Case Study Brand Ambassador Marketing Essay

This undertaking study undertakings the usage of clients as the trade name embassadors by the company. The undertaking argues that whether it ‘s executable to do clients as its trade name boosters or non. it will present you to the subject trade name embassador and so the pros and cons are cited.

Brand ambassadorA is aA selling termA for aA celebrityA employed by aA companyA to advance its merchandises or services within the activity known asA famous person stigmatization. The trade name embassador is meant to incarnate theA corporate imageA in visual aspect, demeanour, values and moralss.

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The Dictionary of Business & A ; Management defines a trade name as: “ a name, term, mark, symbol, or design, or a combination of them, intended to place goods or services of one marketer or a group of Sellerss and to distinguish them from those of rival ” .

Nowadays clients are exposed to 1000s of voices and images on television, newspapers, magazins, billboards, streamers, wireless etc. these are the trade name embassador of the merchandise. Every trade name efforts to catch the attending of client in order to inform them about the merchandise and service. The challenge of the seller is to happen a hook that will keep the topic ‘s attending.

But nowadays company like mc-Donald, Sony, Uniliver etc has taken an advanced move by using the existent clients as the trade name embassador. Companies invest big amounts of money to aline their trade names and themselves with subscribers. Overall disbursement on citizen selling is turning and is expected to exceed $ 1 billion in 2007, up from $ 980 million in 2006, harmonizing to PQ Media ‘s viva-voce selling prognosis. That figure is expected to swell to about $ 4 billion by 2011.

Consumers are selected based on their devotedness to a merchandise and the size of their societal circles. They are expected to tap into friends, household, groups and resources through conversations, web logs, unrecorded events and online societal media.

Their activities are measured by things such as online traffic, figure of web log stations, reader remarks and e-mail responses, and how many people participate in real-world events. These plans “ hire ” consumers, via inducements and wagess, to move as portion PR agents, portion gross revenues reps and portion revivalists.

Frequently, these reps create their ain stigmatization catchs.

In your position, in the Indian selling context, is the construct of trade name embassadors likely to win? Justify your reply.

Ans ( a ) : Yes it will certainly turn out to be successful in the Indian society. The undermentioned grounds are: –

It helps in increasing web traffic and conversations on societal media sites by showing their unfiltered ideas, feelings about the merchandise through tweets, position updates etc. Loyal clients are in a wont of speaking about the merchandise which they like most to their friends, relations which indirectly promotes the trade name and increases the gross revenues. The power of client narrative is such that it is able to act upon a larger figure of population as the people can associate themselves with the client well. For antique – dove has used this theory n uses its loyal clients as its trade name embassador.

Customers can open doors faster than you can. :

It becomes really hard entirely for the company to advance its trade name merchandises to each and every person in the market. By doing loyal clients as its trade name embassador it is doing this possible. Customers can more rapidly advance anything whether it ‘s negative or positive and other people listening gets influence spontaneously. It proves to be a large chance for the company to do clients as trade name clients. After utilizing a merchandise client instantly put up their gross revenues radio detection and ranging every bit good as bogs or tweets.thus it turn out to be helpful.

It ‘s echt, it ‘s existent, and it is n’t selling:

Presents there are figure of advertizements on telecasting that it becomes really tuff to interrupt through the jumble. By holding a group of clients who are your trade name embassadors, you canA easy break through with an reliable voiceA because it will sound different finally it ‘s humanisation of your brandA at its best. The world is that whatever client said it will hold a tone of genuineness in that.

Many famous person subscribers get unnoticed today inspite of the glamour factor added in a new and advanced scheme for invention is strongly needed to advance the merchandises.

Comment upon Sony ‘s scheme of utilizing trade name embassadors to establish its cameras. What can be the possible dangers of utilizing this attack?

Ans ( B ) : – sony ‘s scheme of utilizing clients as trade name embassador is new and advanced measure for publicity.

Out of 2,000 appliers merely 25 embassadors were picked based on how much they planned on travelling and take parting in featuring events. The victors were given a free camera and other equipment in October along with lessons on how to utilize them. Applicants who did n’t do the cut got a thank-you note and a 20 per centum price reduction voucher for the camera.

They are encouraged to manus out price reduction vouchers, show the camera to anyone who asks and blog hebdomadal about their escapades on a dedicated Sony micro site.

To avoid charges of misrepresentation, embassadors are advised by sellers to openly uncover that they ‘re representatives.

Sony decided that choosing trade name embassadors who like to go, take images and web log would jumpstart the launch of its intelligence GPS camera. “ This is a merchandise with emerging engineering and we truly need to allow consumers see people utilizing it, ” says Koba Kobayashi, manager of digital imagination accoutrements at Sony.

The Risks of Relinquishing Brand Control

Fear of the knave client.

Making clients as their trade name embassador can be a hard proposition because companies are terrified that clients may turn on them and post anything which can turn out to be negative.

Although it ‘s really rare that the client turn up against you, it can go on merely if the house is unable to supply satisfactorily merchandise to clients. So it can turn out to be negative merely if there is deficiency of attempts from the company itself.

Concern over losing a trade name embassador because they move on.

It becomes a serious job for the company if they stick on to one client for trade name publicity and he/she is unable to provide them because of clip or any other issue. So it is preferred that the house allow multiple clients to take part in a individual channel so to avoid such issues. It becomes tough to mange a individual passage.

Fear of non “ commanding ” the trade name message.

A seller can make is to act upon trade name messages and perceptual experience, but the world is that its mostly controlled by our audience. The client word of oral cavity magnifies the society through societal media or others. Because of societal media clients have a voice and they can post their ideas and feelings whether we empower them or non.


This concludes that the thought of using existent clients as trade name embassador proves to be good and cost effectual to some extent. Loyal Customers embassadors need to be treated good as they are the one whose word of oral cavity proves to be good for the company.this scheme is helpful in catching the attending of 1000s of clients as they find it existent and can easy associate themselves with their words.

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