Case Study Foreign Direct Investment Marketing Essay

There are several theories that seek to explicate why FDI takes topographic point. These theories try to explicate why houses go to the problem of geting or set uping operations on board. Such theories include Dunning Eclectic Paradigm, Vernon Life Cycle and Knickerbocker Model to call a few. Your study should exemplify usage of such theories to measure the principle for foreign direct investing for a taking participant in your chosen industry.

Foreign direct investing is besides known as internationalisation, and is where a company establishes a presence abroad and invests in land, labor, capital, engineering, equipment, and such as. Foreign direct investing so enables a company to go a transnational endeavor. For illustration ; Adidas, Siemens, Nokia, Shell. In a absolutely competitory economic system, there would be no foreign direct investing. It is besides of import to take in to consideration how a foreign company can take part in a market that it is unfamiliar with, and it will already be at a disadvantage to local concerns.

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Stephen Hymer said:

“ for houses to have and command foreign value-adding activities they must possess some sort of innovatory, cost, fiscal or selling advantages – particular to their ownership – which is sufficient to outweigh the disadvantages they face in viing with autochthonal houses in the state of production ”

There are many advantages of foreign direct investing. These include the chance for cheaper labor, or cheaper production installations ; new markets and therefore a new mark market ; entree to new engineering. It besides gives smaller companies an easier path in to the international market. In recent old ages it has become much easier to run companies abroad due to take down international communicating costs, the cyberspace, and the of all time turning low cost air hoses.

A big per centum of foreign direct investing is due to amalgamations and acquisitions, and can frequently be in the signifier of machinery, edifices, and equipment. In general, larger companies play a major function in puting in little companies. However, this does non normally entail the larger company purchasing out the smaller company as there is excessively large of a hazard of neglecting. The hazard of a maker doing an investing is the possibility of selling merely a little figure of the merchandise. Because foreign direct investing has become so popular and so successful, it can sometimes be difficult to place the nationality of a merchandise. A study was taken on auto in the United States, and it emerged that merely 37 % of the parts of US autos were really American.

The Dunning Eclectic Partigan fundamentally says that if a company wants to come in a foreign market from a local base, so it must hold “ steadfast particular advantages ” or be able to get these at a really low cost. This includes human capital, patents, new engineering etc. Despite this, it must be more good for a company to utilize these than it would be for them to sell them to a different company or even to licence them.

Samsung electronics is the largest maker in Korea. Korea is an ideal state for foreign direct investing and for a fabrication works because the state is hapless in natural stuffs but rich in extremely skilled people. Samsung joined the electronics industry as it had the capacity for high income snap, it would bring forth tonss of occupations, and there was the chance for a really high return. The Samsung group counts for 20 % of South Korea ‘s exports. It was merely in the 90 ‘s, about 50 old ages into concern, that Samsung became an international endeavor and non merely secured a figure of concerns abroad but besides became the market leader for some electronic constituents.

AT the terminal of the 1980 ‘s Samsung were simply copying other American and Japanese trade names, particularly where nomadic phones were concerned. Today, about all of the merchandises that Samsung make are their ain. Now, non merely are Samsung the market leader for nomadic phones, but besides for level screen telecastings and computing machines, and memory french friess. In 1982, Samsung joined the United States and Japan in doing memory french friess, and by 1992, simply ten old ages subsequently, Samsung was non merely the figure one manufacturer, but besides the 2nd largest provider in the universe. In 1989, Samsung entered the LCD market. Until this clip Nipponese manufacturers dominated 90 % of the universe market, but by 1996 Samsung had one time once more go the market leader, and this was to be the instance until 2002. Samsung say that their success was due to three points ; research and development, organisation, and production.

Research and development: Samsung have ever kept a really close oculus on their rivals, and have ever kept a close working relationship between their manufacturers and their technological developers. If an thought comes to a dead terminal, so the thought is kept for future mention and is hence already ready to be incorporated in to new merchandises.

Organization: Samsung say that they try to maintain to their deadlines and let their staff, that is, their manufacturers and developers, to travel from group to group. Enabling this interaction means that there is in general a better apprehension of the merchandise and opens up chances for farther merchandise developments and betterments.


The research and development and the organisation lead to quick but good quality production. Samsung require new and complicated production lines on a regular footing and organisation and research and development are cardinal.

Raymond Vernon said that there are four phases ; debut, growing, adulthood and diminution. And where the merchandise is produced depends on the phase that it is at. If the merchandise is in its debut phase so it will be produced locally and so in clip exported to states with similar demands, similar outlooks, and similar incomes. In the growing phase, the company will normally travel to a foreign state ( foreign direct investing possibly ) , due to take down production costs, cheaper labor. It is besides in the growing phase that other manufacturers will get down to do similar merchandises and these will be sold in the local market to make both growing of the merchandise and demand. Samsung began in 1938 in Daegu with a mere 40 employees. During the growing phase, Samsung did non hold to travel to a foreign state. As I mentioned before, South Korea was, and is, the perfect state to bring forth electrical merchandises in. In the 1980 ‘s Samsung became Samsung Electronics Co, and by 1990 Samsung had concern in Malaysia, Taiwan and United Arab Emirates. The 3rd phase is the “ adulthood ” phase. This is when the company who can bring forth the goods for the lowest cost, wins, efficaciously. Phase for is the diminution. This is when a merchandise is no longer needed, or has been replaced, or the lone topographic points that demand the merchandise are less economically developed states. The President of Samsung Electronics Co said “ we move on, if other companies catch up ” .

In 2004 Samsung joined forces with Sony for the production of liquid crystal for level screen telecastings. There are many advantages to this ; addition in universe market portion, cut down costs due to an addition in production and gross revenues, and decreased hazard.

Samsung say that their success is due to the fact that they develop merchandises for niche markets with fatter borders. They have a simple attack to concern – organisation, research and development, and maintaining production costs low.

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