Chief Elements Of Apples Overall Competitive Strategy Marketing Essay

Apple ‘s patterns, processs and policies reflect the distinction scheme to aim the broad scope of clients as the overall competitory scheme of the company. The company serves a broad scope of differentiated merchandise to the clients runing from the posh power user to the new first clip users. The distinction is based on alone design, dependable quality and client services driven by high client values.

The invention scheme allows the betterments in new merchandise development and development in the bing merchandises. The distinction scheme provides such advanced merchandises to a wider scope of clients. Through the integrating of these schemes the company aims to run into the demand germinating in the market. The execution of alone designing and development of operating system and package has been a beginning of strong competitory advantage.

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The company has diversified its market to digital electronics and computing machine market in add-on to personal media participant industry as the mark market which proves that the schemes of the company are still at germinating phase due to new diversified market. Apple ‘s has besides entered to the tablet industry through the merchandises such as iPad and nomadic industry through the merchandises such as iPhone ( Masi, 2009 ) .

Question 2:

What are the cardinal elements of Apple ‘s scheme in computing machines, personal media participants, and Smartphone? Have its schemes in its nucleus concerns yielded success? Explain.


The concern scheme of Apple purposes to plan and develop its ain OS, hardware, package applications and services unambiguously which facilitates the clients with the advanced and new merchandise solutions holding alone characteristics such as easy use, unflawed add-ons, and advanced designs. The company ‘s scheme of continual betterment and research and development leads to the development of new advanced merchandise which enhances the market place of the company. With the integrating of the scheme, the company systematically builds and hosts the dynamic platform for placing and let go ofing the 3rd party digital content and its application through assorted shops of iTunes. This shop comprises of the Apps shop and iBookstore which helps the users to utilize and entree the 3rd party applications either in MAC or through iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The company scheme besides includes the enlargement of distribution channels so as to heighten its broad clients reach, high quality services and after gross revenues services to the clients. The company has besides unambiguously positioned itself as a superior and extremely integrated digital life style and productiveness solution supplier ( APPLE INC FORM 10-K ( Annual Report ) , 2011 ) .

Question 3:

What does a competitory strength appraisal reveal about Apple ‘s computing machine concern, as compared to the leaders in the personal computing machine industry? Use the methodological analysis in Table 4.2 to back up your reply. Does it look that the company ‘s competitory places in personal media participants and Smartphone or stronger or weaker than its place in computing machines?


Competitive strength appraisal of the company reveals following factors as the strength of the company:

Highly Differentiated Business Strategy:

The company provides extremely differentiated merchandise to its broad scope of client in extremely diversified market including personal computing machine, Tablets, Mobile, portable media participant industry. It besides provides extremely advanced and new merchandise integration with its ain hardware, package and designs to work out the jobs of the clients and run into their demands ( Danesi, 2011 ) .

Diversified Product Offer:

Apple provides its assorted merchandises in multiple market sections i.e. MP3 participants market, Personal computer market, Tablet Market, and other radio communications market within the digital and consumer electronic industry. Apple is considered as the true pioneer in the consumer electronic industry and this has exposed the bing merchandises to mammoth market chances ( Danesi, 2011 ) .

Other strengths:

Other strengths of the company as per the advisers and critics are as follows:

Apple Hardware Design.

Apple Marketing.


Competitive Advantage ( Apple ‘s Competitive Advantage, 2004 ) .

The market analysis suggest that the Apple stands at 3rd place in the Personal computer market with the market portion of 10.6 % while in the nomadic market, it stands at 2nd place with 24.2 % of market portion. The company holds the portion of 78 % in the overall media participant market. This reveals that the market portion of the company in this industry is much stronger than the personal computing machine industry ( Slivka, 2012 ) ( Keene, 2012 ) ( Macale, 2011 )

Question 4:

Does it do good strategic sense for Apple to be a rival in the computing machine, personal media participant, Smartphone, and tablet computing machine industries? Are the value concatenation activities that Apple performs in computing machines, personal media participants, tablet computing machines and Smartphone really similar and “ compatible ” or are at that place really of import differences from merchandise to merchandise? Which of the four merchandises lines — -computers, tablet computing machines, personal media participants, or Smartphone — -do you think is most of import to Apple ‘s future growing and profitableness? Why?


The value concatenation with regard to the Apple Inc and its strategic senses can be seen through the undermentioned figure and tabular array:

Figure: Value Chain Analysis of Apple Inc.

Beginning: ( Iyer, 2008 )

The value concatenation of the Apple Inc suggest that the company is expeditiously managing the concatenation of activities in advanced and design taking to direction of all the activities and operations which provides it a great competitory advantage.

The process at Apple Inc is moved in following mode:

As per the market growing and stock study, the iPhone generates 42.1 % of the entire gross for the company while iPad generates 21.8 % of the entire gross. Mac Contribution to the entire gross is 18.9 % while iPod contributes for the coevals of 7.3 % of the gross and other peripheral services contributes 9.8 % of the gross. From this information, it is clear that the Smartphone market and gross portion is the highest contributing section for the company. However equal emphasize should be given to all the other sections besides in order to accomplish the entire competitory advantage ( Danesi, 2011 ) .

Question 5:

What is your appraisal of Apple Computer ‘s fiscal public presentation the past three old ages?


The profitableness and gross analysis of the Apple Inc can be shows through the undermentioned graph:

Beginning: ( Apple Inc )

The above graph depicts that the profitableness of the company increases form 25 % to 40 % consecutively from 2006 to 2009. The graph besides depicts that the gross of the company have been increased from 10 billion to 17 billion in due class of clip which depicts that the company is continuously turning with the entire competitory advantage of the planetary international market. The ratio analysis suggests that:

The current ratio of the company is continuously increasing demoing the addition of current assets and lessening in current liabilities with some downswing in the twelvemonth of 2009.

Debt equity ratio remains the same with little fluctuations which shows that the company is equilibrating efficaciously between the current liabilities and the stockholders wealth.

Efficiency ratio and debitor turnover ratio is continuously increasing with a certain down bend in the twelvemonth of 2009 which shows that recognition gross revenues are traveling down and hard currency gross revenues are increasing ( Apple Inc ) .

Question 6:

What recommendations would you do to let Apple to beef up its place in its most of import markets? What steps should it take to guarantee that the iPad becomes a success in the market place and a major subscriber to the company ‘s overall public presentation?


Following recommendations are being recommended for the company in order to beef up its place in the market:

The Ultimate Convergence Device.

Modern Medical Device Platform.

Environmental and societal attempts in partnership.

Double Band GSM/ CDMA iPhone Worldwide.

Collaborative Recycling benefits.

Capturing Convergence Device Market.

iTune Shops eBook Distribution.

Implementing First party quality cheque in OEM Factories.

Productive usage of fresh hard currency.

Continues execution of enlargement scheme.

Differentiated Lifestyle Branding.

Following schemes are recommended for iPad:

Flash participant should be added as one of its characteristic.

It should besides be comprised of USB and camera.

It should be compatible with the iPhone applications.

Develop a separate selling scheme for iPad.

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