Causes of the 1789 French Revolution Essay

Historical procedures are non effect of a individual cause. there are ever several complex constructions involved and the historian must be careful to analyze all of them in their common interconnectedness. The Gallic Revolution is a peculiarly complex procedure because it is a turning point in history and even now there are different points of position about its causes. development and effects. nevertheless it is clear that one of the chief short-run causes was the Gallic societal construction. the Ancient Regime. The division into three estates with different rights and responsibilities. produced a clear state of affairs of unfairness with poorness for the greater portion of the people and the utmost wealth for merely a few.

1 To what extent were poorness and prosperity causes of the 1789 Gallic Revolution? To a great extent because the prosperity of the businessperson encouraged the poorness. provincials. to do justness for themselves by doing a revolution against the governments. The first and 2nd estates had several privileges and it produced in the 3rd estate a feeling of bitterness. specially among those businesspersons who had instruction and certain power. 2 This cultivated category had been influenced by the thoughts of enlightenment and could suggest solutions to the unfairnesss. Poverty and prosperity were the concrete conditions that made possible the revolution.

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Gallic society had a traditional division in estates: the first estate was represented by the clergy. the upper category of church with bishops and other representatives of the hierarchy. The 2nd estate were the Lords. the nobility connected with the monarchy or inheritors of ancient households. normally proprietors of great extensions of land. These two were the richest categories of society. and they besides had the political power. They could derive places in the Church and the Army. 3 This state of affairs didn’t average difficult responsibilities. on the contrary. they were exempted from revenue enhancements and they were non forced to take part in the frequent wars. They enjoyed their epicurean lives with no economical concerns. 4 On the contrary. the duties felt upon the 3rd estate.

Most of the Lords looked at the provincials as beneath them. and they called the provincials canaille intending “vulgar” or low and petroleum. 5 While the favorite category didn’t have to worry about their life. the provincials had to work really difficult to last and to pay revenue enhancements. The members of the 3rd estate were to a great extent taxed and the monetary values of goods had increased in a enormous mode because of the economical jobs that the state had suffered. 6 On the other manus. the educated people from the 3rd estate. the businessperson. were seeking for a manner to do equality in the society. 7The businessperson were being influenced by the thoughts of philosophers such as Rousseau. ”man should born free” . These new thoughts were the consequences of the Enlightenment. that began in 1600s and lasted until the 1700s.

The 3rd estate was by big the greatest portion of the Gallic population. 27 million people were members or the 3rd estate. The middle class introduced to the provincials the rights of adult male. freedom of address and freedom of faith. 8 The Enlightenment brought the thought that the state should be based on logical thought and scientific discipline. The understanding to this thoughts encouraged them to compose a cahier with all the grudges and new regulations that they wanted. In it. the Third Estate suggested “Art. 21. No revenue enhancement shall be legal unless accepted by the representatives of the people and sanctioned by the male monarch. ” . “Art. 22. Since all Frenchmen receive the same advantage from the authorities. and are every bit interested in its care. they ought to be placed upon the same terms in the affair of taxation” . 9 The provincials and the businessperson were willing to do justness.

“Many of the Third Estate wanted equality instead than autonomy. motivated non so much by an sincere liberalism as by enviousness and legitimate anger” 10 The middle class and the provincials wanted to be treated as the First and Second Estates. they would prefer equality instead than autonomy. They wanted the taxing to be even for everyone and equality among the different societal categories. All the three Estates wanted to alter the authorities. Each holding their ain grounds. some more ambitious and some others for justness. A big sum of blue bloods were covetous of the king’s power and wanted it. They wanted monarchy in which they could portion the power. 11 Ambitiousness and justness made the authorities be changed.

The societal division of the categories was an influence in the Gallic Revolution. The unjust privileges given to the First and Second Estate made the Third Estate experience bitterness towards them. and that provoked choler between them. The prosperity of businessperson and the strength and measure of the poorness. which were the provincials. made the Revolution

possible during those times. Without the provincials being in utmost poorness state of affairss. the businessperson wouldn’t have gotten justness. The provincials. the choler that they felt for he nobles and the thoughts that the businessperson introduced to them. united the necessary strength to develop such strong revolution. The businessperson took a really of import function by promoting the provincials to contend against the authorities that was taking advantage of the hapless.

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