in 2006. The company decided to switch its flow of merchandises from Sweden to farfetched states like China and India. The company has someplace about 9 merchandise lines, 100 shops, fabrication installations and 1000s of employees around the universe who are maintaining a path and pull offing the system. Therefore such sort of redesigning was non possible, but The Furniture Hub decided to travel for it. The new system included a flattening of the company ‘s construction and hierarchy, it involved clients and providers in the design procedure from the really start, it developed a direct contact with the providers and the retail mercantile establishments, altering and adding duty of the cardinal direction ‘s staff, updating and modifying the information system of the company. ( David 2006 )


Anderson, D, 2001, Beyond Change Management: Advanced Strategies For Today ‘s Transformational Leaders. John Wiley and Sons

Biech, E, 2007, Booming Through Change: A Leader ‘s Practical Guide to Change Mastery. American Society for Training and Development

David, F. R, 2006, Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases. New York: Prentice Hall.

Daft, R L. , 2008, New Era of Management. CENGAGE Learning

Kaplan, R S. & A ; Norton, D P, 2006, The Strategy – Focused Organization. Harvard Business Press

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Yaeger, T F. & A ; Sorensen, P F. , 2009, Strategic Organization Development: Managing alteration for Success. IAP

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