Challenges Of Human Resource Al Habtoor Group Management Essay

Human Resource is surely a key to any organisational success and it has been apparent that owing to the globalisation, altering economic scenario and technological promotion have been presenting new and intricate challenges for the disciplinary human resource map every bit good as the companies they serve ( Hathorn, 2012 ) .

The economic system of the United Arab Emirates is continually sing a enormous growing and has underwent reformation in docket by heightening the cardinal function and diversifying to non oil sectors. The significance of human capital and human resource direction is continuously recognized owing to the fact that it is the human capital with whose attempts concern organisations find a sustainable advantage and competitory border in the market. The concern doctrine has been changed now. Traditionally it was believed that future concern growing and public presentation will be improved by capital direction, but in today ‘s scenario it can no longer be improved without human resource and human capital ( Hathorn, 2012 ) .

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Purpose of the Survey:

The intent of the survey is to research and look into the challenges refering to human capital direction within the organisations and precedences for concern organisations every bit good as for the human resource map in the United Arab Emirates. The paper provides an overview of critical job or challenge faced in the Al Habtoor Group, and solutions and patterns adopted by them to run into and suppress the human capital challenges. Additionally, advanced thoughts and schemes will be proposed in the country of human capital direction.

Al Habtoor is a mid cap in private owned organisation in the building sector of the UAE with a human capital of around 500 employees belonging to different nationalities. They include Arab, Indian, Pakistanis and besides some belonging to Bangladesh and Philippines.


The research survey is the exploratory survey which aims to research challenges of human resource direction in the UAE organisations. The information is collected on the footing of both the beginnings ; in relation to primary informations beginnings, a structured interview is conducted from the HR Head of Al Habtoor Group who has been associated with the company since last 15 old ages in the human resource section. Internet, articles and studies are used for the research survey as the secondary information beginnings.

Challenges of Human Resource Management in UAE:

Supplying support for the endowment pool

The elements of the endowment direction scope from pulling employees to their enlisting, choice, development and keeping. Organizations in UAE besides stresses upon top performing artists, senior leaders and even the directors at in-between degree direction. In this respect, supplying structured Training & A ; Development at all degrees was determined as a critical challenge with deficient budgets. Another critical challenge in this respect is to develop cohesive squads, and care of cross functional and other undertaking and practical squads ( Ajou, 2011 ) .

Keeping Staff Motivation and Engagement:

This is another top challenge determined and the country where the HR of the UAE organisations should take a lead function. With the assistance of non fiscal wagess such as acknowledgment, professional and career growing chances, HR provides a sense of importance within employees and had non been viewed and captured within UAE organisations ( Ajou, 2011 ) .

Dependence on Expatriate Workers:

The full part faces another critical challenge of their dependence on expatriate workers. The population within the Emirates is lifting continuously owing to the increasing figure of expatriate work force settling down in the state and human resource is required to keep national individuality within organisations ( GULF FACING HUMAN RESOURCE CHALLENGES, 2009 ) .

Challenges refering to Islamic Prescription:

Several challenges are emerging in the country of contradictions of Islamic prescription with those of western human resource foundations. It is believed that Islamic positions are utile to safeguard societal and human concerns within the organisation ( Ali, 2010 )

Constructing Credible HR Function:

UAE organisations stresses upon the demand to turn to the demand of systems and procedures and information every bit good as skilled professionals for the execution of human scheme. The human resource ought to work collaboratively with the senior direction for explicating human resource schemes ( UAE 2015 Human Resource Challenges Conference, 2007 ) .

Al- Habtoor Group Facing Human Resource Challenges:

On carry oning a formal interview with the HR Head of the company, the chief job which most of the companies is confronting in United Arab Emirates and particularly the Al Habtoor Group is confronting is the job of employment of the expatriate Workers. These expatriate workers are belonging chiefly from the states such as India, Pakistan, and Philippines.

They move from their place state to other topographic points in hunt of the work and employment. And evidently the chief ground is the compensation which they get much higher in our state UAE. These people for good acquire settled here and so work for many organisations. This creates jobs for our national campaigners as they get less exposure than those of extremely qualified proficient applied scientist alumnuss, direction pupils, and sheepskin holders.

This is the major job coming up with the Al Habtoor Group and on holding conversation with the HR Head of the company ; it was happen out that they have tried and are even continually seeking to run into the troubles originating with the arrangement of exiles, with particular accent on the legal jobs associated with them.

AL Habtoor ‘s HR Function Priority Challenge:

With the employment of the expatriate workers belonging from different states, the group faces a cardinal precedence job and that is refering to human resource planning. With the increased figure of expatriate workers working in the organisation, this has resulted into several legal jobs and issues particularly in mention to jobs in entry license, labour card or work license and the abode visa. These are the necessary genuine and original demands that are ought to be present with the employees. This hinders the overall human resource planning and if the procedure gets failed or delayed, this will impact the full on the job rhythm of the company.

Key Solutions & A ; Practices Implemented by Al Habtoor Group:

The Hr Head of the Al Habtoor Group has tried to get the better of much from the challenge they are confronting in the recent times. First of all the executive directors solved the really of import job of the company which is discussed above in item and which is the “ exile ” . The HR Company has now limited the hiring of the expatriate workers in the company to avoid the troubles and to acquire the subjects exposed to honoring chances. Besides, they are now following a rigorous procedure and have formulated rigorous guidelines before employment of any expatriate worker. All the employees whose inside informations were non up to the legal demands of the authorities were fired and rigorous actions were taken by the disposal.

The top degree direction has showed a acute involvement in the major concern lifting and thereby the enlisting was made after carry throughing all the legal demands foremost. Besides to do human resource planning successful, the human resource director on treatment with the top degree direction has started the policy of a security bond of lower limit one twelvemonth with the company so as to avoid the failure of human resource planning.

Other human resource related maps are besides structured within Al Habtoor Group. They are outlined below –

The compensation system was restructured so that the employees get work satisfaction in the company. They were started given benefits like quality wellness insurance, time- offs, four yearss flexible working, fillip etc.

While making the public presentation assessment of employees in the company, the director has adopted the modern and more effectual technique of public presentation assessment system of 360 degree method. The employees are besides encouraged to make self appraisal prior to the public presentation assessment.

Other activities were besides carried out by the HR Manager to decide the jobs like get downing of direction games on weekends so as to avoid struggles in the company, wellness and safety steps were besides taken to actuate employees to work in an effectual mode.

Recommendations & A ; Suggestions:

By utilizing practical schoolrooms, capable affair experts can leave developing from a conference room and national employees attend the session from their several branches/locations. This combines the advantages of distance larning for national employees while easing timely bringing of preparation without break of work flow.

Training Academy can be made the head to present preparation plans to run intoing on-going development demands of national employees over exiles and to actuate endowment across the company as a whole.

There are new Gain Sharing Programs which are frequently used in the companies to better the public presentation of the employees.


As Al Habtoor Group will go on to spread out and develop, it will confront many new challenges and jobs in the human resource direction. Therefore new schemes will be necessary to cover with the size and range of the organisation. Human Resource activities particularly human resource planning will go more of import for the enlisting and keeping of employees in the company. The group will necessitate to go on to supply new wage and benefits bundles to cover with the increasing demands and demands of the employees. Performance assessment methods are besides required to be revised sporadically by the HR of the company. This will led to the improvisation of the employee accomplishments to back up the first-class working of employees in the company helps in accomplishing the organisational ends.


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