Comparative Analysis Of Marketing Communications Marketing Essay

Adidas is the 2nd largest company who manufactures featuring goods all over the universe. It was established in 1920.The Original laminitiss of Adidas were two brothers Rudolph and Adi Dassler.The companys foremost industry were slippers and after that they decided to do athletics places which went so successful that it led them to open their ain shoe doing mill in 1926. Then it didnt look back and today it is one of the most successful company in featuring goods.

Nike was ab initio started in 1962 as a bluish thread athleticss. The laminitiss of Nike were Bill Bower adult male and Phil Knight. Nike from its modest start grown as a featuring leader in featuring goods. It is besides now recognised as universe s taking maker, interior decorator, seller and distributer.

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Market and Literature Review of Adidas and Nike

Market Share and Gross saless

In 2009, the Market portions of Adidas was 22 % of the world-wide athletic footwear while on the other terminal the market portions of Nike was approximately 33 % .

In 2009 the gross revenues per centum of Adidas reported diminution in net incomes. In last one-fourth of the 2009 its gross revenues per centum was declined by 5 % which was because of their addition in selling costs. While in 2010 the fiscal study shows that there is 15 % addition in their sale because of 2010 FIFA World Cup. On the other terminal the gross revenues of Nike in the 4th one-fourth of 2009 was decreased down by 7 % . While the first one-fourth of 2010 shows 53 % addition in net income.

Target Audience

In instance of mark audience both Adidas and Nike have different mark audience globally. The chief mark audience of Adidas are between 12-34 old ages consumers specially involved in athleticss. There are assorted athleticss which are targeted by Adidas that includes gym habitues, NBA participants, Football etc and besides the young person who believes in populating a clean life manner.

While Nike on the other terminal has really specific mark audience.It focuses chiefly on males and females, who are between 18 35 old ages old. As Adidas, Nike besides focuses on football participants under its mark audience.

Merchandise: Adidas

The merchandises of Adidas are divided in to 3 Classs

Adidas Performance Sports places, aromas, oculus wear

Adidas Original Superstar Sneakers, Vintage Clothing, Adicolor Trainers

Adidas Style Caps, Bags, Belts, Hand Gloves Etc


Nike Merchandises Sports Shoes, Sunglasses,

Trainers, BodyCare, Sneakers, Hoodies, Clothes, Caps, Bags, Perfumes etc

Monetary value:


There are assorted Pricing schemes which are followed by Adidas harmonizing to its merchandise. But by and large it uses Market planing scheme, that is the monetary value of the merchandise depends upon its coloring material, look etc for illustration: white coloring material places of Adidas is more expensive than other coloring material places.


As compared to Adidas, the monetary value of merchandises of Nike are high. It adopts different and Competetive pricing startegy than Adidas, it is based on the footing of premium section as mark clients. Nike as trade name has high premium, so the monetary value of its merchandises is high than adidas.

Place/ Distribution


The most basic distribution scheme adopted by Adidas is to concentrate resources at the topographic point where most profitable client section is available. So for this intent it opened its stores all around the universe. It besides focuses on offering entire client service at the topographic point where client goes to purchase its merchandises. In add-on to shop, Adidas besides gives on-line purchasing service.


Nike on the other terminal had a scheme of researching the current and developing new market, so its stores are in about 200 Countries. Like Adidas, it sells the merchandises to independent distributers, licences and subordinates. Same as Adidas, it besides sells its merchandises online.



Adidas has its ain alone trade name placement in the head of clients. For case one of the images of Adidas is those who want to have on light shoe should travel for Adidas, instead than traveling for other trade names. Other placement of Adidas in clients mind is hoops places, this is because by and large hoops participants wears it because of its alone design and light weight.


Nike on the other terminal has image of an advanced company who focuses doing new inventions and planing new manner places. As Nike s one of the chief mark audience are football participants its cardinal placement in clients mind is to supply competitory border ; assist athlete to execute good. Recently in order to better its trade name placement, it made a trade with NFL by paying 1 billion dollar ( about ) , Nike will bring forth all the on-field dresss, it will besides bring forth game uniforms and other side line personal dress and fan cogwheel.

Research Method Used and Its Restriction

In order to transport out research there were two chief methods used Primary and Secondary Research methods.

To assemble primary informations a questionnaire was designed which compares both athletic trade name Adidas and Nike.

Sample Size.


While to garner secondary informations cyberspace, magazines, one-year studies of the company, articles were used.

Manual Method is used to acquire end product information after analyzing informations.

Time Schedule

Entire estimated clip used to finish this study will be 9 hebdomad.

Restrictions of Primary Data Collection Method

1. The first disadvantage of transporting primary research was difference in response. Each person has its ain position. So it was hard to generalize the information.

2. It was clip consuming, dearly-won as it takes tonss of clip to happen a respondent who can make full questionnaire.

Restrictions of Secondary Data Collection Method

1. It was hard to happen informations from company s website as sometimes they might non state their failing.

2. The individual who wrote secondary informations might be biased.

3. The sample used by a secondary individual might be little.

Analysis and Discussion

Key findings of Marketing Schemes Adopted By Nike and Adidas after analyzing Secondary informations ;


There are assorted promotional schemes adopted by Adidas which includes telecasting, cyberspace, hoardings and magazines.

Television Ad

Analysis of Television ad

Adidas uses different media vehicles which can start up its advertizement on telecasting ; it uses assorted athleticss channels like Star Sports, ESPN. The recent Adidas original Ad has famous persons like David beck jambon, Agnes lair, they used Informative Advertising because the aim of the ad was to make consciousness about the launch of its new star wars aggregation which includes cool, fetid apparels and places for young person, so in order to pull them they used Musical Appeal to stir up the feeling of purchasing. It used Peripheral Cues because it might hold thought people would non be able to treat information that their new aggregation is really cool and fashionable, and so they used stylish famous persons like Beckham and Agnes to act upon mark audience attitude positively. Harmonizing to me the message of ad was if one wants look latest and fetid as David Beckham and Agnes so should travel for this new aggregation of Adidas.

Adidas uses cyberspace in many ways to make its mark audience, it created its ain web site ( ) sole digital content where one can acquire all information about the company including company back land, merchandises, gross revenues, new launches etc. Other than this late adidas used Windowss messenger game platform in order to advance its Predator and f50 boots to the age group of 15-24 old ages old males. Which was most effectual advertizement scheme as it helped the compnay to increase 14 % trade name evaluations by gamers.Additionally popup ads can besides be found on yokel, espn place pages etc. Harmonizing to me, the aim of utilizing internet selling was to pull the younsters who spends more clip online than watching Television.

Outdoor advertizement

The administration uses assorted groundbreaking out-of-door advertizement such as hoarding association footballs, expansive wall combatants, topiary styled hoardings etc. Recently in Japan adidas came with alone out-of-door adverisement construct where two football players were hung have oning hearness and have to play football for 10 mintues. The aim was to catch the attending of the people towards the hoarding and adidas was successful in making that as shown in figure, traffice around that froze for about 70 mintues.

Other highly effectual construct of out-of-door advertizement was made in Germany in 2006 during fifa universe cup, a immense discharge like construction with Oliver Khan s image was putted across the route, the aim of this construct was to catch attending of the vehicles go throughing by route and it was successful in making this.

Sponsership And Events

In add-on to these it sponserd soccerex football festival for 2010 football and has confirmed four twelvemonth sponsership trade with it. The aim of the trade must be to advance its merchandises in pes ball after successfully advancing it in NBA games.Aditionally adidas have agreed to do eight twelvemonth sponsership with major conference association football the aim of adidas is in to advance its merchandises every bit good as to increase growing of the conference and insvesment for young person development.

Adidas besides uses assorted gross revenues publicity startegies in order to increase its gross revenues, one of the recent gross revenues publicity schemes is adidas vouchers and vouchers codification in which adidas distributes vouchers through in which if a clients codification lucifers with the adidas codification, price reduction up to 30 % or more than that will be given by company on assorted types places. In add-on to these it besides cuts down the monetary values of merchandise during particular festivals and events in order to increase its gross revenues or to complete the old stock.

Other than this, adidas besides uses assorted maganizes and newspapers in order to advance its merchandises.


Nike utilizations different promotional schemes. It promotes its merchandises by following endorsement focal point strategy, making a prevalent media being, set uping flagship shops and usage of magazines, hoardings, nomadic etc

Television Ad

For Television ads Nike uses assorted athleticss channels to advance its merchandises by assorted famous persons like Ronald no, Renaldo, and Roberto Carlos. It chiefly shows its ad during football games. Recent ad was a kind Comparative Advertisement because as the rubric describes Nike: My better is than your better, in this ad it shows all athleticss games like basket ball, baseball, Runing etc and seek to present a message that Nike merchandises are best in every game whether it is basket ball, base ball, leaping. In order to catch attending and to stir up Emotional entreaty it used Fantasy and surrealism because certain images shown create phantasies. While to stir up Rational entreaty it indirectly compared it s merchandises with other merchandises, the ad might be effectual as it shows and considers its merchandises superior in every game as compared to other companys merchandises.


Nike uses assorted on-line methods in order to advance its merchandises. It has established its ain web site, where clients can acquire tonss of information about the merchandises and company. It besides uses yokel to advance its merchandises, harmonizing to me the aim of utilizing yokel and other popup ads is to do childs who frequently goes on-line, cognizant about the trade name

Billboards and Magazines

In comparing to Adidas, Nike uses different ways of hoarding advertizement to advance its merchandises, in recent times in Hong Kong to advance its Nike s T90, a series of black and white markers were posted in local Nike shops, metros, Stationss and besides in magazines. These markers were a sort of 3D Window Display, and to watch it, client demand to text the key word displayed on the marker and has to download the Nike application. After the package is downloaded, if one points the camera on the markers, one can see practical 3d Nike T90 boots. These types of hoarding s were specially launched for the mark market of Hong Kong who is found of latest engineering. Other than this Nike uses ESPN magazines to advance its merchandise.

Key Findings of Survey ( Questionnaire ) ;

Recent research founded that Nike scored low rates as compared to Adidas in footings of placement ; this is because they chiefly focuses on work forces, merely 10 % of female supposed that they would purchase Nike gym shoes once more, while remainder of the adult females likes Adidas because it focuses on both work forces and adult females uniformly. ( Referred To questionnaire )

40 % of respondents prefer and gave an mean rate of 6.9 to Adidas because it is cheaper and lighter in weight. For illustration many of the samples said I would travel for Adidas because they are cheaper and besides I feel myself more comfy in the merchandises of Adidas, peculiarly childs who are fascinated in playing pes ball because David Beckham wears it. But on the other manus 60 % of full sample likes and gave an mean rate of 8.5 to Nike, out of which 40 % sample likes it and gave an mean rate of 7 because they deem its places are good in quality, comfy over long distance. While other 20 % likes it and gave an mean rate of 7.5 because they feel Nike provides more assortment of design in places than Adidas and they look more fashionable. For illustration sample 4 said I like Nike because the merchandises are really much cool and besides there are assorted types picks available and assorted types of form and manners are available, So it looks that Peoples are more concerned about quality and comfortableness than monetary value, so by this it can urge to Adidas to concentrate more on its quality.

Out of entire respondents, merely 70 % of respondents were able to give description of recent ad of two companies out of which 40 % of respondents described Adidass new star war aggregation, while other 30 % of respondents described Nike s War hawk Matt Scott s No excuses commercial.

30 % of entire sample remembers and likes, Television ad of Adidas because they use well-known famous persons like Beckham, Messy, Kaka etc and they are more attention-getting. For illustration sample 21 Said the action it shows in its ad s add pull the viewing audiences and besides the manner of demoing the merchandise was amazing.

70 % of overall sample remembers and likes Television commercials of Nike because every clip they demonstrate foot ball game in a unique and a bit amusing manner. Some people remember it because they reflect that the frequence of Nike s ad on Television is more than Adidas.

After analyzing primary informations it can be said that, respondents like Nike more than Adidas, and Nike s communicating schemes are more effectual than Adidas.


– Based on above analysis following Decision can be made ;

Both Nike and Adidas are following about same types of promotional Strategies up to some extent, both benchmarks each other, both utilizations cyberspace, hoardings, magazines, Television advertizement to advance their merchandises the lone differences is that they both are utilizing different famous persons to advance their merchandises and they besides follow different indorsement schemes, Adidas focuses on patronizing a squad and assorted events, while Nike bulls its oculus on assorted stars of football, basket ball, golf etc.

The other difference is their advertisement message ; they both use same scoop and graduated table but attempt to pass on with different messages. While the mark audience of both the trade names are same every bit good as the trade name edifice scheme adopted by both the company seems to be same.

So both companies are puting more and more in their promotional schemes, to pull more clients and at last to spread out their growing.

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