Constraints And Key Challenges Of Wal Mart Management Essay

Wal-Mart establishes a distribution channel that is difficult to copy. System gives the steadfast competitory advantage over the rivals. Distribution channels were really efficient and allowed for lower pricing. The company besides develops alone resources like electronic informations interchange ( EDI ) system that improves communicating with providers and distribution centres and improves stock list control. Furthermore, Wal-Mart everyday low pricing and organic nutrients policy is utile in developing the client trueness that drives the company ‘s growing. This consistence in monetary value and service allowed Wal-Mart to set up a repute of dependability. ( Basker, 2007 )

Constraints and cardinal challenges

First restraint is about unfavorable judgment of Wal-Mart. The house dealt with a downpour of cases and issues regard to its work force including low rewards, hapless working environment, sex favoritism, limitation in provider. This unfavorable judgment may impact its corporate repute. The challenges here are how Wal-Mart can command the balance between low pricing system and employee benefits. ( Basker, 2007 )

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Second restraint is when Wal-Mart attempts to turn in planetary market. The company faced with distinction in civilization. The retail giant had some jobs with consumers and had to do some accommodations. Some research says that Wal-Mart is behind the locals in their cognition of gustatory sensation. However, the route has non been without stumble, Wal-Mart has to analyse carefully before traveling abroad ( Kim, 2008 )

Goals and aims:

“ No household should hold to take between nutrient that is healthier for them and nutrient they can afford, ” said Bill Simon, president and CEO of Wal-Mart U.S. Indeed, Wal-Mart now is working with providers to convey fresh nutrient with low-cost monetary value to client. With this sort of thoughts, the first lady of US, Michelle Obama has supported a five-year program to do household particularly kids a healthy feeding in order to cut down kids fleshiness. There are some cardinal elements that plan follows: adding nutrition to nutrient and cut downing some unhealthy chemicals such as Na ; cut downing unneeded costs of supply concatenation like transit, logistics, sourcing and construct relationship with husbandmans in order to add more income for husbandmans and lower monetary value for clients ; assisting clients to place the healthier nutrient option and to salvage client ‘s clip to take the healthy merchandises. ( Walmart Launches Major Initiative to Make Food Healthier and Healthier Food More Affordable, 2011 )

Value Chain

Wal-Mart is able to offer values for clients at lowest cost due to two factors – it is extremely machine-controlled distribution Centres which cut down transportation clip and cost, and its computerized stock list system which speeds up the look intoing out clip and recording of minutess. ( Chandran, 2003 )

The company purchases goods straight from makers to avoid mediators. It besides builds the long relationship with local and regional sellers to drive down cost. Wal-Mart is able to supply refillings twice faster than rivals because it has its ain warehouses which supply 85 per centum of stock list. The distribution centres ensures a steady and consistent flow of merchandises to back up the supply map. Wal-Mart applies engineering to pull off the Centre easier and more economical like barcode and handheld computing machine system. These systems help employees to look into the right information of merchandises such as storage, packing, transportation of peculiar merchandise so that it can salvage a batch of paperwork. The systems besides provide map for supervisors to supervise theirs employees and even give them steer that aid company to fulfill client demands rapidly. ( Chandran, 2003 )

In logistics direction, Wal-Mart ‘s logistics substructure considers fast and antiphonal transit system. The distribution Centres are serviced by more than 3500 company owned trucks with experient drivers who have more than 300,000 accident- free stat mis. Wal-Mart keeps information of drivers through a book named “ Private Fleet Driver Handbook ” . This book aims to educate drivers the codification of behavior, safe exchange of dawdlers with the shop forces and safety of Wal-Mart belongingss. In order to do the distribution procedure more efficient, Wal-Mart introduces the logistics techniques called “ cross-docking ” . By utilizing this, the finished goods are straight picked up from the maker of provider, sorted out and so straight supplied to clients. The intent of this system is to cut down the handling and storage charge of finished goods, and extinguish the function of distribution Centres and shops. ( Chandran, 2003 )

In stock list direction, Wal-Mart set up its ain orbiter communicating and usage of information engineering ( IT ) systems to track gross revenues and ware stock lists across states to assist communicating in shops. As Walton, company ‘s laminitis, mentioned this system enables him to “ see the sum of the twenty-four hours ‘s bank recognition gross revenues ” or “ something of import to pass on to the shops and distribution Centres ” . Wal-Mart so collaborated with P & A ; G for common benefit. There was linkage of computing machines between two companies for sharing information of stock list. For case, Wal-Mart sent “ re-supply order ” to P & A ; G to inform “ point which was low in stock ” , P & A ; G so received signal so acknowledged by presenting points to Wal-Mart distribution Centre or shops. This helps Wal-Mart to acquire points fast from P & A ; G and cut down unproductive stock list. ( Chandran, 2003 )

Aside from support of IT in supply concatenation direction, selling besides plays the chief strategic function to assist Wal-Mart derive its value. Wal-Mart broadcasts itself through media publicizing with messages “ We have lower monetary values than anyone else ” , and so the “ opening monetary value point ” . These create clients ‘ perceptual experience that monetary values in Wal-Mart are much cheaper than its rivals. Customers so maintain shopping at Wal-Mart once more and once more when they are convinced by this advertizement. ( Zenith Management Consulting, 2005 )

SWOT Analysis:


First strength of Wal-Mart is monetary value. Compared to non- Wal-Mart food market shops, Wal-Mart shops charged lower monetary values. For case, a 2002 UBS Warburg study of 100 food market and non-grocery found that “ Wal-Mart ‘s monetary values were 17-39 % lower than rivals ‘ monetary values ” ( Currie and Jain, 2002 cited in Basker and Noel, 2009, p 981 ) . In every Wal-Mart shop, some merchandises are shown as “ Unbeatable ” merchandises with price reduction monetary value for everyone, so it non necessity for clients to hold voucher or publicity codification. In add-on, clients who met conditions of frequent-shopper plan can be offered lower monetary value with free “ frequent shopper ” cards. ( Basker and Noel, 2009 )

To accomplish low cost scheme, Wal-Mart gained advantages due to its big and early investing in Information Technology which were applied to logistic, distribution, and stock list direction. Wal-Mart was an “ early adoptive parent of bar-code engineering ” to assist company control merchandises better and salvage labour cost. In 1990, Wal-Mart launched “ Retail Link ” package which provided connexion between distribution Centres, providers and shops for sharing elaborate stock list informations so it makes merchandise refilling merely in clip. At shop degree, it introduced “ Radio Frequency Identification ” system to ease tracking cargo, stock list and gross revenues. Furthermore, Wal-Mart has its ain the private orbiter web communicating. ( Basker, 2007 )

Wal-Mart locates its shops in profitable topographic points. It enters into market after analysing assorted demographic factors such as denseness of population, age and income and shops tend to turn up near one another every bit good as near to distributers. That helps to cut down the distribution, preparation and advertisement cost. ( Basker, 2007 )

At the supply concatenation direction system, Wal-Mart has long term contracts with foreign providers to import merchandises at lower norm cost than others. Wal-Mart shifted most of its merchandise buying to Asia in the early 1990s and China became its biggest provider. Therefore, it can acquire better monetary values from its providers than other retail merchants and maintain the fixed cost merchandises. ( Basker, 2007 )

“ Wal-Mart as Globalizer ” describes Wal-Mart ‘s denseness is everyplace around the universe. It started from a little town in Arkansas in 1962, and so it grew up to be non merely the figure one retail merchant in US but besides a symbol which everyone in other states can acknowledge for illustration, it acquired the UK supermarket Asda. The powerful retail trade name name makes its merchandises, services become popular. ( Lavallee and Boyer, 2006 )

Finally, Wal-Mart has its e-commerce web site which is convenient for clients to buy online. It is the 2nd most visited retail site in US after Amazon harmonizing the research of comScore ( Mcintyre, 2010 )


Lower monetary value agencies non good quality, services and convenience. However, clients are easy to forgive Wal-Mart for these drawbacks because its monetary value is best compared to Target, Kmart. Wal-Mart utilizations multimedia to advance its image by reassigning messages such as workers are happy during their working with Wal-Mart, citizens feel gratifying to hold Wal-Mart in their vicinities. In fact, more and more communities try to defy Wal-Mart ‘s growing because its lower monetary values make clients off from other smaller concern. ( Zenith Management Consulting, 2005 ) .

Furthermore, cases by current and former workers against Wal-Mart of assorted illegal and unethical patterns including non paying adequate rewards, necessitating employees work overtime “ after 10 p.m. , workers were locked in the shops, no 1 could go forth, even if they had an exigency ” , losing repast interruption and handling employees mortifying. Therefore, tonss of employees quit their occupation after working for Wal-Mart a few months ensuing that “ Turnover is peculiarly high at Wal-Mart compared to the retail industry as a whole-35 to 45 per centum a twelvemonth among full clip workers ; 56 per centum among portion timers ” . Sexual activity and race favoritism are considered a civilization of Wal-Mart. About of 70 per centums of gross revenues associated are adult females and they get paid lower than work forces and excluded from higher place. ( Rosen, 2005 )

In a study from Columbus, OH-based Retail Forward Inc, a planetary direction consulting and market research house, A demonstrated that Wal-Mart ‘s error in planetary operations to “ transfer its U.S. concern theoretical account and direction methods straight to a new market. ” And it met resistant of local citizens to “ foreign attacks ” .


For international enlargement, Wal-Mart can come in into joint venture, amalgamation, or acquisition with other retail merchants. The Wal-Mart shops website shows that it acquired Asda plc nutrient concatenation of UK for $ 10.8 billion, Massmart in South Africa, Seiyu in Japan etc. Wal-Mart has started its operation in 15 states including Mexico, Japan, Brazil, Italy, South Africa etc. since 1991 and the economic systems of Wal-Mart in states outside US has grown significantly. Furthermore, Wal-Mart tends to travel to states with a ample in-between category. ( Wikerson, 2009 )

Wal-Mart efforts for new concern scheme by concentrating more on services such as wellness attention, banking, and broadband entree aimed at its nucleus clients. It helps to procure clients who are more loyal. ( Gogoi, 2007 )

Wal-Mart wants to salvage more organic nutrients for better and healthier life ( Walmart Launches Major Initiative to Make Food Healthier and Healthier Food More Affordable, 2011 )


The New York Amsterdam intelligence newspaper published on February 2011 has mentioned that employees were contending Wal-Mart for their better working environment. Employees are in uncertainty of Wal-Mart promises like making occupation, salvaging consumer money and assisting concern thrives because in fact, Wal-Mart offers low paying occupation with no benefits ( Applebaum, 2011 ) .

To spread out to abroad market successfully means that Wal-Mart has to understand other civilization of topographic points which it wants to come in. Wal-Mart meets trouble of civilization differences. One of a good illustration is when it entered South Korea in late ninetiess. However, it left Korea in 2005 because the Korean consumers had different gustatory sensation and penchants compared to American consumers ( Kim, 2008 )

Five forces theoretical account

Menace of new entrants:

“ Always low monetary values ” – that slogan creates a high barrier to entry which means the influence of possible entrants to Wal-Mart is weak. Customers are likely stuck with Wal-Mart ‘s low monetary value image so it is really hard for new entrants to alter consumers ‘ perceptual experience that Wal-Mart is cheaper. As such a big house, Wal-Mart achieves economic systems of graduated table. The house produces at larger volumes with lower cost because the fixed cost is spread over more units. New entrants want to come in to markets must hold plentifulness of capital. New entrants besides can non vie with Wal-Mart for a better service because a research shows that clients prefer “ self service ” theoretical account. Ken Stone of Iowa State University advised that new entrants are better to supply differentiated goods and services including more specialised merchandise lines and more individualized services. ( Zenith Management Consulting, 2005 )

Additionally, the distribution channels with immense IT investing are really efficient and allow Wal-Mart lower pricing, therefore it creates barrier to entry for houses who wished to come in the market. ( Basker, 2007 )

Rivalry among bing rivals:

“ Without experts who know precisely how to counter these jobs, Wal-Mart ‘s rivals will non be able to significantly impact Wal-Mart ‘s turning laterality ” ( Zenith Management Consulting, 2005 ) . Existing competition has low influence on Wal-Mart. Its rivals are divided into two classs: “ local rivals ” like food market shops, dress shops and “ big retail concatenation rivals ” who compete with Wal-Mart in assorted markets. Some little rivals did non impact much on Wall-Mart ‘s market portions. Some big rivals like Target, Kmart are noticeable rivals of Wal-Mart. They ever consider Wal-Mart ‘s shop location before make up one’s minding market to come in. ( Basker, 2007 )

Dickering power of purchasers

In Pew Research Center ( 2005 ) indicated that 50 % of clients favour Wal-Mart for its low monetary value. The dickering power of purchasers extremely influences Wal-Mart. Company maintains sensible monetary values for their merchandises and service to fulfill the purchasers. Customers can take to shop elsewhere or none store if the monetary value is non low-cost.

Dickering power of providers

Wal-Mart has relationship with a hundred of major providers which their offices near Wal-Mart headquarter in Bentonville, Arkansas. Therefore, the bargaining power of Wal-Mart is high. It has chance to exchange among rivals and “ force down sweeping monetary values ” . Wal-Mart besides imported goods particularly apparels from low cost states such as Mexico, Bangladesh, and China. It helps Wal-Mart to keep big fixed cost with big volumes of goods. Therefore, Wal-Mart gained much more advantage from planetary sourcing. ( Basker, 2007 )

Menace of replacement

Wal-Mart does non worry much about replacements because there are no rivals offer lower monetary values. The replacement can be in signifier of “ brick and howitzer ” shops or online shops. Since Wal-Mart web site was developed, clients can order merchandise online with bringing services.

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