Contrasting The Works Of Realism And Naturalism English Literature Essay

Realism and naturalism are two types of literature manners which peaked during the 19th and 20th century ‘s. Realism in literature is picturing modern-day life in literature ; pragmatism writers use mundane experiences in their authorship as compared to the old romantic manner of composing which normally involved fiction. Naturalism in literature is really a subdivision of pragmatism and is the belief that persons behave in peculiar ways which work in conformity with nature. Naturalist writers use societal conditions, the natural environment, and heredity as forces which cause persons to act in peculiar ways.

One piece of literature we reviewed in our talks which represents pragmatism would be Mark Twain ‘s Life on the Mississippi. This narrative vividly describes a immature adult male and his journey to go a steamboat pilot. Twain describes his agonising preparation which included holding to larn every current in the river, every embankment on the river, and every landmark. This narrative reflects on Twain ‘s positions of larger metropoliss being physique, his sentiments and observations on the hoggishness of society, calamities, and the new architecture that was going popular in that clip period. The first half of the book is Twain depicting his experiences on the Mississippi River, preparation as a steamboat pilot. The 2nd half of the narrative is a graphic description of what Twain observes decennaries subsequently when he travels down the Mississippi River for the 2nd clip, subsequently on in his life. By the terminal of the narrative you ‘ll recognize that Twain has portrayed two really different sides of the Mississippi River, the first position being of a immature, funny, and ambitious adult male and the 2nd position being of an older, mature, and possibly cynically humourous adult male.

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Couple ‘s Life on the Mississippi contains many subjects of pragmatism, for illustration, while most people look at the Mississippi River and see the beauty of the natural environment, Twain looks beyond the beauty and see ‘s the world behind it like characteristics of the land that borders the river, the current, and landmarks. Twain ‘s narrative besides keeps his audience captured with the usage of witty wit and personal penetration. He speaks of prevarications and fraudulence and you can see this difference between the youthful foremost half of the narrative and the more experient 2nd half of the narrative. In the 2nd half of the narrative, Twain is a much more mature adult male who realizes that there is dishonesty, fraud, and deceit amongst the felicity you endure in life. You can besides see in the first half of the narrative that Twain is really immature and naif when he grows up dreaming of going a steamboat pilot, whereas in the 2nd half of the book you can see the adult male as being more mature now and I think that was Twain exposing the artlessness of young person. Another really common subject in many of Twain ‘s narratives is foolishness ; you can see this with his “ dark watcher ” character where the dark watcher is somewhat insane from sailing on the Mississippi River for so long and he speaks of these brainsick fabricated narratives to Twain.

A narrative we studied in category which best portrays naturalism would be Theodore Dreiser ‘s The Lost Phoebe, which is the narrative of a adult male known as Henry who was married for approximately five decennaries to a adult female known as Phoebe and after Phoebe passes off, Henry can non look to accept the fact that she ‘s gone. Henry begins to see serious psychological and emotional issues which all revolve around the fact that Henry is quashing the decease of his married woman. Another major subject in this narrative was love and how powerful love between two people can be. Henry and Phoebe were really much in love, and the narrative describes humourous cases where the twosome would hold little wrangles about happening lost points which Henry would mislay and he would fault Phoebe for and Henry would do certain to go forth objects at a low tallness so that Phoebe was able to make them. Although Henry was a healthy adult male at the clip Phoebe passed off, he died a few old ages subsequently literally of broken bosom. At the terminal, Henry ‘s bosom was taking control over his encephalon. In the narrative, Henry frequently asks his neighbours if “ they ‘ve seen Phoebe? ” and alternatively of taking him to a infirmary, his neighbours would merely play along with his head and respond to him that they had non seen Phoebe. This is interesting because if this same state of affairs occurred today Henry would likely hold been admitted to a nursing place or infirmary due to his mental unwellness.

Although non every bit outstanding as it was in the 19th and 20th century, pragmatism and naturalism continue in the literary universe today. As you can see from the illustrations of American literature I used supra, these two manners of composing contrast each other. Realism in literature attempts to portray the most realistic characters which you can see in Life on the Mississippi, the narrative of the life of a adult male whose dreams come true when he becomes a certified steamboat pilot and sails down the Mississippi River. Whereas naturalism is based on scientific discipline and the societal environment which you can see in the narrative of The Lost Phoebe where Henry ‘s societal environment without his married woman causes him to go hallucinating and he continues to look for her until the twenty-four hours he dies. One of the large differences between these two manners of authorship is the fact that naturalism does non concentrate every bit much as individualism as does pragmatism, and naturalists believe that persons are really in the clemency of forces around them which cause them to act in peculiar ways. Naturalists frequently write about how forces are commanding the lives of their characters, merely like how the decease of Phoebe was wholly commanding the life of Henry after she passed off.

After contrasting the two manners of authorship, I would wish to indicate out one major subject that naturalism and pragmatism have in common. Both manners of composing attempt and set the discernible universe we live in on phase. These writers do non utilize fiction and thaumaturgy to pull in their audience, they use existent life scenarios and narratives which cause their audience to link with the characters and relate to the fortunes of the narratives.

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