Contemporary Approaches Essay

There are four contemporary approaches discussed here in our Unit 2 reading sociotechnical systems theory, quantitative management, organizational behavior, and systems theory. They are to help an individual are group organization. All of these approaches should be taken into consideration when striving to compete in competitive business environment.

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I think organization behavior is the most important because the approach is the systematic study of knowledge about how people – as individuals and as groups – act within organizations. The dynamics of group behavior and of the formation and suitability of any group need to be understood and implemented well, in order to achieve a harmonious working environment. Organization behavior is a contemporary approach that also studies and identifies management activities that promote employee effectiveness by examining the complex and dynamic nature of individual, group and organization processes.

Sociotechnical system theory is different from organization behavior because, sociotechnical system is a theory to help design jobs that attempts to redesign tasks to optimize operation of a new technology while preserving employee’s interpersonal relationships and other human aspects at work. It’s effective when their employees have the right tools training and knowledge to make products and services that one valued by customers.

Quantitative management shows it’s different in helping manager make decision by developing formal mathematical models of the problem. Instead it finds the best solution to problems. In which then can be applied to different workplace challenges. What make systems theory different is, Systems theory addressed the role of the external environment. A system is a set of interdependent parts or elements which function as a whole in achieving certain goals or objectives. .

Management (M Start Here series–soft cover), 3rd edition by Bateman and Snell. approaches.html

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