Comparison Of Ptv And Geo Positioning Media Essay

PTV intelligence purposes to be service focused ( Lovelock, 2005 ) in its scheme. Its intelligence channel offers a narrow scope of services/programs such as intelligence bulletins, talk shows, docudramas and unrecorded events update etc. The market to which the services are offered are wide and diverse, nevertheless largely the grownups and people from an older age bracket make PTV a penchant.

Cleavage and Target Market

In a extremely competitory industry like that of the telecasting industry there is a great hazard that clients will comprehend small difference between the trade names and do their determinations indiscriminately. For this ground the Television channels need to place themselves justly in order to avoid losing their market portion.

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A placement scheme is concerned with keeping long term relationships with the audience.

In this respect, PTV has a distinguishable advantage since it has been the premier beginning of amusement since the creative activity of Pakistan.

PTV intelligence is viewed as a ‘channel for oldies ‘ . The premier ground being the sort of plans it airs on the channel. From the forenoon show to the hourly intelligence bulletin, the channel is all about dull colourss and quiet environment which is largely preferred by people from older age section. The biggest spectator ship that PTV gets is still from its 9 O clock khabarnama which is watched by about every family even today. The ground being that the 9 0 clock khabarnama is being aired since 1947 and the Pakistani populace is accustomed of watching the 9 0 clock intelligence daily, particularly the people from an older age bracket.All the intelligence bulletins after 6.00 p.m. are being aired on the national web which is besides beamed through orbiter to more than 38 states.

Regional linguistic communication bulletin in Punjabi from Lahore, Sindhi from Karachi, Pushto and Hindko from Peshawar and Balochi, brahvi and pushto are telecasted from Centres to enable people of the relevant countries to see watch PTV intelligence bulletin in their ain linguistic communication.

The mark market is therefore carved on its ain due to the nature of plans. Largely people from the age spread of 35+ like to watch the channel. The advertizements associated with the channel nevertheless are of all sorts refering the age groups of 20+ old ages. ( PTV News, 2005 )


Due to holding a distinguishable advantage of being a authorities channel, PTV acquires the right to aerate major events and proves to be in front of the taking webs of the state. Other webs seek the permission from PTV to aerate its transmittal on their ain channels with the PTV water line integral to mean ownership.

Emphasis is now being given to on camera coverage and particular intelligence studies on topics of popular involvements in order to pull a bigger spectator ship. There has been a alteration in the intelligence coverage every bit good as the presentation of intelligence bulletin from National News Bureau to pull viewing audiences. Merit and objectiveness are being maintained as a trademark of PTV intelligence which is relevantly positioned in the heads of the viewing audiences. PTV extends its claim of objectiveness and virtue through its everyday twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours coverage and to the parliamentary proceedings, political activities etc.

Within a short span of clip, Geo has managed to set up itself as a family name. It has been successful in establishing itself as a powerful trade name in people ‘s heads. More significantly it has been received as a trade name which represents the true voice of the state. It reflects independency and freedom of address which greatly entreaties to the mass audience.

The audience for Geo is therefore a common adult male of any age bracket. The targeting is sagely done in order to pull people from all age sections without any favoritism of category, gender or credo.

Geo strongly believes in trade name association and hence has devised the logo ‘JEEM ‘ as a common planimeter in all its channels. This creates a sense of belonging to the trade name. Geo trade name name is used as a prefix in a batch of plans which attracts the audience and helps develop trade name association.

The mark market for Geo is non merely confined to Pakistan, instead Pakistanis who live abroad like to watch Geo in order to see the true image of the state of affairs. Geo targets the Masses. It is broadcasted for South Asiatic viewing audiences of M.E, Europe, Canada, North America and UK. Besides, of burros in Pakistan a robust web provenders on a regular basis live content from New York, Los angles and London. ( AMCY, 2005 )

Geo News audience is wide, runing from the educated category to the uneducated lower category. Largely the in-between category likes to watch the show as it addresses the jobs of a common adult male. The viewing audiences include, work forces, adult females, kids, pupils, business communities and sentiment leaders. The viewing audiences besides include a bulk of cyberspace users who watch the show online as good. Geo News provides updated information round the clock. An mean spectator spends around 15 proceedingss to watch the channel during which he tries to have the coveted degree of service. This offers the advertisement companies a great chance to link to the viewing audiences who are otherwise unapproachable. The broad assortment of Television channels is taking to a reduced span of attending, nevertheless Geo News is still successful in pulling the viewing audiences due to its capturing stigmatization and communicating manner.

Comparing the mark market of Geo and PTV, it is noteworthy that PTV has a immense audience but it does non differ greatly. In contrast Geo intelligence attracts a mass audience from all age brackets and all income sections. The ability to make a high impact with rich media formats gives Geo the advantage of pulling the bulk if given an option. Those who have Cable Television, rarely ticker PTV due to the capturing run by GEO. Besides Geo gives advanced advertisement options to its clients as compared to PTV. Geo offers advertisement on its web site, on its Facebook page and Television which convinces the clients of being able to make their specific mark markets more expeditiously. Clients prefer Geo to put their ads due to its popularity. Hence Geo ‘s ability to offer a assortment of content has made it successful in positioning itself as a high terminal strong trade name. Geo is the voice of the common adult male whereas PTV is viewed to be pro authorities. PTV is now left to be a channel for traditional grownups merely. The young person prefers Geo due to its strong positioning.POSITIONING MAP.png

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