Business Strategy Case Analysis Ryanair Management Essay

Ryanair is a 24 twelvemonth old international air bearer supplying scheduled air hose services. It is Europe ‘s first and most profitable no frills air hose. Founded by the Ryan Family based in Dublin, Ireland. It started its operations in 1985 winging between Waterford in sou’-east of Ireland and London ‘s Gatwick airdrome.

Ryanair with rapid growing occupied a most sought place in its ain field being Britan ‘s Favourite air hose. The CEO, Michael O’Leary was appointed in 1991 as a new direction who turned the company to drift it on Dublin stock Exchange in 1997 and was admitted to NASDAQ in 2002. He has achieved a dramatic growing and profitableness in a really competitory air hose industry. It was declared by Air Transport Magazine in August 2006 as the universe ‘s largest profitable air hose. It remains as biggest low cost bearer of European states with tremendous growing of riders achieving 34 million riders in 2006.

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The chief scheme of Ryanair is low cost air hose. Booking are done via cyberspace which reduces cost of mediators, it uses secondary airdrome for set downing which is cheaper than primary airdrome. Travels to 26 states in 148 finishs functioning 74 paths daily with more than 1050 flights a twenty-four hours and has 169 aircrafts.


It consists of macro environment ( analysed with PESTEL ) , industry ( analysed with porter 5 forces ) and designation of chances and menaces ( from SWOT ) . This together provides a better apprehension of the industry to be gained and as a consequence better strategic determination will be made.


The pestle analysis provides a comprehensive list of influences on possible success or failure of peculiar schemes. This categorises environmental influences into six chief types: political, economic, societal, technological, environmental and legal. It is critical to analyze how these factors can alter and how likely are they traveling to alter in the hereafter, exemplifying the deductions. Many of these factors are linked together. It is a strategic tool for understanding market growing or diminution, concern places and the possible way for operations.

Political: The political environment is created by authoritiess and powerful determination shapers who are able to make Torahs, ordinances and codifications and besides enforcing revenue enhancements on the administration. This highlights the function of authoritiess.

Changes in authorities policy and ordinance which affects air power industry.

Increase of trade brotherhood force per unit area.

Addition in path charges by the authorities. It increased by 21 % because addition in the figure of sectors flown.

The UK governments imposed terrible security steps at all airdromes due to terrorism onslaught on air hoses.

Climate protection charge. Airline had to pay environmental revenue enhancements

Economic: states have different economic systems runing from extremely controlled and planned 1s to other where free market is given more importance.

Addition in growing rate. The turning degree of population in the economic system increases the demand for going.

High monetary value of crude oil merchandises. Due to the terrorist act onslaughts, the monetary value of fuel supports on fluctuating.

Unemployment rate cut to 8.7 % in 2006

The currency fluctuations lead to depreciation of US Dollars

EU committee Rulings – Compensation for flight cancellations, reimbursement of delayed riders.

Sociable: this exerts force per unit area on society on how persons and administration behave. Valuess and attitudes are of import therefore affect the society as a whole.

Addition in gray market. Means that it ‘s a low cost menu than set by the bureau which increase the purchasing power of riders to go a batch and It besides attracted broad scope of demographic chances by the low cost scheme.

Increase in concern travel. Due to increase in globalization and promotion in engineering, people travel a batch for concern penchant so Ryan air was successfully aiming at concern people.

Change in manner of going due to terrorism attack – e.g. banned from transporting liquids and gels on carry on baggage, this made it hard for riders to transport their shampoos, hair gels and aromas which was a necessity to them so riders chose to go by train or autos.

Tourism is turning due to migration the desire for people to go has increased. This is because of their lifestyle alterations.

Technological: This Includes promotion of cognition and equipments in the society and the rate of development and application of such cognition

The growing of internet use is a cardinal to low cost air hose because it allows riders to but a ticket online and besides acquire checked in online. By 2003, 95 % of the engagement was done online extinguishing the cost of travel agents.

With the growing of cyberspace, Ryan air besides generates income through on-line gaming and web gross revenues.

By deploying more efficient aircrafts, the ingestion of fuel was low.

New aircrafts were bought at a low monetary value diminishing the sum of C emanation.

Environmental: These are factors that include weather, clime and clime alteration that affect an administration.

The increased figure of direct flights reduced the pollution.

Global heating

There was a rigorous cheque on green house gas – C emanation

Noise degree control

Climate alteration. During summer clip, there are a batch of riders going with their kids merely because there is no school so they go for vacations.

Legal: it means alterations in statute law which impacts in employment, entree to stuffs, resources and revenue enhancements.

Allegations of misdirecting advertizements. By overstating the monetary values of its rival in doing comparings online.

Employment jurisprudence

Abolition of responsibility free gross revenues.

Safety steps of staff and pilots

Cancellation and delayed flights compensation. The European Union devised new regulations to cover overbooking, cancellations and delayed flights where riders automatically would acquire compensation.


Michael Porter based this on the penetration that a corporate scheme should run into the chances and menaces in administration external environment and specially the competitory scheme should establish on and understanding of industry construction and the manner of alteration.

Porter chief focal point was where this fives forces are high ; industries are non attractive to vie in, alot of competition force per unit area to let sensible net incomes.

The five forces are:

Menace to new entrants: The easier for companies to come in an industry, the higher the competition is in that industry. Menace of entrants depends on the extent and tallness of barriers to entry. These are factors that are needed to be overcome by new entrants to vie successfully. Overall menace is Medium for Ryanair.

Ryanair typical barriers of entry are that it needs a flight mandate i.e. a licence to acquire into the air hose industry which takes a long procedure. In European states there was a ordinance that was passed which removed barriers and different rivals come ining into the air hose industry. There were a batch of low cost air hose in the industry which are MyTravelLite, FlyBE, easyjet which limited others to come in. As there was a demand of immense capital investing and expense of capital, it made it hard for the entry. As the landing slots are already reserved by European States and are besides used by state bearer ‘s, made it complex for entrants due to scarceness of set downing slots.

Menaces of replacements: Substitutes are merchandises or services which offers a similar benefit to a merchandise or service but in a diverse procedure. Peoples can replace aeroplanes for a train to go. Substitute can cut down demand for a peculiar set of merchandises as client switch to options. Overall menace is Medium for Ryanair as industry is susceptible to alterations in the economic system.

Consumers are taking eco friendly manners of conveyance such as Trains, autos and ferries to go within place state which is a menace to Ryanair. There is besides a menace that if the state enters in a recession period, there would be a generic permutation significance that people would pass their income on their basic needs instead than on luxury of travel. The direction relationship with clients on Ryanair was indulgent leverage which made riders to replace.

Dickering power of Buyers: Customers are indispensable for the endurance of any concern. Sometimes purchasers can hold a high bargaining power that their providers face a trouble to do any net incomes at all. Overall consumer power is Medium/High.

The creative activity of website comparings made riders to easy compare flight monetary values between different air hoses and pick the lowest menu. Ryanair mark market is for clients looking for low monetary values. There was no control over monetary value as clients were non concentrated alternatively clients were monetary value medium because they had a immense disposition towards low cost air hose. The power of travel agent was dropping as chances used to book tickets online or through direct engagement presenting a menace to go agent.

Dickering power of providers: Suppliers are people who are natural stuffs, equipment, fuels, labor and beginnings of finance. Overall supplier power is Low/Medium with alterations in external environment.

The provider ‘s power was high since there were merely two imperative providers of planes, Boeing and Airbus which led to high context of provider and were playing a dominate function in the industry. The exchanging cost from one provider to another was high which led to retrain mechanics, staff and pilots for the use of the other provider ‘s aircraft. Due to the frequent fluctuations in the monetary value of fuel which was related to the cost of oil so the cost of production was changing due to the fluctuations. Regional airdrome have small bargaining power if they are to a great extent dependent on one air hose. But dickering power additions due to competition of low menu air hoses. Bigger airdrome where Ryanair operates have greater dickering power.

Competitive competition: These are administrations with similar merchandises and services aimed at similar client group. High competitory force per unit areas consequences in force per unit area on monetary values, borders and therefore on profitableness for each company in the industry. Overall competition was high.

There was n’t much distinction in the air hose industry ; the lone distinction factor was monetary value. Ryanair was based on low cost- no frills scheme, this meant that if any air hose company decides to vie with Ryanair than there would be heavy force per unit area on monetary values, borders and profitableness every bit good. There are assorted amalgamations and strategic confederation E.g. KLM and Air France which makes it hard for other air hoses to run entirely. The air hose industry faced a menace of replacement significance that if it charges high monetary value or is n’t runing good to fulfill client demands than people would prefer to go in autos, trains pr by sea. Since a immense sum of capital was involved, air hose houses faced high barriers to go out.


It provides information which is helpful in fiting house ‘s resources and capablenesss to competitory environment it operates. It summarises the cardinal issues from the concern environment and the strategic capableness of an administration that are most likely to impact on scheme development. The purpose is to place the extent to which strengths and failing are relevant to, or capable of covering with the alterations taking topographic point in the house. A SWOT includes internal ( strengths and failing ) and external elements ( chances and menaces ) .

Below are the external elements of Ryanair

Opportunities: these are external environmental analysis that may uncover certain new chances for net income and growing. It is a favorable state of affairs in an administration environment

With the direction system and the strengths that it has, Ryanair has bigger chances to rule and catch up with competition in the European air hose industry in footings of supplying quality service criterion and at the same clip continuing its low cost frills scheme.

It has expanded with European Union.

It has started long distance flights.

Fleet enlargement

Advanced cost decrease. With An increasing figure of concern travelers, Ryan air took advantage by making low cost concern service

Menaces: These are alterations in external environment which besides may show menaces to the house. They are gained from an external audit which analyses the concern and economic environment, market conditions and strength of the rivals. A menace might be a barrier, anything external that cause trouble for the company.

Loss of skilled pilots. There is a force per unit area from the British air hose pilots ‘ Association to enroll Ryanair pilots based in UK.

Utility Transportation due to terrorism onslaughts and disbursal of look intoing in baggage every bit good excess clip spent in airport security checking. Peoples would prefer to go utilizing Trains or Cars.

Increase of low menu cost competition. There are many air hose houses following a low cost scheme, bear downing low monetary values to riders which are a menace to Ryan air.

Fluctuating fuel monetary values – the monetary value of fuel rose in 2005 and kept increasing. It would neither be predicted nor controlled. It was based on hedge. This meant that if fuel monetary values kept on increasing, riders would be charged high through increased menus.

Terrorism and security menace. Passengers were organic structure checked and were banned from transporting liquids and gels due to security.


It focuses on cardinal internal strengths and failing ( from SWOT ) and can be achieved by analyzing the resources and competencies ( RBV ) of Ryanair by using the VRIO theoretical account.

Strengths: These can be looked upon as existent advantages. Firm ‘s strengths are its resources and capablenesss that can be used as a footing for developing a competitory advantage.

It has a strong selling scheme which includes a strong trade name name and repute in the air hose industry. It is one of the most recognized trade names on Goggle.

It has an aggressive and advanced leading managed by Michael O’Leary which made a batch of promotion

90 % of the engagement is done online which made Ryanair the largest travel web site in Europe and offering it a immense potency to change over it into e-commerce. However it eliminated mediators and distribution costs.

It received an award in August 2006 by Air Transport Magazine for the most profitable air hose in the universe and was one of the most successful air hoses in the industry with high figure of riders and flights.

High service public presentation: In-flight services are highly good, seats are comfy to sit, provides in-flight nomadic services and on board gross revenues, and high rate of flight completion giving the company a good image.

Failing: These are seen as negative factors. The absences of certain strengths are viewed as failing of the house. It is the restrictions or mistakes that exist in the administration that will maintain it off from accomplishing its aims.

The staffs of Ryanair are unskilled. They have hapless working conditions such as staff banned from bear downing their ain phones at work merely to cut down electricity measure.

Poor leg suites: there is no proper infinite for riders to stretch out and sit nicely.

Some secondary airdromes were significantly further from the metropolis which consumes more clip and costs.

No control over fuel monetary values. Based on fudging significance educated guesswork.

There has been significantly bad promotion of the company therefore making a negative feeling to the air hose industry.

Ryanair has been known as European foremost low cost, no frills air hose trade name. It started with the strongest merchandising point which resulted to rapid addition of clients and enlargement of the concern operation. Despite the addition of riders, the company was n’t making good at pull offing the cost which resulted trouble to manage client or the mark market. It accumulated concealed revenue enhancements, fuel cost, restricted client service and lead oning advertizement which posed a menace to Ryanair. With the new direction system led by Michael O’Leary and the strengths, it served better chance to rule and catch up the air hose industry by supplying quality service and continuing low cost – no frills scheme. It faced an inevitable menace of low cost competition from its challenger.

Resource Based View

Is the competitory advantage and superior public presentation of an administration that is explained by its peculiarity and of its capablenesss. It is really utile model for deriving penetrations on why some rivals are more profitable than others.

It includes Tangible resources, intangible resources and organizational capablenesss.

Tangible resources are assets that are discernible and easy quantified. They include the physical and fiscal assets that an administration uses to make value for the clients. Tangible resources include:

Physical resources: this consists of resources ( machines, production capacity, and location ) that are needed to run within house. Ryanair includes 196 Boeing aircrafts, care, headquarter office and secondary airdromes. It lands to 27 states in 127 finishs.

Fiscal resources: These are house ‘s hard currency history, borrowing capacity, capital, debt, equity and investing. Ryanair is the lowest cost air hose with highest net income and its capital came from the Ryan Family and stockholders, debitors, creditors, price reduction from authoritiess and airdromes.

Technological Resources: this includes advanced production procedure, patents, right of first publications and hallmarks. Ryanair introduced online booking for riders, compensation to riders for flight cancellations, holds and denied embarkation.

Intangible resources are non physical resources such as information, repute and cognition. It is much more hard for rivals to copy them and is typically embedded in alone modus operandis and patterns that have evolved and accumulated over clip. Intangible resources include Human Resources ( experience and capableness of employees, trust, effectivity of squad work and managerial accomplishments ) , reputation resources ( trade name name, repute with providers, clients dependability )

Ryanair has an norm of 6000 staff working and are passionate about the work they do. It had cognition of board and Michael O’Leary was disciplined and focused. It had a labor policy, E.g. cabin crew to clean the aircraft in between the flights. It had little figure of core staff and outsourced all non nucleus activities.

Ryanair had the strongest trade name consciousness and made a repute in the air hose industry by offering low cost – no frills to riders. Despite of competition in the air hose industry, Ryan air ‘s clients were loyal to the aircraft because of low menu and promptness and had alot of promotion due to CEO of Ryan air Michael O’Leary who had a batch of assurance despite failure.

Organizational Capability: these are competences that house employs have to transform inputs into end products. It refers to an administration ‘s capacity to deploy touchable and intangible resources by and large in combination and to command those capablenesss for a coveted result. Competences are the accomplishments and abilities by which resources are organized efficaciously through activities and procedures of the administration.

Ryanair received an award for the universe ‘s most profitable air hose by Air Transport World Magazine in August 2006 on footing of runing net incomes and net net income borders. In 2006 Ryanair published a rider charter which embraces a figure of philosophies, covering with low menus, damages and promptness ; this was one of the service inventions. Ryan air scored really good on best menus and had 22.1 million riders by the terminal of November 2006. Ryanair with the new direction squad held by Michael O’Leary successfully restyled the air hose to go Europe ‘s first low menus and No-frills bearer – this mean it combines a low monetary value, low perceived service benefits and a focal point on sensitive market section. It uses advanced schemes on cost film editing ; it travels point to indicate cut downing airdrome charges, utilizing secondary and regional airdrome finishs which are low at cost and has quick turnaround clip.

By using the VRIO theoretical account to Ryanair resources ( Appendix 1 ) determines whether it is utilizing the resources and capablenesss to keep competitory advantage in the industry.


Reasoning from the above analysis, Ryanair should develop its market globally. Harmonizing to my point of position, the company should increase its cost because fuel/oil monetary values may lift and the company might lose its market portion. Rather than aiming the niche market, Ryanair can increase its gross by placing new paths, increasing the frequence of go outing paths and spread outing the market to other countries of Europe and other continents.

Its resources and capablenesss combined them to do nucleus competencies in low cost scheme to bask net income border.

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