Case Study Marketing Plan

This program aims at launching of Kellogg ‘s sugar free maize flakes in Asia, Europe and America. Kellogg ‘s has launched several merchandises in the same merchandise line of cereals meant for breakfast. The most popular of these is the toasted maize flakes. After the success that Kellogg ‘s achieved for maize flakes, Kellogg ‘s has introduced several spirits and assortments in the same merchandise line. The latest of its merchandises focused on diet and weight loss cereals and was named “ Kellogg ‘s Particular K ” ( Particular K, n.d. ) . On the same lines it is possible for Kellogg ‘s to concentrate on the diet nutrient section and come up with a sugar free scope of merchandises. But it can get down off with sugar-free maize flakes in order to prove the several facets of selling this merchandise and after its success in the market ; they can get down a scope of these sugar free merchandises in the hereafter.

Looking at the success of Kellogg ‘s Particular K in several markets, it is appropriate for Kellogg ‘s to now come up with a new merchandise that focuses on diabetes patients. The figure of diabetes patients in the universe forms a significant and sustainable market. There are soon over 16 million diabetes patients in America itself ( Diabetes, n.d. ) . So, it becomes of import to provide to the demands of this section and open up the tapping of this market by adding a sugar-free merchandise to its merchandise line. Kellogg ‘s demands to accomplish its primary aim of making market leading in the convenience nutrient industry. For this intent it is of import that Kellogg ‘s launches several advanced merchandises and competes on the footing of their success.

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As no other rival has yet successfully come up with a merchandise that is sugar free and focuses on the diabetics section, it is the right thing to be done at this point of clip for Kellogg ‘s. The launch of sugar-free maize flakes shall be a successful venture.

Type of Product and Its Primary Features

The merchandise would be sugar-free cereals, where in toasted maize flakes are prepared in the same manner that the normal 1s or regular 1s are manufactured. But the sugar content in it will be replaced with sugar replacements that are used by diabetes patients. This would take to the same spirit and gustatory sensation, but would hold lesser Calories and sugar content. It would be healthier for diabetes patients to devour these alternatively of the regular maize flakes.

These maize flakes would be available merely in the regular spirit as other flavored cereals like honey, cocoa and fruit flavored cereals have higher sugar content every bit good as Calories in comparing to maize flakes. They will be available in battalions of 250 gms, 500 gms and 1000 gms. The merchandise would keep the same spirit and gustatory sensation every bit good as quality. Yet the monetary value would be somewhat higher than the regular maize flakes. This is chiefly to cover the cost of the sugar free ingredient used every bit good as non to cannibalise the regular maize flakes.

The purpose of this merchandise is to keep the gustatory sensation and spirit every bit good as the trade name image as they are already good established and successful in the market. The company would non desire to alter these elements as they provide competitory advantage every bit good as are the strengths or competences of Kellogg ‘s. The focal point is on making and tapping a new section of diabetes patients and so supplying a merchandise that caters to their demands.

The maize flakes are going a poplar breakfast all over the universe. In the same context sugar-free maize flakes would besides derive popularity in no clip. They would be good accepted as they promote wellness and people all over the universe are progressively going wellness witting. Furthermore, the merchandise is really focused on the diabetes section, which is yet untapped.

Merchandise Branding Strategy

The sugar-free merchandise of Kellogg ‘s would be branded in conformity with its current stigmatization scheme. The stigmatization would be based on the merchandise and its features. The benefits of the merchandise would be explained or highlighted in all of it ‘s advertises every bit good as its runs.

A really elusive emotional touch can be added like it was used in the advertizements of Special K merchandises. It can be shown to convey in felicity due to better wellness in the households of diabetes patients and besides concentrate on a diabetes patient being able to work more expeditiously every bit good as being more fit, healthy and relaxed or non disquieted ( Branding Strategy, n.d. ) .

The purpose of the merchandise stigmatization scheme is to make out to the mark market by explicating merchandise features ( Brady et al, 2002 ) , utilizing the trade name name of Kellogg ‘s and explicating the benefits of utilizing the merchandise. This would be one of the best ways to inform the consumers about the merchandise and present it as a customized merchandise for diabetes patients. This would assist pass on the message straight to the mark market, i.e. to the diabetes patients and pull them to utilize the merchandise in order to guarantee better wellness. Furthermore as maize flakes is already tried and tested a merchandise, this version of it tends to acquire easy credence.

It is highly of import that the merchandise stigmatization and advertisement are in synch with the bing selling schemes of Kellogg ‘s in order to guarantee that there is no separate individuality created and the merchandise is identified as a dependable merchandise organize a reputed company. The individuality of Kellogg ‘s and maize flakes should stay a portion of the stigmatization scheme for the sugar-free maize flakes every bit good.

Aligning the Product within the Product Line and the Depth and Breadth of the Line

This sugar free merchandise is aligned to the merchandise line of cereals marketed by Kellogg ‘s. It is a really similar merchandise with a sugar free component replacing the sugar used n the production procedure. It would increase the length of the merchandise line as another merchandise is added to its portfolio. It does non impact the breadth of the merchandise line as no new merchandise lines are added. It increases the merchandise deepness as the figure of discrepancies in the merchandise line additions. It does non impact the comprehensiveness of the merchandise line as no new merchandise line is added. It would be attached to the Particular K merchandise and added up as one of its discrepancy as it is a wellness oriented merchandise.

In this manner Kellogg ‘s does non hold to do several alterations and yet can increase the length of its merchandise line. This helps keep the same selling schemes every bit good as production procedures and yet tap a really large market section which has been carved out by making this merchandise. Though similar to niche selling, it yet is more of mass selling as the section of diabetes patients is so big.

In this manner though a new merchandise is being introduced, it is so much in synch with the other merchandises of Kellogg ‘s that no new merchandise line has been initiated. Merely in instance of a scope of other sugar-free merchandises being introduced, it would be possible to divide the sugar-free merchandises into another merchandise line. This greatly benefits the company as at that place does non hold to be a major passage in its selling and other relevant schemes. It is utile to hold a merchandise good aligned to the bing concern as it helps the house in go oning its focal point in the same concern sections. Furthermore, it besides gives clip for a slow passage and does non hold to mange a sudden alteration ( Pearce & A ; Robinson, 2005 ) .

Merchandise Fit With the Organizational Schemes

The merchandise fits with the organisational scheme of Kellogg ‘s which is to go a market leader in the field of convenience nutrients. It adds an advanced merchandise of high quality and gustatory sensation and therefore is in synch with the organisational scheme. As the merchandise would back up and assist Kellogg ‘s be able to travel further towards its ends of going a market leader in the field of convenience nutrients, it is good aligned and fits the organisational scheme.

Furthermore Kellogg ‘s has a scheme of utilizing its strength of trade name, merchandise quality, gustatory sensation and spirit and client trueness. These elements besides stay changeless as the gustatory sensation or production procedure is non changed. The new sugar-free merchandises would therefore suit good with the organisation ‘s scheme.

The sugar free merchandises including the enterprise of its sugar free maize flakes would assist Kellogg ‘s range out to several other markets as a merchandise of higher public-service corporation. In this manner it can breakthrough those markets besides where it could non be accepted easy earlier. Diabetes being a disease that is rampant all around the universe, it becomes highly of import for Kellogg ‘s to tap this market and be able to spread out in states like China where the credence or response to sugar-free Kellogg ‘s would be better than that to the ordinary Kellogg ‘s.

Pricing & A ; Distribution

The merchandises are priced otherwise in different topographic points. Kellogg ‘s utilizations premium pricing in most of the states except China. This is chiefly due to the initial constitution jobs that are being faced due to a really different market and environment in China. In China, Kellogg ‘s would necessitate to follow a low pricing scheme and even its sugar free merchandises would non acquire accepted at a premium monetary value. Yet, to tap the demand in China and spread outing in China, it would necessitate to confront several challenges every bit good as follow a different scheme, chiefly due to the transverse cultural issues that exist in China. This might turn out to be one of the most hard countries or markets to widen into. Yet, Kellogg ‘s should seek and try making out these markets every bit good as it has been able to win in several markets like India and America. Except China Kellogg ‘s can utilize a premium pricing scheme in all other markets ( Hunger & A ; Wheelen, 2007 ) .

Expansion in China

As Kellogg ‘s purposes at going a planetary participant, its enlargement in China should be considered as a major venture. It should non remain off from this market as it can add a batch of gross in the long tally. Marketing its merchandises every bit good as advertisement them would necessitate consideration of several factors like cross-cultural issues and consideration of gustatory sensation and penchants of the people. Yet, as they are wellness witting people establishing the diet convenience nutrients in China would be appropriate to get down off with.

Cross-cultural issues that may impact Kellogg ‘s selling attack

The really first issue in spread outing in China is the complexnesss in the economic system, dwelling of a big ball of population with low buying power and a set of low cost providers. Understanding this nexus between markets and societies is a challenge in itself. There would be a many transverse cultural issues, including the manner of working and leading. In China concerns grow at a slower gait and the people there are used to legal ordinances which are far more general. There would be a demand of taking the cultural differences into history while explicating the house ‘s selling policies.

Impact on the attack Kellogg ‘s takes

Kellogg ‘s would hold to change its selling schemes every bit good as its overall scheme in order to be able to win in China. With the figure of different civilizations, interacting, communicating jobs occur of course. Intercultural consciousness is a necessity to guarantee communicating between the staff and direction every bit good as the forces is clear. Kellogg ‘s will hold to concentrate on communicating with internal every bit good as external clients.

Cross-cultural communicating impacting selling schemes

Cross-cultural communicating can greatly impact selling schemes as right from merchandise development to the publicity and advertisement schemes. It is really of import that the right sort of communicating channels every bit good as the right linguistic communication and message has to be used. Cross-cultural communicating requires a batch of research before an advertizement is released. For illustration the colourss used would be different in China and USA as they have different significance. It is really of import that these facets are considered. In instance of China the ad of organic nutrient would be oriented towards household, where as in instance of United States a house would prefer pointing it towards friends. This is chiefly due to important difference in the cultural facets.


For illustration an dress maker would hold to plan apparels depending on the Chinese traditions every bit good as to accommodate their organic structure structures ; the stuffs used should be compatible with the clime, etc. In another instance if there is an organic nutrient company, so it would hold to guarantee that the merchandises match their gustatory sensation penchants. The advertizements made would besides be to accommodate the penchants of the Chinese with Chinese theoretical accounts and famous persons backing the trade names and such cases. Similarly even in instance of Kellogg ‘s a batch many alterations will hold to be made in the publicity facets in order to accommodate the gustatory sensations and penchants of the people in China and be accepted at that place.

Evaluation of the impact of cross-cultural ethical differences in marketing schemes between the United States and China

There would be a immense impact of cross-cultural differences in marketing schemes between the United States and China as the schemes used in China will be wholly different from those used in the United States in order to accommodate the demand of the people. It will be based on their cultural and aesthetic penchants. The theoretical accounts used colour combinations, linguistic communication and all other parametric quantities will be based on their cultural facets.

Promotion & A ; Ad

As per Kotler & A ; Keller, ( 2006 ) , p.223, “ Markets are non homogenous. A company can non link with all clients in big, wide, or diverse markets. Consumers vary on many dimensions and frequently can be grouped harmonizing to one or more features. A company needs to place which market sections it can function efficaciously, after taking into consideration consumer behaviour and careful strategic thought. ” Now, the seller ‘s challenge is to efficaciously place the sections and make up one’s mind which 1s to aim. This would turn out more effectual and efficient when compared to mass selling as the company can present better straight to the mark.

The consumer protection Torahs have the greatest impact on selling. It requires Sellerss to avoid delusory advertisement and false promises or hyperboles. It requires the Sellerss to guarantee that the merchandise meets the specified safety criterions and the labels sate the instructions, ingredients and possible injury or jeopardies and warning clearly. All of these will hold to be considered while doing the ad ‘s for Kellogg ‘s sugar free merchandises. The ad ‘s for the USA market every bit good as the Asiatic markets would change a great trade in footings of colourss, aiming, message and linguistic communication used.

Media is an highly of import portion of the society. It is the medium through which the people know about what is go oning around them. Newspapers and telecasting channels are the most of import signifier of media that is recognized by people as dependable. Both of these mediums would be used to publicize the merchandises of Kellogg ‘s. Below is an illustration of Kellogg ‘s newspaper ad in America.



Target Market Strategies Fit With the Organizational Strategy

The mark market scheme fits really good with the competitory scheme adopted by Kellogg ‘s. Kellogg ‘s uses its strength of trade name, merchandise quality, gustatory sensation and spirit and other competitory advantages to maintain all its merchandises at a changeless quality criterion.

So, the new sugar free merchandise besides meets these standards and can really good suit into the organisation ‘s scheme. Furthermore it would assist spread out and redesign its aiming scheme as it would be able to provide specifically to the demands of the diabetes patients.

It helps take in front the scheme of aiming that was used in instance of Special K merchandises where in they were marketed as a merchandise that should decidedly be used by wellness witting people and can besides be good to others. Similarly the use of sugar-free merchandises is indispensable for diabetes patients and the aiming focal points on this section, but it does non govern out the other consumers and it is healthy for non-diabetic consumers every bit good.

The chief purpose of the targeting of the diabetes section all over the universe including the Asiatic markets is to be able to make its aim of going a market leader in the field of convenience nutrients. This can non be achieved without researching new merchandises and new markets. So, it becomes really of import for Kellogg ‘s to make out to several markets with newer merchandises.


To reason, looking at the success of Particular K merchandises of Kellogg ‘s it is imperative to believe that the sugar free merchandises would besides be a success. It would take Kellogg ‘s a measure farther by supplying them an advanced merchandise that no other rival has in their merchandise line and they can besides provide to the demands of a really big section that has non yet been tapped. This venture could take to development of several other sugar-free merchandises by Kellogg ‘s and give them significant growing.

The vision of Kellogg ‘s to go the best company or trade name in the convenience nutrients industry can be realized through this venture and so it is of import that Kellogg ‘s does take these stairss. The merchandise quality and gustatory sensation have ever been its strength. But the execution of other selling schemes like pricing and publicity could mostly find the opportunities of its success.

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