Central Issues of HRM in UAE

Cardinal Issues of HRM in UAE


HRM normally has four basic issues: geting employees, developing employees, actuating them and retaining employees. Out of these four, geting employees, developing employees and retaining employees form the cardinal issues of HRM in UAE.

Geting Employees:

This is really of import issue in HRM as the choice of right employee straight affects public presentation of the whole organisation.

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Developing employees:

Another chief issue is the development of employees harmonizing to company or organisation ‘s work profile. Development can be done by on-job preparation or dedicated preparation Sessionss.

Retaining employees:

Retraining is going a really of import issue as organisations are including many types of variegations in footings of concern country, locations and targeted audience. Many procedures are including IT so retraining is very-very necessary.

Geting Employees- An Important Issue

One of the cardinal issues introduced above is geting of employees in UAE. The cardinal ground is the variegation of population. UAE is preponderantly an Muslim state. The entire population of the state is around 4.4 million with an one-year growing of 4 % 1. In this figure, 20 % are citizens while other are from developing and developing states like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Philippines. The state hosts immense in sourcing of human resource because of its flourishing oil industry. Now the job is with the authorities ‘s undertaking of Emiratization. UAE authorities has planned to prefer UAE patriot for occupations in the state which has laid to a job for the HR patterns. The HR patterns in geting of employees in UAE demands to be adjusted so as to suit Emiratization. If we define, “Emiratization is the motion initiated by the authorities of UAE for using the native citizens in public and private enterprises” . Presently UAE has a larger figure of exiles who are working in different sectors. Government intends to cut down the dependance on foreign workers by doing the ordinances tougher for foreigners. Positive consequence is that authorities will non be dependent on foreign subjects. Negative consequence is that efficiency of work may diminish.

So the issue here in UAE ‘s HR policies is to set itself to prefer UAE patriot in the occupations available in the state and in making this, entertaining the foreign labours besides who are more cost effectual and talented. Cleary this issue arises from the Emiratization theory of the authorities.


One solution to this job can be separate enlisting mechanism for aliens and UAE patriot. For this, the companies in UAE are required to put quotas for both UAE patriot and aliens in the state. Than companies in UAE can follow separate methods of enlisting for these two set of likely labours. One of the practical illustrations of this solution in UAE is ADNOC ‘s GNRP plan. GNRP stands for group National Recruitment Program. Under this plan, the company encourages more and more UAE citizens to be a portion of the organisations. Separate section known as GNRD or Group National Recruitment Department takes attention of enlisting under this policy. The enlisting of foreign nationalist takes topographic point by traditional methods. So in this manner, separate enlisting methods for UAE patriot and aliens can be a solution to the issue of enlisting of human resource in UAE under the visible radiation of Emiratization. ( 9Hu10 )

Another issue: Retaining employees

As the figure of houses in UAE is increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours, the job to keep the endowment within the house is besides increasing. UAE houses fundamentally focus on fiscal inducements to retain employees but as big figure of houses ( and therefore increased chance ) is at that place, the fiscal inducements seam inadequate to retain employees in modern UAE concern environment. Thus the issue of employee keeping through non-financial inducements, work-life balance is on a high in UAE.


This job is non yet touched in UAE and the likely solution is to concentrate on occupation satisfaction of employees through work-life balance and extra inducements ( non-financial ) .

The components of the solution can be:

1. ) Celebration of household twenty-four hours where households are invited at work topographic point ( this will increase the work topographic point adhering )

2. ) Sponsoring instruction of kids.

3. ) Excess holidaies

4. ) Flexibility to work

5. ) Family holidaies as a inducement to high public presentation etc


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