Communication Opinion Paper Essay

. Communication Opinion
Communication according to the oxford dictionary may be defined as the exchange of information or news between people. Communication is important not only in homes but also in the work place because it helps the job to be more successful. Effective communication is essential in health care because it allows individuals and teams to have access to adequate and timely information necessary to perform their role effectively and appropriately. Effective communication is essential in health care. Information sent from one party to the next must be properly interpreted or else there will be errors in the communication process.

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The elements of effective communication include the sender, receiver, message, channel and the feedback. Communication begins with the sender and then the sender conveys his or her understood information to the receiver either verbally, gestures, written and visualizations. The receiver then interprets the message and gives a feedback to the sender. The sender’s feedback determines how the receiver understood the message. This is how good communication starts in the health care field. Good medical care depends on good communication between health care providers and patients. Without proper communication mistakes can lead to improper diagnosis or improper medical treatment. Effective communication requires the ability to understand and be understood. A part of communication in the health industry is listening and responding to the needs of the person they are communicating with. This is how their performance is been judged based on how they communicate. Health care professionals needs to be able to ask the correct questions and responds to the correct questions at the same time. The health care provider needs to be able to respond with accuracy and understand. Good communication leads to greater accomplishments and which leads to greater self motivation in the long run.

The basic rule of health care communication is collaborative communication. The difference between the basic elements of effective communication and the basic rules of health care communication is that the basic rules of communication deals with interpersonal communication while health care communication deals with collaborative communication. Interpersonal communication is the exchange of communication between two or more people. In interpersonal communication there is message sending and receiving which can either be either verbal or nonverbal. In interpersonal communications the message transmitted can be effective based on how the receiver understands the message. In collaborative communication there is team work. Collaboration is necessary in all health care setting among all health care providers. In all health care setting it is important for careful coordination of services among all health care providers. Collaboration involves the cooperation, planning, working together, decision making and problem solving (Baggs, Schmitt, 1988). A provider might encourage a reluctant consumer to communicate candidly by Reference

Baggs, J.G., & Schmitt, M.H.; Collaboration between nurses and physicians: Image: Journal of Nursing Scholarship (1988), 20, 145-149.

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