Case Study: Snapple Brand Audit

The intent of this study is to carry on a trade name audit for the trade name Snapple by analyzing the trade name ‘s portfolio and besides by researching consumer perceptual experiences and the companies that have owned Snapple.

Snapple Brand

Snapple is a trade name that was founded by three familiarities who realized there were more possibilities with fruit so merely devouring it. Their ability to see more possibilities in fruit launched the start of non-carbonated drinks within the United States. Today Snapple is apart of Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. Snapple is a drink that is available in a broad assortment of juices, teas and flavored Waterss and has been on shelves for over 30 old ages. Snapple drinks are celebrated for their far-out image, usage of glass bottles and “ existent facts ” . Snapple is known for their motto “ Made from the Best Stuff on Earth ” , which refers to their usage of all natural ingredients. ( ) ? ?

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Brief History and Background

Unadulterated Food Corporation, now know to the universe as Snapple was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1972. Hyman Golden, Arnold Greenburg and Leonard Marsh are known as the Godheads of this non-carbonated fruit and tea drink. These three inventers started by selling Snapple drinks in assorted wellness nutrient shops within the New York country ( About Snapple, n.d. ) .

Unadulterated Food Corporation finally changed names to Snapple Beverage Corporation. The Snapple Beverage Corporation conducted concern good, grew fast and the trade name name Snapple became good known to many drink drinkers by the early 1990 ‘s. Most of Snapple ‘s gross revenues were made within a web of smaller independent distributers. The Snapple Beverage Corporation take to let gross revenues in merely a little part of supermarket channels and stayed out of mercantile establishments that chiefly sold top merchandising trade name names such as, Coke and Pepsi. The market shortly became cognizant of the Snapple trade name and in 1992 a private based investing house from Boston purchased Snapple. A twelvemonth subsequently the Snapple trade name became public and went national ( Jackson, 2008 ) .

Two old ages subsequently Snapple Beverage Corporation was purchased from the Boston based investing centre by Quaker Oats. Quaker Oats direction and scheme of the Snapple trade name differed greatly and many alterations were made including the distribution of the trade name, which had proven to work so good for the trade name in the first topographic point. This alteration of ownership and scheme caused a great trade of harm to the Snapple trade name. The trade name ‘s image and repute were hurt and gross revenues faced a big diminution ( Jackson, 2008 ) .

Snapple was sold one time once more in 1997 to Triarc Companies. Triarc Companies incorporated back Snapple ‘s original corporate scheme and most significantly went back to utilizing similar distributers. Triarc successfully recreated a positive trade name image and increased Snapple ‘s gross revenues merely in clip to sell it to Cadbury Schweepes in 2000. Today the Snapple trade name is apart of the Dr Pepper Snapple Group which was formed in 2008 after Cadbury Schweepes separated from their Americas Beverages concern ( Our Trade names Snapple, n.d. ) .

Selling Mix


Snapple ‘s merchandise line offers consumers over 50 different assortments of Snapple drinks to take from. Snapple ‘s drinks consist of five different types of drinks that include ; Tea, Water, Juice, 100 % Juice, and Diet. Snapple beverages come in a broad scope of spirits that include Original, Berry, Citrus, Fruit and Mixed Fruit. Each spirit class offers a full scope of spirits. All merchandises are claimed to be “ Made from the Best Stuff on Earth ” . In add-on Snapple merchandises are made by utilizing all natural ingredients and marketed as being “ 100 % Natural ” ( Products, n.d. ) .

Monetary value

In 1982 Unadulterated Food Corporation was selling their merchandises at a reasonably high monetary value of a $ 1 per bottle ( Snapple Beverage, n.d. ) . Today Dr Pepper Snapple still employs a premium pricing scheme for the Snapple trade name when compared to similar drinks on the market. The mean merchandising monetary value for a bottle of Snapple tends to run anyplace from a $ 2.00 to $ 3.00. Snapple ‘s monetary value per bottle varies on location of purchase and size of bottle. Snapple ‘s usage of a premium pricing scheme is an index of the quality that can be found within each of their drinks. Snapple is besides able to use this type of a pricing scheme due to their claim and leading of being the leader in great-tasting premium drinks ( Dr. Pepper Snapple, n.d. ) .


From the beginning and still today Snapple differentiates itself as being an alternate pick to carbonated drinks. The trade name promotes their premium drinks as being ” 100 % natural ” , merriment, existent and personal. Snapple has used several successful publicity schemes throughout the old ages that have consisted of a spokes theoretical account, famous person indorsements, media advertizements, competitions and other traditional methods of advertisement ( ) ? ? .

The earlier old ages of Snapple ‘s history featured Wendy Kaufman, known as “ the Snapple Lady ” . Wendy Kaufman became Snapple ‘s radiuss theoretical account, Wendy to a great extent promoted the Snapple trade name in many different ways for several old ages. Snapple besides incorporated famous person indorsements such as Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh to advance the Snapple trade name. In ulterior old ages Snapple launched new media advertizements that featured Snapple bottles known as “ Small Fruits ” who played characters that helped convey back Snapple ‘s far-out image. Snapple ‘s besides created a competition titled “ What ‘s Your Narrative ” . The competition allowed consumers to portion their ain experiences with the Snapple trade name. Snapple so awarded the victor with a new Snapple commercial that was based on that person ‘s Snapple experience. Snapple has besides uses many signifiers of traditional advertisement such as their web site, wireless, and out-of-door publicities at coach shelters or with hoardings ( Manning-Schaffel, 2003 ) .

Topographic point

From the get downing Snapple was sold within a web of smaller independent distributers, such as mom-and-pop stores with limited gross revenues in supermarkets. This allowed the trade name to construct great relationships with their distributers. Distributors were changed throughout the old ages due to the assorted ownerships of the trade name. Today Dr Pepper Snapple distributes it merchandises through their ain company ‘s bottling and distribution web, through third-party distributers and through foodservices. Snapple is available worldwide and can be purchase merely about anyplace ; convenience shops, supermarkets, promenades, online and through peddling machines.

Increasing handiness of Dr Pepper Snapple merchandises has been the company ‘s end and chief focal point throughout the last five old ages. In order to accomplish increased handiness of their merchandises Dr Pepper Snapple, Inc. added 175,000 ice chests and peddling machines throughout the last five financial periods, added more vending machines within nutrient mercantile establishments and had made their merchandises more available within fast nutrient eating houses ( Theodore, 2009 ) .



Snapple ‘s web site can be located at hypertext transfer protocol: // . Snapple surfboarders can happen out all the information they of all time wanted to cognize about their favourite Snapple drink on Snapple ‘s web site. The web site inside informations information about every type of drink and spirit available on the market, nutritionary information and approaching new spirits. The web site besides provides Snapple fans with an machine-controlled point locater for those who need aid in happening their favourite Snapple merchandises. This interacted tool allows Snapple lovers to turn up their favourite merchandise any twenty-four hours and hr of the hebdomad ( Snapple, n.d. ) . ( ) ? ? ?

For fans of Snapple ‘s “ Real Facts ” the website provides surfboarders with an achieved list of the now retired 675 “ Real Facts ” . One can besides register on their web site to acquire the latest Snapple intelligence, events and offers sent straight to their electronic mail or cell phone. For those who do n’t wish to register the site does supply information on current particular offers and publicities. In add-on Snapple ‘s web site includes a often asked inquiries subdivision, current imperativeness releases and a nexus on how to reach the company ( Snapple, n.d. ) .

Other Forms of Communication

Snapple ‘s other signifiers of communicating include societal networking, gross revenues publicities, advertisement, events, and public dealingss. Social networking has become really popular and is now used by many companies as a signifier of communicating. Social networking is a free signifier of advertisement that can make 1000000s of people across the universe. Snapple presently can be found on Facebook and Twitter. The company encourages Snapple fans to go their friend on Facebook or to twirp on Twitter.

Snapple ‘s sale publicities include consumer publicities that provide free samples or vouchers to consumers. The company besides utilizes trade publicities, competition for consumers and gross revenues reps. In add-on the company will offer merchandise publicities at supermarkets, schools and athletic nines ( Chan, 2007 ) .

Ad of the Snapple trade name can be found all over. Snapple is known for their usage of web media, print media and wireless commercials. The company besides uses assorted types of show media such as promotional shows on their merchandises, hoardings, postings at promenade booths, coach shelters and even air streamers as a signifier of publicizing their trade name. Snapple besides supports and patrons many public events and community service plans, particularly within New York City where New Yorkers adore the Snapple trade name ( Chan, 2007 ) .

In add-on to the above signifiers of communicating Snapple besides utilizes public dealingss as a signifier of communicating. For illustration one of Snapple ‘s past public dealingss includes the debut of Snapple ‘s White Tea. In order to make trade name consciousness of their new merchandise Snapple hired Ruder Finn to present the new merchandise in different metropoliss. Coverage of the event was found in major newspapers and different telecasting Stationss across the United States. Free samples were handed out and over 32,000 consumers ‘ attended the circuit ( Snapple White Tea, n.d. ) .


Brand Attributes

Brand properties are the basic standards that set up a trade name ‘s individuality. They display associations that consumers assigned to a trade name. These associations can be either positive or negative and besides can hold different significances and degrees of importance to different clients sections, civilizations and markets ( Brand glossary, n.d. ) . One of the most of import trade name attributes a consumer expects when buying a Snapple drink is for it to savor great. Other common trade name attributes that consumers have assigned to the Snapple trade name are great spirit, 100 % natural, “ Made from the Best Stuff on Earth ” , reliable, premium drink, quirky, personal and merriment. These trade name properties are a few of the common characteristics that are shared by Snapple ‘s consumers and they have characterized and defined Snapple ‘s individuality.

Brand Portfolio

Dr Pepper Snapple group ‘s portfolio contains over 50 different trade names and 100s of different spirits. Their portfolio includes many different types and spirits of carbonated and non carbonated drinks, teas, Waterss, sociables, juices and other premium drinks. Some of Dr Pepper Snapple ‘s cardinal trade names include:

Carbonated Soft Drinks ( CSD ) :

Dates back to 1885 and is the oldest soft drink in the United States.

Rated # 1 in its spirit class.

Rated # 2 in overall flavored in the United States.

Dr. Pepper drinks are available in regular, diet and Cherry.

Dr Pepper Snapple Group ‘s Core Four Trade names:

Rated # 1orange flavored Cadmiums in the United States

Sunkist drinks come in diets, oranges & A ; other fruit spirits.

Licensed as a CSD by Sunkist Growers Association for over 95 old ages.

Founded in 1992.

7up comes in diet, regular & A ; cherry.

Rated # 2 lemon-lime Cadmiums in the United States.

Rated # 1 root beer in the United States.

Spirits are available in pick sodium carbonate, diet & A ; regular.

Known as all American Beverage.

Rated # 1 ginger ale in the United States and Canada.

Is available in nine sodium carbonate, green tea ginger ale, tonic & A ; other sociables.

Born in Canada in 1904 & A ; introduced in the United States in 1919.

Other CDS Trade names:

Rated # 2 orange CSD in the United States

Available in orange, diet and other fruit spirits.

Invented in 1906.

Rated # 2 ginger ale in the United States & A ; Canada.

Available in tonic, nine sodium carbonate & A ; other sociables

Created in 1783 the first carbonated drink in the universe.

Ranked # 1 carbonated mineral H2O in Mexico.

Available in different spirits, turn and natural.

Was created in 1938.

Ranked # 1 Citrus paradisi CDS in the United States.

Non-Carbonated Beverages ( NCB ) :

Wide scope of tea merchandises that includes ; premium, ace premium & A ; value teas.

Snapple besides offers a broad assortment of premium juices and juice drinks.

A taking tea drink in the United States.

Ranked # 1 fruit clout in the United States

Available in decreased Calorie and offers a assortment of fruit spirits.

Ranked # 1 sociable trade name in the United States

Ranked # 1 Bloody Mary trade name in the United States

Considered to be a prima sociable trade name.

( Dr Pepper Snapple 10-K, 2010 )

Brand Line Extensions – Inventory

The below figure displays the spirits and types of drinks included within the Snapple line:

Figure 1: Snapple Spirits, Drinks and Purpose

Flavor Drink Consumption Purpose

Acai Mixed Berrry Red Tea Immunity

Apple Plum White ) Tea

Asiatic Pear Green Tea Metabolism

Compassionberry Tea

Diet Green Tea

Diet Lemon Tea

Diet Lemonade Iced Tea

Diet Lime Green Tea

Diet Mango Green Tea Metabolism

Diet Peach Green Tea

Diet Peach Tea

Diet Plum-a-Granate Tea

Diet Raspberry Tea

Diet Trop-A-Pocka Tea

Earl Grey Black Tea

English Breakfast Black Tea

Green Tea Metamorphosis

Lemon Black Tea

Lemon Tea

Lemonade Iced Tea

Mango Green Tea Metabolism

Mint Tea

Nectarine White Tea Refresh

Peach Green Tea

Peach Pomegranate Red Tea Immunity

Peach Tea

Pineapple Peach Mango Oolong Tea

Pomegranate Raspberry Red Tea

Raspberry Tea

Raspberry White Tea Refresh

Acai Blackberry Juice Drink

Cranberry Raspberry Juice Drink

Diet Cranberry Rashberry Juice Drink

Fruit Punch Juice Drink

Go Bananas Juice Drink

Grapeade Juice Drink

Kiwi Pear Juice Drink Metabolism

Kiwi-Strawberry Juice Drink

Lemonade Juice Drink

Mango Madness Juice Drink

Noni Berry Juice Drink Metabolism

Orangeade Juice Drink

Peach Mangosteen Juice Drink Immunity

Pink Lemonade Juice Drink

Pomegranate Raspberry Juice Drink

Raspberry Peach Juice Drink

Snapple Apple Juice Drink

Summer Peach Juice Drink

Fruit Punch 100 % Juiced

Grape 100 % Juiced

Green Apple 100 % Juiced

Melon Berry 100 % Juiced

Orange Mango 100 % Juiced

Strawberry Lime 100 % Juiced

Agave Melon Antioxidant Water Restore

Dragonfruit Antioxidant Water Awaken

Grape Pomegranate Antioxidant Water Defy

Orange Antioxidant Water Protect

Snapple LYTeWater Hydrate

Strawberry Acai Antioxidant Water Awaken

( Snapple Products, n.d. )


Customer Knowledge

Snapple is company that achieved trade name acknowledgment reasonably rapidly and it did n’t take long for clients to retain cognition of the trade name name. In order to increase client knowledge the company hired Wendy Kaufman when they discovered she had been replying fan mail on her ain. Wendy Kaufman so took it upon herself to distribute the word about the Snapple trade name. She made visual aspect at retail and supermarket shops. Wendy besides started accepting Snapple drinker ‘s invitations through fan mail. She attended sleepovers, saloon mitsvah and even proms ( Deighton, 2002 ) .

Customer cognition besides involves companies holding cognition and an understanding what their clients want. In order to derive that cognition Dr Pepper Snapple Group has a research and development centre that is responsible for garnering consumer penetrations. For illustration, most late after carry oning consumer research the company decided to do a alteration to Snapple ‘s glass bottles. This alteration was due to the fact that consumers expressed remarks on how Snapple ‘s glass bottle did n’t suit in their cup holders. This was due to the fact that the bottle had been untouched since 1984 at a clip when vehicles did n’t hold cup holders. Customer cognition is n’t merely something Dr Pepper Snapple says they maintain, but it is something they act on and this contributes significantly to the trade name ‘s equity ( Theodore, 2009 ) .

Mental Map Graph

Figure 2: Snapple ‘s Mental Map

Far-out Spirits

Fun Little Fruits

The Snapple Lady Real Facts

Premium Variety

100 % Natural Howard Stern

Beginnings of Brand Equity

Snapple ‘s has many beginnings of trade name equity. Snapple was the first company to establish the start of non-carbonated drinks and present a new gustatory sensation experience to consumers. Snapple originally build their trade name equity through the distributers of their merchandises and so subsequently through their originative selling. Throughout Snapple ‘s history the trade name has been able to differentiation themselves from other drinks by constructing a humourous oculus towards their ain merchandises. Snapple ‘s beginnings of trade name equity besides come from their usage of natural ingredients and from their motto “ Made from the Best Stuff on Earth ” . In add-on Snapple ‘s usage of famous person indorsement and assorted selling activities have built great beginnings of trade name equity for the trade name.

Selling Activities

Snapple ‘s selling activities have involved the usage of famous person indorsements such as Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh. Wendy Kaufman originally hired to response to Snapple fan mail became really active in advancing the Snapple trade name through a scope of different selling activities such as doing public visual aspects at retail shops ( Deighton, 2002 ) . Snapple besides engaged in a selling plan that invited consumers around America to seek a complimentary Snapple drink. This selling activity involved sing high traffic countries and assorted markets while administering a free sample of Snapple and was intended to do Snapple a national trade name ( Snapple Launches, n.d. ) .

In order to publicize new merchandises the company has besides conducted metropolis Tourss that were used to convey trade name consciousness to their new merchandises. In add-on in 2003 Snapple paired up with New York City. Snapple and New York City became marketing spouses which gave Snapple the chance to sells their drink through peddling machines and grants on New York City belongings in exchange for a manner to assist the metropolis bring in gross ( Chan, 2006 ) .

Points of Parity and Points of Difference

The following tabular array illustrates attributes that are shared by drinks and besides displays what makes the Snapple trade name unique.

Figure 3: Snapple ‘s POP ‘s & A ; POD ‘s

Points of Parity ( POP )

Points of Difference ( POD )

-Use of similar distribution channels

-Available drink sizes



-Use of Glass bottles

-100 % Natural


-Premium Beverages

-Brand ‘s far-out image

– ” Real Facts ”


Customer Brand Resonance

Resonance refers to the relationship that is formed between the client and the trade name ( Keller, 2001 ) . Snapple clients have demonstrated high grades of trueness through assorted ways of interacting with the trade name. For illustration Wendy Kaufman the Snapple Lady usage to have more than 100,000 letters per twelvemonth ( Gattuso, 1995 ) . When Snapple launched their circuit for the debut of Snapple ‘s White Tea 1000s of consumers ‘ attended the circuit. This displays client ‘s trueness to buying and devouring Snapple ‘s trade names on a regular footing.

Customer Judgments

This represents the sentiments and ratings clients develop in respects to the trade name itself. Snapple ‘s gustatory sensation, merchandise, design and quality are all illustrations of judgements and feelings that can favorable or unfavorably impact consumer sentiments. Customers who express high judgements towards the Snapple trade name are likely to do extra purchases.

Customer Feelingss

Customer feelings characterize clients ‘ reactions and emotional responses to a trade name. These feelings can stand for merriment, exhilaration, heat, societal blessing or security ( Keller, 2001 ) . Snapple ‘s “ Real Facts ” provide clients with feelings of merriment and exhilaration. Snapple can besides supply a feeling of refreshment when devouring their drinks. In add-on certain Snapple drinks are design to supply feelings of unsusceptibility, energy, and hydration.

Brand Performance

Brand public presentation relates to clients appraisals of the quality of the trade name. The Snapple trade name focuses on utilizing no preservatives and all natural ingredients unlike many of its rivals. Snapple has ever offered a consistent assortment of popular spirits and original formulas. These represents ways that Snapple attempts to keep positive appraisal of their trade name ‘s public presentation.

Brand Imagery

Brand imagination relates to how clients think about the Snapple trade name theoretically. It besides represents the visuals images that clients associate with the trade name. The Snapple trade name reflects a merriment and far-out image that stands out in head of their consumers. Snapple will ever be remembered by “ The Snapple Lady ” , Wendy Kaufman and known as “ The Best Material on Earth ” .


Brand saliency refers to clients ‘ consciousness of the Snapple trade name. Brand saliency consists of clients ‘ ability to associate the trade name name and logo together. The Snapple trade name can be easy recognized and recalled in the heads of consumers. Snapple continuously works on keeping a high degree of trade name consciousness through their promotional activities.


Core Competences and Sustainable Competitive Advantages

Snapple achieved a immense competitory advantage from the start when they introduced the first Snapple drink in 1972. Their launched of Snapple merchandises was the debut of non-carbonated drinks within the United States. Today this competitory advantage still remains strong for the Snapple trade name. Carbonated soft drinks are worsening because consumers are going more wellness witting and have changed their buying behaviours. Snapple ‘s usage of all natural ingredients presents consumers with a healthier option which in return provides the Snapple trade name with another competitory advantage in comparing to their rivals. In add-on one of Snapple ‘s nucleus competences has been their ability to link with their consumers in meaningful and permanent ways ( ) ? ? .

SWOT Analysis

Figure 4: Snapple SWOT Analysis


First to market non-carbonated drinks Authentic

Strong heritage Repute of quality

Celebrity indorsements

All Natural

Large assortment of merchandises

Brand associations

Weakness –

Assorted ownerships

Snapple full scope of spirits are n’t sold everyplace

Lack of publicizing all their spirits

Pricing scheme

Opportunities –

Expansion into more markets

Easy to travel individual drink mix packages

Assortment of more antioxidant H2O spirits

Menaces –

Large figure of rivals

High costs of selling

Monetary value of ingredients

Possibility of losing distributers understandings

Long Term Brand Value – Brand Mantra

Snapple has worked hard to accomplish its long term trade name value and it trade name mantra of being all natural. Due to the assorted ownerships of the trade name Snapple has struggled with keeping a strong trade name image. In order to keep long term trade name value Dr Pepper Snapple, Inc. is committed to remaining focused on trade name development and new inventions. Not merely are they committed to new developments, but the company has besides increased advertisement disbursement during a critical clip when most companies are drawing back on selling due to economical grounds. The extra resources being spend on selling and trade name development will assist guarantee a positive hereafter and long term trade name value for Dr Pepper Snapple, Inc trade names.


The drink industry is extremely competitory and continues to develop and do alterations in order to response to consumer penchants. Snapple ‘s competition is based on many factors such as trade name acknowledgment, gustatory sensation, quality, handiness, monetary value, and convenience ( Dr. Pepper Snapple 10-K, 2010 ) . The non-carbonated drink concern continues to turn and Snapple now has to portion shelf infinite with many other trade names. Some of Snapple ‘s cardinal rivals include, Napa Naturals, Lipton, Natural Quenchers, Nestea, SoHo, Fruitopia, Arizona, Sobe and Ocean Spray.


Snapple demands to stay focussed on the qualities of why its trade name is valued. To go on to turn and lucubrate invention will be required. The enhanced H2O class continues to stay popular and is turning at a fast rate. It is recommended that Snapple takes progress of this market growing by making more spirits within their antioxidant H2O drinks. Despite the types of new developments engaged Dr Pepper Snapple, Inc. must stay focussed on the nucleus trade name value. This will let consumers to easy identity any new merchandises. It is besides recommended that Snapple invest more on publicizing their current merchandises as many clients are incognizant of the fact that Snapple has over 50 assortments of different drinks to take from. Last, Wendy Kaufman strongly contributed to Snapple ‘s trade name consciousness and many Snapple drinkers love hearing her replying fan mail. Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. may desire to see conveying Wendy Kaufman back in order to construct back Snapple ‘s trade name consciousness.

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