Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Easy Essay

“Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Easy” is a pragmatic portrayal of the cardiovascular system by presenting a complicated subject in a practical and simple demeanour. Jo Donofrio et al., have used an illustrative detailing of the implications and processes involved which is a realistic analysis directed not only to those in the medical profession but to the common person as well. The language and terminologies that have been used have been quite loquacious. In fact, the article deals with the anatomy, physiology, diagnostic tests, procedures, treatments and surgeries in relation to the heart. Despite its mouthful-of-an-information, this has not become an obstacle for any reader to grasp what the book is trying to offer. Therefore, although there seems to be a verbose obstacle in reading this article, “Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Easy” has proven to be efficiently enticingly valuable and understandable to any reader.

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            The primary manner that makes this book appealable even to the common person is seen in two ways. First is the use of graphics and images. The second one is by basically emphasizing on an issue related to the main topic that is wrongly perceived by society; location of the heart. The use of graphics and images is a very effective way of explaining in a very realistic style any subject. Using graphics and images takes into consideration the fact that there are still people who cannot actually read. Moreover, there are also people who are not educated or people that have a low educational attainment. Next, the author goes on to show the basic information about the heart; it is the size of the fist and most importantly, the heart is located beneath the sternum between the second and sixth ribs. As influenced by media and cartoons, there are people who have the idea that the heart is at the left upper part of a person’s chest and it is “heart-shaped”. By challenging the preconceived notions about the heart, the author has drawn more interest in the book.

The processes and procedures that the subject of this book tackles are highly intricate. However, the author overcomes this dilemma by having a systematic way of first introducing a subject then defining it as detailed as it can but straightforwardly. In addition, there is a considerable emphasis on the topics that the society is somewhat aware or knowledgeable about. This awareness and knowledge can be used to connect or introduce the other topic related to it. Through this, the author can explain the book with a great degree of confidence that the reader will largely understand the message of the book and thus value it. For example, in the area of diagnostic tests, there is what is called an ECG test. It is explained as a kind of test that tries to know the conditions of the heart. Now, the author goes on to discuss the 12-lead ECG measurement. This measures the hearts electrical activity and records it as wave forms. At this point, the 12-lead ECG test becomes somewhat blurry. But the author immediately states that this test merely assesses the heart from twelve different views (Donofrio et al., 51). There is also the topic on surgeries. The book shows the different kinds of surgeries and treatments related to the heart. Some of these are heart transplantation and artificial heart insertion for surgeries and defibrillation, synchronized cardioversion and pacemaker insertion for treatments to name a few (Donofrio et al., 77). There are those who may have heard of these through movies or television shows but do not know it. And there are also those who know this by personal experience or an experience of someone close to them. By using these topics, the author easily related and connected such topics which the reader may be already familiar with to understand the other things about the heart.

The author ends by discussing another topic indirectly associated with the main topic but is also highly valuable with regard to the heart in general. This makes the information of the book not limited to its boundaries. This makes the book vast and diverse. The book shows that cardiac trauma commonly dramatic in presentation is usually associated with other thoracic injuries. Thoracic injuries account for approximately 25% of all trauma deaths (Donofrio,et al 281).

            Despite having the illusion of being intimidating when read, the author has taken due diligence and time to anticipate who his target readers shall be. In materials such as this, there is always the unaccounted fact between being ideal and practical. “Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Easy” has clearly set the line to prevail over this by not only drawing the interest and awareness of its audience, but more importantly, by making the readers realize the value of its content.

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