Case Study Petroleum Engineering Marketing Essay

Petroleum Engineering. The subject I chose is ‘FANS ‘C DO THEY HELP? ‘ . In general, fans is described as people who show involvements and enthusiasm in a peculiar field. Sports, particularly has a batch of fans. These fans show their support to the individual or squad they admired through many ways, such as go toing at the location where the peculiar athleticss events take topographic point, cheer for their admired squad, participant or jocks, purchase material objects which are endorsed or related to their favourite participant, hunt information about their admired athleticss individual or squad and follow up with the latest updates on the squad, participant or jock.

Without a uncertainty, supports from athleticss fans will hike the morale and ego regard of the squad or participant they like. However, everything has its pros and cons, so do athleticss fans. In this subject, the definition of fans, fans activities and the effects brought by fans will be discussed. The effects caused by fans, particularly positive effects will be focused in this subject. From my point of position, the positive effects brought by fans will doubtless surpass the negative effects.

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2. Definition OF Fans

The term ‘fans ‘ , is besides referred as aficionado or protagonist, or a individual who likes or enthusiastic in something. In Oxford Advanced Learner Dictionary, ‘fans ‘ is defined as a individual who admires person or something or enjoys watching or listening to person or something really much.

Through my apprehensions, fans normally show strong involvement in a peculiar topic or avocation. These involvements sometimes change their life style to suit devotedness to the focal object. Furthermore, fans normally have the desire to get stuff objects which are related to their country of involvement, for case, many football fans bought squad New Jersey merely to demo support to their desired football squads or participants. Furthermore, most fans love to hold societal interactions with the others discoursing topics related to their country of involvements. The topics may take portion between fans who support the same thing or individual or between challengers. This societal interactions besides may take portion in many signifiers, from regular insouciant conversation, forum, e-mail, chat suites to fan club meetings.

For your information, there are a few types of fans viz. : Celebrity fans, Political fans, Bet oning fans and Sports fans. Celebrity fans are people who frequently hold a crush on persons who are celebrated, talented and has a high profile such as movie star, Television star, jock, vocalist. For political fans, they are people frequently have heavy enthusiasm or congratulations for a peculiar politician or a political party. They are non jointly called ‘fans ‘ , but more frequently referred as the term ‘supporter ‘ . Whereas gambling fans are fans who focused more on gambling, for illustration online games, computing machine games, board games, card games etc. Last but non least, athleticss fans, who evidently love athleticss avidly. As reference earlier, athleticss fans will be focused in this subject.


Sport, an activity that one do for pleasance and needs physical attempt or skill, normally done in a particular country and harmonizing to fixed regulations. Every athletics has its ain participant or jock, they either do athletics for leisure or for competition. Besides for every athletics, it has its ain fans. These fans can either like the athletics itself or the participant. The inquiry is, do they ( the fans ) truly assist? For me, the reply is decidedly yes. Below are some of the grounds why do I say so.

First and first, in my sentiment, athleticss fans can be considered as one of the major component in athleticss, apart from athleticss scientific discipline, the physical ability of an jock, the garb that an athlete wear, the status of the location of competition and the outlook of an jock. Team or athlete with more fans will normally outshines others with less fans. For illustration, compare Manchester United football nine and Blackpool football nine which both compete in BPL. Obviously, Manchester United which have 1000000s of fans more than Blackpool is far more successful.

I ‘d state that fans are responsible for the mental portion for a squad to success. This is because participants or jocks in athleticss are all human. All of them have the outlook to win in a game or competition ab initio. Physically, They can develop difficult to keep their physical status in a high degree to vie in a game. Whereas mentally, they, like all of us, necessitate support to hike their assurance and morale. With the presence of athleticss fans, the support is at that place. For illustration, in a football lucifer, place fans will most likely outnumber the off fans. Therefore, the heartening voice from place fans will be louder and more motivation. This is why when a squad is playing at their place, the opportunity of winning the game is higher. Furthermore, some overzealous fans will hiss the off squads, destructing them mentally and hence assisting the place squad to hold more advantage in a game.

Figure 3.1 – Manchester United ‘s Home Fans

Research from the European Interactive Advertising Association ( EIAA ) shows that, Sports fans are heavy cyberspace users and are more likely to utilize a scope of web services than the mean on-line surfboarder. They normally surf the net to happen information sing the squad or the athlete they like, watch lucifer high spots and unrecorded tonss and most significantly, demoing their support. This act may convey positive effects to the squad or participant. Before a lucifer or competition starts, fans will be already demoing their support in many ways. Tonss of them posted in societal webs such as Facebook, Twitter or web logs stating their squad will win. Let ‘s state if you ‘re holding a badminton competition tomorrow, confronting a really tough challenger, and you found out that there ‘re really a batch people out there who support you, and want you to get the better of your opposition. For certain you ‘ll be motivated and you wo n’t desire to let down them who ‘re back uping you.

Following, athleticss fans frequently stick to a squad or participant. They feel connected with the squad or participant they desired. Therefore, whenever their favourite squad or participant dramas, they will follow them either by watching unrecorded through Television, cyberspace or other media, or directly off go toing where the lucifer or game take topographic point. Whenever their desired squad or participant is playing, they ‘ll demo support by either shouting or applause. Some fans even created squad vocals in order to allow the participant or squad knows that the fans will ever be with them, no affair good times or difficult times. For illustration, Liverpool football nine has a celebrated squad vocal, viz. ‘You ‘ll Never Walk Alone ‘ , which is sung by its football fans minutes before the start of each place game. Another manner of demoing fans support is by making moving ridges.

Figure 3.2 ‘C Wave created by fans

Figure 3.3 ‘C Liverpool ‘s nine vocal ‘You ‘ll Never Walk Alone ‘

Furthermore, athleticss fans non merely gives support to their desired squad or participants, they besides can convey out the civilization of a certain topographic point or country to the universe. Many passionate athleticss fans will dress up harmonizing to their state, race or faith when they ‘re go toing at where the lucifer or game take topographic point. This phenomena can easy be seen in the universe category athleticss competition, such as the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup. During these events, athleticss fans from all around the universe will garner at the host state. At at that place, you can see different types of vesture worn by different states, which their vesture are chief related to their state ‘s flag or traditional erosion. Some of them even paint or tattoo their face or organic structure parts which has the form of their state ‘s flag or favourite squad ‘s logo. Besides that, some fans besides play musical instruments to do their heartening even louder. For case, the vuvuzela has been played by African football fans during FIFA World Cup 2010 and it has become a symbol of South African association football as the bowls are filled with its loud and strident sound that reflects the excitement of protagonists. Therefore, fans can really edify the ambiance of a competition so that it is non so tense. This is besides good for the participants because these supportive fans would cut down their force per unit area and they can execute better.

Figure 3.4 ‘C Italian football fans have oning apparels related to their state

Figure 3.5 ‘C South African football fans playing vuvuzela

Last but non least, devouring athleticss fans ‘ passion for the squad can really interpret into gross. Grosss generated in the athleticss industry can come from assorted beginnings: ticket gross revenues, sponsorships, vesture, memorabilia, nine ranks, etc. For your information, all these beginnings are either straight or indirectly supported by athleticss fans. This is because due to their passion towards athleticss, they ‘re willing to pass clip and more significantly, money in athletics related activities, goods and ware. Here ‘s a inquiry, why does Real Madrid is willing to pay 80 million lbs merely for a Cristiano Ronaldo, while they can purchase other good participants at a much more inexpensive monetary value? One of the ground is he can do the squad stronger, but another more of import ground is he is celebrated and has tonss of fans. The nine knows that by subscribing him, the nine could do tremendous net income and it could easy cover up the monetary value that the nine paid before. As I mention before, fans who love Cristiano Ronaldo will desire to purchase ware which are endorsed or related to him, such as football New Jersey, key ironss, football boots, marionettes, etc. Some are even willing to purchase season tickets to the bowl to watch him play. For some of the wealthy football fans, they even give fiscal support to their desired nines so that the nines can hold adequate money to subscribe better participants and hence better the nine ‘s public presentation.

Figure 3.6 – Cristiano Ronaldo fans have oning his New Jersey

4. Negative Effectss Brought by Sports Fans

Apart from positive effects, athleticss fans may sometimes convey negative impacts excessively. Extreme athleticss fans may do public violences, this is frequently called as vandalism. These utmost fans normally have an boisterous and destructive behavior, such as battles, bash, hooliganism and bullying. The causes of these activities happen include their coveted squad lost in a lucifer, the squad was treated below the belt by the referee or justice, racism, the opposition fans provoke them or they merely dislike the opposition squad or a peculiar participant. These fans show their unhappiness by contending among each other or with constabularies, junking autos and stores and destructing the installations in a bowl. One of the worst football public violences happened in the twelvemonth 1985, when Liverpool FC met Juventus FC in the European Cup Final in the Heysel Stadium in Brussels. 39 fans were killed when a wall collapsed when a big group of Liverpool fans breached a fencing dividing them from rival Juventus fans. This calamity resulted in all English football nines being placed under an indefinite prohibition by UEFA from all European competitions. Riots like this can besides do a nine face terrible penalties and mulct.

Figure 4.1 ‘C Helsey Stadium Disaster 1985, 39 were killed

Besides, there is a really negative phenomena brought by some of the athleticss fans, that is wagering. Normally, these athleticss fans will wager on their favorite squad to win a lucifer, either among friends, other fans, bookmakers, or through wagering companies. In some major instances, some wagering companies really ‘control ‘ lucifers by corrupting participants, referees or directors, in order to do the betters lose their stake. This act is called match-fixing and the consequences of the lucifer is being manipulated by the betting companies. This may take the individual or nine who received payoff to confront terrible penalties. The participant which is caught may be banned from playing while the nine may confront delegating to lower divisions.

5. Decision

To sum up, athleticss fans may convey tonss of benefits to nines and participants, every bit long as they ‘re non utmost. Sports fans should ever demo their support by constructive ways, such as shouting and purchasing athleticss ware. They should avoid making activities which brings negative impacts such as betting, doing public violence and contending. They besides should hold good sportsmanship and esteeming the opposition squads and fans.

With all these elements, athleticss fans can unify and convey athleticss to a higher degree where relaxation and amusement is the chief intent.

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