Comparison of easyjet and domino pizza


For this piece of coursework I will be comparing two contrasting concerns, they are Easyjet and Domino ‘s Pizza. I will be happening out about their purposes and aims, profits/losses, type of ownership and their intent, how they communicate and external influences. First Easyjet is Europe ‘s prima low-priced air hose, and Domino ‘s Pizza is a UK pizza takeout and bringing company.


An purpose is a general statement of what a concern intends to make e.g, to do a net income, supply merchandises to the community, to last for the first few old ages, provide a competitory service, maximize gross revenues and quality, be environmentally friendly, offer a charitable, voluntary or community service.

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The purposes that concerns should be SMART aims. This means the concern must take its purposes following the guidelines of SMART, which are:

S en Si B cubic decimeter e – Purposes should organize portion of the concerns scheme so they fit what the concern wants to accomplish. For illustration a nutrient distributer should non take to get down doing auto parts because that would non be a reasonable move for the concern to accomplish and would be it a batch of money, merely like get downing a new concern.

M a N a g mutton quad en t – any of the purposes should non halt the concern in other countries because it can non pull off to carry through an purpose. For illustration if a concern has ?50,000 to pass to better the concern it would n’t seek to purchase new equipment for ?100,000 because it would non pull off it.

A ch I eva B cubic decimeter e – Purposes should be demanding but they should be something a concern could accomplish. So it must be difficult to acquire but it must be possible to derive. Such as a local cab service could alter to an international cab service but it would take a batch of money and attempt but it is accomplishable but the cab service would happen it impossible to get down an air travel service.

R ea cubic decimeter I st I c – a little exclusive bargainer concern would non endeavour to go a multi-national concern. So if the purpose is possible to accomplish it must non set money and attempt into this purpose that it may ne’er accomplish. Aims must be realistic and therefore non be a waste of clip.

T one m e- Bo U N d – Each purpose should hold an approximative time-scale. Something like six months and one twelvemonth, which would intend the deadline for finishing the purpose, would stop at that day of the month. If the purpose is non complete by so the concern must either bead that purpose or haste to finish it.

An aim is a precise and mensurable end of a concern e.g, selling more than rivals, cut downing costs, supplying more services, bettering a merchandise and bring forthing new goods and services.

Easyjet is European air hose owned by a Grecian adult male called Stelios Haji-Iaonnou.It is a European air hose concern. Stelios ‘ caput office is in London ‘s Luton airdrome – this is where most Easyjet planes take off from. Easyjet is known all over Europe because it is a low cost air hose. Easyjet is a public limited company which means it is on the stock exchange. It is in the private sector which means Easyjet is out to do a net income. Easyjet have over 3000 staff working in different sectors of the concern. Easyjet purposes are:

  • To do clients experience safe. They do this by doing planes safe and are friendly to clients.
  • To do flights gratifying. They do this by speaking to clients, quizzes and are friendly to the clients.
  • To do the quality of flights each twelvemonth get better and better. They do this to halt mistakes and do better merchandises. If clients are satisfied, the repute of Easyjet will better.
  • To be environmentally friendly. They do this by maintaining pollution or waste to a lower limit.
  • To supply a competitory service against challengers. They do this by offering a wider scope of merchandises e.g ; more finishs flights and do it easier for clients to by the merchandises.
  • To supply to the community. They do this by offering inexpensive low-cost flights all over Europe.
  • To do a net income. To do a net income. They are called net income maximisers. Easyjet attempt to offer the best merchandises they can.

Easyjet aims are to:

  • Sell more tickets to Europe than its challengers, by selling inexpensive tickets.
  • Produce new services and goods by offering more trips to Europe and offering three class repasts.
  • Improve services by selling more nutrient on planes, put Television ‘s on airplanes.
  • Provide more services. Want its gross revenues to turn in three old ages ( sum non available ) .
  • To cut down running costs of the concern eg, inexpensive fuel, rent.

Domino ‘s pizza is a UK pizza bringing and takeout company-it is in these markets aswell. These markets were deserving 450million in 2000. Similarly Domino ‘s pizza ‘ have the same purposes and aims but achieve them otherwise. Domino ‘s pizza ‘ purposes are:

  • To do a net income. They are called net income maximisers. They try to acquire every bit much net income as possible by offering really good quality pizzas.
  • To supply merchandises to the community. In this instance Domino ‘s offer pizza/meals and take-away.
  • Maximise gross revenues and quality of their pizzas. They maximise gross revenues to set them in a strong place on the takeout market. Domino ‘s maximise quality of pizza to take to less defective pizzas.
  • Supply a competitory service to challengers. Domino ‘s attempt to offer a wider scope of pizzas to do it easier for clients to purchase them.
  • Domino does besides desire to be charitable. Every twelvemonth they offer free pizzas to the people populating in shelters.

Domino ‘s Pizza aims are:

  • Better their pizzas. They want to utilize less fat in their pizzas.
  • Produce new pizzas that the clients want. Domino ‘s do this by inquiring clients what sort of pizzas they want. What toppings etc.
  • Sell more than its rivals. They want to sell to 25 % of clients when its challengers sell to10 % of clients.
  • Domino does desire to supply more services. They will make this by increasing the country of which they deliver pizzas and seek to offer other nutrients eg, Burgers.

It is of import for both houses to hold purposes and aims because they need marks to do the concern. An purpose and nonsubjective Tells concerns what to make and impact the manner they are run. Besides aims and aims can state my concerns apart eg, Domino ‘s Pizza wants to do pizzas and easyjet wants to make transport. Aims can judge whether a company has achieved its purposes. Withought purposes and objectives a company will non no where to travel and acquire tied up and lost in all sorts of affair.

I think Easyjet is accomplishing its purposes because in the first few old ages it started, the concern survived. Easyjet are doing their flights gratifying as the cabin crew talk to the riders, give out clip fillers ( wordsearch or value etc ) . Sometimes there are particular surprises in shop as sometimes there are matrimony proposals and birthday surprises. Easyjet provide competitory service against challengers as they are invariably maintaining path of Ryan air ‘s monetary values and offers, Easyjet attempt to fit these or better them by offering cheaper monetary values.

Easyjet have achieved their aims because they have widened the scope of merchandises they sell onboard, Easyjet sell comeuppances, drinks, nutrient all in a bill of fare. Easyjet have provided more merchandises and services as they provide flights on 89 paths from 36 European finishs. In order for Easyjet to cut down running costs they have to lodge to a tight budget, they should merely purchase what is largely needed, of class when they need to sprinkle out money for ascents they can but ca n’t be to generous.

Similarly Domino ‘s Pizza is accomplishing their purposes in the same manner Easyjet are. Domino ‘s Pizza are raking in every bit much net income as they can, nevertheless it is really difficult to make this as challengers may alter monetary values so Domino ‘s will hold to make this and possibly lose some net income. Domino ‘s do supply to the community otherwise people would non order take-aways and purchase pizzas. I think Domino ‘s produce a competitory service because they offer a broad scope of pizzas and drinks ; this gives an increased opportunity to acquire the clients attending to by their merchandises.

Domino ‘s Pizza is accomplishing their aims because they are really successful and are non neglecting. Domino ‘s are ever seeking to do pizzas healthier to better their repute. Besides Domino ‘s are spread outing their skylines by taking their concern worldwide ( are in over6O states ) . Domino ‘s are 2nd to the universe ‘s favorite pizza trade name “ Pizza Hut ” . Although this, they are crushing many other companies in the ‘pizza industry ‘ . To happen out what clients want in a pizza Domino ‘s usage research and development- they ask clients for information on preferable pizzas or even direct out questionnaires.

If both houses were to alter activities the ownership may hold to alter. This is because both Easyjet and Domino ‘s Pizza are immense companies but, if things are abit unsmooth in their markets ( eg ; net income losingss, fewer clients ) they may hold to sell off some of the company to toss off graduated table the size of their concern otherwise risk the concern to prostration. So, if the concern becomes smaller the ownership may turn into a partnership- non an ordinary one but up to 2O spouses. The liability would hold to alter to unlimited so the proprietors are responsible for everything that happens to the company. Besides if the company gets smaller its value will diminish so their maybe possible purchasers to purchase the whole company out like Roman Abramovich purchasing Chelsea FC.

If both houses were to alter activities the purposes and aims may necessitate to alter. This is because if they wanted to offer another service eg ; fiscal, they would necessitate purposes and aims to suite their operation. They would possibly desire to take to supply a lower involvement rate than challengers, or take their loan company abroad. And, could besides offer a bigger loan sum than their challengers. Both houses may alter to a jurisprudence company. Their purposes and aims could be to work every bit best as they can for their client and to possibly specialise in certain types of divorce, workers rights.


Internal influences are factors that affect a concern inside e.g. new computing machine systems, the staff/employers, the running of the concern, working conditions, dismissal, redundancy etc.

External influences are factors that affect a concern outside their factory/base e.g. conveyance, cost of premises or land, labor costs, country of competition, media etc. A large portion of Easyjet ‘s internal influences are the staff/employers ( the pilots, airport disposal staff and stewards/stewardesses ) . They work in the concern to finish the function of Easyjet. If the employees do non work decently e.g. they put the riders bags on the incorrect plane, Easyjet would hold to pay out tonss of compensation. Easyjet uses a clever computing machine system to maintain path of flights, riders and take off/landing times. Easyjet besides use sophisticated engineering to mensurate the sum of fuel needed, the entire mass of the riders + baggage and how to equilibrate a plane. If merely one of these computing machines were to neglect ( eg, fuel needed ) the airplane would travel fast on the track but non take off and do large holds.

Easyjet external influences are the media, cost for planes, labor costs, competition, and airport rent. The media will happen something incorrect with Easyjet and expose it. If something bad comes out people may non wing with Easyjet, so as a effect Easyjet will lose concern for a piece until they clear their name. Easyjet ‘s competitions are other low-priced air hoses such as Ryanair and Britania. Easyjet are viing with these companies as they offer the same merchandises. Easyjet besides have to pay applied scientists to give their airplanes an “ m.o.t ” .

Relatively, a large internal influence for Domino ‘s Pizza is the workers. If they go on work stoppages the company could shut for a few yearss and lose monolithic net incomes. Domino ‘s uses a modern computing machine system likewise to Easyjet, but Easyjet are more technological as they are an air hose concern. However Domino ‘s have a system which deals with fiscal database, if this crashes the company could be in fiscal ruin and have to close down instantly to non put on the line farther harm, they will hold a dorsum up though. Working conditions have to be clean because they are a nutrient company. The workers must work decently or else their could be ailments that could convey down Domino ‘s Pizza repute.

Domino ‘s Pizza external influences are media, country rent, labor costs, rivals and clients. Domino ‘s Pizza is in the nutrient industry and that is on a sensitive line. If the media were to state something bad about Domino ‘s they lose multitudes of clients and it would take a long clip for the concern to acquire back on its pess once more. Customers would be scared of nutrient toxic condition, workers maltreating nutrient i.e. ; ptyalizing or picking up dropped nutrient and functioning it etc. Sing as Domino ‘s is a fast-food articulation people will be dropping their pizza boxes, so Domino ‘s pays the countries council to clean up the trash instead than themselves making it. If Domino ‘s are selling their concern successfully a challenger may come and open up a subdivision in the same country. Domino ‘s will be affected by this because they need to supervise their rivals monetary values and offers. Domino ‘s will lose clients by another fast nutrient articulation opening the same country which besides means they will lose net income.

M a I n a Nutmeg State I vi T I es

Businesss are involved in a immense figure of activities. Business activities are what a concern does to maintain running and helping clients and consumers.

Easyjet is a low-priced air hose, but, the proprietor Stelios Haji-Iaonnou ( owns the most portions ) has started smaller concerns with the name “ easy ” at the start of them. He controls these “ easygroups ” which are: easyInternetCafe,, easyMoney, and easyValue.

There are no “ cross-shareholdings ” between Easyjet and these other easyGroup companies. Easyjet operates independently from the other companies, although some “ cross-marketing ” understandings do be.

The services easyjet offers are aeroplane trips, auto lease services, recognition cards, online shopping and an cyberspace cafe . The taking subdivision of the easyGroup is easyjet as I will explicate.

Easyjet provide services. Servicess are merchandises which are non physical and which can non be touched. Easyjet is a client service- tailored to run into the demands of peculiar persons or groups of consumers. In this instance, easyjet are for people who like to go to finishs in Europe for a value monetary value. Easyjet besides is a conveyance service.

Although Easyjet is a service it is possible for it to hold merchandises within it. These merchandises are low cost flights on 89 paths from 36 European finishs. These are consumer goods for consumers to utilize. Since establishing in November 1995, Easyjet has expanded from its base in Luton offering two paths from Edinburgh and Glasgow, served by two boeing 737 aeroplanes, to now offer low cost flights on 89 paths from 36 European finishs, commanding 64 aeroplanes in November 2002. Since Easyjet bought Go-fly in August 2002, Easyjet became Europe ‘s figure 1 low cost air hose.

Easyjet is a public limited company ( plc ) . This means the portions of Easyjet ( portions are parts into which the value of the companyis divided ) are traded on the stock exchange ( topographic point where the portions of plcs are traded ) . The general populace can purchase these portions.

Easyjet is in the private sector. This means Easyjet is owned and controlled by a individual or partnership or stockholders. It is paid for by the proprietor ( s ) . Easyjet is out to do a net income that is why it is called a concern. Easyjet is owned by tonss of stockholders ( people who own limited companies ) .

Domino ‘s Pizza is in the UK pizza bringing and takeout market. Their chief merchandises are pizzas and other place bringing fast nutrients.

Domino ‘s sell merchandises which are evidently fast nutrients. They besides have a service which is presenting the merchandises if you want them to.

Domino ‘s Pizza is a public limited company. It is owned by stockholders and they elect a manager each twelvemonth to stand for Domino ‘s Pizza. Again the concern is in the private sector. It does supply services to the public nevertheless it does do a net income in making so.

O wn ersh one P

Ownership defined is fundamentally how a concern is owned, control, workss between the concern and what sector the concern is in. Besides if it is a franchise and if the company is private or public. Not burying what liability the company is in/has.

Easyjet is owned by its stockholders. Limited companies are owned by stockholders. Easyjet is a European concern so it is international company. Sing as Easyjet is a big limited company it has 1000s of stockholders, each one has little control over the concern so they elect a manager each twelvemonth. The biggest stockholder in Easyjet is Stelios Haji-Iaonnou, he is besides the laminitis of Easyjet ( owns 41 % of portions ) . He is the manager of easyjet so he decides company policy and appoints directors to run certain sections of the concern.

Each stockholder in Easyjet has limited liability, this means they are merely apt for they have put into the company. If Easyjet closes down they will merely lose what have put in the company or what they have invested, non for anything else.

The net incomes in Easyjet are shared un-equally. This is because the bigger the stockholder the more net income they get. Stellios get the most net income out of easyjet as he is the major stockholder. He gets 41 % of the net income. The stockholders recieve dividends which are some of the net income. After the net income the money that is left is re-invested into the company, this money is anything under the interruption even.

This type ownership is suited for Easyjet because merely it is a monolithic European concern. If easyjet was a exclusive bargainer it would be impossible for him/her to command and pull off it, same for a partnership. It is much better for Easyjet to hold the chief stockholder to stand for the company and to do the policy.

Equivalently Domino ‘s Pizza is besides owned by stockholders. Unlike Easyjet, Domino ‘s Pizza is a planetary company. The company is so immense they had to divide it into groups eg. Domino ‘s Pizza UK & A ; IRL. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours it comes under the roof of Domino ‘s Pizza group ltd. Domino ‘s Pizza group is the chief company of Domino ‘s pizza in all of the states it is in. You can non put in Domino ‘s Pizza group ltd, but, you can in Domino ‘s Pizza UK & A ; IRL.

Besides here the stockholders have limited liability, nevertheless, because this is a planetary company the stockholders will lose tonss of investing money. The net incomes are shared in the same manner as easyjet- biggest stockholder gets most net income. Domino ‘s Pizza besides uses managers. Domino ‘s Pizza is a Franchise ; this means Domino ‘s Pizza allows another concern to utilize its name and image.

This ownership is suited for Domino ‘s Pizza because it is realistically impossible to be a exclusive bargainer or partnership and run a planetary concern. It is much better for Domino ‘s Pizza to hold the chief stockholder to stand for the company and to do the policy.

Because Easyjet and Domino ‘s Pizza are owned likewise, I will explicate the chief advantages and disadvantages for both concerns. Advantages are:

  • Limited companies can raise excess finance by publishing portions ; this can assist the concern to turn.
  • Unlike a bank loan, the money does non hold to be paid back so you wo n’t acquire in debt.
  • Stockholders should anticipate more return if the concern is making good.
  • Because both companies are large, they can name tonss of directors to take control of different sections of the concern.

Disadvantages are:

  • The histories of these limited companies are available for everyone to see at company house, so challengers can happen out information on my chosen companies eg. Net income or gross revenues.
  • Domino ‘s Pizza and Easyjet were little exclusive bargainers but now they are limited companies- it is really difficult and complicated to put up limited companies.
  • They must follow certain regulations when selling portions.
  • If the manager quits the concerns could crunch to a halt in order to acquire the following manager. Massive net incomes could be lost.

H u m a n Reso U rces ( H / R )

Human Resources are the people employed in a concern or organisation, forces. It is besides the field of forces enlisting and direction. The H/R section attempts to enroll the best employees. They besides need to do certain the employees work safely and efficaciously. H/R staffs are experts in covering with the people who work within their concern. Besides, they handle such things as enlisting, preparation, retirement, redundancies and working conditions. H/R has a large duty in enrolling new staff and doing them work efficaciously and safely.

Easyjet has a manager within the company who is responsible for his workers development and cultural issues. This is in add-on to a human resources manager. Easyjet ask their cabin crew to notice on the countries of work. If there is something the workers do non like the human resources come in and seek to repair the job for illustration low rewards.

Easyjet besides get occupation applications, the human resources will cover with this. The section will name the appliers and direct them to developing in the company. Training is a large portion of human resources and will assist do staff more dependable in their occupation. Easyjet have an unfastened direction manner so they broadcast remarks, ailments and suggestions publically.

A broad scope of people work at easyjet thanks to the preparation and development strategy of their H/R. All employees have an equal chance policy. Easyjet besides try to actuate employees to do them work at their best.

When Easyjet train their new appliers, they do non make it in proper occupation, alternatively the train them in simulators because it is really unsafe to develop new cabin crew on existent flights as may make something really incorrect. But, the land staffs are trained with a assistant in the existent state of affairs.

Domino ‘s Pizza Human Resources is really similar to Easyjet ‘s Human Resources. Different to Easyjet, Domino ‘s Pizza train their staff in the existent store as it is non that serious as in an airplane. The new members still need a professional worker with them though.

Domino ‘s have a broad assortment of people working for them. They all have an equal chance policy and Domino ‘s besides try to actuate their employees to do them work at their best.

A manager heads the H/R of Domino ‘s scene in directors to take attention of each facet eg, preparation, Torahs etc.

Both Easyjet and Domino ‘s Pizza usage ICT in their Human Resources. They use it to develop and develop their staff. This to do them go more skilled with the engineering that comes around them and besides it may assist the staff to acquire promoted.

ICT in H/R besides has employee records ; this will state person all about the employees, what they do in their occupation, publicity and demotion, salary, address etc.

ICT is besides used to put up a webite to support clients ; the web sites will hold a “ contact ” nexus which you can utilize to reach the company. Anything sent here will travel directly to the Human Resources to be dealt with.

Human Resources aid Easyjet and Domino ‘s Pizza achieve their purposes. This is because both companies want the best out of their staff- H/R trains their staff to do them good at their occupation

Both companies want to be good to customers- H/R Teachs staff how to cover with clients suitably.

Both companies want to retain their customers- H/R will offer good wage and conditions or the opportunity of publicity in order to retain their employees.

Both companies want to be successful- H/R will enroll employees with the right accomplishments to do the company be successful.

Both companies want their work force to strong-H/R will disregard employees who are non making their occupation decently.

Both companies need to negociate with trade brotherhoods or other representative organisations- H/R staff normally negotiate on behalf of the concern to understandings between employees and employers.

F I n a n Ce

An of import portion of direction is commanding the money coming into, and traveling out of the concern. As a concern grows, this occupation becomes even more of import. This is because the sums of money involved get larger and the concern has more to lose. Large houses ( like Easyjet and Domino ‘s Pizza ) frequently have a separate finance section to pull off their fundss.

All! most finance sections have a ;

  • Senior accountant- Head of the finance section and is responsible for histories, enrolling and back uping staff, describing to the board and managing the section ‘s budget. The senior comptroller might besides be involved in fiscal decision-making.
  • Gross saless ledger clerk-Deals with client histories and records the inside informations of all gross revenues minutess. The gross revenues ledger clerk besides deals with questions about client histories.
  • Purchases ledger clerk- Records all minutess associating to purchases from providers. The clerk enters inside informations of purchases onto the computing machine system and speaks to providers when there are questions.
  • Payroll clerk- To cipher staff rewards. Take place wage for each worker must be calculated by deducting revenue enhancement and other tax write-offs from gross wage. The clerk will besides cover with questions.
  • Cashier- Responsible for all banking and hard currency minutess. the teller may look into bank statements to see if they agree with entries in the clerking system. The teller might besides be responsible for the junior-grade hard currency system, which staff can utilize to purchase little points such as casts.
  • Credit controller- concerns sometimes make recognition gross revenues. This is where they allow clients to take goods now and pay subsequently. When a concern gives recognition to clients, the recognition accountant must do certain that clients pay when the payment is due. The accountant may trail late remunerators and is likely to work near with the gross revenues ledger clerk.

Large concerns besides have ;

  • Fiscal accountants- They control bookkeeping and fix concluding histories such as net income and loss history. Besides cipher how much revenue enhancement the concern has to pay.
  • Management accountants- Provide information to assist a concern brand determinations. They may be involved in prediction and controlling costs.
  • Cost accountants- Provide cost information eg, ciphering the cost of doing new merchandises or constructing a new mill.

Easyjet has a senior comptroller, a gross revenues ledger clerk, a purchases ledger clerk, a paysheet clerk, a teller but non a recognition accountant. This is because Easyjet do non do recognition gross revenues. Easyjet ‘s senior comptroller works with the chief proprietor of Easyjet Stellios. Their gross revenues ledger clerk besides sells tickets for Easyjet. Whenever Stellios buys an airplane, his purchases ledger clerk comes with him to enter all minutess between them, nevertheless Stellios speaks to the providers when there are questions. Easyjet ‘s paysheet clerk trades with their staff rewards. Stellios besides works with the teller and is responsible for banking and hard currency minutess. In Easyjet, fiscal comptrollers are appointed to maintain control of clerking and fixing concluding histories, such as net income and loss history. Stellios likes to maintain a connexion with the fiscal comptroller. Stellios besides works with the direction comptroller who provides information to assist do concern determinations. Stellios besides works with the cost comptroller who provides cost information. Stellios make the concluding determination between these three comptrollers. Besides Stellios brings his direction comptrollers and cost comptrollers whenever he buys a plane to assist do determinations and speak about the money.

Domino ‘s Finance section works abit different to Easyjet ‘s 1. This is because Domino ‘s has subdivisions al across the state and a lower rank fiscal helper collects the information from the subdivision and sends it over to the caput office.

In Domino ‘s Pizza ‘s caput office they have a finance Department. They have a senior comptroller, gross revenues ledger clerk, purchases ledger clerk, paysheet clerk and a teller. Fiscal comptrollers to bring forth concluding histories and do bookkeeping, Management accountants to assist do decisions to concern jobs, and, and cost comptrollers to supply cost information. The senior comptroller will manage Domino ‘s budget and he sometimes spouses up with Domino ‘s direction comptrollers to discourse commanding costs. Domino ‘s purchase leger clerk will cover with providers and tells them where to present the merchandises. The purchases ledger clerk will direct helpers to recieve the bringing and look into whether everything they ordered is at that place. Domino ‘s cost comptroller works with their production section. When a new pizza merchandise is produced, the cost comptrollers will work out the cost ; seek to acquire a net income, revenue enhancement effects etc.

The finance section uses ICT. This helps them achieve their purposes because it is an easy and speedy manner of acquiring things done as I will explicate. The chief purpose of the finance section is to cover with their company ‘s finance. ICT helps accomplish this as it aids all of the employees in the finance section ( shown with slug points above ) . The senior comptroller needs a computing machine to asses the budget to see what can be spent and what ca n’t in big measure. The gross revenues ledger clerk demands ICT to enter inside informations of all minutess and client histories. The purchase leger clerk uses ICT to enter all minutess associating to purchases from providers, he besides enters inside informations of purchases onto a computing machine. The paysheet clerk uses ICT to cipher staff rewards. The computing machine does this automatically after he has typed in information from employees ‘ clip sheets. The teller needs a computing machine to happen and look into banking and hard currency minutess. The clerking is done on a computing machine ; this will assist the fiscal comptrollers maintain records. The recognition accountant needs a computing machine to maintain path of clients on recognition and their payments. The direction comptrollers use ICT to maintain the disbursement of money equally and to set bounds on what to purchase. The cost comptrollers use ICT to cipher cost information and to cipher the cost of new thoughts.

The finance section helps to accomplish the company ‘s purposes. This is because it controls the money of the concern and can find whether the company makes a net income. The finance section can work out entire net incomes of a concern and can assist to purchase new equipment for the concern. Besides, they provide fiscal informations to demo the best monetary values and to maintain as much net income as they can. In Easyjet the finance section sets a budget to better the airplanes and quality of travel, this is so clients will believe easyjet is a good air hose and come back- this is a manner of retaining clients.

Similarly Domino ‘s Pizza does the same as the first illustration I have given. Besides they obtain

the capital and resources for the company, which is an of import portion of the concern as the concern needs capital to spread out the concern without losing money and they need resources because without the resources the concern would non hold much to work with. If it were n’t for the Finance Department the concern would non be able to spread out or use the workers decently.

M a rk et I n g

Businesss use selling to assist cut down the opportunity of doing errors. A batch of new merchandises come out each twelvemonth, but many are unsuccessful. One of the chief grounds for this is they do non run into clients demands. The selling section handles two types of selling and market research ;

1 ) Selling and market research = the selling activities of concerns are concerned with run intoing client ‘s demands. Before a concern can fulfill its clients ‘ demands, it has to happen out what their demands are.

2 ) Marketing- publicity, monetary value and gross revenues = the selling activities of concerns are concerned with meeting clients ‘ demands. A concern might seek different activities to market its merchandises. It might alter its monetary value. It might publicize its merchandises in many topographic points.

Selling is concerned with run intoing client ‘s demands. To make this a concern must ;

. Find OUT what possible clients want ;

. Identify the type of PRODUCTS clients want ;

. Sell merchandises in the right PLACE ;

. Make certain merchandises are PROMOTED, so that clients know about them and desire to purchase them ;

. Sell merchandises at the right PRICE.

Both Easyjet and Domino ‘s Pizza usage market research, it is a must to win. Domino’s and Easyjet Market research are really similar so I will explicate most of theirs together. Market research is the manner concerns find out about their clients demands. There are two ways it can be done- utilizing bing information known as secondary or desk research, and, roll uping information from clients known as primary or field research.

Easyjet and Domino ‘s usage secondary research ; the information they want is already published and recorded. Both companies use this to happen out about other concerns that may be competition, see their strengths failings, net incomes, a few programs etc.

Beginnings that may unwrap information are Easyjet and Domino ‘s Pizza besides use primary research, the aggregation of information that did non be before the research began. This type of field research is chiefly for the company itself and how it could supply its services or merchandises better to the client and how the company could better.

It is done by inquiring consumers inquiries ;

. Face to face.

. On the telephone.

. In authorship.

. By electronic mail.

This allows concerns to inquire more elaborate inquiries as the clients are a primary beginning for a concern.

Easyjet is a trade name. The group it is in is a brand- the “ Easygroup ” , its merchandises and services are easylnternetCafe,, easyMoney, and easyValue. Domino ‘s Pizza is a trade name, it has merchandises called Domino ‘s Pizza 2x Tuesday- on Tuesday purchase any big pizza at menu monetary value and acquire a 2nd pizza of equal or lesser value free. Besides there is Domino ‘s Pizza 555 deal- for a limited clip, purchase three or more one topping pizzas for merely $ 5 each.

Easyjet and Domino ‘s Pizza have to be able to available to consumers at the right topographic point and at the right clip. Easyjet would be no doubtly at an airdrome, and selling tickets at that place aswell, besides it could sell tickets at travel agents or online, or by phone.

Domino ‘s Pizza would largely be near a film or in a film composite to function people after a long movie. Domino ‘s could besides be in a town Centre where people could be shopping at an eating clip and see Domino ‘s and travel in for a repast. Domino ‘s could besides turn up in a busy town with tonss of people to acquire as many clients as possible and the same goes for a school aswell.

Domino ‘s and Easyjet are available to consumers at anytime of the twelvemonth.

The selling section is besides responsible for publicity and advertisement. Promotion is a concern activity which tries to increase consumer consciousness of merchandises. Ad is a manner of publicity that is carried out through the media.

Easyjet and Domino ‘s Pizza demo how the merchandise will run into the clients demands, they persuade clients to by the merchandise by inexpensive monetary values or gross revenues publicities, give clients information about the merchandise and Lashkar-e-Taiba clients cognize where the merchandise is available and how much it will be.

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Domino ‘s calculate that their trade name consciousness is 81 % and that is partially as a consequence of their sponsorship of ‘The Simpsons ‘ , and besides the launch of their HeatWave heated bringing system.

Domino ‘s countrywide system through cyberspace and synergistic t.v ordination is demoing good

consequences, with it e-commerce net gross revenues increasing by over 25 % in the six months to July

2002, numbering 1.9 million lbs. The company believe that their continued sponsorship of ‘The Simpsons ‘ on the sky t.v service and impart 4 and increased advertisement on overseas telegram and orbiter channels gives them an undisputed place at the head of delivered nutrient by e-commerce.

Easyjet have a strong trade name place. In 2001 they were voted figure 1 for flights to

Spain by which? Holiday. In 2002 they won best executing little air hose in air power hebdomad, top European low-priced air hose in rider study by skytrax research UK and best on-line retail merchant in revolution new media awards.

Easyjet use a assortment of advertisement media including online, wireless, nomadic show unit ( coachs ) . The Ad Standards Authority ( ASA ) records that they upheld one ailment associating an Easyjet advertizement. The advert in inquiry, which appeared in the national and regional imperativeness, was headlined ‘Low menus need n’t B A con! ‘

Domino ‘s Pizza and Easyjet use gross revenues publicities. These are publicities that try to do a speedy addition in gross revenues. Gross saless publicities include ;

. Competitions with awards.

. Vouchers giving price reductions off the following purchase.

. Sponsorship.

. BOGOF ( purchase one get one free ) .

. Money off trades for purchasing two merchandises.

Domino ‘s Pizza spring verifiers and money off trades, you can happen these frequently on the dorsum of shopping receipts- you need to convey this with you to claim your offer. Domino ‘s besides use sponsorship as they sponsor The Simpsons. It does non stop at that place, they use BOGOF aswell.

Easyjet are non every bit optimistic as Domino ‘s and merely make money off trades.

ICT is used in the selling section alot. It is used to happen out what clients want, what merchandises they want, where to sell, it is used for merchandise publicity and advertizement. ICT is besides needed for research ; alot of secondary research can be conducted with ICT. ICT is used develop the design of the merchandise, the packaging and stigmatization. ICT is used in selling to advance the merchandise, advertisement! making advertizements. Some primary research can be done utilizing ICT, directing e-mail questionnaires to clients. The selling section spends alot of clip researching and planning ways to do merchandises acquire noticed. ICT can assist to rapidly be after thoughts and research information.

The selling section helps to accomplish both companies ‘ purposes. This is because the Marketing and Gross saless subdivision is the subdivision which really designs and sells the new merchandise through three major points.

First of wholly, the “ Market Research ” which is in simple footings the research of rival companies to see their new merchandise and do a similar or better merchandise before they bring it out. This involves a batch of speedy thought and difficult research but in the terminal it makes the concern better than most challengers.

The following and most of import factor is “ Promotion ” , which is the most of import because you can do the merchandise and put it on the shelves but it will non sell many unless many people have knowledge of your merchandise. There are many different ways in which companies can publicize some of which are telecasting, wireless, hoardings and so on all of them are expensive and widely popular but there are cheaper less elusive ways such as cusps, newspapers and other written advertizements. Besides they are in charge of the “ Gross saless ” and either advertise more gross revenues dropped or purchase more stuffs and get down a new merchandise when everything is traveling right. So, Selling and Gross saless are in charge of selling the merchandise as a whole by either advancing it by advertizement or breaking rival companies.

A 500 m I n I st Ra T I o N ( a N vitamin D IT su p P o rt )

To run without jobs, a concern must do certain that it has dependable support services. Support services help other countries of the concern. They provide support such as proficient aid, assist to form meetings, cleaning services, and aid to pass on withy employees and those outside concern like the company ‘s concern links. Support services are frequently portion of the disposal and IT support section in a concern.

What is the function of disposal? Employees in disposal and IT support do non bring forth anything to sell to clients. They provide a service to other employees to do certain they work best for the clients. Without disposal, my concerns would non hold records of meetings or minutess, non type and direct out letters on clip, non hold clean and tidy offices. Besides a large hole would be left in Easyjet and Domino ‘s Pizza if they did non hold dependable computing machine systems. This is why it is critical for a concern to hold a trusty disposal and IT support services.

The support services in Easyjet and Domino ‘s are ;

  • Clerical work
  • Cleaning
  • Care
  • Health and safety
  • Security

IT and package

Administration and IT Support normally handle the company ‘s Clerical work like filing, typing letters, organizing meetings, Screening entrance and surpassing mail, facsimile and electronic mail. Clerical work besides involves reacting to questions and taking telephone calls.

Easyjet ‘s filing is done manually by staff. However, most of Easyjet ‘s letters are done automatically by computing machine. This is because mundane, Easyjet need to direct so many letters out incorporating tickets, everything on the letters remain the same apart from the clients reference and name and flight they are on. This s done by staff but the remainder is a copied templet of the computing machine.

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