Chicano movement Essay

Also known as “El movimiento ‘’ is an extension of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement which began in the 1940s with the stated goal of achieving Mexican American empowerment.The 1960s was a turbulent decade in American history,  Fraught with conflicts over issues from Civil Rights. To the war in Vietnam. The Mexican American Civil Rights. Movement, one of the least studied social movements of the 1960s, encompassed a broad cross section of issues.

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We learn that it begins in New Mexico with Reies López Tijerina and the land grant movement, is picked up by Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales in Denver who defines the meaning of Chicano through his epic poem I AM JOAQUIN, embraces César Chávez and the farm workers, turns to the struggles of the urban youth, and culminates in growing political awareness and participation with La Raza Unida Party.

The Struggle in the Fields,” examines the importance of César Chávez and his efforts to organize farm workers in the central valley of California. It delineates the various components of Chávez’s strategy for farm worker self determination and emphasizes his commitment to nonviolence and the importance of faith and prayer in achieving his goal.

Taking Back the Schools,” is the best. It covers the Los Angeles high school walk outs of 1968 thoroughly and with passion. Every Student that day stood tall with their heads held high and proud to be a Chicano. It is also striking because the catalysts for the walk outs—high dropout rate, crumbling schools, lack of Mexican American teachers—still resonate today

Fighting for Political Power,” discusses the creation of La Raza Unida Party as a third party force for political power and the importance of political rights. It culminates in the 1972 election and the Raza Unida convention, and the fragmentation of the party at the height of its membership and recognition.

There is so much information about this day. Facts of which we carry on today being A Mexican American. There is honor for what we did that day and I stand proud for what those children did. Standing up for your self is something we face which is difficult to do and they did it. So I honor them and thank them for all they did standing proud for our Raza!

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