Case Study Social Media Marketing In Pakistan Marketing Essay

The societal web is same as the word explains it “ Social ” . In short, Social MediaA is a medium forA societal interaction, utilizing extremely approachable communicating techniques. Social Media and Social Media Networking are the most of import engineerings that have been changing the face of the Internet. The Internet as we know it has grown-up so much in the past few old ages ; sometimes it ‘s hard to believe.

Social Media and Pakistan:

For the old few old ages Peoples of Pakistan have started showing their positions and sentiments through Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Google Buzz, blogging, and so on. Now a common Pakistani cyberspace user is more cognizant of environment than he was of all time earlier. In short the societal media have immeasurably educated the common Pakistani.

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Social Media for Businesss:

Online advertisement is non slightly new. Google, Yahoo, and MSN have ruled the cyberspace when it comes to internet advertisement platforms. Over the last 5 twelvemonth ‘s web sites like Facebook, chirrup, linkedin have continued to turn in repute and popularity, making amplified chances for concerns to market online and make 1000000s of consumers.

Organizations in Pakistan have been advancing their merchandises, services and trade names utilizing societal media but still the industry has to harvest up to non worth it. There is figure of trade names that used societal media non merely as a selling tool but besides as a better client service solution but still the consequences of such selling tools in Pakistan are yet to recognize. Though, our adjacent state India and many other states has been utilizing these societal media websites as a selling tool and acquiring better end products from their societal media runs.

Social Media Selling:

Social media in Pakistan is determining up which could be used as a inexpensive medium of selling and client service. Trade names in Pakistan are puting snake pit of sum in telecasting ads, wireless and intelligence paper ads, but most of our trade names and organisations are non cognizant of the possibilities of societal media selling. Social media can hike up their gross revenues and can construct good will with less cost. Lone concerns are non pretermiting the possibilities of societal media, educational sector is besides making the same thing. There is non even a individual institute in Pakistan who is offering a short term or long term class on Internet Marketing. Even there should be a class on cyberspace selling for marketing alumnuss. They should be taught how to run cyberspace selling runs instead merely stating them what marketing really is and how to pin down a client by blowing snake pit of sum on TVC ‘s and radio ads. Our selling alumnuss do cognize how to plan a TVC or how to convey creativeness in wireless ads but they do n’t cognize how to run an cyberspace selling run. Another issue originating now a yearss while engaging societal media executives and that issue is “ who should run cyberspace selling runs ” Who are more competent in running these runs? Either, Business graduates or computing machine scientific disciplines alumnuss?

I think societal media has all the beauty in its two manner communicating theoretical account. It ‘s all about roll uping feedback from client and making consciousness. A company which is runing their societal media must listen to the ailments. This is an unfastened platform for the clients to state anything they want. So companies must non do this media as one manner communicating theoretical accounts. And I strongly believe that there must be a class of Internet selling for all selling grads. [ M. Sajjad, Social Media Executive ]

Have you of all time wonderedA how mega-corporations manage their societal media enterprises? Almost 100s of mega corporations running their societal media runs on societal webs.

Intel International:

If we take Intel as an illustration, Ekaterina has been a portion of Intel ‘s Social Media Center of Excellence, She is pull offing Intel ‘s Facebook fan page. In an interview with Michael Stelzner Ekaterina told that Intel created their Facebook page for folks to speak about engineering and, of class, Intel merchandises. In the get downing the growing of Intel popularity on Facebook was 3 % to 4 % but after more attending and attractive contents it goes up to 10 % to 12 % monthly growing.

Harmonizing to Ekaterina 20 or 30 old ages ago, they have been speaking to folks in computing machine nines about the merchandises of Intel but now with the promotion of cyberspace they can pass on with 1000s of clients from one topographic point.

Jet Blue:

JetBlue was one of the first mega trade names to fall in Twitter and started communicating with their clients. Today, Jetblue has over a million followings, and its history is frequently cited as an illustration of smart corporate tweeting. Through informal employee/customer interactions via Twitter, they hoped to humanise their full organisation

“ Some people were inquiring for aid, and others were stating things that were n’t right, ” recalls JetBlue ‘s director of corporate communications, Morgan Johnston.


Coca-cola international is besides the 1 who used societal media as a branding tool to make positive trade name image in the head of the clients.

Coca-cola international is besides the 1 who used societal media as a branding tool to make positive trade name image in the head of the clients.

Cocacola in the twelvemonth 2009 got the name as the trade name “ doing the best usage of Facebook ” by The Big Money for running a best run on Facebook known as “ Expedition 206 ” .

Michael Donnelly, who is Group Director of Worldwide Interactive Marketing for Coca-Cola told in a study that their My Coke Rewards plan was a biggest hit and it was a thrust to make emotional trueness in the head of the clients.

Zong Pakistan:

Now if we talk about societal media selling in Pakistan there are limited Numberss of trade names utilizing societal media as a tool to interact with clients. Zong Pakistan late came up with a new merchandise “ M9 ” . They created a facebook fan page and interacted with the clients, gifted them abrasion cards, Ipods and different other gifts. M9 on facebook went a monolithic hit, with in merely 3 yearss they got more than 20,000 facebook Fans and more than 2000 users interacting with them on facebook fan page.

With Less investing in societal Media Zong created plenty consciousness. Got the positions of clients about their favourite Mobile bundles and what type of bundles users wants?

Intel Pakistan:

After a immense success of Intel International facebook fan page, Intel besides adopted their societal media marketing scheme in Pakistan.

Intel Pakistan Brought a platform where users can portion, discuss and easy acquire first manus information about the latest engineering developments and cognize what ‘s go oning in the universe of Intel Pakistan.

In a short period of clip Intel Pakistan got more than 40,000 facebook fans who interacts with the Intel ‘s direction so easy that was ne’er earlier.

The Use of Social Media In Pakistan

I asked many inquiries from the participants from all over the Pakistan about societal media in Pakistan and its use.

Use of Social Media

( Use of societal media web sites )

I began with merely inquiring the participants if they use societal media in there day-to-day life? In response to this inquiry participants replied that they do utilize different societal media web sites in day-to-day life and Facebook is celebrated in all of them. 99 % of the participants use facebook and they have profiles on Facebook. Where as chirrup stood at 2nd topographic point in this inquiry with 48 % respondents.

Peoples aged 18-25 are more likely to utilize Facebook and Twitter where as people with the age 25-35 are more likely to utilize LinkedIn and Twitter. 27 % Professionals, Graduates and Postgraduate pupils are habit-forming to societal media web sites as most of respondents were professionals and pupils. There were 75 % males who answered my inquiries which show more males are utilizing societal media web sites than females.

Time a individual spends on societal media web sites

( Time Per Session ) ( Login Duration )

In Answer to my inquiry which was asked to judge the clip a individual spends on Social media websites per session 61 % respondents said they spend more than 30 proceedingss in societal media web sites per session means their 1 session is more than half an hr.

If I estimate entire clip a individual spends on his/her favourite societal media website in 1 twenty-four hours it would an mean clip of 3-4 Hours in a twenty-four hours. Male professionals are likely to pass more clip on societal web sites in comparing to female professionals.

Ad Positions

( Did you notice any ads? )

( Chinks on Ads )

72 % of the societal media website users notice ads that are being displayed on these web sites. Where as 28 % respondents do non see or detect such advertizements on societal media web sites.

Significantly 42 % of the respondents click on ads most of the clip and 38 % chinks on occasion. 42 % of respondents who clicks these ads on a regular basis are largely the young person.


( Ads that are liked the most )

( Organizations working Social media selling )

Peoples like images and text ads the most on societal media websites this is clear messages to our future societal selling advertizers this could assist them to understand what type of ads they should plan.

There are 60 % organisations in Pakistan who do n’t hold any dedicated section or individual who is working on societal media web sites to advance their concern where are 40 % respondents said their organisations are working on societal media selling.

Where Peoples Want to Advertise On

( Where you would wish to publicize as an advertizer? )

When I asked respondents this inquiry if they are a selling director of an organisation and they are required to run a run on societal media so what societal media they ‘d prefer to market their merchandises? And 96 % respondents were in the favour of Facebook.

45 % professionals said they would prefer Facebook and Twitter for selling of their merchandises. Where as 30 % of Graduates said they would either prefer Linkedin and Facebook.

In short, most of the people want to market their merchandises in societal media sites and they want to larn how to utilize the societal media tools available.

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