Comparing Oedipus With Death Of A Salesman English Literature Essay

Oedipus the King is Grecian calamity by Sophocles and was foremost performed 429 BC whereas Death of a Salesman 1949 is a job drama by Arthur Millar. The two dramas can compare in a figure of ways despite being written in different historical times. Despite the fact that Oedipus is non officially divided into scenes and acts it clearly occurs in six stages, with passage between episodes marked by an ode Sung by the chorus or stasimon while Miller ‘s drama is divided into two Acts of the Apostless, with a dirge at the terminal.

On the character portion, both have tragic supporter. Oedipus is the tragic in Sophocles instance while Willy Loman the gross revenues individual is the tragic hero in decease of a salesman. Oedipus is the supporter and the tragic here. After his male parent Laius from an prophet that his ain boy would kill him, he goes ain to adhere the pess of his infant boy, Oedipus and order the female parent, Jocasta to kill him. However Oedipus is rescued from by a Shepard and taken to Corinth where he is raised by polypus, the male monarch of Corinth as his ain. Oedipus in an enterprise to avoid his destiny of finally killing his male parent and get marrieding his female parent, which he learns from an prophet, leaves Corinth so as to save his parents the injury he is destined to run into on them. In the same visible radiation Willy Loman is the tragic supporter as seen in the last portion of the drama, dirge. The words of Charley serves to take incrimination on Willey, and topographic points it on the demand of American society to trail the American dream at the disbursal of a individuals emotional and religious good being. He points out the fact that no 1 deserves the sort of returns that Willey was acquiring at his grueling salesman occupation. Willy as the salesmen bought the gross revenues pitch that used by the American society to publicize itself and paid for it with his ain life. The drama negotiations of mortgages, trade name names and large multinationals. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours, is every bit able to afford his household a house and nice life and even believes that he would be worth more dead than alive. He believes that Biff, his boy would profit from his insurance compensation following his decease.

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Willy, the supporter speaks the linguistic communication of the consumers and for him the cut pharynx competition is crazing. He represents the American in-between category that emerged in station war America. When Linda, his married woman, reminds him of the due payment for the icebox, Willy says: “ I told you we should hold bought a good advertised machine. Charley bought a General Electric and it ‘s 20 old ages old and it ‘s still new, that boy of a bitch ” Miller 1949: 56-57

Structurally, both dramas intertwine scenes from the past and present. However decease of a salesman depicts events in a sequent that are at uneven with their chronological patterned advance. The most noteworthy chronological construction of a drama has a line drive construction characterized by a pyramidic form in its secret plan, i.e. , Rising action, flood tide, crisis, falling action and declaration. In such a instance the crisis scene, looking tardily in the narrative is one able to airt the play by ordaining a decisive causal event for which person is responsible. However in decease of a salesman the eventual dramatisation of the Willy cheating that occurs in Boston comes tardily in scene two. This is non a new event as it does non turn the action in a new way and it is besides non late revealed happening for any of the character as both Willey and Biff are already cognizant it, it occurred when punch was merely 17, and Linda and Happy do non larn about it when its eventually dramatized on phase ( Bloom 144-156 ) . On the other manus Sophocles ‘s Oedipus has in its construction a pyramidic form. The crisis scene happen when it eventually dawns on Oedipus that so it could hold been him who could hold killed his male parent following Jocasta ‘s disclosure about her prophet about her boy killing his male parent and the reference about Laius slaying at the cross route. This rings a bell in Oedipus head as he had killed a adult male in similar circumstance. Sophocles Oedipus is a Grecian calamity whereas the Death of a Salesman is a job drama. The former base on ballss for a Geek calamity since Oedipus, the tragic hero suffers bad lucks which are foretold by an prophet and which lead to his eventual ruin. He is fated to kill his male parent and slumber with his female parent. Though attempts to run off from it, it someway catches up with him. He finally blinds himself in an enterprise to get away from world.

Part II. ( 25 points )

Both dramas have in themselves of import literally techniques such as implicit in subjects, character pick every bit good as usage of dramatic sarcasm.

In term of subjects, the American dream is one of the chief subjects that come Forth in Millar ‘s drama. Willey apprehension of American dream is that an attractive and good liked personality in concern is a certain manner to get stuff amenitiess that modern American life offers. However his captivation with the superficial qualities of likeability and attraction is at odds with a more rewarding and deep apprehension of American dream that recognizes difficult work as cardinal to success. His reading of being sympathetic is superficial, for case he dislike Bernard as he considers him a swot. His blind religion in the American dream causes him psychological injury to the point that he is unable to do out between the dream and his ain life ( Miller 122-130 )

On the other manus a major them in Oedipus Tragedy is that it stresses the vulnerable nature inherent in human being, and whose agony is a consequence of a myriad of factors including human and godly actions. In respect to Oedipus, we see that mistake and catastrophe can go on to all, that human being is powerless put against the Gods or destiny. In add-on, a cautious humbleness is the preferred attitude towards life. At the terminal of the drama when Oedipus blind himself, the chorus points out that even the noblest of work forces can non get away destiny. Oedipus is baronial in place and moral in desire to free the metropolis of the liquidator. His character suggests an person of certain rational and moral capablenesss. Oedipus is baronial in place, as male monarch of Thebes, and moral in his want for the metropolis to be rid of the immorality that has resulted in the pestilence. His intelligence is evident in his when he is able replies Sphinx ‘s conundrum. In scene 1, a group of priest comes to Oedipus the male monarch inquiring for aid against Thebes ‘s pestilence. Fortunately, given Oedipus speedy nature in taking action, has already sent Creon to Delphi to inquire the Gods about the cause and the manner frontward. He comes with the intelligence that the calamities befallen Thebes is as a consequence of the slaying of Laius, the former Thebe ‘s male monarch. Oedipus vows to track down the slayer and convey justness for the male monarch ‘s slaying. He makes this judgement unaware of the fact that he is so the liquidator. The 2nd scene nowadayss Oedipus seeking for the truth. He seeks the aid of Teressia the blind visionary. He is hesitating to uncover the truth for he is cognizant of the fact that it would take to the ruin of the male monarch. The calamity therefore happens because in malice of such high values, Oedipus accidentally fulfills the prognostication harmonizing to the God and as such brought devastation upon himself ( Brunner 67-75 )

In both there characters are willing to disregard the truth when it suits them. When both Oedipus and Jocasta begin acquiring closer to the truth refering Laiu ‘s slaying, Oedipus is speedy to acquit himself. Neither of them experience compelled to notice on the happenstance in their prophesies. Oedipus listens to Jocasta ‘s narrative about how she bound her boy ‘s mortise joints but fails to believe about his conceited 1s, while the conversation is mostly meant to do the audience aware of the tragic sarcasm, it besides emphasizes the despair in Oedipus and Jocasta involuntariness to talk the truth: they look at the world of really twenty-four hours life and presume non to see them. On the same note, Willy myopic position of the American dream leads to his eventual psychological injury. At 68 old ages of age, he has non yet accumulated adequate wealth to do him take a comfy life. His impression that American dream dwelt on a individual attraction and likeability becomes his ruin when at the terminal of the twenty-four hours he find himself abandoned, unhappy and hapless. Another case, where Willy is willing to remain deluded is when Linda remark on the fact that some female parents fear Biff as a consequence of his being unsmooth with their girls, where Willy is enraged by the world of his boy ‘s commonplace behaviour, and as such distracts himself by shouting at them to close up.

Millar portrays Charley as obscurely gendered merely like Tiresia ‘s in Oedipus dramas. As such Charley ‘s forecast of the state of affairs at had is logical as he recognizes Willy ‘s fiscal failure and his occupation offer constitutes a commonsensible solution to Willy ‘s sufferings. Tiresia besides points out to metaphorical sightlessness in human being in his referral to the male monarch ‘s sightlessness to the truth.

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