Celebrity Endorsement In Advertisement Marketing Essay

This paper surveies and analyzes the consequence of famous person indorsement in advertizement on the people in India. In this epoch, people are exposed to different voices and images in magazines, newspapers, on hoarding, telecasting, wireless every bit good as web site. Each and every company tries their best to give a finest thought about their merchandises and attempts to state more about the astonishing and different properties of their merchandise. And in this competitory market, the biggest concern for all the companies is to happen the hook that will keep the consumer ‘s attending. And to accomplish consumer ‘s attending, famous person subscribers are one of the critical arms used as selling scheme. As, India is the 2nd populated state in the universe with immense diverseness, it is really hard for the sellers to aim the full consumer in a same platform. Besides, in India, famous persons are treated as graven image and the populace is overpowering captivation with famous persons. Everyone follows their footmarks ; hence it gives an huge chance to the companies to back famous person to market their merchandise.

Companies spend 1000000s of money to back famous person as they believes famous person adds on to the overall impact of the company and the indorsement of famous person provides more visibleness to the consumers. Even if consumers ignore all the advertizements in Television, wireless, magazines and other media, the glamor of famous person seldom goes unnoticed. Mostly companies, attempts to associate and portrait their merchandises with a famous person image to make closer to the consumer ‘s head. It has been seen that backing a famous person to a peculiar merchandise would non merely increase the gross of the company but more or less it will hold a positive impact on the company or the trade name ( Amos, Holmes, & A ; Strutton, 2008 ) . Celebrity endorsement even helps the consumer to acknowledge the certain trade name or merchandise which enhances the trade name ‘s entreaty for the certain merchandise. It has been seen that backing famous person for a trade name is non a one-way procedure, the people consider famous persons to be a trade name, which gives add on value to the trade name or the merchandise ( Temperley & A ; Tangen, 2006 ; Tantiseneepong, 2012 ) . Besides, research has shown famous person indorsement gives an impact on the consumer ‘s buying behaviour. Consumers tend to give more attending, and have a better callback, ratings and purchase purposes ( Temperley & A ; Tangen, 2006 ) .

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Literature Review

Who is a Celebrity?

Largely, famous persons are those who have a immense public grasp and acknowledgment by a immense fan following. Celebrities by and large have a high grade of public visual aspect and they by and large are different from the general populace. Largely, famous persons have a different character which can non be measured but they are considered to hold an extraordinary life style ( Khatri, 2006 ) .

Celebrities may be belongs to different Fieldss. They may be an entertainer, a athleticss individual, a man of affairs, or a politician. And it has been seen that different famous persons have a different manner to look in the populace ( Khatri, 2006 ) .

The most celebrated famous persons of India are as below:

Entertainer-Shahrukh Khan ( Actor ) , Amitabh Bachhan ( Actor ) , Aishwariya Rai ( Actor and Model ) , Lata Mangeshkar ( Singer )

Sports Athletes- Sachin Tendulkar ( Cricket ) , MS Dhoni ( Cricket ) , Sania Mirza ( Tennis )

Businessmen- Ratan Tata ( Chairman of Tata Group ) , Vijay Mallya ( Chairman of Kingfisher )

Politicians- Laloo Prasad, Sonia Gandhi

Celebrity Endorsers versus Created Subscribers

Companies largely have either of two type of subscriber: Celebrity subscribers or else created subscriber. Always it has been seen that companies have a more control on the created subscriber over famous person subscriber. It is easier for the company to construct a character harmonizing to their demands which matches their trade name, mark audience and even guarantee that the created character endorses a peculiar trade name ( Erdogan, 2010 ) . And on the other manus, famous person subscriber is really unsure, since sometime the merchandise or the trade name does non fit with the famous person ‘s profile. Besides, it is non assured that the famous person is non traveling to back more than one merchandise or trade name. Hence, it has been seen that companies have limited control over the famous person subscribers ( Erdogan, 2010 ) .Celebrities are largely considered as effectual subscriber as they are positions as extremely sympathetic, trusty and most significantly dependable ( Silvera & A ; Austad, 2003 ) ; but research has shown that there might be fluctuation in the effectivity of famous person indorsement. It is largely linked to the relation between the merchandise and the famous person and largely depends on how they “ fit ” to each other. ( Silvera & A ; Austad, 2003 ) .

Created subscribers effectiveness can be good explained through an illustration. In April 2009, nomadic web operator Vodafone Group Plc. launched an advanced advertisement run for Indian clients which caught huge attending to both the populace and advertisement experts. They had created a alone character alternatively of utilizing famous person for the selling. They have created a character called: Zoozoo, which communicate the full message to the clients. And it has been seen that the new construct has connected to the Indian consumers really good and was a large success in India advertisement history to an extent that zoozoo ware, like zoozoo jerseies, zoozoo mugs, zoozoo key-chains, zoozoo playthings became rather popular in retail shops. Mention

Celebrity Advertisement and its Positive Prospects

In the modern competitory epoch, in a market of high extension of local, regional and international trade names, famous person indorsement was thought to supply a distinguishable distinction. The sellers believe that famous person indorsement gives an huge positive influence to purchaser ‘s purchase determination ( Madan, 2011 ) . Furthermore, it has been noticed that advertisement which features famous person would frequently seems to be more entertaining comparison to others ( Temperley & A ; Tangen, 2006 ) . Celebrities get the bid to assist advertizements stand outs from the environing perturbation and hence helps the trade name to convey their message to the consumer in a better attack. Research has showed that famous person indorsement is a possible solution, when a company or a trade name image is tarnished ( Erdogan, 2010 ) .

One of the many illustrations of famous person indorsement and its positive effects on the trade name was backing Amitabh Bachan, Bollywood ace, for Cadbury India Ltd. After the atrocious incident of worm infestation contention in the twelvemonth 2002, Cadbury India, the state ‘s largest cocoa major, has roped in ace Amitabh Bachchan to back its trade name and announced a newA packagingA for its flagship Cadbury Dairy Milk ( CDM ) in an effort to recover consumer assurance after the black worm infestation contention. The worm infestation contention adversely wedged Cadbury ‘s gross revenues by around 3-5 % in the last one-fourth of 2003. Cocoas gross revenues fell aggressively by 3 % in October 10 % in November. The direction decided to back Amitabh Bachchan who is a cosmopolitan entreaty and they believed that his indorsement of CDM would assist their aim of increasing chocolate ingestion among all ages. Amitabh Bachchan endorsed and promotes the trade name for two years.A With clip it has been seen that backing of a ace star made a positive impact on the cocoa ingestion among all ages allover India ( The Economics Times, 2004 ) .

Celebrity Advertisement and its Negative Prospects

In many instances it has been seen that there is high hazard involve in backing a famous person with a trade name. Sometime Negative information about the famous person may impact on the consumer rating for the certain trade names. Research shows that when a trade name endorses a famous person, there is a possibility that the negative information acquire more published about the famous person at the clip of advertisement run ( Till & A ; Shimp, 1998 ) . The company or the trade name wants to tie in their name with the famous person and set the good that is known about the famous person into their name. In that instance, individual negative negotiations about the famous person can destroy the company or the trade name name which are closely associated with each other ( Hood, 2012 ) .

The biggest illustration for of negative impact of famous person indorsement is: The Tiger Woods dirt in 2009. Tiger Wood is a universe renowned golf participant who at the clip was associated with six different companies out of which three are athleticss related companies. The companies he was associated are Electronic Humanistic disciplines, Nike, Pepsi, Procter & A ; Gamble ( Gillette ) , Accenture, and AT & A ; T. The dirt shredded his private, guarded character. Along with him, the companies associated with Tiger Wood had a monolithic loss. Because of the dirt, it was reported that the investors associated with the stock of the companies had a loss upto $ 12 Billion. This shows that backing a famous person to the trade name is a high hazard ( Hood, 2012 ) .

Choosing the ‘Right ‘ famous person

Choosing an appropriate individual for the merchandise or the trade name is an of import, yet really hard. Sellers give huge attending on choosing the right famous person which connect with the merchandise good. It has been seen that different theories have been proposed for the methodological analysis of choosing right famous person and the full procedure of how this celebrities influence the head of consumers ( Dash & A ; Sabat, 2012 ) . Out of different theories, the normally used are ‘Source Credibility Theory ‘ , ‘Source Attractiveness theoretical account ‘ and ‘Meaning Transfer Theory ‘ . These theories are originally produced prepared for the survey of communicating and subsequently used in endorsement procedure for choosing right famous person ( McCracken, 1989 ) .

The Source Credibility Theory

This theory largely describes about the credence of the advertizement by the audience and largely concentrate on the ‘Expertness ‘ and Trustworthiness ‘ of the advertizement.This theory assists the audience to measure the merchandise and accept the construct ( Dash & A ; Sabat, 2012 ) . In add-on, this theory contends that the success and the effectivity of a message rely on the sensed degree of expertness and trustiness in an subscriber ( Erdogan, 2010 ) . The trustiness is the combination of honestness, earnestness and unity of the subscriber. Hence, the choice of right famous person depends on the mark audience perceptual experience.

The theory can be good explained by an illustration. The celebrated cricketer MS Dhoni and Bollywood histrion Bipasha Basu was the trade name embassador for Rebook. In an advertisement two of them were seen rushing against each other erosion places to advance Reebok ‘s new merchandise HEX RIDE. ( Referenceaˆ¦ ) In existent life, both of the famous persons are well-known for their wellness and fittingness. In that advertizement, audience can easy link the merchandise and the famous persons. The trade name and the merchandise is relate to fitness and athleticss which the famous persons can portray and convey the right message to the audience.


The Source Attractiveness Theory

This theory largely describes about the credence of the advertizement by the audience and largely concentrate on the acquaintance, likeability and similarity of the advertizement, where the acquaintance portrays cognition about the beginning from the audience ‘s exposure, likeability portrays the beginning physical visual aspect and the behaviour, and similarity portrays the connexion between the beginning and the audience ( Dash & A ; Sabat, 2012 ) . Furthermore, research has shown audience are more attracted towards the attractive communicators compare to unattractive one, therefore attractive beginning can adhere more audience ( Erdogan, 2010 ) . Particularly for the attraction related merchandise, the physically attractive and glamourous famous persons can significantly heighten the steps of the credibleness of the interpreter and even significantly heighten the clasp on the audience toward the advertizement and gives a positive impact on the attitudes of the audience ( Biswas, Hussain, & A ; O’Donnell, 2009 ) .


Meaning Transfer Theory

This theory largely describes about the credence of the advertizement by the audience and largely concentrate on the encoding a significance, reassigning a significance and capturing a significance to the audience ( Dash & A ; Sabat, 2012 ) . Encoding intending refers to the alone set of intending includes age, gender, race, wealth, personality or life style where the famous persons encode a specific set of significances in their image. Meaning Transportation refers to, famous persons reassigning the alone set of intending to the merchandise to picture and portray the communicating strongly. And the significance gaining control refers to the manner the audience gaining control the desirable significance that the famous persons passed on to the merchandise ( Dash & A ; Sabat, 2012 ) . This theory determines the grade of sensed tantrum between the trade name and the famous person in an advertizement and how they match to each other, besides associate how the audience will react and respond to the advertizement ( Erdogan B. Z. , 2010 ) .

It can be explained through an illustration of the selling scheme of Tanishq, the celebrated jewelry trade name in India which is ain by Tata Group. In their latest commercial for its diamond scope, the trade name has endorsed the Bollywood famous person twosome, ace Amitabh Bachan and his famous person married woman Jaya Bachan who are well-known for their committed and trusting relationship for old ages. In the similar manner, the commercial pottered the information about the diamond: its pureness and trust to the audience. In this commercial, the famous persons lend credibleness to the trade name message which connect with the audience and spread the consciousness among consumers about the pureness of diamond ( The Economic Times, 2011 ) .

Multiple Celebrity Endorsement and Multiple Brand Endorsement:

Multiple famous person indorsement refers to trade name backing two or more than two famous persons to publicize for the same trade name in a certain period whereas multiple trade name indorsement refers to famous persons backing two or more than two different trade names in a certain period ( Hsu & A ; McDonald, 2002 ) .

The inquiry is to cognize the consumer attitude towards the multiple famous person indorsement every bit good as the multiple trade name indorsements. The research as shows that consumer feels a famous person who backing multiple merchandises is relatively less dependable and trusty than the famous person who endorses a individual trade name ( Tripp, Jensen, & A ; Carlson, 1994 ) . And the research besides shows that usage of multiple famous persons for a individual trade name help the trade name to a sense of harmoniousness and helps to maintain away the advertizement from ennui and hence, draw more audience ( Hsu & A ; McDonald, 2002 ) .

In the instance of multiple famous person indorsement, for an illustration the present Indian Cricket squad endorses Pepsi in India. In that instance, different advertizement are shown by different famous persons.

For an case, Sachin Tendulkar, the celebrated Indian cricketer, has endorsed legion trade names at a clip. In that instance, audience may non retrieve all the trade names he had endorsed but merely retrieve few of them, which indicates that in multiple trade name endorsement the power and the strength of the trade name and its advertizement furuncles down comparison to the popularity of the famous person ( Natekar, 2012 ) .

The Big Endorser the Brand

Sachin Tendulkar: Boost, Toshiba, LIC, Hitachi, MRF Tyres

Shahrukh Khan: Nokia, Pepsodent, Dish TV, Hyundai

Amitabh Bachchan: ICICI Prudential, Tanishq, Cadbury ‘s, Boroplus, Birla Cement

Aamir Khan: Tata Sky, Samsung, Samsung Mobile, Titan, UNICEF

Mahendra Singh Dhoni: Emami, Sony, TVS Star City, Pepsi, Binani Cement, Boost

Abhishek Bachchan: Idea, Videocon HD

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: Nakshatra Diamond, Lux, L’Oreal,

Beginning: The Financial Express, 2011

Country context: India and Consumer ‘s position

In the modern epoch, backing famous person turns out to be a modern name. The usage of famous person for backing a trade name is common phenomenon which acts as the winning expression for the company ‘s corporate image edifice and the merchandise selling. To increase the client attending, backing well-known famous person becomes a common tendency for all the companies which consequences in the addition of market portion in the companies ( Dash & A ; Sabat, 2012 ) .

The Indian context offers a really particular scenario for the sellers. It is really alone, with combination of diverse civilization and economic with a strong cultural fond regard, with blend of western civilization and most significantly the rural countries which is the critical factors which sellers have to see in during the preparation of selling schemes ( Kumar, 2009 ) . India is a state, where indorsement of famous person gives a high possibility to act upon the consumers for the buying determination. Harmonizing to a research analysis, it shows that famous person indorsement for a trade name or merchandise Acts of the Apostless as an motive factor for the consumers and more or less, it has been seen that purchase attitude besides changes with the choice of right famous person ( Pughazhendi, Thirunavukkarasu, & A ; Susendiran, 2011 ) .

India is a state, where famous persons are treated as graven image where the Bollywood stars and Television histrions every bit good as sportspersons were roped in to back different trade names. Largely every person have tremendous involvement in cognizing their favourite famous persons professional every bit good as personal life style. And the famous person indorsement is largely used to portray high glamor and to appeal more audience attending instead th0an famous person ‘s much engagement with the merchandise which indicates the market scenario in India is high context in civilization ( Biswas, Hussain, & A ; O’Donnell, 2009 ) . Hence, In India, in the conflict for mindshare and market portion, companies or trade names endorse famous person for market their merchandise which makes immense sense ( Kumar, 2009 ) .

Case Study- Successful Celebrity Endorsements for a Brand – An Indian Position

In India, the jewellery industry competition acquiring tougher. There is lot entry of approaching jewellery trade names every bit good new dress shops fall ining the disturbance, where the trade names have to make something out of the manner to link with the audience. In that instance, the easiest manner for the trade names to gathers attending and come closer to the audience is to back famous persons which portray their trade names.

In the above image, Katrina Kaif as the trade name embassador of ‘Natraksha ‘ scope of diamond jewellery and Bipasha Basu as the trade name embassador of ‘Gili ‘ , one of the most popular diamond trade names in India ( Refernceaˆ¦.. )

In India, in the similar manner there is a tough competition in the cold drink industry, where the famous person indorsements have been the bedrock of cold drink ‘s advertisement. Over the old ages, cold drink industry has used and continues to utilize legion famous persons from different Fieldss for the advertizement.

In the above advertizement, celebrated Bollywood histrion Amir Khan endorses as the trade name embassador of ‘Coca Cola ‘ and Indian Cricket squad captain MS Dhoni endorses as the trade name embassador of ‘Pepsi ‘ which shows the trade names are aiming and portraying their merchandise by the famous persons of different Fieldss to catch whole audience from all the sections ( Referenceaˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦.. ) .

Decision and Recommendation:

In the current scenario, the famous person indorsement and advertizement schemes are justly blended. The sellers by and large connect the strength of the trade name along with the qualities of the famous persons ( Khatri, 2006 ) . Furthermore, it is of import that the sellers should be cognizant of the complex procedure of the famous person indorsement every bit good as the constructs like famous person beginning creditability and attraction, match-up hypothesis, multiple merchandise indorsement etc. which are used in choosing right famous persons. Sellers agree that the famous person indorsement does non vouch the addition of gross revenues but it gives an overall positive impact on the trade name and makes the audience experience better about the trade name.

However, the famous person endorsement advertisement schemes has high cost associated. And the research shows that the famous person indorsement in an advertizement merely have an impact on the consumers attending and may non alter the purchase behaviour of the consumer. Hence, famous person indorsement involves high hazard ( Biswas, Hussain, & A ; O’Donnell, 2009 ) . However, it has been seen that there are different trade name where the non-celebrity subscriber or the created subscriber are making better than the famous persons endorser ( Khatri, 2006 ) . Hence, the sellers have to analyze the market decently earlier taking a suited determination about backing famous persons.

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