Creation Of The Regression Analysis Tool Management Essay

Berk ( 2004 ) stated that arrested development analysis is used to depict how the conditional distribution of some variable Y varies depending on the values of another variable x. Regression analysis is being widely used in assorted Fieldss, for case, Berk ( 2004 ) stated that arrested development analysis is used to understand about how ozone concentrations and temperature are related. Beldona and Vernon ( 2007 ) besides mentioned that arrested development analysis is used for equipment scrutinizing. Lin and Hou ( 2006 ) besides maintained that arrested development analysis can be used in patent assessment.

Arrested development analysis tool will execute 2 types of arrested development analysis which are simple arrested development analysis and multiple arrested development analysis. Users can salvage their informations or lade their informations in this analysis tool so that they can recover their informations anytime they want. This analysis tool allows user to acquire the least square arrested development line and visualise the spread graph.

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It is hoped that this arrested development analysis tool will assist employees and scholars in larning arrested development analysis and put to death their work more expeditiously.

1.1 Introduction

“ Arrested development analysis is a statistical tool for the probe of relationships. ” ( O.Sykes, 1992 ) . There are few types of arrested development analysis such as multiple additive arrested development, piecewise arrested development analysis, segmented arrested development analysis, and simple arrested development analysis. There are different uses for each of them. It is an of import topic for pupil to larn approximately arrested development as this will assist them in foretelling figure after roll uping big informations from experiment or observation.

The surveies of troubles in arrested development analysis are conducted to get the better of the jobs encountered during arrested development analysis proving. Including error constituent like unequal discrepancy, correlated or non usually distributed ( Faraway, 2002 ) . Besides that, arrested development analysis surveies can supply an apprehension to users who are larning arrested development analysis tools. It is another manner for arrested development scholars to larn about arrested development analysis.

1.2 Rationale Of Study

This survey is done based on the concern of apprehension and convenience in utilizing arrested development analysis in assorted Fieldss to cipher or foretell based on the information they captured or observed. Furthermore, this survey will supply assorted parties who need to utilize arrested development analysis in their occupation.

Student besides acquiring cognition from books about how the arrested development computation and theory work, it besides can be done through simulation on computing machine by utilizing package or application that helps in understanding the topic. This can be besides usage for scrutinizing and fiscal usage.

1.3 Aims

The proposed tool titled “ Regression analysis tool ” is developed to assist users to happen the rental squares arrested development line, secret plan the spread diagram and to execute the anticipation. More specifically, this tool is:

to let user acquire the consequence from the information they collected instantly without taking a batch of clip to cipher the consequence.

to assist users minimise the computation mistake that would go on.

to supply an apprehension approximately simple arrested development analysis for users

1.4 Scopes

This tool will include a consequence analysis, and the graph. This tool will assist in bring forthing consequence for users after they had keyed in the informations which including dependant variable and independent variable. This tool will stress in bring forthing the consequence and demoing the graph. But it besides give account on how regression analysis plants after demoing the consequence.

There besides have “ salvage informations ” and “ burden informations ” button to salvage users informations. Users can take whether to modify or cancel the information they had saved. This is to supply convenient to them so that they do non necessitate to come in once more all the informations in the instance they want to recycle the informations. They can acquire all the informations back by merely snap the “ burden informations ” button.

Consequence of the arrested development analysis will be shown after users had entered all the informations and pressed the executing button. It will look a expression for users harmonizing to the information they entered. That expression will be used to foretell the dependant variable. Users can come in the value of independent variable once more and it will demo the value of dependent variable.

Besides demoing consequence the analysis theoretical account and carry on the prediction/estimation, the tool will demo users the spread graph based on the informations that users had keyed in by snaping “ show graph ” button. Other than the spread graph, it will besides demo the least square line

1.5 Significance of Study

The proposed tool is developed to supply convenient to users so that it can assist them in their occupation. It helps scholars to larn and understand more on arrested development analysis in an easiest and synergistic manner. It can besides supply lectors and instructors who are giving lesson on arrested development analysis a assisting manus, i.e. present arrested development analysis cognition in a more practical manner. This tool will profit hearers, fiscal analysis etc. to make prediction/ appraisal on the monetary value of portion.

1.6 Limitation of Study

There are many types of arrested development analysis including piecewise arrested development analysis, segmented arrested development, robust arrested development, simple arrested development and multiple arrested developments. The tool will merely implement simple arrested development and multiple arrested development. Therefore, the tool is limited to the analysis of simple additive arrested development and multiple additive arrested development.

1.7 Definition of Key Footings

Scatter plot/scatter graph: a graph displays the relationship between the variables, the way of the relationship between and outliers, if any.

Variable: a missive that represents a value in an algebraic look

Independent Variable: Variable that will non be affected by other variable and it does non depend on other variable. .

Dependent Variable: Besides knows as response variable. Its value affected by one or more independent variable.

1.8 Organization of Chapters

This study contains 5 chapters. Chapter 1: Introduction, presents the overview of survey, principle of survey, aims, Scopess, significance of survey, restriction of survey, definition of cardinal footings, and organisation of chapters.

Chapter 2 is literature reappraisal, which include background, literature reappraisal, importance of arrested development analysis and overview of other analysis tool system.

Chapter 3 is methodological analysis. It will show the methods and the package used to develop and entree arrested development analysis tool. It will besides include questionnaire which will be distribute to pupils to acquire some feedback about the analysis tool.

Chapter 4, proposed solution, will discourse the system development phase which includes designing and visioning the system, which result conceptual and logical design that will be implemented in the Phase II of the survey. The last chapter, which is chapter 5, will discourse about the decision of the survey.

Chapter 2

Literature Review

The content of this literature includes old surveies about arrested development and bing analysis system that covered the similar subject with this survey.

2.1 Background

Arrested development is a process to depict statistical relationship between the dependant variable Y and independent variables x. There are two sorts of arrested development which are simple additive arrested development and multiple arrested development. Arrested development is frequently used for foretelling a uninterrupted dependant variable. The independent variable is named arrested development map. In arrested development analysis, the expression is given that

Lolo = I?0 + I?i xi + Iµi, I = 1,2, aˆ¦.n where

Lolo: response variable / dependant variable

eleven: explanatory variable / regressor variable / independent variable

I?0, I?i: arrested development coefficients

Iµi: random mistake where E ( Iµi ) = 0 and Var ( Iµi ) = I?2

Arrested development is used for explicating relationship between independent variable ten and independent variable Y. But when there is more than one dependent variable Y, so this arrested development is named as multiple arrested development. “ Regression analysis is used for explicating or patterning the relationship between a individual variable Y, called the response, end product or dependant variable, and one or more forecaster, input, independent or explanatory variables, x1… … … xp. When P = 1, it is called simple arrested development but when P & gt ; 1 it is called multiple arrested development or sometimes multivariate arrested development. When there is more than one Y, so it is called multivariate multiple arrested development. ” ( Faraway, 2002 ) .

Arrested development was implemented widely in assorted Fieldss, including patent assessment and auditing. For case “ Regression is a accepted statistical method employed in scrutinizing. We focus in this paper on the application of arrested development to the auditing of stock list and equipment with the aims of finding sample size and specifying feasible determination scheme for go throughing and neglecting the audit. ” ( Beldona & A ; Vernon E, 2007 ) . “ Patent assessment research utilizes a multiple arrested development theoretical account to research the consequence of patent assessment factors on patent licence fee. ” ( Lin, 2006 ) .

2.2 Literature Review

2.2.1 Troubles in larning Arrested development

A survey mentioned that any attempt to quantify prejudice to independent variable upon dependent variables without careful attending will do a serious statistical trouble, which means leads to false appraisal consequence ( O.Sykes, 1992 ) .

Furthermore, when the variable is confirmed to be excluded from a arrested development equation, the arrested development coefficients on the equation will go non dependable, it will impact the estimated consequence ( Schroeder, L.Sjoquist, & A ; E.Stephan, 1986 ) .

Under some fortunes, if there is an alter to the size of the estimated coefficient, the estimations are said to be robust. Yet there is no 1 can guarantee that a relevant variable has non been omitted ( Schroeder, et al. , 1986 ) .

Harmonizing to the surveies, colinearity is besides a job in arrested development analysis. Colinearity means a set of points that lying on the consecutive lines. The job can be solved if the relevant information is gathered in the “ larger eigenvectors ” , but if it is non, it will giving a hapless consequences ( N?s & A ; Mevik, 2001 ) .

Harmonizing to Faraway ( 2002 ) , there is some job can be occurred when making arrested development analysis. The jobs are beginning and quality of the informations, mistake constituent and structural constituent.

2.2.2 Overcome the Troubles

By mentioning to surveies, in order to get the better of the job right, there are few facets that need to be considered, which includes ( Faraway, 2002 ) :

1. Understand the physical background. Statisticians frequently work in coaction with others and necessitate to understand something about the capable country. See this as an chance to larn something new instead than a job.

2. Understand the aim. Again, frequently you will be working with a confederate who may non be clear about what the aims are. Beware of “ fishing expeditions ” – if you look difficult plenty, you ‘ll about ever find something but that something may merely be a happenstance.

3. Make certain you know what the client wants. Sometimes Statisticians perform an analysis far more complicated than the client truly needed. You may happen that simple descriptive statistics are all that are needed.

4. Put the job into statistical footings. This is a ambitious measure and where irreparable mistakes are sometimes made. Once the job is translated into the linguistic communication of Statistics, the solution is frequently everyday. Troubles with this measure explicate why Artificial Intelligence techniques have yet to do much impact in application to Statistics. Specifying the job is difficult to plan.

This shows that arrested development scholars have to hold to the full understanding on the aim and physical background which may do a fatal mistake if they underestimate it.

2.2.3 Importance of Regression Analysis

Arrested development can be used in many Fieldss for appraisal. It can be used in scrutinizing to find the sample size and specifying a feasible determination scheme for passing and falling the audit. Harmonizing to Beldona and Vernon ( 2007 ) , “ arrested development to be good suited because of the expected high correlativity between recorded and audited values, and specific, easy implemented regulations can be applied to make up one’s mind whether the full location base on ballss or fails the audit ” ( pg 2 ) .

Besides that, arrested development testing is besides applied for Java package. As stated by Harrold, Jones, et Al. ( 2001 ) that Regression proving is applied to modified package to supply assurance that the changed parts behave as intended and that the unchanged parts have non been adversely affected by the alteration. Furthermore, arrested development analysis is besides used in patent assessment. Lin ( 2006 ) maintained that arrested development can show an automatic patent monetary value.

2.2.4 Overview of Other Analysis Tools/System Analysis Tools Pack ( Microsoft Excel, 2003-2010 )

Figure 2-1 Microsoft Excel analysis tools pack screenshot

This analysis tool can be used to bring forth chart. First, enter the information for a input Y scope and a input X scope into the boxes provided. After that, select the option that wish to execute. After you click the ‘OK ‘ button, a graph will be generate for user.

This analysis tool is user friendly and it contains multiple analysis map like executing ANOVA, Sampling analysis tools, T-Test analysis, F-Test analysis, Traveling mean analysis and arrested development analysis tool.

It is non included indoors Microsoft Excel and extra installing for this tools battalion is needed. But, it is rather easy for user because they merely need to alter the scenes in excel option and excel will run put in itself. No extra charges will be included. E-learning in mathematics and transition unit tool (, 1999-2005 )

Figure2-2 screenshot is an on-line mathematics tool that provide assorted tools for mathematics computation. Besides that, they besides provide tutorial and pattern for e-learners to larn so that they can more understand the mathematics. Furthermore, there is besides game provided for them to play but it is merely for exerting their head game like Sudoku, mystifier etc. They provide basic reckoner, scientific reckoner, square root reckoner, circle reckoner, premier figure reckoner quadratic equations reckoner and per centums reckoner. Furthermore, there is besides convertor for users which is change overing length units, square units and volume units. They besides provide change overing progress units like energy, acceleration and mass. Multiple Regression Analysis Gnumeric Tool ( Gnumeric, 2010 )

Figure 2-3 Gnumeric tool screenshot

Gnumeric perform assorted of mathematics computation. In footings of arrested development analysis, it can execute multiple arrested development analysis merely. User must come in scopes of x variables which is independent variable and a individual scope of Y variable which is dependent variable.

The assurance degree can be edited, ( default by, it is 95 % ) . It can coerce the arrested development line in spread graph to go through through the beginning, by select the “ Force Intercept To Be Zero ” option.

Interface of this Gnumeric tool is likewise Microsoft Excel. It can besides execute a few statistical analyses including analysis of discrepancy, correlativity tool, covariance tool, descriptive statistics tool, prognosis tool, fourier analysis tool and trying tool.

Users can infix graph and image on the worksheet. Gnumeric can expose four different types of graphical elements which are images, drawings, doodads and informations graphs. Statistical Thinking for Managerial Decisions (, 1994 – 2010 )

Figure 2-4 Statistical Thinking for Managerial Decision screenshot

This website is an on-line web site that allow user to utilize many statistical analysis tools online. It includes beta denseness map, binomial chance map, chi-square denseness map, exponential denseness map and besides arrested development analysis.

For arrested development analysis, merely enter 56 independent variable informations and 56 of dependent variable informations are allowed to be entered. User must come in at least 32 braces of independent variable and dependent variable in order to put to death arrested development analysis. A “ Insufficient Data ” message will trip if less than 32 braces variables are entered.

This arrested development analysis tool do non hold spread graph map which is shown after least square arrested development line is calculated. It merely shows the equality of inclines. IBM SPSS Data Collection Data Entry ( SPSS, 1968 – 2009 )

Figure 2-5 SPSS Data Collection Data Entry Screen shooting

SPSS Data aggregation informations entry helps in roll uping informations which user had gathered through study, observation, experiment and other ways that can roll up informations. SPSS ‘s informations can be easy altered and it can add more informations from clip to clip.

SPSS supports many analyze method, including arrested development, general additive theoretical account, generalized additive theoretical account, correlative, log additive and nervous webs.

SPSS is generic package. Therefore users have to pay for it for to the full use of this package. SPSS besides including many add-on faculties for extra capablenesss including SPSS Programmability Extension, SPSS Data Validation, SPSS Regression Models, SPSS Exact trials and more analysis tools for add-on. Simple Regression (, 1999 )

Figure 2-6 Simple Regression screenshot

This is a simple arrested development tool that can be obtained online. It is portion of the on-line maths larning tools. Therefore, they provide a sample of arrested development for users to larn arrested development and other mathematics maps.

For simple arrested development tools, users need to make is merely enter tens and y value in the boxes at that place and It will bring forth all the thing you need like graph, arrested development equation and predicted value. But this simple arrested development tools merely merely let for 16 entries, more than that will be non allowed. This is because there is merely 16 row of boxes for entry merely.

Since it is an on-line system larning tool, it besides have supplying other learning tools including multiple arrested development tools, which is from concretion applied and other similar measure a map to a graph from finite mathematics applied.

Chapter 3


This chapter discusses the system development life rhythm ( SDLC ) and programming linguistic communication that used to develop the analysis tool.

3.1. System Development Life Cycle ( SDLC )

“ The systems development life rhythm ( SDLC ) is a conceptual theoretical account used in undertaking direction that describes the phases involved in an information system development undertaking, from an initial feasibleness survey through care of the completed application. ” ( Alexandrou, 2010 ) . SDLC contains assorted types, including waterfall, prototyping incremental and more. SDLC is used to fix, develop, and keep the information during the advancement in the undertaking devising.

Figure 3-1, SDLC theoretical account

3.1.1 Planning

Planing activity will specify the aims of the proposed system and establishes the foundation for the system development undertaking. All information about arrested development are gathered in this phase. It will briefly depict how the undertaking will be conducted. Result for this phase is deriving understanding on what the undertaking about and how the undertaking will be implemented in the following phase.

In this undertaking, the planning phase is done during the first chapter of the survey which gives a brief account about the undertaking and the following measure that should be done with the undertaking.

3.1.2 Analysis

Analysis phase is to find the job of the survey and supplying a solution to the job stated. This phase affecting reappraisals of others analysis tools. This is to analyse their system and may useful for developing analysis tool.

The literature reappraisal chapter is the result for this analysis phase. In this chapter the troubles and the manner to get the better of the troubles is been stated. The importance of the arrested development is besides been listed in this chapter.

3.1.3 Design Logical Design

In logical design stage, all the information that gathered from the analysis phase is used to make a system solution. This logical design phase contains no mention to specific engineerings, sellers, or merchandises.

In this undertaking, the result of the logical design will be presented in proposed solution chapter, which is the following chapter. Prototypes for this undertaking will be shown. Physical Design

For physical design phase, specific engineerings are selected to back up logical design. Selected programming linguistic communication and package is used to make the physical design for the analysis tool.

For this analysis tool, Java is the lone linguistic communication needed to implement the analysis tool. Details about the Java will be reveal in the following subchapter.

3.1.4 Execution

In this phase, the physical design for analysis tool will be shown which carry throughing the aims and the ends and the system. Implementation involves proving and put to deathing the consequence of physical design to do certain it can work good.

3.1.5 Care

Care is the phase where the analysis tool will be kept revised after roll uping feedback from users. This is to minimise the mistake or bug of the analysis tool. This phase is an of import phase of SDLC as the tendency of engineering evolves quickly.

3.2. Scripting Language

3.2.1 Java

Java is the scheduling that developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems ( which is now owned by Oracle ) . The usual extensions for Java, .class, and.jar. Java is chosen to be used in developing analysis tool because of the few advantages stated below:

Java is available for free. And it provides GUI for user to interact and it ‘s scripting is more like C # and C++ .

Java is easy to understand, usage, and for user who are new to Java scheduling. There is besides package provided for users for the easiness in utilizing Java linguistic communication.

It is an object oriented scheduling linguistic communication which benefits users to believing it in footings of object.

3.3 Questionnaire

Questionnaire is used to roll up feedback from users after they had tested the analysis tool. This questionnaire is adapted from IBM ( 2010 ) . The questionnaire is divided into 2 parts, which are inside informations of users and analysis tool information.

This questionnaire is to roll up:

Users ‘ informations i.e. instruction degree, business, age, race and gender. ( Demographic information ) .

Respondents ‘ remark on easiness of usage of arrested development analysis tool. ( Question 4 ) .

Respondents ‘ position on effectivity on larning arrested development analysis tool. ( Questions 3, 6, 7 and 8 ) .

Respondents ‘ position on efficiency of arrested development analysis tool when executing their work. ( Questions 2,4 and 5 ) .

Respondents ‘ satisfaction towards this arrested development analysis tool. ( Question 9 )

Questionnaire will be given to 30 users after they had tried the arrested development analysis tool. The information collected will be farther analyzed utilizing Microsoft Excel for the findings/results in footings of graphs/diagrams, tabular arraies and descriptive statistics.

3.4 Decision

The proposed analysis tool will travel through SDLC 5 phase which is be aftering, analysis, design, execution and care. In design stage, a figure of package will be used to implement the analysis tool. It will necessitate to make GUI and Java cryptography will be included to build the map of the analysis tool.

The undermentioned chapter will discourse about the basic thought of the system design such as diagrams and interface paradigms.

Chapter 4

Proposed Solution

This chapter will discourse about the conceptual and physical design of the analysis tool. There will be tabular arraies, charts, diagrams and the interface prototypes as consequence of the conceptual design. The information of the analysis tool will be discussed in this chapter. There will besides hold a brief description on about how the analysis works.

4.1 Types of Arrested development

In this arrested development analysis tool, there will hold 2 types of arrested development analysis. They are:

Simple Linear Arrested development:

By come ining dependent variable, Y and independent variable, x, the analysis tool will bring forth arrested development theoretical account. Besides that, there is besides a button for demoing spread graph for the arrested development theoretical account.

Multiple Linear Arrested development:

Multiple additive arrested development contains 2 or more independent variables. After come ining all the information required, it will besides demo the least square arrested development line and “ show graph ” button is allowed to snap for spread graph position.

4.2 Use Case Diagram

Use instance diagram is use to demo interaction between the analysis tool and user. As seen in the diagram, there is merely one histrion in the usage instance diagram, which is user. User can salvage, burden, enter informations and alter informations. After that, the tool will automatically bring forth the arrested development theoretical account, so, they can come in independent arrested development variable, to foretell the dependant variable. User can besides snap the “ show graph ” button after the analysis tool shows the least square arrested development theoretical account.

Figure 4-1 Use instance diagram of arrested development analysis tool

4.3 Flowchart Diagram

Figure 4.2 below shows how the arrested development analysis tool will works when it is interact with user.

As a user executes the plan, it will demo 2 options, i.e. simple arrested development analysis and multiple arrested development analysis. After a user make the pick, analysis tool will associate to another page which is the arrested development method that user choose. At at that place, user can take whether to lade old saved informations or enter new informations to cipher the arrested development theoretical account.

After user had entered all the informations or lade the informations, arrested development theoretical account will be shown when the “ execute ” button is clicked. After the arrested development theoretical account is shown, “ show graph ” button will be enabled for snaping. Besides that, after analysis tool show least square arrested development line, user can utilize that to cipher dependent variable by come ining a value into independent variable.

Furthermore, user may besides salvage their work for future mentions. If user want to execute another arrested development analysis, they may return to the chief bill of fare and enter once more, else, they can snap the “ issue ” button to issue from the arrested development analysis tool.

Figure 4-2 Flowchart diagram of arrested development analysis tool

4.4 Data Flow Diagram

Data flow diagram is a diagram that shows the flow of the system. On informations flow diagram, information points will flux from internal or external beginning to internal or external sink through internal procedure. A information flow diagram does non supply information about the timing of procedure, or about whether the procedure will run in analogue or in sequence.

For this Regression Analysis tool, two degrees of informations flow diagram will be presented, which is Level 0 and Level 1 informations flow diagram. “ User ” will be represented as the external beginning while “ show ” will be represented as external sink.

For Level 0, it will demo the flow that user petition for executing arrested development analysis by utilizing arrested development analysis tool, and consequence will be shown on the “ show ” for user. User will bespeak through arrested development analysis tool and consequence will be shown on “ show ” .

For Level 1, it will explicate more item about internal flow. After user had petition for executing arrested development analysis, user either can come in the information manually or lade informations from a specific file that they had saved antecedently. Then informations will be executed and least arrested development line is shown. User can salvage the informations, position for the spread graph or bespeak the tool to cipher dependent variable by come ining the independent variable. Consequence of the three options above will be transferred to “ expose ” to user.

Figure 4-3 Level 0 Data Flow Diagram

Figure 4-4 Level 1 Data Flow Diagram

4.5 Interface Prototype

For this arrested development analysis tool, there will be a chief bill of fare screen to let user to take to execute simple additive arrested development or multiple additive arrested development.

For simple additive arrested development, there will be a “ execute ” button for put to deathing the information entered. The least square arrested development line will be displayed after the “ execute ” button is clicked. Scatter secret plan graph will be shown after user clicked the “ show graph ” button. There is besides “ Load information ” button for user to lade their old informations and a “ save informations ” button for user to salvage their informations. On the underside left there are two buttons which are “ Back To Main Menu ” button and “ issue ” button.

Besides that, there will be a window where many boxes are prepared for user to come in their independent variable and dependent variable. Multiple additive arrested development analysis will hold the same characteristics except the independent variables.

Figure 4-5 Main Menu Interface

Figure 4-6 Simple Regression Analysis Interface

Figure 4-7 Multiple Regression Analysis Interface

Figure 4-8 Scatter graph Interface

4.6 Decision

The conceptual design such as usage instance diagram, flow chart diagram, informations flow diagram and interfaces paradigm are used to make the system. Each type of design explains different ways on how the system works and how the information flow. The interface paradigm subdivision provides ocular for the arrested development analysis tool.

Chapter 5


As Ann ( 2002 ) mentioned, arrested development analysis, is besides named as covariance analysis. It is widely used in many scientific disciplines including pharmaceutics disposal. “ The strength of arrested development analysis is the ability to capture multiple relationships at the same time, while supplying a simple and fast appraisal consequence. ” ( Ahn, 2002 ) . Therefore arrested development analysis tool is implemented to assist users in computation and acquire the consequence in an efficient manner.

Arrested development Analysis Tool is implemented for employee and scholar, as this analysis tool will depict about the expression of arrested development analysis after demoing the consequence. It is a manner for those scholars to understand on how regression analysis plants. Furthermore, it besides will demo the least square arrested development line, spread secret plan diagram and execute anticipation. In peculiar, this tool is:

to let users get the consequence from the information they collected instantly without taking a batch of clip to cipher the consequence.

to assist users minimise the computation mistake that would go on.

to supply an apprehension approximately simple arrested development analysis for users.

The procedure of develop arrested development analysis tool will utilize system development life rhythm method which consist of Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation, and Maintenance stage. Planing phase will supplying understanding on what the undertaking is approximately and how the undertaking will be implemented to the following phase. Analysis phase will specify the job of the survey and supplying a solution to the job.

Design divide into two parts which is physical design that written in methodological analysis chapter and conceptual design that include in proposed solution chapter. For execution and care phase will be conducted in the following stage.

For understanding how the information procedure and visualise the system, physical design including usage instance diagram, entity relationship diagram, flowchart diagram and interfaces paradigm is needed. Proposed interface paradigm will be update in stage two to acquire more item analysis tool. It is hoped that this analysis tool will assist those arrested development analysis scholars and those who are utilizing arrested development analysis in their occupation.

5.1 Future Plan

In the Phase Two, the undertaking will go on with its physical design and execution stage. The program includes implement cryptography, constructing interface, develop spread graph, implement save and burden map and run trial for the developed analysis tool. As mentioned in chapter 3, programming linguistic communication, Java, will be used to develop the arrested development analysis tool.

Figure below shows the agenda of undertaking to be done in Phase Two of this undertaking.

Figure 5-1 Gantt Chart of Phase Two

There will hold 8 undertaking to be done in stage two which are to fix study, create interface, implement simple arrested development analysis, create save and burden maps, implement spread graph, implement multiple arrested development analysis, questionnaire and testing and mistake correcting. Report will get down from the start of semester until terminal of semester due to update on the execution on arrested development analysis tool. All undertakings expected to be done in 56 yearss of Trimester 2.

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