Comparative Study On Sales Service Provided By Suzuki Marketing Essay

The research design for this undertaking is descriptive research design So in this survey full description of the assorted factors sing the gross revenues service provided during a vehicle purchase is mentioned. The sample of clients taken for the study were selected on random footing i.e 100 from Sai service and 100 from Chowgule.

The population for the study are the clients of Sai service ( Porvorim subdivision ) and Chowgule ( Panjim subdivision ) . A pilot study was conducted before finalising the questionnaire and 20 clients were surveyed through verbal interviews. On footing of the consequence of ice ax study few factors were determined on footing of which the the concluding questionnaire was designed.

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The overall consequence was common for both the traders except for few i.e. gross revenues executive were non systematic during the follow up made on anterior purchase, besides few clients felt that the vehicles were non decently organized in the Chowgule salesroom, besides Chowgule offered test thrust on client demand. Whereas purchase process and filling of application at chowgule and sai service were every bit hard. As comparison to sai service the the trader gave some gifts at the clip of bringing which Chowgule do n’t make. Besides gross revenues executive at Sai service was non able to give proper merchandise information interms of interior and sometimes the dialogue on cost was non satisfactory for the clients.

On the other manus the merchandises chose to choose were good organized at the salesroom, there was sufficient coloring material pick, vehicle was ready at the clip of bringing with all the accoutrements, the client got vehicle within 1 month after the day of the month of engagement. Besides both the traders was able to bringing vehicle on promised day of the month and clip and most of the Maruti installations were provided by the traders.

Quality: -Continues upgrading of accomplishments through and constructive interaction dedicated squad afford to heighten the committedness of continual quality betterment.

Customers: -service provided is with ultimate purpose of run intoing client ‘s demands and satisfaction it believes that all affords should be directed towards constructing a healthy relationship with clients. Enhance client acquisition, keeping and trueness by invariably bettering the transparence, efficiency and friendliness of the concern.

Majority of clients of sai service were of sentiment that they would likely urge Sai service traders to other ( 45 % ) were of that sentiment, whereas 35 % of Chowgule clients were of sentiment that they were non certain whether they would urge Chowgule to others or non which was a bulk. As compared to the response of both the traders the response to sai service is more on a positive side as compared to the other trader.


The overall findings from the gross revenues service provided by both the traders of Maruti i.e. Sai service and Chowgule cars is that: –

Gross saless executives at Chowgule were non systematic during the follow ups on question made prior to buy determination, bulk of clients from Chowgule were dissatisfied sing the same as compared to Sai service, the clients at sai service felt that the gross revenues executive were systematic sing any question made anterior to buy determination, in other words the gross revenues executive of Chowgule did non hold proper preparation in managing clients i.e. non proper CRM maintained.

Another determination through the study was that the vehicles were non good organized at the Chowgule salesroom as compared to Sai Service, that is few clients neither agree nor disagree that the vehicles were good organized at the salesroom, even though the per centum of client holding that the salesroom was good organized is more every bit compared to the per centum who disagreed, but still the few per centum which showed disagree should non be at that place because it shows a bad image about the company.

Sai service gave some gifts for the clients at the clip of bringing, which helps to make a good image about the company in heads of clients, even though it is a little technique to heighten CRM, it is necessary to maintain a good image in heads of clients because they are the 1 who will come back to your franchise and spread good image about your company in heads of others.

When the auto was purchased on loan the process for make fulling the application was non clearly explained both in Sai service every bit good as Chowgule.

Sai service demands to educate the clients about the benefits of MFinance. They can actuate the hard currency clients to offer M-Finance because most of the Sai service clients were incognizant of the M-finance, whereas in Chowgule ‘s clients were being made aware of all the installations provided by Maruti.

Majority of clients of Sai service found it hard to register all the purchase application, whereas Chowgule clients found it neither easy nor hard.

The Sai service trader did non reach after the auto was delivered for service question, whereas the Chowgule trader were in contact with the client to inquire them any question in service question in order to construct a good CRM.

Chowgule offered trial thrust merely on client demands, that ‘s the ground why most of the clients were non offered a trial thrust and sometimes it happened that the demo auto was unavailable, whereas the Sai service clients agreed that they were been offered a trial thrust.


More trial thrusts should be offered by Chowgule and see to that the clients are asked whether they would be interested in a trial thrust instead than offer a trial thrust on client demand. Here Chowgule defers from Sai service as Sai service offers test thrust for its clients, this will pull clients more because they will acquire the experience of the thrust and it is easy to cognize the characteristics of the auto instead than merely by looking it.

Should be more peculiar about Post Gross saless Follow Up as it shows the concern of the company with the client and Sai service does non reach clients after gross revenues for service question or any other ground. Sai service have to reach its clients or even direct a birthday recognizing to its clients to heighten good client relation with old client, so that they will re buy a vehicle from the same trader.

Sai Service should set in more attempts to advance Maruti Finance.

The gross revenues executives of Chowgule have to be given proper preparation sing heightening client relation, the preparation programme should cover issues like how to manage clients dialogues, ethical manners, being polite and unagitated in different facets of client handling etc.

The gross revenues executive should foremost be trained with the filling of purchase application signifiers, so that the clients finds it easy when gross revenues executive explains the proper formet of make fulling the purchase application.

The Sai service and Chowgule can besides to better the morality of bing clients because bing clients are one of the of import influencing factors this can be done by directing them birthday recognizing festival recognizing etc.

Company can give Offers & A ; Schemes to pull clients and besides company can set up more Car demos in crowded topographic points, this attract clients more instead than advertizement on intelligence documents.


During the class of my internship, it was a great learning experience to cognize how two companies try to do their gross revenues service better inspite of holding same merchandise line. I came across how each client is considered to be taken as a net income devising entity. A little error on a client ‘s profile can take 100 of clients off from the company, is clear through this undertaking. In order to maintain client loyal to the company, what are different types of techniques used and how such techniques demands to be changed as the clip comes, for illustration childs zone for entertaining childs of assorted clients. It was a great experience overall in cognizing how clients react and what are the perceptual experience of cutomer ‘s when purchasing behaviour of client are looked into.

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