Chinese Online Consumer Purchasing Preference Marketing Essay

The on-line gross revenues grosss are contribute for the 6.2 in the entire retail gross revenues of societal consumer goods. With the advancement of EC, the book retails of on-line gross revenues usher the rapid development. By 2011, the entire 210 online bookshops in China have sold 6 billion RMB ; which contributes for the 51 % in the entire national book gross revenues of ( Openbook[ 3 ], 2012 ) . Dangdang Amazon and Jingdong remain the prima place in the online bookshops. Particularly, is accounted for more than 30 % of Chinese on-line book gross revenues by 2012 (, 2012 ) .

Figure. 2008-2016 China ‘s online shopping dealing ( beginning: IRESEARCH, 2013 )

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In malice of rapid growing in book retails online, there are confronting the some challenges when more rivals join in the on-line book market. Homogenization of the merchandises, taking to a monetary value war, is gnawing gross net income of the concern. In China, the cross border in retail of book industry has fallen down to 4.8 % . Therefore, these on-line book companies increase investing in term of the service system and features to better client ‘s trust. Trust creates positive attitudes to the future behaviour of the company and impact on the consumer ‘s purchasing satisfaction, purposes, and trueness ( Yoon, 2002 ) .

Previous paper showed the relationship between the EC ‘s public presentation and consumer ‘s behavior features and EC ‘s theories of consumer decision-making. However, there is no paper which illustrates which factors influence the online book purchaser, peculiarly in China. Following from this, the paper effort to discourse which chief grounds influence online book shopping in China? What is the difference of selling scheme for chief online concern company in China? What do the online book company and purchaser think the chances and challenge of market for online bookshops?

Literature Review

In this subdivision, the comparative surveies will briefly reappraisal that have examined the relationship between the buying behaviour and public presentation in e-service quality, and what are the factors that influence consumers in term of personal inquiries, selling attempts, psychological factors, socio-cultural influences post-decision behaviour, or experience?

Since the online shopping has visual aspect, a turning organic structure research has received tonss of attending that Internet retails shopping in term of consumer ‘s perceptual experience of service public presentation and purposes. ( Trocchia and Janda, 2003 ) . On-line consumer services play a cardinal function in the modern society.

Tih and Ennis ( 2006 ) province that the consumer ‘s purpose was high through on-line service, the retail merchants should earnestly see puting or pull offing their online service. Two constructs that are related to service public presentation are consumer satisfaction and purposes. Consumer satisfaction is a post-consumption result of consumers ‘ judgement ( like or dislike ) of merchandise consumption-related fulfilment ( Oliver, 1999 ) .Consumer redemption purpose means a mental province that reflects the consumer ‘s program to purchase the specified merchandise of a peculiar trade name once more in some specified clip period ( Hellier et al. , 2003 ) .Furthermore, online services advance the retails by technological advancement. The relationship between the seller and purchaser has improved by information engineering ( Subramani, 2004 ) .

On the other manus, most research on online concern has tried to uncover what are the factors influence the client ‘s E-purchasing behaviour, satisfaction and trust. Agarwal and Venkatesh ( 2002 ) studied web site serviceability via the dimensions of content, easy-to-use, publicity, fabricating media, and emotion. They collected informations from air hose, bookshop, car maker, and auto rental web sites. Hernandez-Orteg et Al. ( 2008 ) collect informations from six hypothesized dimensions of E-purchasing factor to analyze shopping behaviour of EC focused on the users with different shopping experience. Furthermore, trust and equity theory have applied for the environment of EC. The purpose of Trust means that a possible client is willing to expose themselves to the hazard of transact and loss with the shopping web site, that is, willing to buy from it ( McKnight and Chervany, 2001 ) . Teo and Lim ( 2001 ) observed important relationships between these different dimensions of equity and client satisfaction with computing machine retail merchants.

However, most old work treated all EC of industry dimly because it was considered that the deficiency of online development of the industry made it impossible to different degrees of shopping experience. Nevertheless, in recent old ages, EC has grown enormously and, although many industries are still in the acceptance stage, others have conducted several manners of minutess. In this context, to analyze their behavior adequately, it must be distinguished between different industries. Therefore, research will so travel on to carry on the study focal point on the book retails. Furthermore, it will research the EC ‘s house how to get by with the challenge for development of EC with characteristic service.

Research aims

In order to busy the spread in the old Literature, the research aims:

Investigate the grounds for on-line book shopping in China 2005-2012.

Investigate the motive for Chinese consumer buying online.

Compare the selling scheme between the Dangdang and Amazon


1. Research methods

In this research will take the deductive attack to carry on, and four chief methods will be used to work out the research aims ( R.O. ) :

R.O. 1: look into the grounds for on-line book shopping in China 2005-2012

Focus group, And five to six colleges ‘ pupil as the focal point group will be interview. Five or six colleges ‘ pupils will be group interview in the Beijing metropolis, and transport out about one hr for the experience of online book buying.The group interview will to discourse the which factor influence the decision-making of on-line book-purchasing and what ‘s characteristic necessary will be in the service system of on-line book narratives explore in the further. Because Saunders ( 2003 ) argued the group interview could extremely measure a point of group and react the concerned inquiry by extremely productive treatment. Both of the interviews are effectual ways in geting qualitative informations.

Statistical analysis will be used to compare the gross revenues gross, selling scheme and net income part between Amazon and Dangdang in China by reading research literature and study. For illustration, Dangdang one-year study ( 2012 ) , Amazon one-year study ( 2012 ) , the E-business developing study in China ( Chinese authorities study ) and China online shopping user research study ( IResearch, 2012 ) .

R.O.2: look into the motive for Chinese consumer buying online.

Online study, in order to find what the factors influence decision-making of the online book buying, a on-line study will be used to inquire them that whether they purchase book one time by EC in the past twelvemonth and what ‘s the discriminatory factors to purchase the book in on-line shops. Before the study, pilot survey will be behavior to prove the inquiries in the questionnaires. Because this questionnaire is based on the on-line shopper and for the big size of respondent and respondent who can be contacted by electronic mail or cyberspace, on-line study is suited ( Saunders et al. 2006 ) .Hence the questionnaire will be posted on the chief factor of on-line buying such as satisfaction.

R.O.3: Compare the selling scheme between the Dangdang and Amazon.

Semi-Structured interviews will be used to interview Selling Directors and Brand Managers of Dangdang and Amazon who have made and put to death the bing online selling scheme in China. First e-mails will be send to them and inquire them hold articulation to fall in the research. If is, assignments will be made by telephone. They will be informing that the interview will be record by telephone, and they do non necessitate to response all inquiry if they wish. Because of the limited clip and resources, the interview will be merely behavior in Beijing metropolis. The semi-structured interview will be Compare the selling Strategy between Amazon and Dangdang in China, and Investigate the chances and disputing for on-line book shops in China. the ground for taking it is that semi-structured interview can “ carry on treatments non merely to uncover and understand the ‘what ‘ and the ‘how ‘ but besides place more accent on researching the ‘why ‘ ” ( Saunders et Al. 2003 ) .

In add-on, the Statistical analysis will be conduct in this research objects.

2. Sampling

A cardinal inquiry in this survey is the proportion of book shopper who joins in EC market. A past research will be used to acquire accurate value of the per centum of book shopper articulation into EC market. The per centums of book shopper articulation into EC market was 80 % . ( IResearch, 2012 )

Using 5 % as the border of mistake and 90 % for CI ( assurance interval ) , the figure of respondent can be calculated with utilizing the convenience sampling. ( Saunders et al. 2007 )

n — -the figure of respondents of on-line book shopper.

3. Restrictions

Some factors will be limitation to the comprehensive and reliable informations and the accurate consequences.

First restrictions are the finance, clip and geographical location. Therefore, the interview will be merely conducted in the Beijing. In add-on, the research will be focus on the two on-line book companies: Dandang and Amazon.

The 2nd restriction is entree to interviewees. Semi-Structured interviews will be used to interview Selling Directors and Brand Managers of Dangdang and Amazon. If the director will decline the interview, the specializer of selling will be sing to interview.

Therefore, the handiness of primary informations could be prone to the respondent ‘s leaning.

Ethical issues

In this research, the chief ethical issue is the confidentiality of information. In this research, it will be necessary to inquire for corporate fiscal information from my interviewees as a consequence. The namelessness of the interviewees and confidentially of the information will be peculiarly of import. Therefore, the research will guarantee that that are referred to anon. both in my research and notes.furthermore, all unneeded transcripts of this information, emails, computing machine files or notebooks will be destroyed and erased


Time graduated table provides the research worker a executable program to carry on the research ( Saunders et Al. 2007 ) .This research will be completed in nine hebdomads. Based on the method, the clip graduated table for this research is showed below

hebdomad figure

hebdomad 1

hebdomad 2

hebdomad 3

hebdomad 4

hebdomad 5

hebdomad 6

hebdomad 7

hebdomad 8

hebdomad 9

hebdomad 10

Develop questionnaire


Pilot and revision questionnaire


Distribute questionnaires


Collect informations



Analyze informations



Design interview inquiries


Conduct the interviews


Transcribe informations


Analyze informations



compose the 1st bill of exchange



Revision and compose 2nd bill of exchange




submit to coach and await feedback


Revise bill of exchange, format for entry


Prepare for presentation





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