Celebrity Brand Endorsements Marketing Essay

1. Introduction to Celebrity Brand Endorsements

From Leela Chitnis being the first subscriber for a beauty soap to Shahrukh Khan the quintessential male monarch of Bollywood backing the same set, likewise from the Joan Collins ‘ popular Cinzano commercial in the 1970 ‘s, to Bob Hoskins British Telecom ads in the 80 ‘s, sellers and advertisement managers have been cognizant of the power of famous person for decennaries.

Though in recent times at that place has been an immense detonation in the appetency for famous person chitchat – and now showbiz intelligence has entered the mainstream intelligence docket with force. So the inquiry that I had while working on this assignment was,

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So what does this mean for sellers who are shiping on a famous person backed run?

I was extremely fascinated by the UK famous person indorsement market. On of the first states to hold adopted this selling tool, the full universe of famous person indorsements has come of age in U.K. So I have picked the most trusty and profound famous person subscriber Jamie Oliver. Though he is merely known to be the face of the supermarket elephantine Sainsbury, but his attempts for that trade name have been a authoritative instance to analyse within the range of trade name indorsements.

They portion an astonishing bond, and have been able to leverage each other really good.

I have besides tried to analyse the famous person indorsement market in UK to seek and guage a feel of what consumers feel about these famous person subscribers.

Jamie Oliver: Celebrity Chef

2. Celebrity Brand Endorser

Jamie Oliver is a phenomenon in the universe of nutrient. He is one of the universe ‘s favored telecasting personalities and one of Britain ‘s most celebrated exports. Jamie has had immense success with telecasting series The Naked Chef ( BBC ) . Jamie has inspired people to pass more clip basking being in the kitchen – and even get down turning their ain nutrient! His programmes have now been broadcast in over 100 states including the USA, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Japan and Iceland. Having been translated into over 30 linguistic communications, the attach toing cookery books are best sellers non merely in the UK but across the universe. His 2010 book, Jamie ‘s 30 Minute Meals, became Jamie ‘s first million-selling book in the UK every bit good as being the fastest-selling non-fiction book since records began.

The high street restaurant aggregation ‘Jamie ‘s Italian ‘ is enormously popular across the UK and the Fifteen eating house group which he founded in 2002, provides preparation for immature people in three locations around the universe every bit good as bring forthing nutrient of the highest quality.

3. Chief Brand: Sainsbury ‘s

Since 2000A Jamie OliverA has been the public face of Sainsbury ‘s, looking on telecasting and wireless advertizements and in-store promotional stuff. The trade earns him an estimated ?1.2A million every twelvemonth. In the first two old ages these advertizements are estimated to hold given Sainsbury ‘s an excess ?1A billion of gross revenues or ?200A million gross net income.

Sainsbury ‘s presently operates 872 hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience shops. This is disconnected down every bit 537 supermarkets and 335 convenience shops. It besides operatesA Sainsbury ‘s Bank, which sells fiscal services, and is a joint venture withA HBOS ; Sainsbury ‘s Online cyberspace shopping services ; and has a belongings portfolio deserving ?8.6A billion ( as of March 2009 ) .

It is the 3rd largest supermarket concatenation in the UK ( since 2009 ) , and topographic points an accent on a higher quality food market offering compared to its other big challengers.

Harmonizing toA Taylor Nelson SofresA rankings published in January 2008, Sainsbury ‘s market portion was 16.4 % compared to Tesco ‘s 31.5 % , Asda ‘s 16.7 % and Morrison ‘s 11.4 %

Sainsbury ‘s presently uses the “ Try something new today ” motto which was launched in an attempt to do consumers venture into buying more varied goods.

In 2008 they created a shopping inducement by demoing that, when shopping at Sainsbury ‘s, you can feed your household for merely five lbs. The inducement, called “ Feed your household for a five-spot ” , with the flagship ofA ” Meatballs ‘n ‘ More ” A has been advertised on British telecasting channels, with Jamie Oliver cookery for a household. Sainsbury ‘s is a patron of theA Paralympic Summer GamesA in London 2012, and it is the largest sponsorship signed in the history of the Games.

The inquiries that I tried inquiring myself, and therefore in the procedure of detecting replies for the same larning the true significance of this assignment were as follows.

Which famous person is most or least likely to carry them to portion with their hard currency?

Which famous person face do they swear most?

What are their favorite advertisement runs of recent times?

Does the presence of a famous person truly assist gross revenues figures or have consumers become immune to fame in 2008?

4. Brand Endorsements in 2010.

There has been an detonation in the involvement of famous person in the last decennary – but what are the impacts on famous person indorsements? Choosing the incorrect face can direct a merchandise into consumer limbo – whilst the right one can impel a trade name to planetary consciousness.

Clark Turner, said: “ Today, thanks to reality telecasting, it seems that every Tom, Dick or Harry can go a famous person. Sellers have to believe really carefully about the message their chosen ‘face ‘ is directing out. For illustration, if a low profile world Television star is chosen to advance a peculiar merchandise some consumers may experience it was all the selling budget could stretch excessively! ”

Another job faced by ad managers is doing certain their chosen

embassador has credibleness in the field.

What I believe is Product and famous person must travel together in all domains of the market. ABC 1 consumers want to see aspirational famous persons such as Keira Knightley in the ads they watch. Whereas trade names like Iceland who appear to hold more of a C2D2 audience, take a face such as Kerry Katona who has a more down to earth image.

5. Advantages of Jamie Oliver as the famous person subscriber for Sainsbury

In a crowded market, usage of the right face provides immediate base out and acknowledgment. Trade names aim to pull on the acknowledgment factor to increase the ‘halo consequence ‘ around their merchandise. In theory, credibleness of the famous person is subconsciously transferred to the trade name – increasing consumer trust and consciousness of the merchandise in the procedure.

Use of the right famous person like Jamie Oliver can speed up trade name constructing much more rapidly than a non-celebrity based selling scheme. In the first two old ages of Jamie Oliver backing the trade name, these advertizements are estimated to hold given Sainsbury ‘s an excess ?1A billion of gross revenues or ?200A million gross net income.

In today ‘s famous person haunted civilization, a celebrated face immediately makes a merchandise more imperativeness worthy – whether a personality is photographed utilizing their chosen merchandise in every twenty-four hours life to present photo-calls, the occupation of the PR section is made much easier when contending for column inches. This was really good seen in the instance of Jamie Oliver and Sainsbury runs.

Disadvantages of Jamie Oliver famous person subscriber for Sainsbury

Celebrities have become progressively savvy as to their consumer influence and as such are bear downing higher and higher fees to trade names intending it is merely planetary trade names that are able to afford some extortionate rates. Jamie Oliver charged $ 1.2 manganese every twelvemonth for the trade.

Trade names can inadvertently endure from negative imperativeness should their chosen embassador be involved in any dirt or misconduct. Essex chef Jamie Oliver has been the face of supermarket giant Sainsburys since 2000 but in January 2008 caused possible embarrassment to the trade name when he reportedly attacked the concatenation for non turning up to a public argument on poulet agriculture. He subsequently apologised in an unfastened missive to Sainsbury ‘s staff UK broad.

Very high profile famous persons can sometimes dominate the merchandise they are backing. Jamie Oliver and his umteen figure of confab shows, cookery shows, and charity thrusts did ache Sainsbury in the same manner.

7. Analysis of Brand Association

As a image director, I believe Sainsbury has been a good pick by my client. The financials of the trade were more than the market rate so. But most significantly there was a cover media coverage of Jamie Oliver as the subscriber for the trade name. This non merely brought my client in spotlight in the earned media vehicles, but besides helped Sainsbury derive out of the repute of the subscriber.

Sainsbury besides made certain it associated with all the causes and charity that Jamie was making, so that both of them get the coveted positive media attending. The nature of Jamie ‘s profession meant, the sign language was a wise determination. Jamie went on to go most popular chef in UK, therefore assisting Sainsbury acquire a good positive trade name image.

I think Jamie should go on backing this trade name as it is his chief but highly strong trade name indentity.

8. Recommendations for Jamie Oliver

Having tasted success in his profession and as a successful subscriber, I suggest the undermentioned trade names that Jamie can see:

1. Pastifico Rana

Italian nutrient maker Pastificio Rana is seeking an advertisement bureau to hike its trade name consciousness in the UK with a multi-million lb run.

It is understood the company has already drawn up a short list of bureaus to flip for the concern, including Arc London, Grey London and one other bureau. Grey handles the concern in Spain and Arc ‘s sister bureau Leo Burnett holds the history in Italy. It is believed Pastificio Rana is besides set to speak to media bureaus about developing its UK scheme.

2. Cibosano: Importer of Italian Food in U.K.


Because of the trust factor Jamie Oliver has created around the trade name he endorses.


Sing his impulse to alter the nutrient wonts of UK adolescents, this can be a smart move.This will give him planetary acknowledgment and broad mass markets of Asia and Africa.

9. UK Celebrity Influence Survey 2010

In any survey of famous person indorsement it is cardinal to see the wonts and sentiments of the buying populace.


10 famous persons MOST probably to act upon a buyer into purchasing a merchandise or service:


Percentage of ballot ( % )

Jamie Oliver


Gary Lineker


Myleene Klass


Carol Vorderman


Lewis Hamilton


David Beckham


June Whitfield


Denise Van Outen


Chris Moyles


Keira Knightley


10 famous persons LEAST probably to act upon a buyer into purchasing a merchandise or service:


Percentage of ballot ( % )

Victoria Beckham


Wayne Rooney


Katie Price


Kate Moss


Kerry Katona


Michael Winner


Sharon Osbourne


David Beckham


Chris Moyles


Johnny Vaughan


Most trusty famous person trade name embassadors:


Percentage of ballot ( % )

Jamie Oliver


Gary Lineker


June Whitfield


Carol Vorderman


Lewis Hamilton


Myleene Klass


David Beckham


Denise Van Outen


Keira Knighley


Chris Moyles


How does presence of a famous person make you experience about a trade name?

Celebrity endorsed merchandises on the market today – are at that place excessively many?

Does the usage of a famous person have any impact on your likeliness to purchase?

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