Classical Music: A Classical Art Essay

Program: Record Shelf

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Schedule: Saturday/ October 18, 2008

Feature: Love Me Forever

Classical Music: A Classical Art

The online radio station KBYU-FM is known for its capability to bring classical music into life again; something that has much been given lesser value by many modern radio stations today. Today, classical music is already considered a classical art the needs to be rather appreciated than actually aired for public listening. However, with the implicative process by which KBYU-FM arranged their program for presenting classical music to the listeners, it could be observed that the classical music selection that they opt for the public to hear actually makes a great impression on how the modern society views the said kind of music genre.

            With the program that they have set for October 18 [Saturday] schedule, KBYU-FM offers a great music from the unique Broadway opera star, Grace Moore, through the program “Love me Forever”. Through the program section “Record Shelf”, KBYU-FM was able to create a presentation that attracts not only the old aged generation, but also several ones from the younger generation today. This has been primarily because of the fact that the said classical music collection had been presented for public listening in a modernized manner that was aimed in making the new generation more interested to the process of music presentation offered by the said online station. Media presentations as well made the said program more invigoratingly interesting for the young generation today.

            During the program, the d-jay mentioned of the major contribution that classical music has actually made towards the development of modern music at present. It could be noted that they were able to find better ways to make it certain that the modern generation would be able to appreciate the existence of classical music collections. Likely, it was through this particular station’s program that the author of this analysis paper was actually able to find better ways to realize that classical music indeed makes a great impact on how the present music is realized by the human society based the original makings of classical music in the past.

            Yes, classical music is one of the most unforgettable art forms created by the earlier human generations that should ever be put in the shelves alone but should be listened to. Giving importance to this genre of music allows the listeners to give fine understanding as to how they are able to comprehend with the development that the music industry took into consideration through the years.


KBYU-FM. (October 18, 2008). (October 20, 2008)


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